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Handsome was an understatement. Ripped was almost an insult. The man looking out at Lee from the neon-lit room looked like Adonis’ hotter older brother. Even straight-as-a-ruler Lee couldn’t help but ogle the Asian hunk’s incredible body, which would have been surprising enough on any day, but was even more unusual tonight given that it was less than an hour since he had caught his girlfriend in the arms of another man.

Stunned and betrayed, Lee had stormed from the fancy dress Halloween party they had been attending before Maisie could even say a word.

After the initial shock had passed, Lee had laughed bitterly: Maisie had been dressed as a vampiress, while the man Lee had caught her kissing had come as Van Helsing. Two supposedly mortal enemies making out on Halloween – it was just too ironic.

Then he had realised Maisie would probably be getting very acquainted with the man’s stake before the night was out, and since then he had marched on, head down, face long, the occasional sob passing his lips. Walking alone dressed as a purple alien, he had no doubt he looked just as pathetic as he felt.

He couldn’t quite explain what had caught his attention when he passed the club. The captivating stud had drawn his eye first, but the hunky Asian wasn’t the first man Lee had seen in that window. Everybody knew Club Incubus only employed the hottest gay strippers, and Lee had never seen a single one with so much as an ounce of body fat – then again, that was hardly surprising given that everybody also knew stripping wasn’t the only service Club Incubus offered to its horny clientele.

No, tonight there was something else. Something about the neon lights, about the erotic spark in the man’s eye, the way his body rippled and gleamed as he moved. Like a moth to the flame Lee was lured in, the world around him fading. Before long, his thoughts melted away too. Only the man and the lights remained.

That was when he heard the voice.

You could be like him, it hissed, soft yet sordid. He was like you once. Broken. Betrayed. But look at him now.

‘He’s so hot,’ Lee breathed, entranced.

Yes. Hotter than you. Hotter than anybody. Hotter than that bastard you caught her kissing. You want to be that hot, don’t you? Hot enough that nobody could ever steal your girl again. Isn’t that right?

Lee nodded dumbly, a mixture of desperation and desire surging through him. ‘Yes. Yes, I want to be like him. I want to be hot.’

Good. You can be. All you have to do is go inside. Doesn’t he look lonely? Go inside. Join him. The club will give you everything you crave. Join him.

Without thinking, Lee reached for the door. He pushed it open just a crack, hesitating for a second as a brief flicker of uncertainty washed through his mind. But then the lights seemed to throb brighter and Lee’s heartache threatened to split him in half. He didn’t want to be out here with his misery. He wanted to be in there with the promise of a new life.

Succumbing to the lure of the hypnotic lights, Lee pushed open the door and plunged inside.

Mind-splitting pleasure hit him instantly.

It was like he had just dived headfirst into an abyss of libido-enhancing drugs and he was being dragged to the bottom. The atmosphere was thick with lust. Pouring down his throat and seeping into his pores, he felt as though he was being suffocated by unseen hands. The magic in the air was so intense that he was already transforming before the Asian stud laid hands on him. But then Lee found himself driven up against a wall with the stripper’s lips crushed against his, and that deep kiss kicked Lee’s metamorphosis into overdrive.

The pleasure was so intense it hurt. It was as if some deranged surgeon was assaulting him with a scalpel, slicing and carving and cutting Lee’s body apart, except every incision burned with ecstasy rather than pain.

Within seconds, he was completely unrecognisable. His small frame was soon tall and broad, giving him several inches in height over the Asian man. His skinny physique swelled into tanned, chiselled muscles glistening with sweat. His plain features reformed swiftly, leaving him as handsome as he was hot, while his short mop of blond hear darkened as it trimmed itself short at the sides and bunched into a curled quiff on top. And by the time his new body had taken shape, it wasn’t only his height that had been granted several extra inches: his enlarged cock bulged in a pair of tight purple pants, which were the only thing left of his purple alien costume. The rest of his outfit had burned away the moment he stepped through the door.

But it wasn’t only Lee’s body that fell prey to the club’s corruptive magic.

Ruthless power ripped through his brain, tearing apart the very foundations of his psyche. Kindness and empathy were washed away; humility was swamped, drowned and buried. All the good facets of his identity that Lee had prided himself on were stripped away, and in his place a new man rose up. A new Lee. Cold, arrogant and horny.

Overwhelmed by ravenous lust, Lee turned the tables on the Asian man. Grabbing him by the shoulders, he spun the man around and slammed him up against the wall, reversing their positions as he kissed the man so hard his temples throbbed. Bracing himself on the window with one hand, the other sank down into the man’s jockstrap and wrapped around his cock. Devilish satisfaction blossomed in Lee’s chest as the man moaned into his mouth.

In that moment, the voice came to him again.

That’s it. Give in to the lust. Nobody will ever be able to steal your girl now. But then again, it’s not like you have any interest in girls anymore.

It was a local urban legend that Club Incubus had earned its name because the man who owned it – a handsome, elusive gentleman who always had at least two twinks on his arm at any one time – was an incubus himself. Like most people, Lee had always laughed off the suggestion.

But now, with the lustful voice in the head and corruptive magic swirling through his body, he knew he had been wrong. He could feel the incubus’ power coursing through his muscles, pulsing in his mind. It was his voice whispering to him; it was his magic that had changed him. He didn’t care why – he didn’t care that the incubus had preyed on his misery and insecurity to lure him in, just as he had so many other men before him.

Because the incubus was right. He didn’t care about his old life. He didn’t care about love or girls or friendship. All he cared about was his own pleasure and the promise of driving his cock deep into the Asian hunk’s tight ass.

At that moment Maisie wandered past the window calling his name.

Lee glanced up and watched her drunkenly stagger by. For a moment they locked eyes. But instead of grief or heartbreak, all Lee felt was satisfaction.

Let her watch, he thought. Let her see what I’ve become then spend all night trying to find me while I skewer this bastard on my fat cock. Fuck her. She never deserved me.

Smiling as he did so, he kissed his lover harder still, all the while maintaining eye contact with his ex.

That’s right, the incubus’ voice agreed. You’re hotter than any man she’ll ever meet now, and yet she’ll never be able to have you. She is nothing. And so is your new lover. All that faggot is good for is worshipping your cock. That’s all anybody is good for now. So what are you waiting for? Use him. Break him. Fuck his brains out and then just keep going.

Just then, Lee realised they were both naked. He couldn’t be sure whether they had dropped their underwear themselves or whether the incubus’ unseen magic had tugged them down. Either way, his cock was rock hard and needy for a hole, and he wasted no time in satisfying his carnal urges.

Fuelled by cruel lust, he snaked one hand up to his lover’s neck and used his grip to drag him roughly over to the opposite wall. Throwing him hard against the wood, Lee manhandled the man’s hips out and parted his hairless cheeks to unveil his winking ass.

‘It’s a good thing it’s Halloween,’ he grinned as he pressed the head of his cock against the man’s hole, ‘because I’m going to have you screaming all night long.’

Then, with Maisie still watching, Lee buried himself in his lover’s ass, laughing coldly as an orgasmic shriek tore from the man’s lips and he began writhing desperately on the end of Lee’s cock, unable to escape as the newest escort at Club Incubus reduced him to a wailing, whimpering cumdump…

Thanks for reading!

As I mentioned in the comments on my last story, this month has a nice mix of genders and orientations in the stories I plan to release. It was mostly the lighting of this scene that prompted me to write a seasonal piece for it – I don’t why, but for some reason neon lighting always reminds me of Halloween – and I’m pretty happy with the result. I hope you all enjoyed it as well!


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