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Starting awake, Louise found herself chained to a wall. Cold manacles dug into the skin of her wrists and an icy chill crawled up her spine as the cold air of the dungeon embraced her. A metal collar clutched her throat just tight enough that her breath came short and shallow. This too was chained to the wall, the metal links hard and cool between her shoulder blades.

It didn’t take long for the aches to set in. The position of the manacles kept her arms held high, but the chains weren’t long enough for her to sit down fully, forcing her to crouch instead. And with her collar also bolted in place, she could not stand up either. Before long her limbs were protesting under the exertion.

Still, Louise was surprisingly calm for a woman in her predicament. Sure, she was more than a little confused – she couldn’t think of anything that would have caused her mind to bring her to this particular place – but she was also certain she was dreaming.

Lucid dreaming, at that. Because the memories of her night were still fresh in her mind: the taste of Molly’s sweet lips (both those beneath her eyes and those between her thighs); the erotic heat of their flesh pressed together; the echo of their orgasmic moans as they climaxed together. She could even recall the sight of Molly tangled up in the covers, her huge tits rising and falling softly as she slept, her hair a mess and her body garlanded by strings of lipstick imprints – the last thing Louise saw before dozing off herself.

Considering she had just experienced the hottest fuck of her life, she couldn’t understand why she would be dreaming about a dingy dungeon. But she suspected her imagination would soon progress into more sensual places. 

‘I’m afraid that’s not how this goes,’ came a sultry voice from somewhere in the darkness.

Apprehension prickled on Louise’s nape. She knew that voice. She’d know it anywhere. And all at once she had the sense that this was no ordinary dream.

‘Well, you’re right about that, bitch,’ the voice came again, reading her mind. ‘In fact, it’s not really a dream at all. Not for you at least.’

Louise paled as Kimiko stepped into the light. Her red eyeshadow made it look as though her eyes were on fire, yet her stare was cold, cutting through Louise like serrated ice. Her long black hair gleamed as it swept down over shoulders, framing her disapproving expression in a void of darkness. Latex the colour of spilled blood clung to her body – something between a dress and a lapelled coat – and her manicured hands were planted firmly on her hips.

Louise had never seen her ex look so domineering. During their relationship, Kimiko had always been quiet and demure, but the woman standing before her now was neither of those things. Instead she was wrapped in an air of intimidating dominance so strong Louise had to fight the instinct to avert her gaze. This Kimiko was the antithesis of the woman Louise had betrayed just hours earlier. She looked like a vengeful demoness.

Kimiko smiled coldly as the thought crossed Louise’s mind. ‘That’s exactly what I am, actually. And you only have yourself to thank for what I’ve become.’

‘I… I don’t understand,’ Louise said, eyeing her ex’s golden cleavage.

Kimiko’s smile grew wider still. ‘I know you don’t, you cheating bitch. But you will soon enough.’

Kimiko crossed the dungeon in the blink of an eye. In the fraction of a second Louise’s eyes were closed Kimiko somehow crossed the distance between them, her malicious smirk suddenly pressing into Louise’s face.

Louise stifled a scream as her ex’s wild eyes bored into her.

‘Did you really think you could get rid of me that easily?’ Kimiko hissed.

With a sneer she hooked her fingers between the buttons of Louise’s blue silk shirt dress and wrenched it open. Buttons hissed across the room and Louise gasped as the cold air met her skin. Underneath she was wearing deep red lingerie fringed with white lace, and she realised for the first time that her outfit was the exact same one she had been wearing the night she first met Kimiko, right down to the long wooden hair pins stabbed through her bun.

‘You used to want to press this body against mine,’ Kimiko said, tugging down Louise’s bra to expose her pierced tits. ‘You said you’d always love me. You said you’d never betray me. And yet the moment that bitch Molly caught your eye you forgot all about me. Even when she turned you down, you couldn’t get her out of your head could you? But that didn’t matter. Not when you could make a deal to make her yours.’

Louise couldn’t deny it. Molly had sparked an infatuation within her she had been unable to ignore, and the combination of her lust and Molly’s rejection had made a dangerous combination. Desperate for Molly’s attention, Louise had snuck out of bed while Kimiko slept and summoned a demon to make a deal: Kimiko’s soul for Molly’s love.

The demon had agreed gleefully, unfurling a lengthy scroll for her to sign. When she had returned to bed she had found Molly’s buxom figure beneath the sheets, and after waking her with kisses to the inner thighs they had spent all day fucking like animals until finally passing out from exhaustion.

That was when she had awoken here, in Kimiko’s dungeon.

‘And do you want to know why you’re in my dungeon?’ Kimiko smiled, slipping one hand down to Louise’s inner thigh and stroking softly. ‘Because that demon decided to have a little fun with my soul. You see, he thought I’d want to punish you for betraying me, so he offered to corrupt me into a demoness and give me all the powers I could ever need to take my revenge.’ She blinked. When her lids rose, her eyes were completely black. ‘As you can see, I said yes.’

Louise swallowed nervously, fear crawling up her spine. But Kimiko wasn’t finished.

‘Now your dreams belong to me. Anytime you fall asleep I’ll be waiting. I’ll haunt every vacant daydream and exhausted nap. But would you like to know the best thing about dreams? There aren’t any rules.’

Raising one hand, Kimiko snapped her fingers and the world shifted around them. The bare brick dungeon dissolved into roiling black smoke, only to solidify a heartbeat later into a dank, cold, concrete-walled cell. Louise found herself kneeling on the mattress of a rusty metal bed, and although her chains were gone, her arms had been roped behind her back in an elaborate, inescapable tie. Her thighs were lashed to her calves, restraining all movement. The bulbous weight of a butt plug filled her ass.

Kimiko stood at the foot of the bed, her latex outfit gleaming under the light of the single naked bulb dangling on a cord from the ceiling.

‘I have total control. I can summon any sex toy or tool of torture I like. I can change myself into any form I desire. I can alter the world however I please. And you – I can transform you. I can drive you mad with a snap of my fingers. I can turn you into a hunky bull with a single look. I can pump you full of silicone and empty that pretty head of yours and use you as my mindless bimbofied slave.

‘But most exciting of all, I can do all that forever. Time doesn’t really exist here, not like in the real world. We can enjoy a decade of sexual torment together in a single night’s sleep. It’s like when you wake up after an intense dream and feel like you fell asleep days ago. Only now, you’re going to spend all that time as my pathetic slave. No remorse. No escape. Just you and me and an eternity of revenge.’

Grinning like a psychopath who had just cornered her victim, Kimiko unzipped her latex. A thick, obsidian-black strap-on at least ten inches long materialised before Louise’s eyes as she did so.

She giggled as Louise’s face drained of all colour. ‘So then, you cheating skank, shall we get started?’

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Okay, so here’s an update on how things will be going this month. In the end, it turns out I will have enough stories for two per week, so as of today you’ll have a new story releasing every Monday and Friday, up to and including the 31st, which happens to fall on a Monday this year.

As those of you who’ve been reading my content for a while will already know, I’m not the best when it comes to themed stories. I tend to struggle finding themed galleries that spark ideas for me, so as I did last Halloween, I’ve not chosen to explicitly link all of this month’s stories to the season. Some do involve Halloween, but others are more inspired by the spirit of all things spooky and supernatural. Overall, I’m really happy with the range of stories I have on the way. They’re a nice mix of cis, trans, gay and straight pieces, and I’ve got a story I’m especially proud of set to release at the end of the month, so definitely look out for that.

I do have a few updates on how I’ll be doing things moving forwards, but I’ll leave them for later in the month. For now, I hope you’ve enjoyed this first October release. I’ll see you on Friday for another!


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