Gaypril: Married in the Morning

Models: Ember Snow & Korra Del Rio

Maddy was numb. Shock, heartbreak and white-hot anger had robbed her of all feeling; she couldn’t even cry. All she could do was sit there, heart thumping, hands trembling, eyes glistening as the words of Callum’s note ran through her head in a tormenting cycle.

I can’t do this. I don’t love you anymore. The wedding is off. I’m sorry.

It felt as if her world was collapsing. At any moment she knew the numbness would fade and reality come crashing in; when it did, Maddy was certain it would crush her.

Endless questions plagued her: why had Callum abandoned her? Was it her fault? What had she done wrong? Why didn’t he love her anymore? Why had he waited until the night before their wedding to tell her? What was she supposed to do now? She had been trying out her dress before she noticed the note nestled amongst the roses he had left for her, as if a few pretty flowers would soften the blow.

She felt empty. Eviscerated.

A thought struck her like a poisoned dart. ‘Oh god. What if he’s been cheating?’

A wave of nausea washed through her. Though she struggled to ignore it the idea had its claws in her now and despite her desire to deny it little scraps of evidence began to pop into her head: the ‘overtime’, the weekend away ‘with friends’, the protectiveness of his phone, the time his car ‘broke down’ and he was ‘stranded’ miles away for most of the day.

Maddy sobbed, shattered by the betrayal yet furious at her own ignorance. ‘How could I be so blind?’ she asked her reflection. ‘I wish I could have met someone faithful. Someone who loved me the way I loved them. I wish I could have met my true love.’

‘Then it’s lucky I’m here,’ said a voice behind her. Startled, Maddy didn’t have time to cry out before the intruder had spun her chair around. The next thing she knew warm lips were on hers and she had been pulled into a sensual kiss.

It was mostly the shock that prevented Maddy pulling away. But beneath that she felt an unexpected relief: all she wanted right now was the affection Callum had stolen, and whoever was kissing her seemed happy to give it.

Slowly, the person sank onto the leather ottoman beside Maddy’s chair, their lips locked as they continue to make out. Then her visitor took Maddy’s hands in theirs and she was surprised to feel manicured fingers caressing her own.

When they parted lips Maddy opened her eyes to find a beautiful woman looking back at her. She was dressed in a lacey red dress that hugged her torso but hung loose at the waist, the flattering cut accentuating her plump breasts. Her shoulders were bare, her dark wavy hair dyed lighter at the tips, and her talon-like nails glinted glossy red. Despite her confusion, Maddy felt a flower of attraction take root inside her.

‘Hey Maddy,’ the woman said, her smile dazzling and mischievous all at once.

‘Who are you?’ Maddy asked.

‘Oh, I’m just a faithful lover. Someone who’ll love you the way you love me. I’m your true love.’ She squeezed Maddy’s hands softly. ‘My name is Hope.’

‘I… I don’t understand.’ Maddy’s mind was whirling. Though she had never met this woman before somehow it was if she had known Hope all her life. All the unease she should have been feeling upon finding a stranger in her room was completely absent and the longer she stared into those deep, soulful eyes, the stronger her attraction grew. More curious still, with the attraction came arousal; it was all Maddy could do not to throw herself into Hope’s arms and kiss her until they both came up gasping for breath.  

‘You made a wish,’ Hope said simply. ‘That wish made me. You’re not the first bride-to-be whose unfaithful fiancé got cold feet before the big day. Which is why the venue figured it couldn’t hurt to have a magic mirror in the bridal suite. The ability to conjure up the dream lover of any vexed fiancée goes a very long way to keeping customers happy, and that’s what I’m here for. Your wish made me, Maddy. I’m everything you’ve ever wanted in a lover. And I’m all yours.’

With a smile, Hope kissed Maddy again. Then, leaning in close to Maddy’s ear, she lowered her voice to a sultry whisper. ‘Oh, and you’ll probably find I make you very, very horny. Call it a perk of having your desires bought to life. But don’t worry, I’m game if you are.’

In that moment, all Maddy’s reservations evaporated, removing the dam that had held back her arousal. Now it swamped her mind and her whole body tingled with erotic heat.

Intent on expressing her arousal by eating out her mirror-conjured lover, she eagerly tugged up Hope’s dress… and was met with a surprise.

Maddy wasn’t sure how the dress had managed to conceal the tentpole erection that emerged from beneath, particularly since Hope wasn’t wearing any panties to hold it in. Nevertheless Hope’s cock was stiff as a rod and twinkling with precum. The sight flipped Maddy’s stomach and she flushed as she looked from Hope’s impish smile to her twitching cock and back again.

‘Did I forget to mention? I come with an added extra. The mirror knew you were bi, but it also knew you had a thing for sucking cock, so it gave me a little bonus in the trouser department. So what are you waiting for, baby? Show me what those lips can do.’

Maddy didn’t need asking twice. The carnal thrill of going down on a cock never failed to ramp up her arousal, although she had never sucked a girl’s dick before and as lust swelled through her she was eager to try. Sinking to her knees she took Hope’s shaft in her slender fingers and immediately sucked half of it between her lips. Swirling her tongue around the tip she looked up at her lover as she gradually swallowed her deeper, one hand planted on the ottoman to stabilise herself as she bobbed her head.

Immediately she was addicted. Unlike Callum who was always grimacing with pleasure, Hope smiled down at her with a horny gleam in her eye. Though her lids fluttered and her eyes rolled, in between her groans she urged Maddy on with affectionate encouragement, all the while stroking her hair softly. Her tits jiggled enticingly and the slow rolling and twisting of her nubile figure was vastly more erotic to watch than Callum’s broad-shouldered frame.

‘God, you really are good at this,’ Hope gasped. ‘I don’t know how anyone could even dream of giving this up. Fuck, yes, right there gorgeous.’

Pulling away, Maddy continued to jerk Hope’s cock with experienced fingers. She was used to Callum frowning with dismay when she stopped sucking, but Hope’s expression was just as loving as ever.

‘You know what else I’m good at?’ Maddy said, her smile as sultrily sweet as a honey-smeared stripper.  

‘Not yet. But something tells me I’m about to find out. You know what they say though, baby: actions speak louder than words.’

A devilish grin crossed Maddy’s lips. Then, with the primal urgency of a woman unable to restrain herself any longer, she pounced on her prey.

In the process of dragging Hope roughly down onto her back, Maddy managed to wrench down the bust of Hope’s dress to expose her fleshy tits. At the same time, her frantic scrambling also pulled her own dress down so her dark areolas and firm nipples were on show. When she hiked up the hem, her dress was left bunched around her waist in a lacey bundle of white.

Removing her panties she straddled Hope’s waist. By now utterly enslaved to her own lust, Maddy didn’t even hesitate. Sinking down, she took Hope’s ample cock with a giddy groan.

‘Oh fuck, you’re so tight,’ Hope moaned, groping her own tits as Maddy began to roll and circle her hips.

‘And you’re so big,’ Maddy gasped, her face twisted with pleasure. ‘You’re already rubbing on my G-spot. Oh shit, that feels so fucking good.’ Her groans intensified as she slowly increased her pace. ‘How are you this perfect?’

Hope grinned wickedly. ‘I already told you, babe, I was made for you. Everything about me was designed to fulfil all your deepest desires: my nails were made to scratch your back when we fuck; my tongue was made to eat you out better than anyone else ever could; my lips were made for sucking on those perfect tits until you’re squirming all over. And my cock was made to fit your pussy and your pussy only.’

Until now, Maddy’s lust had been gradually building like storm clouds rising ominously higher. Now Hope’s words pushed her over the edge and the storm finally broke. Unable to articulate her desire into words she seized hold of Hope’s knees, planted one foot up on the ottoman, then proceeded to ride her magical lover as if her life depended on it.

From there the night descended into a blur of pleasure and depravity.

Maddy lost count of how many positions they fucked in and how many orgasms they shared. Whether it was the magic of the mirror or just the sheer intensity of their insatiable hunger for one another she didn’t know, but even the strongest orgasms only managed to slow them down briefly rather than fully exhaust them. It did not take long before their dresses were forgotten, while any attempt at keeping the noise down was abandoned as lust consumed them both.

Despite their euphoric cries, nobody interrupted their passion. After all, the guests were not due to arrive until the morning, so the only people around to hear them were the staff – staff who knew that when you worked in the same building as a wish-granting mirror then raucous fuckfests were far from rare.

Eventually Maddy found herself kneeling on the ottoman with her arms on the chair to her vanity. Hope’s clawed hands were around her waist holding Maddy in place. Her thrusts were deep and fast, each one knocking against Maddy’s G-spot, and the crack of their colliding thighs rang out through the room like an endless volley of gunfire. Maddy’s whole body shuddered with every thrust, her tits and ass jiggling while her breath came in short gasps.

‘Do you think we could just stay in here when the guests arrive?’ she asked once Hope pulled out for a brief pause. ‘I’d much rather spend the day with you rather than face them. It’s going to be so humiliating when they find out the wedding is off.’

Hope smiled as if she knew something Maddy didn’t. ‘Oh, you don’t need to worry about that, baby. The wedding is still on. Only you’ll be marrying me instead.’ She chuckled as Maddy’s eyes bulged, her expression a mixture of shock and elation. ‘I thought it better to wait until we were properly acquainted before telling you, but your wish didn’t just create me. It changed reality too.’ Taking Maddy’s hand, she held her engagement ring to the light. ‘As far as the rest of the world is concerned I’m the one who gave you this. I’m the one who proposed. I’m the one you’ve spent the last five years with. You and Callum never met and everything you did together happened to me and you instead. When our guests arrive, the only ones they’ll be expecting at the altar are the two of us.’

It was all Maddy could do not to burst into tears of joy. Relief engulfed her and though she tried to find the words – any words – to convey her joy and gratitude, only three words would come out: ‘I love you.’

‘I love you too, hot stuff,’ Hope said, kissing her on the cheek. ‘So, are you still willing to get married in the morning?’

‘Fuck yes,’ Maddy nodded.

‘I thought you might be. But we have plenty of time until then. And something tells me you want to spend it practicing all the naughty things we’re going to do on our honeymoon.’

Maddy giggled impishly. ‘I do.’

Biting her lip, she reached back with one hand to grasp Hope’s hip and guide her back towards her exposed pussy. Anticipatory arousal fluttered through her insides as her lover pressed the head of her cock against her sex. Then that arousal flew from her lips as an orgasmic groan as Hope once again pushed inside her, her perfect cock sending waves of euphoria through Maddy’s body.

Once again allowing erotic instinct to take over, the two brides resumed their passionate lovemaking. And all the while the sordid scene was reflected in the magic mirror, waiting silently for the next wish it could grant…

Thanks for reading!

I’m sure right now some of my more deviant readers are asking ‘What’s this? I wanted my TG erotica dark and twisted.’ But you know me by now, I simply can’t resist a bit of romance from time to time. In fact, I’d argue I’m better at writing that than I am at penning the twisted stuff. So of course I couldn’t let Gaypril pass by without putting out a romantic piece. Don’t worry though, you’ll get more of your regularly scheduled sinister smut next week.


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