Bribing The Principal: Part 2

Models: Alexis Tae & Mick Blue

Slim black woman poses in denim hotpants and skimpy underwear

‘So how do I look, hot stuff?’

Alexis bounded into the lounge and struck an alluring pose for her lover. She might as well have been wearing a bikini: the desperately tight sports bra and skimpy denim hotpants just about concealed her modesty but no more, and her supple ebony skin practically gleamed in the light of the setting sun.

She was just about to describe in detail just how horny she’d been while picking out her outfit and how needy she was for him to strip her naked when she noticed he had company.

Alexis had never really expected to see her parents again. Sure, she’d known they’d come looking for her eventually – as far as they were concerned, their son would never abandon them after all – but she hadn’t anticipated that they might actually go to the lengths of visiting the principal in his own home. Then again, they’d always been devoted parents. She imagined they wouldn’t leave any stone unturned in the pursuit of their missing son.

The beautiful Elixir slut didn’t so much as blush as her parents looked up at her, eyeing her shamelessly exposed figure with a mixture of shock and disgust. If she was honest, Alexis kind of liked it, adding a little extra sway to her hips as she slunk over to her lover. Something about them seeing her like this made her desperately horny. Hotter still, however, was that there wasn’t so much as a flicker of recognition in their eyes.

The principal was sat opposite her parents. Looping her arms around his neck, she kissed him fondly on the cheek. Her parents looked appalled – Alexis was young enough to be his daughter, let alone one of his students, and such an age divide wasn’t something they approved of. But then, that was exactly why Alex had hidden his addiction from them: it didn’t matter that Alexis made him truly happy, they could never have accepted that their son would willingly become a cock-hungry whore.

‘I didn’t know we were having visitors, baby,’ she purred.

The principal reached up to stroke her cheek softly. ‘I’m sorry, sweetness, I forgot to tell you. This is Mister and Mrs Taylor. They’re the parents of the young man who went missing several months ago.’

‘Oh, I heard about him. So sad. I’m so sorry for your loss.’ Alexis had to stifle a giggle as she forced sincerity into her expression.

Alexis’ mother fixed the principal with wide, imploring eyes. ‘Please, sir, are you sure you haven’t heard anything? Even a rumour of where our son might be? We’ve always been so proud of him, he’s a good man. He wouldn’t just disappear like this.’

The principal leant forward and took her trembling hand in his. ‘My dear lady, I assure you, if I knew anything at all regarding the whereabouts of your son, I would share it with you. I am so very sorry that I cannot be of more help to you, however I am afraid I am as in the dark as you.’

When he spoke, there was sincere tenderness in his tone – sincere to everyone but Alexis. She had spent the past few months honing him into her perfect sugar daddy and she could read him effortlessly; she could see the disdain in his eyes even if her parents could not.

She tried not to smirk as she imagined what might have sparked such emotion. Perhaps he was silently cursing them for raising a son who had managed to successfully corrupt and seduce him when so many born women had failed. Although she thought it was far more likely that he resented them for interrupting his opportunity to fuck their former son into a groaning, giggling mess.

Her parents rose solemnly, the principal standing to shake their hands.

‘Thank you for your time, sir,’ her father said, before glancing at Alexis and adding curtly, ‘we won’t waste any more of it.’

The principal nodded sadly. ‘I assure you, if I hear anything, you will be the first know.’ Then he led them out, leaving Alexis lounging on the sofa he had just vacated.

When he returned there was an almost dangerous lust in his eyes. ‘You heartless bitch. You didn’t even flinch. You looked them dead in the eye and lied to their faces and you didn’t even fucking flinch.’ He looked like he was teetering on the edge of erotic mania, as if he might lose himself to his desire at any moment.

‘So did you,’ she shrugged. ‘Besides, why would I? I never wanted their pride. I wanted their acceptance. But this life, the life I’ve wanted for so long, it’s not something they could ever accept. They can think I’m dead for all I care. Because as far as they’re concerned, I am.’

‘You’re cold.’

A wicked grin warped her lips. ‘No. I’m hot. Hot for you, stud. You know, I have a surprise for you. I was going to save this until we went away tomorrow, but all that has made me so fucking horny I can’t wait any longer. Wait here, babe, and be ready for me when I get back.’

Alexis was back within a matter of minutes, but by the time she strutted in the sun had set and the world was dark outside the windows.

The swimsuit she wore had a sheen almost as attractive as her soft ebony flesh. Burnt gold in colour, it hugged her slender figure tight enough that he could see the studs of her nipples and the dip of her navel. The plunging neckline framed her shallow yet arousing cleavage, while the high waistline swept down into a strip thin enough that it vanished between her ass cheeks and barely covered her pussy. She looked like a goddess ready to lounge in a jacuzzi and if the principal hadn’t already been hard, the sight of her alone would have aroused him to attention.

Just as she’d asked, he was ready when she arrived – which is to say he was naked and erect. He stroked his huge cock slowly as he reclined on the sofa, and Alexis took a moment to admire the man she’d shaped him into.

Black woman in bronze swimsuit gives oral sex to hung naked white man on sofa

She hadn’t bothered transforming him. That would have defeated the point of seducing him in the first place, since the university weren’t likely to just overlook a completely new man taking over his position.

Instead she had perfected him. The bull pills she’d been adding to his wine every night for the past several months had enhanced every facet of his person to the peak of sexual perfection, though the doses were low enough that he was still recognisably the same man beneath all the new muscle and minor changes. His tan was less noticeable now – though that was a result of having spent much more time indoors since that fateful evening in his office, time mostly spent fucking Alexis senseless – but she liked that too. It looked so hot when her golden skin was pressed against his, and the starker the difference between their skin tones, the more erotic she found it.

‘You look good enough to eat,’ he said with a devilish smile.

‘I was just about to say the same thing,’ she grinned back. With that she scampered over, dropped down onto the sofa and bowed her head to go down on him with the same slutty enthusiasm she always did.

The salty tang of his juicy cock blossomed over her tastebuds, sparking a long, lustful moan. She often forgot how good he tasted, but every time she went down on him she was reminded that she hadn’t just shaped him into a man to be desired, she’d made him into one to be savoured.

Every inch of him was pure, concentrated lust, from his powerful legs perfect for driving into her holes to his chiselled jaw which she loved peppering with soft kisses.

But nothing was better than his cock.

His taste was even more addictive than the Elixir. It completed her, the sensation of his dick filling her holes the missing piece to her very existence.

As she satisfied her hunger, her lover’s hands began to explore. They slid over her bare shoulders, rising to tangle in her hair and force her to throat his dick, holding her down until she came away gagging, grinning and giggling. Soon they slipped underneath her, peeling aside the bosom of the swimsuit to bare her petite tits and play with her hard nipples. Then they were moving again, sweeping over the golden curve of her ass and planting a few stinging spanks across her cheeks. Her sensual moans only encouraged him to go further, and a few moments later he had eased one hand beneath her hips, drawn the crotch of her swimsuit gently to one side, then delved two fingers into the hot folds of her pussy.

Black woman receives doggystyle sex from hung white man on sofa

The sudden sensation sparked a new need in Alexis: she needed his dick in her most sensitive hole. Though she was thirsty for his cum, his fingers inside her made her feel abruptly empty since she knew the only thing that could possibly fill her to satisfaction was his throbbing meat.

Pulling back with a wet pop she crawled over his lap and bounced her ass enticingly. ‘Come on, baby, let’s get really dirty. You’ve kept me waiting long enough already. You should have just told my parents to fuck off as soon as they arrived.’

Shifting into position on his knees behind her, the principal clamped his strong hands around her hips. He lined his cock up with her twinkling sex, teasing her with the head.

‘I could have told them, you know? I could have sold you out and tried to claw back some of the dignity you stripped from me. I might never have taught again, but at least I’d be able to respect myself again.’

Alexis’ breath came in shallow gasps. The sensation of his tip running between her folds was painfully erotic. Even so, her words were as confidently slutty as ever. ‘But you didn’t, did you? You never would. You don’t give a fuck about dignity anymore. Besides, who gives a shit about self-respect when you’ve got a bitch like me to satisfy you every day?’

A wicked grin split the principal’s features. ‘I suppose you’re right.’ And then he was inside her.

Slutty laughter bubbled on Alexis’ lips as he fucked her from behind. Her eyes rolled back and her lips curled into a blissful smile, her whole body rippling with every forceful thrust. Her hips felt like they’d been dipped in boiling tar, the pleasure clinging to her, oozing from her pores and weighing her down so that she sagged back against his hips and began to wail as he penetrated to her deepest, most intimate parts.

Though most of her thoughts were drowning in ecstasy, she was still lucid enough to appreciate the benefits of all the work she’d put into perfecting her lover. While he hadn’t been especially bad in bed at first, that evening he’d screwed her in his office had shown her he’d need a little guidance if he was to become the lover she’d always craved.

And now, that’s exactly what he was. Thanks to her deviant training his stamina was almost endless, his libido was insatiable, and the boundaries he’d once imposed on himself were completely gone. Just a few months with Alexis had corrupted him completely, and now she had a lifetime to reap the dark seeds she had sown.

‘Oh yeah, fuck me baby, pound my tight cunt. You know I love it when you fuck me like you want to break me.’

‘And maybe one day I will,’ he growled, using his grip on her waist to drag her in harder.

Lights popped across Alexis’ vision as the pleasure roaring through her became almost unbearable, but she only smiled all the wider. ‘You’ll have to try harder than that, stud.’

The ebony slut laughed as he assumed a devastating pace, the slap of their thighs ringing out through the house. This was exactly how she wanted him. The following morning they were set to jet off abroad for a month together – a month they’d spend fucking like the amoral deviants they truly were. And Alexis wanted her man desperate for her nubile body from the moment they set foot on the plane to the second they left their suite behind to head home. Perhaps they’d even join the Mile High Club too.

Even if they didn’t though, she had an even more erotic surprise in store for him once they arrived. After all, what better way was there to consummate their hedonistic relationship than to let him use the hole she’d never allowed any other man to fuck? Just the thought of him pounding her ass had her dripping wet.

‘Mnmh, you know what, baby?’ she groaned, her words punctuated by sensual gasps. ‘I’m glad my parents came by. They looked me right in the eye and didn’t have a clue who I was. Now we know they’ll never find me, and they’ll never ruin my life with you. I’m yours forever, stud. Now fuck your little sugar slut good.’

In response the principal shoved her down into the sofa and rolled her hips over so her legs hung over the edge. Sinking down beside her, he slipped one arm around to grope her breast while pressing his chest against her back, his face against her neck, his hips against her ass. Aligning his cock with her slick pussy once again, he whispered into her ear.

‘As you wish, gorgeous.’

And then he was fucking her once more and together they fell into a rhythm of perfectly depraved passion…  

Hung white man screw slim black woman from behind on sofa

Thanks for reading!

Okay, so while I really love this piece as a whole, I want to address the fact that the role of the principal is played by two different models between each scene.

Usually I wouldn’t bring this up, however in part one the role was filled by Ricky Johnson, who is a black model, while in this second part, it is filled by Mick Blue, who is a white model.

Since I am acutely aware that changing the race of a character without an in-universe explanation for doing so could be perceived as offensive, I wanted to explain my thought process.

For those who aren’t already aware, sourcing galleries is not always the easiest thing to do. It may seem like there is an inexhaustible wealth of porn galleries out there, and in many ways that is true. However, because there are so many models in the industry, it is not always common for two models to work with one another multiple times. This is especially apparent with models like Tae who, although popular, has not yet reached the fame of some other models and therefore does not have as many galleries to pick from. And when you are looking for scenes that fit a specific vibe or storyline, that reduces the options available to you even further.

As somebody who is very picky about continuity, I always try and make things as consistent as possible when writing stories which use images from multiple galleries. Obviously, one of the things I try and maintain is the ethnicity of the models involved unless there is an explicit reason not to do so. In this instance, however, the story did not lend itself to the principal’s character undergoing a race change, yet I could not find another gallery that I felt worked better for the first half than the one I used, where the role is played by Johnson. When it comes down to it, these are the galleries that I felt best embodied the story I was trying to tell.

Still, I am conscious that this is unsteady ground. While some creators may not think twice about the change, I always strive to write erotica in the most ethical way I can. I feel that an important part of that is explaining decisions like this where I try to balance the ethicality of my work with the needs of the story itself. In this case, one way I chose to do this is in the tags: even though the principal’s character was intended as white in the first half, I chose not to tag that piece as interracial, since I felt it would be dishonest and misrepresentative to do so considering the models themselves were both black. This second part, however, is tagged as interracial, since the models are clearly of different ethnicities.

I hope this makes sense and that my readers can understand why I chose to use the galleries I did.

On a different note, as I mentioned briefly in my comments on the first half, I will be taking a break throughout July.

For those who have been reading my content for a while, this is nothing new and probably won’t come as a surprise. For one thing, I took a break around this time last year in part to polish off Fantasy Resort, and I have taken Januaries off since first starting this blog. It allows me to recharge my smutty batteries and take a little time to relax and pursue other exploits (or just be lazy for a while).

If anybody is expecting another Fantasy Universe series when I return, you should put those hopes to bed because that isn’t happening. That said, I do have some fun stories instore for you when I get back in August, so you won’t go wanting for naughtiness, it’s just that I won’t be firing off a 10-15 page piece every other day – Fantasy Resort took me the best part of a year to complete, and spoiler alert, I haven’t been spending the last twelve months on a sequel.

If you just can’t bear to be without my work for a month, then here’s a friendly reminder that I recently set up a blog dedicated to my image captions. Along with my more recent works, it is full of all those sordid snippets that were buried deep in the sands of my Twitter timeline – perhaps you’ll find a hidden treasure you haven’t read before!

See you in August!

I would love to hear your thoughts on my work, so please leave me a comment!

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