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Naked blonde woman kneels while being locked into cangue manacle by woman in black shirt and stockings

Chad whimpered as the cangue manacle closed around his neck. The metal was cold and unyielding and Professor Luxe had not bothered to pull aside his new blonde locks, so most of his hair was pinned in place too.

He could feel his freedom ebbing away – a part of him knew his life as he’d known it was over. And yet, when the professor glared down at him and pursed her lips, he lifted his hands without her even needing to order him to do so, holding his wrists at the perfect distance for her to clip the cuffs into place.

‘Good girl,’ said the professor, her voice smooth as silk and hard as steel all at once. ‘If you keep up this level of compliance you will do very well under my service.’

Chad shivered, partly due to the cold of the manacle, partly due to his nakedness. Aside from his black and red tie, Professor Luxe had stripped him of his uniform and as he knelt before her the air washed over his soft breasts, his bare rump, his exposed pussy. Unsurprisingly, his whole body felt strange and foreign, like he was wearing an outfit that was far too small for him – the taste of the Pink Pill still lingered on his tongue as if taunting him.

‘Please, professor, just tell me what I have to do to earn your forgiveness. I’ll do anything. Just please, give me my life back.’

The beautiful woman sneered at him. Her large black glasses framed eyes seething with even blacker intent, and her dark hair was pulled close over her scalp into a tight bun that gleamed like polished obsidian.

‘Forgiveness? You seriously think that’s what this is about? No, no, this isn’t about you serving some kind of penance. I don’t do second chances. This is about your submission. Your total and utter submission to any punishment I deem appropriate for you.’ Her face was loathing as she seized hold of the manacle and tugged him closer to her. ‘Oh, I’ll give you your life back, bitch. Your alpha male body, your adoring sluts and frat bros. But by the time I’ve finished with you here you won’t want that life anymore and every night you’ll come back to me begging for another chance to submit.’

The professor released him roughly, the sudden jerk of the manacle ruining his balance and sending him pitching to the floor. When he looked up she was standing over him wearing a disapproving glare, her hands on her hips. ‘On my desk. Now.’

Chad wanted to disobey. He wanted to run from the room and find someone willing to help him. He wanted to be free of the manacle and get his old body back.

Instead, he struggled up from the floor, perched himself on the edge of the desk then wriggled into position lying on his back with his head over the lip, his silky blonde hair hanging down like a golden waterfall beneath him. After all, what other choice did he have? It didn’t matter what Professor Luxe had in store for him, she’d given him a Pink Pill Choice. The paired pill – the only thing that could reverse his transformation – was presently nestled in the heart of her bun, and unless he did exactly as she commanded, she would never let him take it.

Besides, he’d spent so long bullying his peers and surrounding himself with vain, self-centred jocks and whores, even if he did escape who would be willing to help him?

Blonde woman facesat by female lover while lying down

Chad didn’t know what was coming, not really. He knew the professor would be looking to humiliate him – the wicked, gleeful grin she’d worn as his body shrank down into the slim, delicate feminine figure he was now trapped in had made that quite clear. But his thoughts were so scattered and confused that he couldn’t focus long enough to think what specific method she might use to subdue him.

So when she turned her back to him and slowly slipped her sleek skirt down to reveal her full, perfect ass, he couldn’t hold back an almost fearful groan. He could already feel her cheeks suffocating him, the warmth of her ass blooming over his face, and as she sank her hips down towards him he could see her flushed pussy twinkling between her thighs.

Professor Luxe paused as her ass was barely an inch above his face. ‘Based on the way the popular girls in your classes look at you it’s pretty clear you’re an experienced stud. But tell me, young lady, how many of those sluts have you eaten out for so long you’re still smelling their pussy honey the following week?’

‘None.’ Chad’s reply was honest and immediate; he didn’t dare lie, and he didn’t dare keep her waiting either.

‘I thought as much,’ replied the professor. The next second, her ass was smothering Chad’s face. ‘Still, there’s a first time for everything.’

The moment the professor’s pussy touched his lips, Chad began to lick it. With the manacle preventing him from rolling his head back and forth he was forced to put all his effort into the motion of his tongue. Although he’d never eaten out a girl for their pleasure, only as a means of getting her wet enough to fuck, he wasn’t entirely without experience, so he did his best in the hope that a good performance might earn him a little mercy.

Soon, however, he realised it wasn’t experience guiding him at all. It was instinct. In the presence of a woman capable of controlling him as completely as Professor Luxe he was hungry for her body and even hungrier to please her. It wasn’t a desire he’d ever felt before, but then he’d never been so defenceless, nor faced by a sexual goddess such as her. More alarming still, his hips were already aching with arousal and he could feel his new pussy growing wetter by the second.

Before he could stop himself, a breathless groan escaped his lips.

Professor Luxe gave a satisfied laugh. ‘That’s it, you little slut, lose yourself to the pleasure of serving me. You know this is where you belong. All the time you’ve spent bullying your inferiors you were trying to convince yourself you wanted that power. But this is the truth, bitch. This is what you were born for – total and utter submission.’

Chad was grateful for the manacle then, because it prevented him from nodding instinctively. His insides were roiling with desire, his whole body humming with the pleasure of submission, but in his mind he still fought to resist her.

Even so, her body filled his senses – the warmth of her skin, the smell of her sex, the taste of her juices – and by the time she lifted her hips he had lost all track of time. He could have been eating her out for minutes or hours, he couldn’t be sure either way.

Naked blonde woman in cangue manacle gives oral sex to female lover wearing strapon

His pretty face smeared by the professor’s pussy nectar, he gasped as she moved away. It wasn’t air he was breathless for though – it was her. The absence of her body was eviscerating, as though in this new body he needed her using him to feel whole. He needed her deep down in his soul, but he refused to admit it in front of her; it took all his effort to bite back a whimper and refrain from begging her to keep going.

Chad was so distracted by the loathsome lust coursing through him he failed to notice Professor Luxe slipping free of her crisp pinstripe shirt, which she folded neatly and lay over the back of her desk chair. Neither did he see her produce a red silicone strap-on from her desk drawer and clip it into place over her slick sex.

However, the sight of her standing over him – the dildo hovering just above his face and her stern eyes boring into his own – snapped him from his thoughts in an instant.

‘Get on your knees,’ she hissed.

This time he moved more eagerly, frantically wriggling his hips over the lip of the desk before sinking down to his knees. Professor Luxe chuckled as he struggled to keep his balance, but her amusement twisted into an impish smirk as he tilted back his head and opened his mouth.

‘That’s it. Good girl, open wide for my cock. I bet you’ve had plenty of girls go down on you before, haven’t you? So how about you put that experience to good use and see if you can match their skills?’

Thrusting her hips forward, Professor Luxe didn’t even need to pull Chad in – he slipped the dildo between his lips without complaint and immediately began to bob his head. Though the professor coiled her crimson nails into her blonde sub’s hair, it was purely to assert her dominance and keep the new woman aware that she would not be permitted to stop until her mistress permitted it.

Chad’s mind felt like metal in a furnace. Slowly, little by little, his resistance was softening, melting, and with every minute latched onto the professor’s rubber cock his thoughts were warping into something new. The desires of his new body were leeching into his soul, filling him with fantasies of submission and obedience. Before long it was difficult to discern between what he’d been before and what he was becoming, but he realised he no longer cared. He wanted to obey. He wanted to be used. He wanted the professor to educate him in ways she never could in class.

When the professor spoke, it was like she was giving voice to all the sordid thoughts tumbling through his mind.

‘You’re mine now, little one. You’ve found your true place serving me, and you will never want to go back to who you were before. That’s the beauty of my discipline, you see – no matter what body you’re in, you’ll be my slut deep down. Once we’re finished here, I’ll give you the reversal pill, and you’ll be eager to take it knowing it pleases me. And after tonight you’ll do anything to feel this way again. You’ll have no choice but to obey me knowing I’m the only one who can let the real you out. And I am a strict mistress – your bullying, womanising days are over.

‘Not that you’ll want to do either of those things, of course. You won’t have the nerve to bully anyone ever again, not when you know you’re more pathetic and needy than they could ever be. And if you ever fuck a girl again, you’ll only ever imagine yourself in her place, sucking cock and submitting yourself to someone who knows how to use your body.

‘Best of all, though, this body is just the start, baby girl. I have plenty more types of X-Change you’ll be trying in the future: Bimbo, Denial, Forget, Oral. Even some X-Tra Strength, though I think we’ll save that until the holidays when you can serve me for weeks on end. You’re going to be such a good little sub, baby. But for now, I think we should give that mouth of yours a rest. Fortunately, you have another pair of lips I can make very good use of.’  

Casey didn’t even hesitate. As Professor Luxe released her hair, the little lesbian slave pulled back from her rubber cock, hopped back up onto the desk and lay down obediently, her eyes fluttering with orgasmic pleasure as her new mistress sank into her wet, needy sex…

Naked blonde woman in cangue manacle submits to busty female lover wearing strapon in dark room

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