Models: Ryan Driller & Kira Noir

Tamara felt a conflicted tremble run through Jason’s body when she took his cock in her lips. All at once he was both apprehensively tense yet mellowed by pleasure, striking her with the impression of a deer caught in headlights unsure whether to try and flee or just let the inevitable happen.

After a few seconds of her sucking slowly the handsome young stud found his voice. ‘What are you doing?’ he asked, glancing around nervously as if he was expecting somebody to walk in on them at any moment.

Tamara pulled up and smiled at him sweetly. ‘I’m helping you destress, baby. You’re so tense. I can see it in your muscles, all tight and bunched. Ever since you came in you’ve been on edge, so I figured I’d help you let off a little steam.’

‘I don’t know what you mean,’ Jason said. A look of pleasure passed over his face as she stroked his shaft gently, though he managed to stifle a groan.

‘You can’t lie to me, babe. I do this for a living, remember? Trust me, I know when a client is stressed. And it’s my job to help them unwind – you wouldn’t want to stop me doing my job now would you?’ Again she gave him that sweet smile, although this time there was a naughtier edge to it.

‘Well, no, but…’ Jason began. Before he could continue though, Tamara interrupted.

‘I didn’t think so. Just lie back and enjoy yourself, baby. I’ll take care of the rest.’ If Jason had any response it was lost as Tamara bowed her head and started sucking again, inducing a breathless groan from her client.

With her hands clasped around the base of his shaft, Tamara bobbed her head in a deep, sensual rhythm, swallowing most of his length with ease. She swirled her tongue expertly, lathering his dick in saliva while also savouring the notes of orange infused into the massage oil she had already rubbed into his manhood. It wasn’t just his cock she had oiled either: both of them were slick and shiny, their nuru massage session having already been well underway before she started going down on him. He had been hard by the time she began, but with every passing second she felt him becoming even firmer in her lips. Soon he was rigid as a steel bar. Angling his unyielding rod slightly down, she shifted position so she could take him balls deep. All the while her sultry eyes were fixed on his face, watching his expression twisting with ecstasy.

Her gagging and slurping joined the squeak of the grey airbed on which they lay and the wet squelching of their slippery flesh; cumulatively they filled the room with a palpable atmosphere of depravity that engulfed them like lustful fog and seeped into their pores, intensifying their arousal in a sordid cycle.

Soon enough Jason’s tension began to melt. As he permitted himself to groan, Tamara sat back, ribbons of frothy spit-infused precum dangling from her lips. Her agile hands continued to jerk him off.

‘There, does that feel better, babe?’ she purred, her eyes almost hypnotic.

Jason nodded, a little breathless. ‘Absolutely.’

‘I thought it would. But there’s still something bothering you, and I wouldn’t be doing my job very well if I didn’t help you get it off your chest.’

With that she crawled up his body, kissing his torso as she ascended. Then, when she was straddling his crotch she span around so she had her back turned to him and his throbbing cock was nestled between her plump ass cheeks.

‘Wait, what are you doing?’ Jason asked again, a note of panic in his voice as she raised her hips to reveal her bare sex. ‘I… I have a girlfriend… I really don’t think we should be doing this.’

Tamara giggled girlishly. ‘If you really cared about her you wouldn’t even be here in the first place. And you didn’t have a problem when I was using one pair of lips on your cock, so why should it make a difference if I use another? I already told you, baby, you can’t lie to me: you were hoping this was the way things would go from the moment you walked in.’ Easing further forward still, she allowed him a clearer view of her pussy. Her folds were glistening, although it wasn’t oil making them gleam. ‘Besides, your secret is safe with me. So what is it going to be? Are you going to run off back to her like a good simp, or are you going to show me a good time?’

Tamara groaned as Jason pulled her down onto his cock. His powerful hands clamped over her fat ass, he assisted her for the first few seconds, grunting with pleasure as her tight hole welcomed him inside with a warm, wet embrace. Then his hands slid down to her calves, stabilising her on the squishy airbed as she began to bounce. Her rippling ass glinted, the oil giving her flesh a latex-like sheen. And as he looked down at the naughty masseuse, he had an excellent view of her rippling, writhing body riding his thick cock.

Of course, that was exactly what Tamara wanted. Experience had taught her that no man was ever more willing to bare his soul than when he had his cock buried in a shameless slut and a hot view of the action to boot.

So with both measures fulfilled, Tamara took the opportunity to exploit Jason’s lust.

‘Mmmh, I bet your girlfriend never rides you like this, does she? She never lets you watch her fat ass jiggle as she takes you deep. Why else would you come to me if not to try and spend some time with a slut who knows how to treat a stud like you?’

‘You have no idea,’ Jason grunted. ‘She’s absolutely suffocating. I can’t remember the last time we fucked like this. She’s always going on about how she wishes we could be more romantic – she says she wants to make love, not lust. But she knows I’m not that kind of guy. Never have been. I like it naughty. She’s barely let me out of her sight since we got here she’s so scared I’ll run off and cheat on her.’

Tamara giggled impishly. ‘Sounds like she knows you well. How did you manage to get away?’ Her words were punctuated by breathless gasps as his hefty cock explored her sensitive insides; how any woman couldn’t want to fuck like a heathen when she had a hunk like Jason at her disposal was beyond her.

Jason smirked like a misbehaving child who’d just pulled off a well-planned deception. ‘I told her I wanted to use the sauna. She can’t stand the steam, says it feels like she’s choking, so she’s gone off shopping.’

‘Which means there’s nobody at all to spoil our fun,’ Tamara said, a mischievous twinkle in her eye.

‘Exactly,’ Jason grinned.

Slowing down, Tamara pivoted gently around so that she was facing him, her knees planted beside his hips and her torso slung so low her nipples grazed his abs. She leaned in close as she began to bob her hips once more. ‘In that case, let’s stop playing coy. I want you, baby. Make me moan.’

Then she was kissing him hard.

With his hands clamped firmly around her midriff, Jason thrust up into her drooling sex. His dick slid in so deep her stomach bulged, yet she took it with ease, countless other sordid sessions having trained her body to handle even the most immense of manhoods. Even so, Jason was easily one of the larger clients Tamara had seduced and her eyebrows frequently knitted together as pure ecstasy washed over her stunning features. One by one, the dreadlocks she had tied back to avoid the oil began to slip from their restraints to dangle down her back. And as their passion heated up, they gradually found themselves glistening with sweat rather than oil.

‘Oh yes, that feels so good, oh fuck yes,’ Tamara gasped, staring deep into his eyes as she stroked his cheek affectionately. ‘I can’t believe that dumb bitch could ever turn down this perfect cock. But I’m glad she did – finders keepers, I say.’

Leaning closer, she groaned gently into his ear before whispering, ‘You know, she really doesn’t deserve you. You can do so much better than her. You should be with a girl who can really appreciate you – a truly naughty slut. Like me.’

Though her words were soft, she could sense the effect they had on Jason. A little of the tension returned, but only so he could hold her still to thrust up a little harder. The slap of their thighs seemed to ring a little different – it was more forceful, as if he was taking out his sexual frustrations on her pussy. She could almost see her suggestion taking root in his mind, slowly but surely convincing him that she was right. With her face out of his view, she gave a truly devious smile.

Tamara’s clients were all the same. No matter their gender, those who came to see her were almost invariably looking to cheat. But deep down they were also looking for encouragement: somebody to tell them they shouldn’t stop at adultery, that they should take advantage of Metamorphose’s limitless possibilities. All she had to do was give them the right push.

And for Tamara, corrupting her clients was enough to make her orgasm all by itself. After all, that’s what happened to you when you drew The Perversive Paramour.

It felt like a lifetime ago that she had turned over her Lucky Deck card, and she supposed in some ways it was – after all, back then she had been Tia, but the card had made her so much more. A gorgeous woman in a figure-hugging evening gown had smiled up at her. Around her feet huddled a host of admirers, men and women in various states of undress staring up at her with raw adoration, seemingly entranced.

Yet unlike her friends, who had stared at their cards in horror or confusion, for Tia it was as if a switch had flipped in her mind. Prior to her transformation she had been by far the most introverted of her friendship group. At the same time, however, she had a naughty streak she had always hoped to set free. Knowing that Metamorphose was the perfect opportunity to do so, she had researched everything the casino had to offer including the Lucky Deck, and of all the cards Tia had hoped to draw The Perversive Paramour was at the top of her list. These days Tamara was convinced the Lucky Deck had chosen her to draw it, but whether it was fate or just dumb luck the moment Tia laid eyes on her card she surrendered herself to its power.

Her dreadlocks had come in first. The curls of her afro binding together into long dark ropes they had unfurled down her back while her black skin was purged of every imperfection. Her shrewd features lost their severe edges, rounding off and reshaping to give her an entirely new face that was somehow innocent and alluring all at once, with eyes that could have melted any heart contrasting with full lips perfectly tailored for sucking cock and clit alike.

From there her transformation swept downwards. To her surprise, her tits had actually dropped a few cup sizes, but it didn’t take her long to realise why: the card was fashioning her into the ultimate nubile slut. Mammoth tits and silicone curves were for bimbos and trophy wives, but naughty little nymphos like her were lean all over without any extra weight or assets to get in the way when they were writhing against their lovers. With her petite new tits, an ass that was plump without being fat and toned muscle just beneath her soft flesh, she had the body to lure a new lover in every evening, the flexibility to give them a night of passion they would never forget, and the stamina to run through every position of the karma sutra twice before dawn.

Yet despite the physical changes, Tamara’s psyche had barely changed. Aside from erasing a few inhibitions, erasing her old name and bringing her inner slut to the surface, the card had left her mind untouched; her memories were intact but she had never felt more in tune with her body before. It was as if the card had enabled her naughtiest urges, just as she now enabled her clients in the same way. The idea of trying to reverse the effects never even occurred to her: this was her life now and she wouldn’t have it any other way.

She hadn’t even finished transforming before she felt eager hands on her body, hot lips on hers and a probing tongue pressing into her mouth. Without hesitation Tamara had melted into Allie’s embrace, groaning into her lips as she groped her new body’s first lover.

Ever since that night, Tamara had taken delight in seducing anybody and everybody she laid her hands on. And with skills like hers, Metamorphose had naturally found her the perfect position on their staff.

Tamara’s nuru massage parlour was the first of its kind in the casino but based on her success the higher ups were already planning to open more. As far as her clients were concerned she offered a confidential service, so when she persuaded them into divulging their fantasies while indulging in her body they were happy to do so – yet what happened within her parlour’s walls had a mischievous habit of creeping beyond them.

A cheating stud like Jason, for instance, might take her advice and end his relationship before going off in search of his perfect partner amongst Metamorphose’s maze of games, likely spending plenty of money on them in the process – or occasionally even falling foul of a transformation himself. Meanwhile, their heartbroken lover made for easy pickings on the casino floor. Sometimes they would fall prey to Sirens. Other times they would seek comfort in the embrace of some unscrupulous patron looking to spike their drink with something to ease their sorrow by wiping their mind. On rare occasions they might even pick a game and play to lose, desperate for a transformation to erase their memories. Most often though they would drown their sorrows in drink and gambling until one or the other resulted in them ending the night in a very different body to the one they’d started out in.

Regardless of how it happened, Metamorphose always found a way to exploit the parties involved. And it all started with a few whispered temptations in the solitude of Tamara’s den of sin.

Even so, if there was one thing Tamara had learned since opening her parlour, it was that success took time. She had no intention of rushing Jason’s corruption. She would take things slow, perverting his thoughts little by little, so slowly he didn’t even realise she was moulding him into her puppet. Soon enough he would be addicted to her body, hanging on every sensual word she uttered, his mind and soul hers to play with.

And of course, she would be able to spend all that time enjoying the orgasmic pleasure of his thick cock plunging into her holes.

‘Come on, baby,’ she purred, her impish smile setting his cock twitching. ‘Let’s take things up a notch. I know you’ve been waiting to fuck a real whore like me, so stop holding back.’ Spreading herself face down on the airbed she twisted around to fix him with a sultry stare. Then her eyes dropped to her plump ass, exposed and gleaming. ‘Let all that frustration out on me. Whichever hole you like. I’m all yours.’

A heartbeat later, Tamara’s moans were swirling through the air as Jason fucked her into the airbed, the crack of their colliding thighs ringing out with every thrust he made into her tight, hot ass…

Thanks for reading!

Not going to lie, I didn’t actually realised I’d used Ryan Driller’s work twice in this series until I came to schedule them all. Generally I try to avoid using the same model multiple times in the same series, mostly because it bugs me from a continuity standpoint, but by the time I realised I’d already written it up. I think the main reason it slipped past me was because there was over a month (and about a dozen other models) between me writing Part 1 and Part 7.

Personally I like to think that the characters are brothers, and I briefly added a passing comment in this one saying that Jason’s brother had hooked up with The Wanderer. But I felt like that interrupted the flow of the scene a bit so I removed it. So if you want to think of them as brothers then know that’s my headcanon. And if you just don’t care (which I suspect will be the case for 99% of those reading this) then I’m afraid you’ve wasted your time reading these comments.


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