Models: Angela White and Madison Ivy

Naked tanned woman with dark hair kneels and sucks breasts of busty woman with black hair in shower

‘Kneel and suck my tits, bitch. Worship the fat jugs you wanted to give up for that slut’s flat chest.’

Maddie obliged instantly. Dropping to her knees she took Angie’s huge rack in her manicured hands and squeezed. Running her lips over her owner’s nipples she sucked and lapped and worshipped like a true slave, Angie’s moans the only encouragement she required. This was her purpose, and every second fulfilling it was more blissful than the most intense of orgasms.

Savouring Angie’s satisfied groans, Maddie stared up adoringly at her owner, craving every part of her. The way the water coursed over her luscious curves, the way her plump body rippled with every movement, the way her phenomenal tits bounced enticingly as she rubbed them in Maddie’s face. Angie’s body was Maddie’s drug, and the obedient slave was hopelessly addicted.

Locked inside Maddie’s mind, Martin didn’t want to be doing any of this. All he wanted was to apologise, to beg for forgiveness, to escape the humiliating punishment Angie had forced upon him. But that wasn’t who he was anymore. As Maddie, the only thing he would ever apologise for was failing to satisfy his owner. The only thing he would beg for was the opportunity to cum. And rather than attempt to escape it, humiliation was what he lived for.

‘You really are a needy little slut, aren’t you? You know, part of me understands why you decided to stick your cock in that little skank. I bet she worshipped you this way too. I wish she could see how far you’ve fallen. I doubt she’d be quite so eager to worship you now, your worthless cunt.’

Maddie groaned, loving the degradation, but inside a bolt of shame tore through Martin: if there was one thing he despised more than being her slave, it was how much me he loved it.

Angie began rubbing scented shampoo into her long black locks, washing herself as though Maddie wasn’t even there. Her slave loved nothing more than to be used, so treating her as an afterthought was the ultimate torture and the longer Angie ignored her, the more eager her worship became.  

This was what Angie wanted: her pathetic cheating husband reduced to little more than a piece of living furniture. She didn’t care about his needs, not anymore, but she was going to make sure he spent the rest of his life satisfying hers. Eating her out on the sunbed, sucking her strap-on while she ate… Maddie would obey her every humiliating command. And Angie couldn’t get enough of that power.

The only regret she had was that she hadn’t enslaved Martin sooner. If she had known how hot it would be to trap her husband in Maddie’s luxurious body, his mind and actions hers to control, she would have done so on the very first night of their honeymoon.

‘That’s enough,’ Angie snapped suddenly, smirking as Maddie instantly fell still, her gaze dropping to the floor in an automatic show of submission. ‘I think it’s about time we take things up a notch. Your mistress is horny, slave. And you know what that means.’

Martin was already exhausted, but this instruction gripped him with fresh fear. He would rather have spent all evening with his face buried between Angie’s thighs than do what he knew was coming next…

But Maddie didn’t even need to be told what to do. Retrieving a pair of dildos she sank down to join Angie on the floor. Setting the first toy down on the shower’s wooden bench so it would be easy to reach later Maddie then slowly, gently, sank one end of the second into her owner’s waiting pussy. With every inch fed in, the slave compulsively peppered Angie’s legs and stomach and crotch with hot kisses.

‘Good girl,’ Angie said a little breathlessly. ‘Now it’s your turn.’

Desperate to resist, Martin attempted to gather his wits, willing himself to somehow take control. But there was no hope of that. Being used as a tongue slave was bad enough, but when Maddie’s pussy was filled Martin’s grip on reality dissolved altogether…

The second the other end of the dildo parted Maddie’s pussy lips, Martin was washed away by the flood of pleasure. Until Angie allowed her to cum he would remain a distant memory, a muffled echo under the slave’s glistening skin. Maddie hoped mistress didn’t let her cum for a long time – Martin was such a distraction when she was trying to satisfy her goddess.

Before Maddie could beg for Angie to make her forget Martin indefinitely their hips made contact and the dildo was entirely sealed within their hot insides. The next second they were scissoring and all her meagre thoughts melted into a tangle of lustful desires, drowning the pathetic man she used to be.

‘Oh, fuck, that feels so good,’ Angie gasped. ‘Keep going, slave. Fuck me harder.’

A slave to Angie’s words, Maddie eagerly increased her pace. It felt so good to serve her owner. After all, it’s what she was made for…

Two busty women share long dildo in shower

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