Models: Anya Olsen & Lucas Frost

A wicked grin warped Alicia’s lips as she stood over the box. Her fingers tingled with sinful purpose as she ran them over the lid, the sleek finish like frozen silk under her fingertips. Her breath came shallow and light, her arousal making it difficult to stay calm.

She had spent months wondering what the hottest part of this moment would be. Would it be revealing her new form to the man she’d lusted after for so long? Sinking down into his arms knowing what a filthy betrayal she was committing? Feeling his cock sliding into her holes for real instead of fantasising about it in the privacy of her bedroom?

As it turned out, the most erotic part wasn’t anything she’d expected; it was the knowledge that right now, just a few feet behind her, her sister’s husband was eyeing her ass in the tight dress she’d chosen to wear for the occasion – the knowledge that he was as eager for this as she was.

Did he know what was about to happen? Had he seen the Transfor-Monthly box online, maybe even considered subscribing to the masculine version as a means of surprising his wife? Was he aware what it could do?

If he did, if he’d recognised the box she’d arrived on his doorstep with, he hadn’t shown it. But then Alicia supposed he’d probably been too busy admiring her huge plastic tits threatening to split the seams of her dress to notice the crimson box in her hands, or the note stuck across the top reading Open in the presence of someone you’ve always wanted to seduce.

Just above the note the Slut Industries logo was stark black against the red of the box, the company tagline, Fulfil Your Fantasies, emblazoned beneath in bold lettering.

Despite the fact she had only acquired her lustful body a month earlier, as far as Lewis was concerned, Alicia had always been a silicone-filled, salacious bimbo. That’s how everyone saw her, in fact, all their memories of the woman she’d been before wiped away. And the memories of the woman she was before that. And the woman before that. And the woman before that…

‘So what is it you wanted to show me?’ Lewis asked.

Alicia didn’t miss the note of lewd hope that edged his voice. She turned to him with an equally insinuating smile. ‘My sister tells me you don’t like magicians, is that right?’

Lewis shrugged, visibly let down by the question. Clearly he’d been wishing for a more depraved line of conversation. ‘Yeah, that’s right. It’s all sleight of hand and misdirection.’

Her smile broadened. She hooked her fingers under the lid of the box. ‘Well let’s just say I wanted to add some real magic to your life.’

Giddy with excitement, Alicia flipped off the lid of the box.

The plastic bimbofied body Lewis had been ogling had been a gift of the previous month’s Transfor-Monthly box. That was how it worked: each monthly box bestowed her with a new body. A new sinful form designed to assume the role of a specific kind of femme fatale, from a cum-hungry snow bunny to a cold-hearted alpha bitch. The moment she opened it, the magic contained within would set to work on transforming her.

She could still remember the orgasmic pleasure of her figure swelling and inflating until she was little more than a designer fuck doll. It had been the hottest transformation so far.

Until now.

The intense arousal that seized her as the bright pink waves of magic burst out of the box and washed over her was unparalleled. No transformation had ever made her so lustful. She didn’t just feel horny, she felt as if she was being condensed, all her desires focused down into a soul of pure hedonism.

What was more, that same process was happening to her body too. Everything fake and plastic about her was fading. Her colossal tits regressed into supple B cups. Her massive ass shrank into small yet perky cheeks. Her big fleshy thighs lost their marshmallow-like weight to give her toned, elegant legs, and the rest of her frame became similarly lean. Dirty blonde locks grew out from her bleached bob, the new tresses framing a face that was both stunningly beautiful and entirely natural, all the lip filler and surgical enhancements now gone. To Lewis it must have looked as though she had deflated, yet her body was tighter than ever.

The magic burned away her dress, which was now baggy and ill-fitting, revealing a hypnotic set of sheer lingerie. Little patterns of lace flowers decorated her breasts and the lines of her high-waisted see-through panties drew the eye inexorably to her twinkling pink pussy. Her long legs were hugged tight by shimmering black stockings hooked to a matching lace garter belt, giving her the look of having been dipped in ink. To complete the look she stood tall on stiletto heels darker than the ocean depths.

Once her transformation settled, Alicia was seduction incarnate. And when she glanced down to read the note printed on the inside of the lid, she understood why:

Congratulations! You’ve really hit the jackpot this month!

The Seductress Box is one of our most sought after monthly boxes, and we’re sure you can already see why. If you opened this box in the presence of a man you’ve always wanted to seduce, rest assured you’re going to have a night you’ll never forget. But if not, don’t worry – your new body will be irresistible to any man you meet.

So get out there and be the seductress you were always meant to be!

Yours naughtily,

Slut Industries xo

Already buzzing with erotic energy, Alicia waited patiently as the bright pink waves washed through the room and broke over Lewis.

As deeply erotic as her own transformation was, sometimes she loved seeing how reality warped to suit her new life even more. As a gold-digging whore, she’d effortlessly found a hung millionaire to keep her company for the month; as a slutty groupie she’d practically fallen into the lap of a horny rocker passing through town. She’d even opened one box in the presence of her former headmaster in his office, after which she’d spent the whole month skipping about his house in a slutty schoolgirl’s outfit and repeatedly reaping the benefits of her revealing attire.

That same magic now washed over Lewis. Any inhibitions which might have restrained him from betraying his wife (though by the way he’d been drooling over her, Alicia suspected there weren’t many to begin with) evaporated in a heartbeat, and a corruptive infatuation for her lithe new figure infected his very soul.

As she strutted towards him, her heels clicking on the hardwood floor, he lifted one fist to his mouth to hide the fact he was gaping. His eyes bulged as they roved over her nubile body and he gave a breathy, huffing laugh that was almost nervous, as though he wasn’t quite sure if what he was seeing was real or a dream. Either way, with any loyalty to Alicia’s sister stripped away, he didn’t move away nor avert his eyes.

‘I… I don’t understand…’ he breathed, dropping his hand and gripping the leather of the sofa with white-knuckled ferocity, visibly fighting the urge to leap up and ravage her. ‘That’s not possible… you were… and now you’re…’

Alicia’s expression was that perfectly innocent yet perfectly slutty smile only a true seductress can give. She slipped down so she was straddling him and placed a finger on his lips.

‘Hush baby, don’t worry about all that,’ she purred, her voice as intoxicating as a fine wine. ‘You want me, don’t you? You want my perfect, fuckable body rubbing up against your chest, your face, your cock. What are you waiting for? You don’t love my frumpy little sister, do you?’

‘No,’ he said. The urgency in his voice made Alicia shiver, as though he was appalled at the very thought. ‘I… I’m just not sure I’ll be able to handle you. I’m not sure I’ll be able to satisfy you.’

‘Oh, you’ll be able to do both, baby. The box will make sure of that. But if you’re still nervous, I guess there’s only one way to prove it to you.’ Dragging him into a sensual kiss, Alicia groaned as her brother-in-law’s tongue shamelessly coiled around her own, and then she was pulling him down onto the sofa, her black-nailed fingers tearing at his clothes…

Just as the note in the box had said, Alicia’s new body was completely irresistible. Lewis’ addiction to her was absolute the moment they locked lips, but as their exploration of extramarital taboo wore on he continued to fall deeper and deeper into infatuation.

Laid back against the arm of the sofa with her legs spread wide, Alicia gasped as Lewis’ tongue delved between the folds of her pussy yet again. She wasn’t sure how long he’d been hungrily eating her out, only that the remnants of the load he’d previously shot into her mouth were little more than sticky patches when her orgasm began to build.

Peering down at him, she smirked coldly: he was putty in her hands. His addiction was now so acute she could have leashed him, caged him and paraded him down the street totally nude and he wouldn’t complain. She wouldn’t, of course – she had far more sensual, corruptive plans for her sister’s husband – but the knowledge that his devotion to her was so unyielding made her wetter than any amount of his oral efforts ever could.

Still, that wasn’t to say he was a bad lover. The eagerness with which he feasted on her pussy was matched by his skill in the task, and her sharp brows rose as she gasped and groaned under his oral assault. He doted on her clit most of all, flicking and stroking and massaging it with his tongue and sending bolts of raw, blinding pleasure flaring through her system.

Her body was singing with desire so intense she felt ready to split at the seams. She was so hot it felt as though even an ounce more pleasure would result in her bursting into flames.

But the box hadn’t just made her a seductress. It had made her a shameless slut, too. And a true slut had no limits.

Tangling her black talons in his messy hair, Alicia forced him back onto his haunches. His lips and chin were smeared with her juices, her pussy nectar twinkling amongst the hairs of his beard. He looked betrayed that she would deny him in such a way and he turned his eyes down miserably.

‘I told you I wouldn’t be good enough to satisfy you,’ he said.

But when he glanced up again he found Alicia smiling down at him. She had slipped down so she was lying out over the sofa, her hips rolled to one side so her knees hung over the edge. Her bra had been abandoned, her soft, luscious tits bared for him to admire, and there was a perfectly Lewis-sized space between her and the cushions behind her.

Reaching out, she took his chin in her pale fingers and drew him slowly towards her. ‘And I told you the box would make sure you can. And it has: I’ve never met a better pussy-licker in all my transformations. But there are other ways you can satisfy me, stud. More… intimate ways.’

Guided into position by her soft yet firm grasp, Lewis sank down behind her, his hips pressed against her plush ass cheeks. The head of his cock pressed against her pussy lips as though magnetised to them.

Twisting her head to face him, Alicia stroked his cheek affectionately, but there was raging lust in her eyes. ‘Are you sure you want to betray my sister like this, baby?’ she asked. She knew the answer, of course, but somehow it was hotter hearing it from his lips.

‘More than anything. She’s nothing compared to you. I married the wrong sister.’

Alicia giggled girlishly. ‘In that case, I think you should betray her very, very hard.’

Without a heartbeat’s hesitation, Lewis drove inside her just as she pressed her lips to his, her orgasmic moan tumbling down his throat. Their united bodies began to writhe and roll together and Alicia’s very soul burned with impossibly intense arousal.

Next month a new box would arrive on her doorstep and the reality she had enjoyed with Lewis would be washed away. His loyalty to her sister would return, their marriage would resume exactly as it had been, and his memories of the hedonistic debauchery he and Alicia had shared would persist only in his dreams.

But for now, for this month, Alicia had every intention of ruining her sister’s marriage. The cold bitch she had become wanted to see her sister suffer while Alicia seduced her man into her personal stud. She wanted to be disowned and rejected by her family knowing that within a few weeks they’d never even remember all the depraved things she’d done with Lewis. But most of all, she wanted to hear her sister’s horrified wails when she returned home to find her loving husband balls deep in her own sister; to a bitch like her, there was no sound more satisfying.

Just then, the sound of the front door closing echoed up the hallway. Alicia stifled her moans so she didn’t reveal their filthy game too soon, but there was no silencing the squeaking sofa or the slap of Lewis’ thighs against hers.

Cupping her brother-in-law’s chin in her hands, she fixed him with a fiendish expression. ‘It looks like this is your last chance. If you’re quick, you can still get out of breaking her heart. Is that what you want, stud?’

Lewis’ face twisted to mirror the cruelty on that of his lover. ‘The only thing I want is for her to see me fucking you harder than I ever fucked her.’

Alicia’s lips parted in a devilish grin. Her hand fell onto his, spreading her ass a little wider. ‘That’s a good boy,’ she purred. Then, turning to face the doorway, she gave a long, sensual groan as Lewis doubled his efforts, pounding her hard and deep, the sounds of their passion echoing through the house…

Thanks for reading!

Welcome back!

I really hope you enjoyed this one. I wrote it almost immediately after finishing Slut-scription Box, another monthly box-themed piece I released back in May. The concept of a corruptive subscription box just seemed too intriguing not to approach from multiple angles, and I really love both stories.

Most of you probably won’t have noticed any difference between this and my usual blog posts, but there are a few minor changes I’ll be making moving forward. Little things like not adding alt text to my images, not reducing the size of the images themselves to specific dimensions as I usually do, and not adding my Twitter link at the bottom of every post.

The reason for this is simple: I currently have a lot on my plate. Very big life changes are approaching, and the net result is that I may well have a lot less spare time on my hands once they arrive. I honestly don’t know how much time I’m going to have to put towards writing and uploading stories, so I want to make the process of uploading them as quick and easy as possible. And although the changes I’ve mentioned might seem small, when I’m scheduling multiple stories at a time, they can all add up.

In addition to these changes, I also won’t be returning to Twitter straight away. I don’t want to restart my schedule of daily Twitter shorts now only for that be derailed in a month or two when my circumstances change. Instead I intend to wait and see exactly how much free time I am going to have and then tailor my Twitter uploads to suit that, mainly so I don’t end up pushing myself too hard and burning out. Image captions will also likely take a backseat for a while for similar reasons, because they take a while to produce and I don’t know if producing them regularly will be plausible straight away.

I’m hoping that by streamlining the uploading process and maybe writing stories a little on the shorter side I’ll still be able to maintain my presence in the TG community with minimal interruptions. Only time will tell if that is plausible.

Hopefully you can all understand if there are some differences in my content moving forward. Just know it’s not that I have lost my love for this blog or the community as a whole – instead I am trying to figure out new ways to continue doing what I love even as my life undergoes some big changes.


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