Models: Ryan Driller & Dani Daniels

Tipping her head back, Daniella allowed the shower to saturate her hair. The warmth of the water blossomed out from the crown of her head, transforming silky locks into matted cords that clung to her back and shoulders like the grasping tentacles of some strange sea creature. Steaming rivulets coursed over her flawless skin, following her sumptuous curves on a tour any man would envy. Tracing the delicate line of her neck, the supple bulge of her breasts; down over pronounced ribs and a flat stomach; sweeping back to wet her plump ass then descending fleshy thighs and lean calves. It pooled around her feet as she sighed with satisfaction, her eyes closed.

The thump of the door rose a smile on her pretty lips: he was here. The lover she had been waiting for. The stranger she had never met. For Daniella, they were one and the same.

The sound of the shower drew him into the bathroom. He was dressed in a tuxedo that looked as expensive as a small sportscar, although there was no gold digger on his arm – at least not tonight.

Daniella had known there wouldn’t be. Thanks to her uniquely gifted new body she had known the man wouldn’t find a date this evening long before he had even dressed to leave. She wasn’t in the mood to share tonight. She wanted a sensual lover all to herself – and whatever Daniella wanted, she always knew where to find it.

She turned her big, innocent eyes on him. There it was: that conflicted confusion. It had been months since she was forced into this lustful new existence, but she knew she would never tire of it. The same silent war played over the face of all her lovers as the arousal of finding a stunning woman naked in their room came to blows with their bemusement about how she had found her way through the locked door in the first place.  

The arousal always won.

His expression softened. He smiled, the realisation of who she was causing his trousers to swell.

The man did not even waste time removing his suit before joining her in the shower. Every second with her was worth more than a thousand tuxedos, no matter how expensive, and so he let the water soak his outfit as he looped his arms around her waist and pulled her close.

‘Hello, beautiful,’ he said. ‘What brings you here?’

Already she was peeling off his sodden clothes. Soon she had thrown them all through the open door where they soaked the soft carpet. He stood naked before her, his lengthy manhood already hard. A shudder of pleasure passed through him as she coiled her slender fingers around his shaft.

‘You,’ she said.

Daniella worked her way down his body with kisses, caressing his cock as she descended. Despite the fact they had only set eyes on one another seconds before he made no move to resist her. Instead he closed his eyes and sighed with arousal as her supple lips drew ever closer to his crotch. Soon enough they were dotting a path down his inner thigh. Then they crossed to his balls, kissing each gently.

He looked down, savouring the view. Obscuring one eye, half of her smile and most of her forehead his cock rested on her face, the sight fulfilling every dream he’d had about her. After all, everybody had heard the stories: Daniella’s reputation was legendary.

With one smooth motion, she abruptly lived up to it. Sweeping her tongue along the underside of his shaft, she dipped her head and swallowed half of his rod. A cascade of ecstasy rushed through him. Reaching down he clutched her fingers as his entire body tensed. His abs hardened, his thighs trembled and his chest tightened as he struggled to process the sudden burst of euphoria. Then she was bobbing, taking him slow and deep with every roll of her head. The light glistened on her dripping hair and her ass was pushed out just enough that he could watch it jiggle as she rocked gently in her crouched position.

Since her transformation, Daniella had made love to more men and woman than she could remember. Lust was her sole reason for existence. She didn’t eat. She didn’t sleep. She only moved from one lover to the next in an endless search for more.

In Metamorphose there was always someone available to satisfy her. Millionaires returning to their VIP suite with a gaggle of women on their arms; bachelors and bachelorettes celebrating their last nights of freedom; horny rich kids eager to fuck, drink and spend their parents’ money. Chefs shutting down the kitchens for the night; janitors cleaning vacated rooms; security guards sitting alone in their office.

Metamorphose was her hunting ground. She could open any door with the wave of a hand, could lure her prey in with a single lustful look. When nobody and nowhere was off limits, nothing could stop her using anybody – staff or guest – to satisfy her unyielding carnal desires.

Daniella didn’t keep track of how long she went down on the man – it could have been an hour or only a minute, but the time made little difference. After all, whilst in her presence, his stamina would last as long as she needed, so she could play with him for however long she pleased.

Eventually though, she rose up and pressed her soft body against his. Her fleshy tits rubbed against his firm chest as she kissed his neck, eager to break him. Daniella wanted him to drive her against the wall and fuck her deep. She wanted him to make her scream as the water poured over both of them, cleaning them even as their passion became increasingly dirty.

However, the man’s will was stronger than she expected. Although he did push her against the wall, the chill of the tiles blossoming over her back, he did not give in to his urges. Instead, he took her place on the floor and buried his face in her neatly trimmed pussy.

Daniella groaned as his tongue played over her swollen clit. Those groans only deepened as two fingers sank between the folds of her sex – two very experienced fingers which buried themselves inside her to the knuckle and instantly began to pump.

Tangling one hand in his matted hair, she nibbled on the tip of a finger, staring at him through fluttering eyelids. Her own hair clutched her shoulders like glistening tentacles and the steaming water coursed down one side of her body, the other exposed to air cool as the breath of winter in comparison.

‘I’d heard stories about the Wanderer,’ the man said, peering up at her while his fingers explored her insides to blissful effect. ‘A beautiful woman who only appears to those she wants to fuck. She finds you, that’s what I was told. Not that I ever thought you’d come for me. But now you have…’ He paused. Leaned closer to her crotch so his breath played over her sex. ‘I’m going to make sure you remember me.’

The Wanderer. For Daniella, hearing that name always dragged up the memories of her transformation. Memories of flipping the card drawn from Felicity’s deck, heart pounding, throat dry. Of being met with the image of a beautiful woman wearing only a long, black cloak hanging open to reveal her naked body. Of that name – The Wanderer – printed in elegant letters at the woman’s feet.

And of the sudden, all-engulfing wave of orgasmia. Momentarily blinded by the sheer force of the ecstasy, her former self had crumpled to his knees as the card had its way with him.

At the time, it was as if his hunky male figure was simply melting away. His muscles regressed, shrinking and softening until his body was softer and smoother than the fresh bedsheets Daniella would spend so much time tangled up in from that point on. The only obvious muscle that remained was his abs, which would only be further toned by countless hours of passion. Meanwhile, the mass he had lost seemed to migrate, collecting on his chest and around his hips until a pair of plump tits and an even plumper ass settled into place. Leg day had always been his favourite at the gym, so they were already bulging before the card took effect; now though, that muscle mellowed, leaving only enough beneath his squishy new thighs to serve Daniella’s needs – namely, to clamp around a lover’s midriff and clench tight as they pounded her tight holes.

The loss of his manhood had happened so quickly he barely even sensed it; one moment he was writhing in ecstasy, the next he was writhing in ecstasy with a sudden absence between his legs. Immediately he was wet – absolutely dripping with arousal – and his cries of pleasure had grown more and more feminine as a torrent of brunette hair sprouted abruptly into being.

When she came to her senses, Daniella found herself in the corner of the room. Her transformation was the first to finish – around the room her old friends were still metamorphosing, truly embodying the casino’s name.

But those friends seemed unimportant now. After all, they weren’t her friends at all. They were Daniel’s – the burly, brash jock she had been until a few moments ago. But Daniel was gone now. Everything he was had been twisted up, corrupted and blended into her deviant psyche. She was Daniella. She was born of the Lucky Deck. She was…

‘The Wanderer,’ Felicity said, admiring the card Daniel had dropped. ‘A very nice pick. I can promise you you’re going to love every second of your transformation. And it works out for us too – do you know how much people will pay coming back here time and time again just for the chance of spending a night with you? You’ll be their white whale. Oh yes, this is going to be a very satisfying turn of events for both all of us.’

Daniel might have found Felicity’s words humiliating. But Daniella wasn’t listening. Instead she stared past Felicity to the door. Two men guarded it, watching the transformations with amusement. She could not explain why, but she was drawn to one in particular. Something in her soul wanted him, an urge she could neither explain nor resist.

Ignoring Felicity, she rose to her feet and marched across to him, stripping off the skimpy lace lingerie her transformation had left her with. Without a word, she pushed him out into the corridor. He took her against a wall hard, grinning as her orgasmic moans echoed through the casino’s back of house hallways.

And so began her life as the woman every hedonist in the casino hoped to fuck.

‘Oh yes!’ Daniella gasped.

Lost in her thoughts, she had allowed pleasure to overwhelm her, letting her lover play with her body how he pleased. Her mind had been so distant she had not noticed him slowly guide her to the floor; push her gently onto her back; spread her legs and lift her knees; massage lube into his shaft.

But as he slid into her exposed pussy, she was dragged abruptly back to the present.

Her body accepted him, the soft folds of her sex parting as he drove in deep. Then he was thrusting and wave after wave of orgasmic euphoria washed through her.

One hand fell to her crotch to rapidly excite her clit, while the other clutched his firm thigh so hard her entire arm trembled. For his part, the hunky stud gripped her flank in one large hand as he rolled his hips in a slow, sensual rhythm which twisted Daniella’s face into one of pure, shameless bliss.

‘That’s it,’ she breathed, barely able to form the words. ‘Keep going. Right there. Don’t stop.’

‘Whatever the lady wants,’ the man smiled.

The night wore on. Their passion heated up. And all the while, the steady thrum of the shower played over their tangled bodies, unable to wash away the filthy lust driving their depravity…

Thanks for reading!

Honestly, I am so happy with this story. I think the gallery is absolute fire and I’ll never turn down the chance to write for a Dani Daniels scene. But also I like it because it was the first full story I wrote for this concept. Given how much the idea itself had changed over time I was a bit nervous to see how it would turn out, but I am super pleased with the result and that was a great boost to continue with the rest of the series.

Daniels was actually one of the three models whose work initially inspired the idea, however I was originally planning to use a different gallery. Once I settled on the Metamorphose idea though that gallery didn’t feel quite right for the concept, so I went looking for a replacement. Then when I came across this one the idea for The Wanderer pretty much jumped into my head fully formed and I just went with it.

Hopefully you enjoyed it too, and remember to come back on Monday for Part 2!


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