Gaypril: Fantasy 2 Reality

Models: Beaux Banks and Dalton Riley

Black man and white man sat on sofa look at off camera television

Will sighed as he flicked through channel after channel. ‘I’m telling you, dude, there’s nothing on TV.’

‘Correction, there’s nothing good on TV,’ Brad replied.

‘Seriously, more channels than you can count and nothing but shit on every single one of them.’ Frustrated, Will threw down the remote and pulled out his phone.

‘Come on, there must be something worth watching,’ Brad said, picking up the remote and continuing to jump through channels.

Slumping back in his seat, Will tapped away at his phone texting his girlfriend and ran one hand through his dark hair. ‘Uh-huh, well when you find it, let me know.’

After a few minutes, Brad frowned. ‘What the fuck is this?’

Will was not expecting what he saw when he looked up from his phone. Emblazoned across the screen were the words Fantasy 2 Reality imitating the kind of neon pink sign one might have expected advertising a strip club. Beneath it played an extremely explicit compilation of porn clips, showcasing everything from hardcore gangbangs to gay orgies to slutty trans beauties sensually fucking. Just below the main title in a flashing button urged them to Claim your free experience now!

‘Oh, I’ve heard of this,’ Will said. ‘They’re a porn studio that let’s you live the scenes IRL. They use some kind of fancy tech to make you super horny and transform you and shit. Even makes you think like the characters would think. Or that’s what they say, anyway.’

‘Yeah right,’ Brad scoffed. ‘Sounds like a load of bull to me.’

Will shrugged. ‘I don’t know, man, I’ve seen some adverts for this thing and they seem legit.’

 ‘That’s all just clever marketing. They just pay actors to pretend they’ve had their minds messed with and it pulls in suckers like you thinking it’s all real. Here, I’ll prove it.’

Selecting the freebie button, Brad cycled through the dozen or so free scenes on offer and eventually settled on one titled Raunchy Roomies in which a muscular top was passionately fucking an athletic male sub. A watermark reading Personality Change Only – Subscribe To Enjoy Full Transformations! was stamped over the steamy scene.

‘Perfect,’ Brad said, turning to Will with a smug expression. ‘Just so I’m clear, you’re telling me that despite the fact I’m straight as a fucking ruler, if I pick this scene I’m going to end up screwing you? That’s what you think’s going to happen?’

‘I don’t know, but if it does work you’re going to be in for one hell of a shock. My ex said I sucked cock like a fucking champ – apparently I put all the girls to shame. You might want to brace yourself, that’s all I’m saying.’

‘Sure, like that’s going to happen,’ Brad laughed. With a smirk, he selected the scene.

The television screen flared into life. In a burst of blinding light two bolts of crackling blue energy arced across the room, striking both men squarely in the chest. Before either of them could react the energy embraced them, neon fingers of buzzing light scrambling over their skin like living lightning.

Just as the watermark had promised, the energy did nothing to alter their bodies, although given both Will and Brad were handsome, athletic fitness fanatics, it wasn’t as though any improvements to their appearance were even necessary.

Instead, all the transformative effects went straight to their heads – literally. The buzzing energy blazed through their psyche, rewriting desires and dissolving inhibitions without restraint. By the time the blue light released its grip both Will and Brad had been twisted into new men – perverted echoes of the hunky studs fucking on the screen in front of them.

Black man gives oral sex to white man on sofa

Dazed, Brad was dragged to his senses by Will’s mocking voice. ‘So, hot stuff, do you believe it now?’

He did not even have chance to respond before an agonisingly orgasmic heat erupted over his groin. It felt like his crotch had been doused in molten metal that somehow had a mind of its own, swirling around his dick and flooding his system with ecstatic pleasure.

When he looked down he found Will gorging on his cock. Stark naked, he was knelt in the crook of the corner sofa with his bare ass swaying as he bobbed his head hungrily, his dexterous tongue and hot lips the source of Brad’s pleasure.

Like Will, Brad was also naked, and it appeared that not only had the blue energy burned away their clothes, it had also imbued them with intense arousal: Brad was so hard in Will’s mouth it hurt and his body glistened with sweat as an immense orgasm brewed in his loins. Only seconds ago, he had been deeply bored – now all he could think about was pounding Will’s tight, slutty holes.

‘Holy fucking shit, your ex was right,’ Brad gasped, planting a firm hand on Will’s shoulders to keep him in place as he bucked his hips hard. ‘No girl’s lips have ever felt this good. You’re such a dirty slut, aren’t you?’

Will responded without a word. Driven by his newfound depravity, he forced his face into Brad’s crotch, plunging his roomie’s long cock deep down his throat in the process. Licking his lover’s balls impishly, he gave a slutty laugh as Brad groaned, the sound coming out as a wet, gurgling noise that was muffled by Brad’s powerful thighs.

White man gives anal sex to black man on sofa

It wasn’t long before Brad gave in to his desire to use Will’s other hole. Pushing the cock-hungry whore away he manhandled Will into position with effortless ease. After throwing Will over the arm of the sofa Brad hefted his lover’s hips up so Will’s waiting hole was at the perfect level.

Then, without a moment’s hesitation, he drove into Will’s ass.

Brad closed his eyes and smiled as pleasure flooded through him. Allowing his head to tilt back he thrust his hips forcefully, savouring every second of orgasmia as the air rang with Will’s erotic groans.

Will’s hole was already stretched, lubed and ready to take Brad deep – another gift of the blue energy – and within seconds the bullish top was striking blow after blow to the black bottom’s P-spot, every strike leaving Will gasping and trembling.

Even so, despite the ecstasy threatening to overwhelm him, Will found himself rocking against Brad’s hips. He felt as if his insides were being rearranged, his stomach bulging as Brad lustfully sodomised him, yet he was fuelled by the same slutty need for more as the fictional bottom whose desires had become his own and he laughed deliriously as his former roommate made him his bitch.

Although neither man had ever engaged in anal sex, both were soon hopelessly addicted to the experience. Brad grinned and groaned with every thrust, Will’s tight ass more intensely arousing than any pussy he had ever fucked, while Will’s eyes rolled back and his jaw fell open uselessly as the pleasure of being stretched and used grew to an almost unbearable level.

For some time both men entirely lost their grasp on coherent speech. When they finally found their voices again Brad was reclined against the arm of the sofa while Will rode him needily.

‘What was that you said about being as straight as a ruler?’ Will laughed mockingly.

‘Well, the way I see it, I’m still fucking a slut, so I don’t think it really matters what junk you’re packing,’ Brad replied.

‘Speaking of junk, you might not be straight as a ruler, but you sure are as long as one.’ Stooping down, Will planted a passionate kiss on Brad’s lips. ‘I never realised your girlfriend was such a lucky bitch.’

‘You know she’s supposed to be coming around tonight. Yours too, remember? We were supposed to be having a double date.’

Rather than prompt Will to stop, the mention of his girlfriend’s impending arrival only made the desperate cocksleeve bounce harder, his rigid cock slapping against Brad’s ripped chest. When he spoke his words came in breathless fragments punctuated by cries of ecstasy – his orgasm was building and it was becoming difficult to speak again.

‘I know, but I was… oh… I was thi-inking that a f-foursome would be so… fuck… so much hotter. Besides… yes, oh my god, yes… I think I’m r-ready to take at least another c-cock or… fu-u-u-ck… or two. And once we’ve subscri-ibed, we’ll be able to give them the full transfo-ormation treatment.’

Grinning mischievously, Brad spanked Will sharply, prompting a strident shriek. ‘Great minds think alike, boy. But we have a bit of time before they arrive, and I think it’s time for my good little bottom to take daddy’s big load. The last thing your girlfriend is going to see before we turn her into our horny fuck buddy is my cum leaking from your holes. And then it’ll be her cock stretching you wide. Because that’s all your useful for, isn’t it? You’re just a needy little cumslut for any man to use.’

Aroused beyond measure by Brad’s filthy words, Will nodded desperately and bounced as if his life depended on it, eager to be filled. ‘Fuck yes, sir, I’m your whore. Fill me, please, fill me until I’m oozing your seed.’

Fortunately, given the endless stamina provided by the intoxicating energy, it did not take long for Will’s lustful wishes to be granted…

Black man rides white man on sofa

Thanks for reading!

When writing this I didn’t intend to come with a brand new concept I absolutely love, but here we are. I know I’m not exactly great at returning to ongoing stories (*cough* Out Of The Bottle *cough* The Program *cough*) but I seriously hope I can revisit this in the future. I think there’s a pretty good chance of me doing so as well because unlike those other stories which are kind of connected and fixed in a specific world, this doesn’t require much if any understanding of previous stories: it’s just a porn subscription service that transforms people. It’s a plot point, not a world of its own.

I’d also love to see what other creators can do with this concept as well. With stories like The Formula I have in the past tried to come up with a new kind of transformation catalyst for other creators to use, but they’ve tended to be a bit overcomplicated. I’ve been lucky enough to have other creators contribute to my Metamorphose idea, which I’m grateful for, but I feel like Fantasy 2 Reality is a much more accessible concept and I think it would be awesome to see what others could write about it. So if you’re reading this and you want to use this idea, it’s all yours!

I would love to hear your thoughts on my work, so please leave me a comment!

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