Gaypril: Passing With Pom Poms

Models: Smash Thompson and Jean (Ella) Hollywood

The voice that greeted Coach Johnson when he entered his lounge was dripping with sinful intent. ‘Hello, Coach. Fancy meeting you here.’

Despite the fact he lived alone, the huge black man was not surprised to hear somebody else in his house. Instead, he smiled devilishly – he always enjoyed it when Crystal paid him a visit, and if the barely suppressed arousal in her tone was anything to go by today’s session was going to be very satisfying indeed.

Their arrangement was simple – whenever she wanted a boost to her grades, Crystal would show up at his place wearing the magic cheerleader’s uniform he had given her. He always left a window unlatched just in case she decided to drop by, although it had been weeks since they last fucked, what with Crystal’s affections distracted by her new boyfriend.

He didn’t much care if she grew tired of him – he could always enchant another uniform for some other wannabe whore – however, he was pleasantly surprised to know she wasn’t finished with him yet.

Trans cheerleader with red hair sit on floor holding pom poms without underwear

But when the coach looked up from his phone he realised his visitor wasn’t Crystal at all.

The gorgeous young woman lounging on the tiled floor was a pale slip of a thing, her lithe figure boasted by the skimpy uniform he had seen Crystal wear so many times before. Her skin was so flawless his fingers twitched instinctively, eager to grope her warm body. Sultry eyes flashed from behind a fringe almost as red as her bright uniform; perfect lips twitched with a seductive smile. She looked every inch the sexy cheer squad slut of every man’s dreams – so alluringly, naturally feminine that Coach Johnson was surprised to see a small she-cock nestled between her thighs.

Not that the sight did anything to dampen his arousal. Eyeing her hungrily, his jeans began to swell even faster than usual.

‘What’s this?’ he said, raising one eyebrow in mock severity. ‘A naughty little slut in my house? What an unfortunate turn of events. And it looks like you’re a thief too – we both know that uniform doesn’t belong to you.’

His visitor’s smile widened. ‘Well I like to think I liberated it. It wasn’t like that dumb bitch Crystal was using it. When I went through her bag to steal it she had stuffed it right to the bottom. It didn’t look like she’d touched it in weeks. If she’s just going to take it for granted, it should be in the hands of somebody who will put it to good use.’

‘And that somebody is you, I suppose?’ As he spoke, the coach unbuttoned his shirt and tossed it aside. All this was simply verbal foreplay – they both knew where this was going.

‘Of course. Trust me, sir, I’m a better fuck than she ever was. I bet she never let you go near her ass, did she?’

‘Not once,’ he admitted.

The mischief in her expression was painfully hot and the coach had to stifle a groan as she eased forward onto all fours, making sure he had a good view of her bare rump. ‘Well, lucky for you, I’m all ass. So how about you come over here and find out what you’ve been missing?’

Crawling across to the sofa, the tempting trap hopped up onto the cushions with the grace of leaping cat. Peering back over her shoulder she smiled as Coach Johnson bore down on her, his clothes abandoned in a heap on the floor.

Black man gives anal sex to trans cheerleader with red hair on sofa

His immense dick rock hard, the coach grabbed her by the hips without a moment’s hesitation. Not only had this new slut fallen straight into his lap, but she was offering him the kind of pleasure Crystal had always denied him – this was not an opportunity he intended to waste by allowing his visitor to get cold feet.

Then again, based on the ecstatic howl she gave as he buried his lengthy cock in her hole, second thoughts didn’t sound like they were going to be a problem.

Moaning naughtily, she twisted around and pulled her ass wider, spreading her hole to grant the coach even deeper access. An expression of pure depravity warped her pretty face as she rocked against him, her tiny cocklet swinging uselessly beneath her.

‘Holy shit,’ Coach Johnson groaned, feeding himself ever deeper. The ring of her anal muscles gripped his shaft like a firm hand. ‘You’re so fucking tight. It’s like you’re jerking me off. Oh, fuck yes, I could get used to this.’

‘I’m glad to hear that, sir, because I don’t plan on giving Crystal her uniform back. It’s my turn to be your slut, and unlike like her I’m not going to let this perfect cock go to waste.’

Leaning forwards, Coach Johnson curled one hand around the woman’s throat. The movement drove him in balls deep, prompting a breathless gasp from his unexpected lover. ‘Come on then, spit it out, bitch. Who are you underneath all that magic? Which nerdy little runt was so desperate to pass he was willing to steal from the head cheerleader and turn himself into a shameless cocksleeve?’

The woman giggled mischievously. ‘Really, sir, I thought you’d have me figured out by now. After all, I’ve failed every project for the past year.’

The realisation of who he was fucking almost made Coach Johnson shoot his load on the spot: Rodney. He struggled to believe this hedonistic whore had once been that scrawny, pathetic bag of bones, but that only made the reality of what Rodney had done to himself even hotter.

Hotter still was the fact that Coach Johnson would never have guessed the woman’s true identity. The magic of her uniform had eradicated her former identity so completely that there wasn’t a shred of Rodney left within her. Her corruption was absolute and knowing how humiliated Rodney would be if he could see what he had become only made the coach want to fuck her harder.

‘Well, well, I guess you’re finally useful for something, Rodney. I never thought I’d want to fill your ass, but once I’m finished with you you’re going to be bursting at the seams.’

‘It’s Ruby now, baby. And unless you fuck my brains out completely, I’m going to be very disappointed.’

‘Did it feel good, slut?’ the coach growled into her ear. ‘Did it turn you on slipping into those girly clothes? Did you moan and scream when they changed you into this?’

Ruby giggled, her lids fluttering as he thrust hard against her P-spot. ‘So fucking good, sir. I wish you could have seen me writhing on my bed as my tits grew and my spots faded. When my hair grew out all I could see was red and every time I screamed it sounded more girly and slutty. I felt my body hair shrivel and once it was gone my uniform was rubbing my soft skin, stroking me as I thrashed about. It was so tight it was like it was groping me, shaping me into a slut. You know the funny thing though – my dick actually got bigger. Can you believe it? I was such a pathetic loser before that feminisation actually made me more hung.

‘Then my head was filled with all these filthy thoughts. I wanted to ride you and throat you and feel your hands on my body. I needed to worship your perfect cock and let you use me however the fuck you want. Fuck, daddy, I came so hard thinking of you pounding my slutty holes.’

‘And how does it feel in reality?’ Coach Johnson asked, deliberately increasing his pace as he spoke.

‘So… fucking… good… sir,’ she repeated, punctuating each word with a swift kiss. ‘I don’t know how Crystal could ever give this up. Fuck passing your class – the only thing I want anymore is to be your bitch.’

‘I’m sure that can be arranged,’ the coach grinned, spanking her sharply.

Breathless with orgasmia, Ruby bobbed her ass impishly. ‘Actually, there is one other thing I want. You enchanted this uniform for Crystal, which means you can make more. So I was thinking… my old friends are failing your class too. And I wouldn’t be a very good friend if I only boosted my own grades and didn’t show them how they could do the same. Besides, those losers could really do with a makeover, wouldn’t you say, sir?’

Devilish depravity glittered in Coach Johnson’s eyes. Grinning, he pulled out and sank back into sofa. ‘It’s a nice idea, but I’m afraid I’m not convinced. If you want my help, you’re going to have to persuade me.’

Pivoting around, Ruby pressed herself against his bare chest. ‘My thoughts exactly, sir.’

Then she was straddling his waist, an equally fiendish gleam in her eye. Lowering herself onto his massive cock she giggled as he groaned – a groan that only grew more aroused as she began rotating her hips. Within seconds she was riding him more skilfully than Crystal ever had, reducing him to a grunting mess of arousal.

As his perfect dick throbbed inside her, Ruby took Coach Johnson’s hand and slipped it beneath her top. She bit her lip as he groped her without hesitation, his powerful grip squeezing her little tits roughly.

‘You just relax, sir,’ she purred as the twitching of his dick signalled an impending orgasm. ‘Let me show you what a real slut can do…’

Trans cheerleader with red hair rides black man on sofa

Thanks for reading!

I have to say, when I was brainstorming ideas for this years Gaypril slate, there was one model I knew I had to include, and that is Jean Hollywood. Most people probably know Hollywood’s work when they went by Ella, however they changed their preferred name to Jean relatively recently and I have tried to reflect that in how I’ve sourced their work. They’re still credited as Ella in the scene I used for this one, and on most of their profiles, which is why I’ve added that name in brackets up top, but I thought it was only fair to credit them with their preferred name.

Regardless of what name they go by, Hollywood is one of my absolute favourite trans models. I’ve been wanting to write a piece using their work for ages and just never got around to doing it until now, but boy am I glad I finally managed to do so. Every scene they’re in is just amazing and I really want to write a longform story using their work in the future, but even if I don’t get around to that I’ll definitely be captioning more of Hollywood’s work in the future. You should definitely check them out if you love smoking hot trans content!

I would love to hear your thoughts on my work, so please leave me a comment!

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