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Alt girl and muscly man grope and invade the personal space of blonde woman

Charity shivered as the woman ran her tongue over her cheek. Although her mind was still a fog of confusion, her arousal was rapidly eclipsing all other emotion.

‘We picked a good one tonight, baby. She’s an even better slut than I thought she’d be. Not even that redhead we turned last month looked this hot.’

‘You’re damn right, gorgeous,’ the man replied. ‘I can’t wait to fuck her brains out, although I doubt there’s much left behind that pretty face of hers anyway.’

Charity let out a strangled noise as the man tugged on her leash. Already on tiptoes, she was struggling to breathe as he pulled it tighter, his face pressed in close to hers.

Already her memories were fading. She could remember flashing lights and thumping music. Dancing crowds and a beer in her hand. Two vague figures knocking into her and a strange sensation the next time she sipped her drink. Hands on her, guiding her away… then this grimy alley and the couple stooping over her, the name Charity swirling in her head.

Before she had been able to ask what was going on they had dragged her to her feet, leashed her like she was a pet rather than a person, and proceeded to grope her very roughly indeed.

But right now Charity didn’t care about her broken memories. Because even as her lungs burned for air and her throat ached under the tight grip of the leash, she was craving more. The man’s fingers were deep in her pussy filling her insides with hot pleasure, while the wet touch of the woman’s tongue and lips trailing over her cheek and shoulders was robbing what little breath Charity had left.

All at once she realised she was rocking her hips against the man’s fingers, needy for more.

Alt girl in sheer dress watches blonde woman give oral sex to hung man in alley

‘Fuck, you really are a little whore, aren’t you?’ the man laughed coldly. ‘And you looked like such an innocent nerd before too. I definitely prefer you this way, you filthy skank.’

Coiling the leash around her own fingers, the woman giggled as Charity groaned. ‘A real whore would already be on her knees by now. Come on, bitch, make yourself fucking useful.’

She forced Charity down roughly. The man had already undone his jeans and his rigid cock bobbed in front of her face. In a heartbeat Charity’s mouth was watering and the urge to go down on this total stranger consumed her.

Before she could do so by choice though the woman had driven her forward and the man’s dick was buried in her throat. The next second the man’s belt was looped around the back of her neck, holding her in place, and her eyes were streaming as air once again became a luxury.

Acting on instinct, she swirled her tongue around the man’s thick shaft, filling the alley with sordid wet slurping. She gagged. She choked. Tears coursed down her cheeks, smudging her makeup. But she didn’t care: he was her god and she needed to worship him.

‘Holy shit, she’s so fucking good,’ the man gasped, his eyes rolling back. ‘I can’t remember the last bitch we made who took cock this well.’

‘Maybe, but she’s sloppy too,’ the woman replied, eyeing the frothy spit bubbling around Charity’s lips and dribbling to the floor. ‘If she really wanted to impress us she’d be swallowing every drop. I mean it’s rude to waste all your juicy precum after we’ve been so kind and given her this naughty body. I don’t think we’ll be keeping her after we’ve finished.’

The man nodded. ‘Yeah, I guess you’re right. I know how to solve that though.’ Abruptly thrusting forward and pulling on the belt, he drove balls deep into her mouth, sealing her lips so tight against his crotch not a drop of saliva could slip through. Charity choked wetly, her back arcing and her entire body tensing, but he refused to release her.

‘Oh, do you think he was waiting for someone?’ the woman said suddenly, looking up at the man and ignoring Charity’s increasingly frantic struggles. ‘Maybe a girlfriend? Mmmh, I hope he was. I hope she’s in there right now wondering where her pathetic nerdy boyfriend has gone while we’re out here humiliating him just like he deserves. Fuck, how hot would it be if she walked out here and found you using his throat just for her to leave because she doesn’t even recognise him?’

The man grinned mischievously. ‘Not as hot as it would be if she came out and found us fucking him like the slut he is.’

Hung man has sex with slim woman while she gives oral sex to busty alt girl in sheer dress

Charity came away coughing and retching when the man finally let the belt fall to the floor. Her arousal was in overdrive and though her abused throat ached she was still desperate for more.

Fortunately, her abusers were more than willing to satisfy her needs.

Charity hadn’t even wiped the drool from her chin when she was being manhandled again. Her slutty clothing was soon on the floor courtesy of the stud’s forceful hands, then he was lifting her onto a dirty leather-topped bench which had been discarded into the alley.

The woman was already crouching on the bench, her legs spread wide and her panties discarded, but Charity barely saw her before her face was under the woman’s crotch. The second she was in position she immediately began eating the woman out.

‘Oh yes, oh fuck,’ the woman groaned, grinding her pussy against Charity’s eager lips and groping her plump tits. ‘That’s right, eat my fucking cunt you slut. Suffocate on it.’ Looking up at her partner, she fixed him with a deranged grin. ‘Fuck her, baby. Pound her until she screams into my cunt.’

As the man simultaneously plunged inside her and pulled mercilessly on her small tits, Charity didn’t scream, but she did groan like a true whore. The man was soon fucking her so hard every thrust made her hips ache, and once again she could hardly breathe under the woman’s sweet pussy and plump ass. But rather than resist she hooked her feet around the man’s back to pull him in deeper and feasted on the woman’s sex. The pain, the pleasure, the humiliation and degradation: she couldn’t get enough.

The couple orgasmed almost in unison.

The woman came so hard one leg gave way and she sank down even further onto Charity’s face. Amidst her orgasmic cries she squirted all over her slave’s chin and chest, the droplets twinkling like sordid diamonds on Charity’s supple skin. Meanwhile the man pulled out at the last second and unloaded all over Charity’s stomach and thighs. He spent a minute or two stroking out every last drop, painting Charity with his sticky cum.

Although Charity herself hadn’t climaxed, she didn’t care: her master and mistress were satisfied and that was all that mattered.

Alt girl kisses semi-naked blonde woman being held by man

Or, at least, she thought they were satisfied. She didn’t think anybody could have made such orgasmic moans if they weren’t. So when the depraved couple stepped away and redressed themselves as if nothing had ever happened, Charity was left feeling cold and confused.

‘Wait… where are you going?’ she asked when they turned to leave.

As they returned to her side, demonic grins warped their lips. Moving behind her, the man gripped Charity’s shoulders hard as the woman crawled up onto the bench, an intimidating gleam in her eye.

‘Where does it look like, bitch? We’re going home. We’re finished with you, but corrupting loners into skanks is a real turn on, so we’re going to go put all our horniness to good use in private.’

‘Take me with you,’ Charity begged before she could stop herself.

The woman’s laugh was cold and harsh. ‘Not a fucking chance. You’re not worth it. I mean you call yourself a slut? You drool my man’s precum all over the floor, you don’t even bother licking me clean after I squirt, and you just lie there while a man unloads on you when it should be your hands jerking him off. You’re pathetic. We gave you the privilege of being our date night cumdump and you can’t even be bothered to serve us properly.’

Snatching up Charity’s ruined clothes, the woman slammed them against her chest. Then she pulled Charity into a brief yet passionate kiss. ‘That’s the last taste you’ll ever have of these lips,’ she goaded.

With that she shoved Charity down onto the bench before disappearing with her man down the alley, their arms looped around one another’s waists as if they were two romantics out for a midnight stroll.

Distraught, Charity lay snivelling on the bench cursing herself for being such a pathetic excuse for a whore. How could she have allowed herself to disappoint such wonderful people? What kind of slut didn’t lick her lovers clean after they came? Why hadn’t she worshipped them so selflessly they couldn’t resist taking her home?

Eventually she came to her senses. After all, surely the couple would come back another night. And when they did she would be able to prove herself to them again. But if she was going to do that, she would have to practice – she’d have to hone herself into the most depraved, most hedonistic, most irresistible fucktoy imaginable. Then they would definitely take her home and she could prove how much she adored them.

Better still, she knew exactly where to find all the deviants she would ever need to make herself the perfect slut.  

Wriggling into her torn clothes, Charity scampered over to the side door of the strip joint they had been fucking against, unaware that the kinky couple never returned to the same club twice. Just as she grabbed the handle, however, the door to the club on the opposite side of the alley opened and a vaguely familiar voice met her ears.

‘Excuse me, have you seen my boyfriend come this way?’

Turning around, Charity eyed the slim, innocent-looking young woman in the doorway. She was cute, but she wasn’t anything special and Charity’s lip curled in disdain. ‘Come again?’ she asked, fixing the woman with a condescending stare.

‘My boyfriend. I’m looking for him. He’s called Charles. I was wondering if he’d come out for some air.’ The woman paled as she noticed Charity’s dishevelled clothes and the sticky smears adorning her stomach and legs, her chin still glistening with pussy nectar. ‘I guess he didn’t come this way though.’

‘No, he didn’t. And if he’s got any sense he’ll have run off with a slut like me who could actually show him a good time rather than spend the night with your sorry ass. Now beat it, bitch. Go and find some other loser like you. I’ve got better places to be.’

With that, Charity left the woman framed in the club’s doorway, tears in her eyes, while she marched off into the strip joint, the taste of cock already dancing on her tongue… 

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So this rounds out my first month of darker stories. To be honest, I think calling them dark is a bit of a stretch, but to be fair I’m a very poor judge of my own work and always see the worst in the stories I write, so I may be downplaying them a bit.

Once again, I have to thank Papa Dragon for his help with this new direction – this story in particular was really trying to tempt me into writing another three or four pages, but thanks to Papa Dragon’s guidance I managed to keep it to a more acceptable length. Granted I could have ended it with the couple walking away and everything after that was basically just indulgence for me, but I really love the ending I settled on so I don’t mind that it continues a little beyond the sex scene.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my return to posting this month. I have more stories in the pipeline including some additions to the likes of Little Shop of Hedonism and Metamorphose, so watch out for those releasing over the next few months.

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