Metamorphose: Fuck Buddies Forever

Models: Becca Fatale & Pierce Paris

Stood at the head of the sweeping staircase leading down onto the casino floor, Grant and Malcolm grinned like delirious idiots. Metamorphose’s main gambling hall was a sea of slot machines, poker tables, roulette wheels and people. The whole place glittered like a treasure hoard beneath immense chandeliers. Although the two friends had spent months imagining what the infamous casino might be like the reality blew all their daydreams out of the water.

‘Holy shit, dude, can you believe we’re finally here?’ Malcolm grinned, his eyes wide.

‘Not yet. I think I’ll have to ask everyone I see to pinch me just to convince myself its real!’ Grant replied.

‘Where you going first?’

‘The Amoral Arcade, obviously. You coming?’

Malcolm shook his head. ‘Nah, I’m checking out the Trans Quarter. I’ve heard the girls there make every other slut in this place look like virgin prudes in comparison.’

‘Suit yourself,’ Grant shrugged. ‘I’ll come find you later. Just try not to get transformed too much, will you?’ he added with a wink.

Malcom laughed. ‘Maybe you should worry less about me and take your own advice. Now piss off and enjoy yourself. We’ve waited long enough for this, so let’s make it a night to remember.’

Malcom wasn’t quite sure what he had been expecting to find in the Trans Quarter, but this wasn’t it: it all seemed so… normal. Beautiful women hung on the arms of handsome men, clamouring gamblers leaned over velvet-topped poker tables and laughing guests crowded around the many small bars. All in all it looked no different to the cis-leaning part of the casino he had left behind.

At least until he looked closer.

Because while at first glance the Trans Quarter seemed just like the rest of Metamorphose, innumerable subtle signs indicating its many sordid differences were hiding in plain view.

There was a noticeable bulge to the crotch of a woman in a tight cocktail dress standing nearby. As he passed by one of the poker tables he realised the chips were engraved with glittering golden chastity cages. The closest bar boasted a menu of drinks with names such as ‘The Femmifier’ and ‘Back To The Futa’.

What was more, the further Malcolm ventured into the Trans Quarter, the more it began to live up to his expectations. For one thing, the attire took a turn for the kinky, with gamblers and guests dressed in harnesses, latex and skimpy fetishwear in contrast to the crisp shirts and glittering dresses that had dominated the main casino. Meanwhile, numerous stages stood amongst the gambling tables and slot machines upon which stunning trans women writhed against poles (or just each another) surrounded by admiring audiences.

With such beautiful women putting on such provocative performances, it was not surprising that Malcolm, deeply lustful for trans women as he was, found himself drawn to one of these crowds. Like a moth to the flame, he made his way to the very front row, so close to the two salacious strippers he could have reached out and caressed their nubile bodies.

Unlike some of their counterparts throughout the Trans Quarter, they weren’t performing on an ordinary stage. Instead they groped one another atop the sheets of a large bed, which itself was situated in a faux bedroom with two of the walls removed to allow the voyeurs a good view – overall, their show was more like an in-person cam-scene than anything else.

Unfortunately, Malcolm did not get much chance to admire them.

‘I think it’s about time we let one of you lucky fuckers get up here and join the fun,’ said one of the strippers, a gorgeous Asian woman caressing her bulging panties.

Her accomplice – a curvy Latina slut whose she-cock was somehow contained in an astonishingly small thong – nodded eagerly.

‘How about this one?’ she replied, pointing straight at Malcolm.

Before he knew what was happening they had dragged him onto the bed with them. Their delicate fingers caressed his muscular figure, mischief playing over their pretty faces.

‘Uh, hello ladies,’ Malcolm said, immediately embarrassed by how uptight and simple he sounded. He had planned to have a few drinks before getting involved with anyone: he was a truly awful flirter while sober. Still, their warm bodies pressing against him was stirring a growth in his jeans.

‘Mmmh, looks like somebody is excited to play with us,’ the Latina woman purred as she ran a hand over his crotch. ‘But you’re going to need a glow up before that baby. Here, let me help you with that.’

Malcolm’s eyes bulged as she pulled him into a passionate kiss. Then his shock shifted to lust and he melted into her embrace – the final embrace Malcolm ever received.

Before the eyes of the amazed audience, Malcolm’s body rapidly transformed. His dark hair tumbled down into ombre waves framing a face of arched brows and full ruby lips. Every blemish and imperfection on his skin faded, leaving his black flesh flawless and smooth. The muscles he’d spent months perfecting in the gym melted in a heartbeat to leave behind a lithe, supple figure the women in the crowd found themselves envying, which was soon wrapped in expensive red and black lingerie as his clothes restitched themselves. Despite the perky tits and plump ass boasting his newfound femininity, the bulge in his underwear never dwindled, instead pressing against his lace panties as though eager to escape. Crimson claws sprouted on his delicate fingers which were now groping the Latina’s breasts and by the time they broke off their kiss the new woman was a true black beauty.

Sinking back into the pillows of the bed where her Asian friend was already jerking off, the Latina slipped her dick from her panties and began to stroke.

‘Well, Macie, what are you waiting for? How about you put on a show for all these devilish deviants? We’re all just dying to see what’s hiding under that lingerie.’

Staring lustfully at the crowd over her shoulder, a slutty, seductive smirk played over Macie’s lips.

‘Is that so?’ she said, meeting the eye of each voyeur in turn as she began playing with the straps of her bustier. ‘Well tonight’s your lucky night, you filthy fuckers: I’m feeling naughty. So strap in because things are about to get wild.’

Still facing away from her audience, Macie grinned as she slipped down the bust of her lingerie, teasing them with the suggestion of tits they could not yet see. She could no longer remember that only a few minutes ago she had been one of them.

And once she span around to show off her new body, her audience quickly forgot about the man she had once been too: they had far more alluring things to focus on…

Grant had always told himself if he ever had the chance to visit Metamorphose the first place he’d visit would be the Amoral Arcade. Now he was finally here, he didn’t waste a second in fulfilling that dream. Ignoring the endless variety of transformative enticements lining the casino floor he strode on until his destination came into view.  

Just off the main floor, the Arcade was a huge space packed with every conceivable kind of arcade game, from grabbing machines to VR games to simple pool tables. Of course, they had all received the Metamorphose touch: each time a player failed to win a prize on the grabbing machines they were bimbofied just a little more; when they removed their headsets, players of the kinky VR makeover games found themselves transformed into their avatar; even a game of pool was a sordid affair in which the winner was allowed to steal a physical attribute of their choosing from their opponent.

As Grant had expected, the place was thronging – even amongst all the other available games, the arcade was particularly popular, primarily because the games here didn’t require any gambling knowledge at all.

Luckily the high striker Grant had his eye one was not too busy. One of several dotted amongst the other games, each version catered to a slightly different niche: the one Grant approached was the Stud Striker.

Each segment of the tower was associated with a different kind of man, from Weakling Wimp at the bottom to Alpha Adonis at the very top. As Grant arrived a towering black man was striding away having just struck the bell, his muscles like dark marble.

Striding up to take the man’s place, Grant grabbed the hammer. He was so confident he did not even pause to take a breath – he had been practicing on high strikers back home for weeks, so as far as he was concerned if he could ring the bell on those, this one would be just as easy.

Bringing the hammer down hard, he threw it aside and watched the sections illuminate in a surge of light that went soaring up the tower.

Up and up it went, past Macho Man and Hung He-Slut. Beyond Lustful Lothario and Burly Bull. The bell was only a few sections away as the wave finally slowed. Higher and higher… but not high enough.

Grant’s face fell as Alpha Adonis failed to light. Instead his strike was a fraction too weak, coming to a stop on the section immediately below the bell: Dumb Fuck. The mock prize for those who fell just short of the alpha status they craved.

Grant had only a second to wonder if he should have taken that breath before his body was struck hard by the striker’s transformation.

Since Grant was already reasonably athletic his body was enhanced rather than completely remoulded. His figure swelled with muscle, his abs toning into a rigid six-pack as the seams of his shirt and trousers were pushed to their limit, while any excess fat simply melted away. His crotch bulged as he gained a few extra inches and his cropped hair lengthened to give him a more roguish look, but beyond these changes he remained mostly familiar.

His mind, on the other hand, did not fare so well.

Before Grant had even realised the ramifications of his loss, all his intelligence had been eviscerated. The man he had been was snuffed out, every memory and thought and IQ point torn away without remorse. In his place was left a mindless fool who barely had the brainpower to count to double digits.

By the time the process was complete, Grady wasn’t wondering anything at all.

Before the striker’s light had even faded, Grady was wearing a dopey grin and staring vacantly around the Arcade. Ironically, if he had chosen to play again with his new body he could have won the grand prize with ease. But Grady no longer had the urge to play any games and he wandered idly away, utterly unaware that he was abandoning the man he had once been forever…

Grady couldn’t really remember where his room was anymore. Guided mostly by muscle memory and a little bit of luck he had somehow managed to find his way up onto the right floor, having staggered up the stairs after the lifts proved too complicated for him.

When he crested the staircase all thoughts of finding his room evaporated in a heartbeat.

‘Hey there, hot stuff,’ purred the stunning black woman leaning against the wooden banister. ‘You looking for a little company?’

In only a red lingerie set and a pair of black platform heels, the ebony beauty’s incredible body was on full display. A handful of tattoos decorated her dark skin and her wavy charcoal hair framed a sultry face and a dazzling smile.

Although his transformation had reduced him to an outright idiot, it had also imbued him with a powerful lustful streak. In the face of such a beautiful woman his body and mind seemed to break free from the shackles of stupidity and he cast the woman a roguish smile as he moved closer and ran his hand over her bare thigh; he might not have been intelligent, but he sure knew how to turn a woman on.

‘Always. And a pretty thing like you shouldn’t be spending your night alone. You need a big, strong man like me to take care of you.’ As if to prove he was up to the task he undid several buttons on his shirt to reveal his chiselled torso.

The woman gave him an impish smile and moved a little closer, pushing her plump tits forward.

‘Well lucky for you, I’ve just finished my show and I always enjoy a little personal attention after having crowds drooling over me. I was going to order room service, but you’ll do nicely. Maybe we should go back to your room?’

Shamelessly staring at her tits, Grady simply nodded, too distracted to have heard a word. ‘Whatever you say, gorgeous. How about we go back to my room?’

Smirking with satisfaction, the woman did not bother pointing out the fact he had repeated her: she much preferred having his eyes glued to her body and his limited mind hers to play with.

‘I like the way you think, stud. I’m Macie, by the way,’ she said, groping his bulging crotch with a wicked gleam in her eye.

‘Grady,’ he replied.

Running her hand down his chest Macie felt Grady’s room card in his shirt pocket. He did not resist as she took it from him, nor when she slipped her fingers between his and led him off down the corridor. ‘Well then, Grady, I hope you know how to show a girl a good time. I take a lot of satisfying. But I’m sure a hot guy like you is more than up to the task…’

To Macie’s delight, Grady was certainly capable of satisfying her needs. No sooner had they entered his room than he had slammed her against the wall where he kissed her passionately as his powerful hands roved over her luxurious body.

From there, things descended into a hedonistic blur.

In fact, she was been so engulfed in blissful erotic pleasure that when she briefly came to her senses she was surprised to find herself sprawled on the marble rim of a huge bath, one leg held high in Grady’s grip and her tits jiggling on her chest as he pounded her hard. The funny thing was, she couldn’t actually remember how she got there. After he had thrown her down onto the bed and crawled atop her she had simply succumbed to her own mindless desire.

Her free leg dangled in the hot, bubbly water and her little she-cock looked deeply inferior compared to Grady’s massive meat.  

A sinful smile warped her cum-stained lips as waves of orgasmic pleasure crashed through her. As a shameless nymphomaniac she had experience plenty of hot, naughty sex before now, but she had never met any man quite like Grady. It was as if there was nothing in his head but the need to fuck. Combined with her own insatiable lust, together they made a truly hedonistic pair.

And as he slammed her tight hole she realised she was never going to give him up. Tonight was the first night of a beautiful friendship – a filthy, kinky, shamelessly fucked up friendship.

Grant and Malcom might have started the night out as BFFs, but now they had become something entirely different – FBFs: fuck buddies forever.

Not that either of them knew it, of course. Even if they had been able to remember their old lives they were too busy indulging their newfound depravity to care about their former friendship. Especially as Grady dragged Macie up and then bent her over so her tits, dick and hair swayed with every thrust.

‘Oh fuck!’ Macie screamed as Grady pummelled her P-spot, her grip on reality loosening once again. ‘Oh fuck, I’m going to cum! It’s too good, I can’t take it!’

‘Is that so? Maybe I should go find a real bitch to take my cock then?’

‘No! Don’t stop! I’ll do anything! I need your cock, sir!’

‘That’s what I thought,’ Grady grinned. ‘You’re never going to be able to give me up, and by the time I’m done with you, you’re going to be a dumb, drooling cocksleeve. But I don’t think that’s going to be a problem for you, is it?’

Macie was too horny to respond. Instead, all she could do was rock against his hips and bob her fat ass, desperate to feel another hot load flooding her insides…

Thanks for reading!

I have to admit, there is one main downside to only releasing one story per week: some stories take forever to release. I don’t regret dropping my number of releases per month because there was no way I could maintain anything more than one per week at the moment, but I am gutted that it means things spend a fair while in my ‘to be released’ pile.

This one is a prime example: I first wrote it in January. So it’s been waiting nearly a year to release. And the weird thing about that is this was actually the first ever Metamorphose story I wrote to include Trans Quarter. But because I loved the concept so much I came up with a few image captions centred around it which released on my Twitter way back in February. So although there were literally days between me writing this and those captions, there have been months between them getting posted. Because, quite frankly, my schedule is just really fucking weird.

Overall, I feel like this one is little disjointed in places, but I really wanted to explore the different areas of the casino a little more. At the time I also felt like many of my stories focus on the sex more than the transformations, so I wanted to show both character’s transforming even if it meant a longer story overall. I’m honestly happy I did, because I feel like it gave the eventual reunion of the two characters a much erotic undertone.

Just a note to say that as I schedule this in late October, I am just starting to write my Christmas slate for the year. Like, as soon as I schedule this, I’m diving straight into the first story. At first I was actually planning to write a Metamorphose miniseries that would take up most of December, but that became too long-winded to complete in time so it is on the backburner for the moment (although I’m hoping to post it some time in early 2023). My current aim is to have a story for every Friday of December and a few others here and there. Having said that, I have a lot of IRL commitments throughout November and December, so I’m currently unsure if I’ll be able to stick to that schedule. Only time will tell. Given that this story won’t go up until the brink of December, wish me retroactive luck I guess!


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