Club Fantasy: On The House

Hurrying through the snowy streets, Cody was careful not to veer too close to the road just in case a passing car sprayed him with the icy brown slush lining the curbs. Already late, the last thing he wanted to do was show up at Club Fantasy with his smart outfit soiled given that everyone else there would no doubt look like absolute royalty. At the very least, after spending the past week discussing their chosen attire for the party, he knew his friends would all be dressed to impress, and Cody would never hear the end of it if he arrived looking like he’d just been dragged through a snowdrift.

Despite his rush, Cody found his gaze catching on other festive revellers as he passed them by. Although the men all looked undeniably dapper, it was the women on whom his eyes lingered. A trio of beautiful blondes in glittering dresses clustered in the entrance to a nightclub. A leggy brunette engulfed in a huge fur coat stepping out of a nearby taxi. A tall Asian woman in a red cocktail dress running to meet her, welcoming her under the leather jacket she held overhead to shelter them both from the falling snow.

A pang of jealousy shot through Cody as he watched them. He couldn’t help it. He’d always envied how effortlessly easy women seemed to make being beautiful look. Of course, he knew how much work went into their looks behind the scenes, but he still found it a little unfair that they could slip on a tight dress and draw every eye in the room. Meanwhile no matter what he chose to wear he would never attract nearly as much attention.

Shrugging off the thought, Cody continued on towards Club Fantasy.

By now he was extremely conscious that he was almost an hour late to the party. He had spent so long getting ready, keen to look his absolute best despite the competition, that he had completely lost track of time.  No doubt his friends would be half drunk already and with every passing minute his panic was building. After all, the invitation had been very clear: Club Fantasy’s New Year’s Eve party began at eight o’clock sharp.

What if they weren’t allowing latecomers in? What if the doors were already locked and the party going on inside without him?

Eager to distract himself from the idea, Cody’s thoughts turned to the strange invitation itself.

The envelope had dropped on the mat of the house he shared with three of his friends just over a week ago. Inside had been four tickets addressed by name to each of them, accompanied by a letter which had encouraged them all to celebrate the New Year in style with Phoenix and her staff. The invitation promised the event would be ‘life-changingly intense’, encouraging guests to ‘bring their A-game’ and ‘leave their morals at the door’.

At first, Cody and his housemates had believed the invites were a joke. Why would they be considered worthy to attend one of the most high-profile parties of the season? Half of them had never even set foot in Club Fantasy, much less spent enough time there to attract the attention of anyone who might have had a hand in deciding who should be given an invite, least of all Phoenix.

In the end though, their curiosity had won out. After all, the worst that could happen if it turned out the tickets were fake was that they were turned away and celebrated New Year’s Eve partying in a more familiar venue. If they were genuine, on the other hand, then they could spend the night in the most infamous club in the country. They would be envy of everyone they knew and, if the club’s reputation was anything to go by, alcohol wouldn’t be the only thing they’d have chance to indulge in; even Cody had heard the rumours about how raunchy the club’s atmosphere could be, and it was public knowledge that where the dancefloor ended the private rooms and kinky dungeons began.

What with all the chaos of Christmas, Cody hadn’t hooked up with anyone for over a month, so if there was even the slightest chance this party might be able to change that he had every intention of taking it.

If he wasn’t too late to get in, that was.

At last, Club Fantasy came into view through the silently falling snow. His chest was tight and burning as he skidded up to the entrance, the huge neon pink sign gleaming in the beads of sweat soaking his brow.

Although the doors were still open, Cody was a little concerned to find the street in front of the club deserted. Given the club’s notoriety he had expected eager crowds would be fighting to get into the party regardless of whether they had been invited or not, yet there wasn’t even a doorman on the entrance.

Keen not to waste another second when he was already so late, Cody dashed through the open doors and along the short hallway leading to the main dancefloor. Usually, the entrance hall would have been thronging with people, but now it was empty. The doors at the opposite end were thrown wide and he could see neon strobe lights cutting through the room beyond.

Cody was breathing so hard he never heard the doors slam closed behind him. Nor the unusual moaning sounds spilling out from the main club.

Practically falling into the club, Cody’s eyes bulged and his jaw dropped open.

The party had definitely started without him.

Multiple images of orgy in nightclub

Though the entire place was thronging with people, not a single one was dancing. Instead, everyone was fucking.

An immense orgy sprawled throughout the entire club, men and women in various states of undress occupying every inch of space from the dancefloor to the seating booths to the bar to even the DJ decks, upon which a massive black bull was pounding the smallest blonde woman Cody had ever seen, her pretty face twisted with eye-rolling ecstasy. The thumping music which would usually have been playing had been replaced by the strident orgasmic cries of hundreds of horny revellers, while the endless writhing of bodies made it appear as if the club had been flooded, a sea of sluts and studs filling it from wall to wall.

Cody struggled to take in the sheer array of sordid images assaulting his vision.

Over in one of the booths, a big, beautiful woman was laid out on the table like the central dish of a buffet as a host of hung bulls thrust their cocks in her direction. Several were stuffed into her mouth, her head completely hidden from view as the men fucked her face – although her muffled slutty laughter was audible even from Cody’s position. A few more were driving between her immense tits, while no less than four men hammered her holes, two cocks in each. The rest of the crowd eyed her hungrily as they waited their turn, her fingers coiling around their shafts to jerk them off until they came hard over her soft flesh.

In another booth, the table had been removed altogether, a sex swing suspended from the ceiling in its place. An innocent-looking twink clad entirely in latex was screaming with ecstasy as a horde of beefy men took turns fucking him hard and deep, their ranks interspersed by a handful of stunning dommes sporting their own cocks in the form of sizeable strap-ons which they stroked while eyeing the anal slave with mischievous intent. It looked as though his outfit had once included a hood, but that had been removed to allow easier access to his throat. As Cody watched the twink’s howls were cut off as a particularly tall man leaned forward and buried his cock balls deep between the young man’s lips.

Out on the dancefloor, meanwhile, a throng of trans men and women had taken up residence right at the heart of the orgy. Tangled up in a mass of writhing limbs, the crushed up against one another, kissing and groping and grinding and making love under the flashing lights. Their location was very fitting because the motion of their pitching, rolling bodies perfectly mimicked that of a pulsing heart. Like blood flowing through vessels, individuals broke away from the main group to slip through the crowd, sweeping the nearest available lover into their arms and collapsing into a hedonistic heap. At the same time the moaning troupe seemed to naturally attract others to replace those who had slunk off, their reaching hands closing over any man or woman who came near and dragging them into their midst. Cody even thought he saw some of them transforming once they fell in amongst the trans lovers: men’s cocks shrinking to become twinkling pussies even as their masculine bodies remained the same; women shrieking as throbbing dicks pushed out from their loins as their lithe bodies shivered with the pleasure. Blinking and shaking his head, he assumed it must be a trick of the light.

Every last member of the sinful scene looked like a deity given mortal form: the women sported flawless skin, lush hair, and beautiful looks while the men were blessed with powerful muscles, huge cocks and apparently endless stamina.   

And the diversity was breathtaking. From the skinny twink in the sling to the big, curvy woman on the neighbouring table. From the immense black bull on the DJ decks to the petite blonde slut he was destroying. From the pale trans woman fucking the ass of her male lover, a golden necklace reading Natalie bouncing on her chest, to the buxom black goddess forcing her slave to beg ‘Mistress Osa’ for mercy. The entire congregation were beautiful in their own individual ways, and Cody knew he had never seen a more varied array of people in his entire life.

Before Cody had time to comprehend what he had just walked into, the power of the club washed over him.

A crashing wave of intoxicating lust engulfed him, dragging him down into depths of arousal he had never thought possible. In a heartbeat he was aching to join the orgy, his inhibitions already a distant memory. His cock strained at his trousers and the need to strip down and throw himself among the lovers became utterly oppressive. Being separate from them was physically painful, as though he could hardly breathe without their hands on his skin, their bodies against his. He wanted to moan like them, to feel the same pleasure they felt rushing through his own body.

Possessed by hedonistic lust, he was just about to tear off his clothes when a sultry voice distracted him from the scene.

Naked brunette woman leans against bar

‘So, you’re the one the club’s been waiting for.’

Spinning around, Cody’s jaw dropped all over again.

Compared to the rest of the club, the bar was relatively empty. A handful of men were making out passionately up against the shelves of bottles, a trans woman was being ploughed from behind by a dominatrix with a particularly large strap-on, and two black beauties were scissoring breathlessly atop the marble counter, but that was it.

So when his eyes fell on the stunning brunette leaning against the end of the bar, Cody couldn’t tear his gaze away.

The lights were brighter here than down on the darkened dancefloor and they illuminated smooth, tanned skin over an athletic figure the likes of which most women would have killed for. Stark naked aside from her killer heels, her long dark her swept down past her plush breasts and, stood sideways as she was, Cody couldn’t help but ogle her incredible ass, the fat cheeks descending into shapely legs. She was leaning against a champagne stand, one hand playing with the ends of her hair, and her captivating eyes were fixed on him, a smile plucking at her full lips.

‘I… I’m sorry?’ Cody stammered, dazed by the magic of the club. The woman’s beauty held his attention, but only just; it was still a fight not to give in to the urge to join the orgy.

‘You,’ she replied simply. ‘The club has been keeping its doors open for nearly an hour just to make sure you could join the fun. It only closes them once everyone is here but I was beginning to think you weren’t coming.’

Cody couldn’t help but stare at her perfect body. Fortunately she didn’t seem to mind. Still, a few shreds of confusion broke through his arousal and he frowned.

‘I don’t understand… what are you talking about? And why do I feel so horny?

The beautiful woman turned to face him fully, smiling as his eyes immediately fell to her shaved pussy. ‘Oh, don’t worry, you’ll get used to that. You see Club Fantasy is a bit more… unique than most nightclubs. I guess you could say it has a mind of its own. It was the club that sent out those invitations; it was the club who decided you deserved to be here. You and every other naughty hedonist in the city. You probably didn’t even know you needed this, but the club did, and it guided you here so you could experience all the pleasures it can offer.’

Not wanting to appear stupid in front of her, Cody nodded as if he understood.

‘Where are my friends?’

‘In there somewhere, I imagine,’ she said, waving her hand towards the orgy. ‘The club will have had its way with them by now. I’m Abella, by the way.’

‘Cody,’ he said simply. Even basic speech was becoming difficult, the need to fuck overwhelming him.

Plucking the open bottle of champagne from its stand, Abella poured out two glasses Cody was sure she hadn’t been holding before. Once the flutes were full, she tossed the bottle to the nearby lesbians, who promptly began emptying the remaining contents over themselves and licking one another clean.

‘Well Cody, tonight is your lucky night. You see, hot as all this is, I prefer having a little one-on-one action before throwing myself to the whore horde. And I think you’re going to do nicely. Trust me, you’re going to enjoy being my lover; I’m what you might call a Club Fantasy alumnus.’

Handing him one of the champagne glasses, she took his hand. He resisted neither. ‘Follow me, baby. It’s time you met the Family.’

Perhaps aware that venturing too close to the orgy would prove too tempting for Cody, Abella led him in the opposite direction. Unhooking the red rope strung across the archway beside the bar, she drew it back across behind them once they were through. When Cody had visited Club Fantasy before, the arch had always been flanked by huge doormen, but tonight nobody was the slightest bit interested in exploring what waited up the stairs beyond the rope, so there was no need for any security.

‘Where are you taking me?’ he asked as they ascended the stairs.

‘I suppose you could call it the VIP lounge,’ Abella replied, smiling at her own description. ‘You see, there are some of us who have the privilege of knowing what this place is truly capable of. We’ve experienced the same kind of magic it holds in other places. That magic changed us. Made us better. Naughtier. I’m one of them, and you’ve already seen a few others downstairs. Remember that tiny blonde being fucked up on the decks? Yeah, she’s called Naomi. And that bull using her, that was Harrison.

‘We can come and go from the orgy as we please, but up here, this is our domain. The whole floor belongs to us. Aside from us, the only ones permitted to enter are the lovers we allow in. We call ourselves the Fantasy Family. Here, let me introduce you.’

As they had progressed, the oppressively arousing atmosphere of the club floor had ebbed, the moans and cries of pleasure fading below them. However, they had been replaced with even more erotic noises drifting down to greet them. With less people in the lounge, the sounds of their debauchery were more distinct: along with the sensual groans, Cody could clearly make out the wet gagging of a blowjob in progress, the echoing slap of colliding thighs, even the distant rattle of chain being shaken.

Once the staircase opened out into the lounge, Cody’s arousal struck again in earnest.

Busty black woman in crumpled red dress rides hung white man on top of bar while white woman sucks her breasts

Over to the left of the room, the bar had been overtaken by a trio of frantically fucking deviants. A muscular man lay back on the counter, his legs dangling over the edge and his face contorted with almost agonised pleasure.

The culprit of his orgasmic torment was the voluptuous black goddess bouncing on his long cock, her plump thighs rippling enticingly as she rode him with merciless stamina. A red dress which had no doubt once made her look elegantly beautiful was now rumpled around her midriff, exposing her perfect body for all to see. Her long hair swayed with each bounce and her purple-shadowed eyes fluttered, filthy words tumbling from her dark lips as she grinned and groaned.

‘Oh yeah, oh fuck yeah, fill that tight cunt you bastard. That’s it, stretch me wide. Mmmh, just like that, that’s what I need. Oh shit, feed me that cock. Fuck me hard, dickhead. Good boy, treat me like the goddess I am.’

Beside her, a middle-aged blonde was kneeling on a barstool, her tongue hungrily swirling over the black woman’s enormous tits. Staring up adoringly at her accomplice, she too was only partially dressed, her skirt bunched up over her hips to reveal her plump ass. She groped her own breasts needily, her gaze frequently darting down to the man’s thick cock, hunger stealing over her expression as she eyed it.

In a burst of understanding, the black woman’s name rose in Cody’s mind: Diamond.

Her lovers remained nameless – no doubt a pair of hedonists she had plucked from the fray downstairs to play with for the night – but somehow hers was as clear in his mind as if he had known her all his life. It was as though the club had given him her name and he knew at once that she was another alumni, like Abella: one of the Fantasy Family.

Slim woman with black hair in mesh top gives oral sex to man in jeans and shirt while second man gropes her on billiards table

On the opposite side of the room, a dark-haired woman and two handsome men had commandeered a billiards table for their own salacious purposes.

The older of the men sat on the table, legs hanging from the cushion, hands planted firmly on the red cloth. He was powerfully built, his athletic figure evident even through his blue shirt and baggy jeans, however despite his obvious strength he was trembling – and it wasn’t hard to see why.

Even in porn, Cody had never seen any woman give a blowjob as passionate or slutty as the one the raven-haired whore kneeling beside the man. She was not simply going down on him, instead she was utterly worshipping his cock, moaning naughtily as she gorged on his thick meat. The frantic bob of her head was scored by sloppy wet slurping noises and she moved with expert skill, one moment forcefully throating him deep, the next rearing back to swirl her tongue over his head and jerk him off with her slender fingers.

Like the other women in the room, she was almost entirely naked. A black mesh top served as her only attire, the front pulled up so her soft tits could jiggle beneath her as she serviced her stud, while her lower half was utterly bare, her fleshy ass pushed out enticingly and her pale skin bright under the low-hanging lights above the table. A handful of tattoos decorated her flawless skin, and when she glanced over at him, Cody felt his knees weaken.

The second man stood behind the table. Leaning over he ran his hands up the woman’s plush thighs and across her ass before sinking them into her pussy, extracting a moan that was muffled by the cock buried between her lips. Immediately, she began rocking against his fingers.

This time, all three names came to Cody. Veruca, the amoral nymphomaniac. Grey, the silver fox. And Lincoln, the young stud fingering her cunt. 

Every fibre of his being wanted to stay and watch – maybe even join in – but Abella had other ideas. Leading him by the hand, she guided him across the room towards an open door on the opposite side. Still, she could not leave without sharing a brief kiss with Lincoln, and the charged passion they shared made it obvious that they were more than just lovers.

But clearly romance only went so far in Club Fantasy, for when they parted lips Lincoln wasted no time in dragging Veruca’s hips around and burying his face between her thighs, while Abella led Cody on.

Cody had just enough time to realise he had seen Veruca before, recognising her as one of the Limitless porn studio’s contract stars, then the lounge was lost to view and he was in a long, carpeted hallway.

‘Let’s see if we can find a free room,’ Abella said, and Cody did not resist as she guided him along.

Naked woman with black hair rides hung male lover on large bed

The first room they passed certainly wasn’t free. Inside, a nubile, soft-skinned woman and a powerfully built bull were making intense, noisy love, their bodies pitching and twisting in a lasciviously sinful performance. They moved as one, the roll of her hips in time with his deep thrusts and their united cries filling the air. Cody could not help but eye her rippling ass as she rode him, although when she turned to face him even her bouncing tits could not distract him from her stunning beauty: her features were somehow innocent and corruptive all at once, and he was torn between the urge to fall into her loving arms and the need to fuck her until her eyes rolled up.

‘Hey there, pretty boy,’ she purred, ‘how about you come in here and join us? I have holes to spare, you know. And I’m so hungry for that bulging crotch of yours.’

Before Cody could comply, Abella held out an arm to stop him. ‘I’m afraid Cody is occupied right now, Megan. Although I’m sure he’d be delighted to join you once I’ve shown him the ropes.’

‘Mmmh, that had better be a promise,’ Megan smirked mischievously. ‘I’ll see you later, gorgeous.’ Then the man’s huge hands were gripping her ass and he was slamming up into her. Her smirk dissolved into a howl of ecstasy as she turned away.

Cody had already known Megan’s name before Abella said it, but somehow hearing it out loud made him crave the luscious woman all the more and he stared forlornly after her as Abella urged him on.

Tattooed Asian woman in latex boots and corset holds leash of tattooed platinum blonde in harness lying on bed beneath her

The next room was also occupied, and the names of the two women sprawled on the bed within hit Cody almost before he had laid eyes on them.

Unsurprisingly, his eyes fell to the mesmerising Asian woman crouched on all fours first: Asa. She was dressed in a gleaming black PVC corset with tape covering the nipples of her exposed breasts. Thigh-high latex heels snaked up her legs and her supple ass was raised high, the sublime curve of her golden cheeks begging to be groped or spanked. From the look on her face, however, Cody could tell that doing so would have been a bad move. Her smoky-shadowed eyes swirled with dominant lust, her stare cutting through him with all the ease of a katana through wet paper; crossing her would not end well, he was sure of it.

Around one hand was wound a length of glittering silver chain which Asa clutched tightly. The opposite end was attached to the neck of the harness the other woman wore.

Spread out on her back beneath Asa, in her current form the tattooed sub went by the name Kleio, however Cody could sense another name beneath the surface, the name the woman took when she was in her natural male form – although given her plump breasts and sultry figure, she didn’t look much like a Nathan at the moment. With her extensive tattoos, killer heels, fishnet stockings and piercing eyes, in different circumstances the silver-haired young woman might have looked somewhat intimidating, but all Cody saw when he looked at her was an obedient submissive born to serve her mistress. Her nipples were taped too, and the harness clutching her upper half was locked in place, clearly establishing she was not the one in charge. A black flogger rested on the bedsheets beside her and she gasped softly as Asa tugged on her leash.

‘Can we help you?’ Asa snapped, glaring at Cody.

Again, Abella came to his rescue.

‘Don’t mind Cody, babe. I’m just showing him around.’

‘Well then see to it that he doesn’t interrupt us again. Me and Kleio here are just getting started, and you know how I get when I’m in the mood to dominate.’

‘Of course,’ Abella nodded. ‘We’ll be sure to stay out of your way.’

Mercifully, the third room was empty; Cody wasn’t sure his arousal could take much more of all the depraved scenes littering the club.

It was a cosy space lit all in purple, and while there was no bed to be found there were a cluster of cushioned chairs and pouffes set around a broad, soft rug designed to look like patterned marble. A few decorative ornaments and potted plants nestled in the corners and Cody felt immediately at home, the purple light wrapping him in a welcoming embrace as they entered.

Taking hold of his shoulder, Abella span him around to face her. She pressed herself close to him and Cody was suddenly conscious that he was alone with a deeply beautiful naked woman. With all the sinful sights around him, he’d largely forgotten she was nude, but now his breath caught in his throat and a flush of horny heat swept through him. True, he had hoped the night might end this way, although these certainly weren’t the circumstances he had expected would lead him to this scenario, nor had he expected his lover would be so breathtakingly beautiful.

‘You seem nervous,’ she cooed. She lifted the hand in which he held his glass. ‘Maybe you should have a drink to calm your nerves. Don’t worry, it’s on the house,’ she added with a wink.  

With the club’s magic dulling his alarm at everything he’d seen, Cody’s mind was a fog of horny desires. As such, it seemed entirely natural to agree with the beautiful woman eyeing him naughtily.

‘Yes… a drink… calm my nerves…’ Tipping the glass back, he drained it in one. Abella did the same.

Orgasmic pleasure hit Cody so hard he dropped the glass, but it never hit the floor, vanishing into thin air before it could do so.

The sensation was more intense than anything he had ever experienced before. He felt as though he was trapped in the heartbeat right at the peak of climax, the mind-bending bliss of orgasm tearing through him and yet never fading but filling him fit to burst instead. Scrunching up his eyes, he fought not to go mad; he was flooded with pleasure, drowning in it, and as his breath came in ragged gasps, he wondered for the first time if he should have left his invitation in the envelope and never shown his face in the club.

But then he was becoming a woman and all he wanted was more.

Opening his eyes, Cody found his clothes had vanished. In their place he wore only purple lingerie, the dainty bra and panties very out of place on his athletic, masculine body. Fortunately, Club Fantasy soon saw to that.

Moulded by unseen hands, Cody’s body reshaped itself into a far more suitable form. His chiselled abs faded into a smooth stomach. His broad shoulders contracted to match newly delicate arms, the impressive muscle melted away beneath velvet, feminine skin. The muscles in his lower legs rose upwards, filling out his thighs and ass and leaving his shins slender. Meanwhile his waist pulled in as his hips pushed out, granting him swooping, enviable curves. His broad abdominal muscles softened into a pair of supple breasts, his new bosom swelling out to fill his bra. A second later, he was left gasping as his rigid dick retracted, shrinking back into the folds of a tight pussy before disappearing altogether.

Everywhere the magic touched him an ebony hue blossomed over Cody’s skin. Soon he was utterly unrecognisable, a black beauty whose allure could have rivalled even Diamond’s, albeit in a subtler, more seductive way. Quiet lust played over her stunning features, every line of her face fragile yet erotic, and the moans escaping her plump lips were sinfully slutty.

Still, it was the final change that was the most eye catching. All at once, Cody’s short hair exploded outwards into a striking afro. Puffy locks of rich brown framed her pretty face in a soft halo of fuzzy curls, the whiff of floral shampoo swirling through the air as it erupted into being. Atop it all, a little jewelled tiara nestled in her hair.

Black woman with afro and blonde white woman hold each other close wearing lingerie under purple lighting

Left trembling uncontrollably by the intensity of the change, the new woman collapsed to the rug groaning.

Almost before she hit the ground, soft hands were running over her skin, holding her. The voice that met her ears was softer still. ‘Hush now, it’s okay. I’m here. Everything’s alright. Look at me.’ A finger lifted her chin, but the face that drifted into view wasn’t Abella’s.

The woman holding her was curvy and blonde, her platinum tresses tumbling down over plump breasts. She bore more weight than Abella, her figure distinctly more voluptuous, although that did not stunt her beauty in the slightest. If anything, in her own way, she might have been even more beautiful, even more touchable. Her features were dainty and innocent, her arced brows rising over mesmerising eyes and her pink lips smiled warmly down at the woman formerly known as Cody. Her lingerie was almost identical to that which the black woman had acquired during her transformation and her skin was soft and warm as she drew the transformed man closer.

Even so, the black beauty knew without question that this new woman was still Abella. Her body might have changed, but her eyes were still the same glittering diamonds of lust which had mesmerised Cody as she eyed him from the bar. A new name rose in the black woman’s mind, the name that belonged to the buxom blonde body her guide had now assumed – Lilly – however when she looked at the beautiful woman, the only name on her tongue was Abella.

‘I… I don’t understand…’ the woman who had once been Cody said, her expression distant.

Abella brushed a stray lock of hair aside and stroked her face. ‘It’s okay, gorgeous, you’re safe. You have me. Look at me, Cecilia, I’m here for you.’

Cecilia. The name hit her almost as hard as the transformation had. It was so familiar, so comforting. It was her name.

And yet it wasn’t. Memories of her old life still swirled through her thoughts, recollections of her male body and former name. Cody wasn’t gone, but his life now interwove itself with the new personality the transformation had imparted upon him: Cecilia.

She was a woman. She was Cecilia. And she was so, so horny.

This time when she looked at Abella there was no vacancy in her expression. Her eyes burned with insatiable desire. Before Cecilia knew what she was doing her lips were on Abella’s and they were kissing.

Black woman with afro and blonde white woman kiss in lingerie under purple lighting

The first thing Cecilia felt was warmth. Blossoming over her face it rose a flush in her cheeks, then it was sweeping out further, engulfing her entire skull, winding around her neck and down across her chest. Every shift of Abella’s lips over hers ignited fresh heat and before long beads of sweat glittered on her brow.

For the first few seconds, their kisses were slow and soft. Tame. Then, in the exact same moment, both women broke, sinking their tongues between one another’s lips and falling into a passionate embrace.

The additional depth sent new thrills racing through Cecilia’s system. If Abella’s lips were hot, her mouth was scorching, a furnace of intimate sensation which sent Cecilia’s arousal soaring. She couldn’t quite decide which she enjoyed more: the titillating feeling of Abella’s tongue exploring her mouth, or the sordid delight of returning the favour. Either way, with every passing second she found herself craving more: more of Abella, more of their lips pressed together and their tongues intertwining. More of this perfect, sapphic desire.

It didn’t take long for Cecilia to realise she far preferred kissing as a woman than she had as a man – simply having softer lips made the experience all the more satisfying. Better still, in the back of her mind she was vaguely aware how hot the scene they were playing out truly was. If anybody stumbled into the room they would find two of the hottest ladies in the entire club sensually making out, and the fact that Cecilia herself was one of them turned her on more than she had anticipated. As a man, she had always found lesbian kissing painfully hot, but actually engaging in the act was astronomically better.

High on pleasure and lust, Cecilia quickly abandoned all sense of decorum. She didn’t care that she had been a man only minutes earlier – all that mattered was this moment, and she never wanted it to end.

Abella did not resist as Cecilia rose into her lap, hooking her ebony legs around her waist and clutching her close. Running her hands roughly through Abella’s platinum hair, Cecilia ground up against her, their tits rubbing together, their hot skin touching. She couldn’t reign in her roving hands, although Abella certainly did not seem to mind her lover groping and stroking and caressing and squeezing her supple body.

‘Thank you,’ Cecilia gasped between kisses. ‘Thank you for doing this. Thank you for waiting for me and guiding me and kissing me. Thank you for showing me true pleasure.’ She raked her nails down Abella’s back. ‘I love it. Fuck, it all feels so good. I love your lips. And your tits and your hair. I love my lips and tits and hair. I fucking love everything. Thank you, thank you, thank you.’

Surprise tore through her as Abella suddenly seized her hair and wrenched her head back just enough that their lips parted. Though she gasped for the air their kissing had deprived her of, Cecilia ached to carry on.

Abella chuckled naughtily. ‘Mmmh, you really are a little slut, aren’t you? Boy, am I glad I waited for you. But I think you’re getting a bit ahead of yourself. If I were you I wouldn’t expend all my gratitude yet. I haven’t even shown you all the pleasures of womanhood yet.’

Blonde white woman sucks breasts of black woman with afro under purple lighting while both wearing lingerie

Before Cecilia could ask what she meant, Abella was on the move.

Springing back, she left Cecilia feeling cold and abandoned. The sudden absence of Abella’s hot skin against hers was almost agonising, as if she had been eviscerated of all the pleasure Abella had filled her with. The shock left her gasping and she scrunched her eyes closed, fighting the tears that threatened to fall.

As such, she wasn’t looking when Abella leaned over, lowering her face to Cecilia’s chest and placing one hand between her legs. With the other, she flicked down the cups of Cecilia’s bra. Then, before her lover even realised her tits were on show, Abella bowed her head and closed her lips over one of Cecilia’s puffy nipples. 

Before her transformation, Cecilia had always enjoyed sucking the breasts of her female lovers. The soft, breathy groans it elicited had given her a thrill of delight, the knowledge that she could impart such pleasure without even touching her lover’s genitals a buzz she simply hadn’t been able to get enough of. Better yet, she had savoured the sweet taste of their perfume on her lips, the warmth of their skin on her tongue – in fact, she had always wondered if the act might have even turned her old male self on more than the groaning women whose tits she had lavished with attention.

Now that Abella’s lips were sealed over her own new breast, however, Cecilia realised she had been wrong: no matter how much she had enjoyed sucking tits as a man, it was nothing compared to the ecstasy of having Abella suckling needily on hers.

Cecilia’s entire chest ached as erotic warmth rolled through her torso in waves. She had never imagined her tits would be so intensely sensitive, yet with every swirl of Abella’s tongue she felt as if her insides were being rearranged, the pleasure flipping her stomach and setting her squirming.

For a minute or more, Cecilia could not even articulate her bliss. All she could do was grip her lover’s platinum hair and try not to shake as Abella gorged herself on her supple tits.

Then at last her slack lips managed to form a sound and that same soft, breathy groan she had heard so many times before from her previous lovers escaped her own lungs.

Like a puncture in a balloon, that single groan allowed all the tension she hadn’t known she’d been holding in to escape. When Abella had subjected Cecilia to such intense pleasure so suddenly her muscles had tightened and her breath caught in her throat; her brows had knitted tight together and her nubile frame had started to ache, the abrupt barrage of sensation almost too much to handle.

Now her trembling stopped and Cecilia melted into Abella’s embrace. Coiling her arms around her lover’s head, Cecilia drew Abella in close and her pussy shivered as the lusty blonde’s muffled groans rose up from Cecilia’s ebony cleavage.

Cecilia wasn’t entirely sure how long they both knelt there, Abella’s face buried in her bosom and her moans filling the room like an erotic fog. For one thing, there was no clock in the room to keep track. But for another, she was beginning to suspect that time itself was something of a trivial matter within the Club Fantasy’s walls. She couldn’t say exactly why, but for whatever reason she suspected if she and Abella decided to stay here making love for the equivalent of days in the outside world, once they left the club New Year’s Day would only just be dawning, exhausted partygoers still stumbling home from New Year’s Eve celebrations that hadn’t lasted nearly as long as the one she had found herself transformed by.

Black woman with afro sucks breasts of blonde white woman under purple lighting while both wearing lingerie

Whether Abella was sucking her breasts for minutes or hours, either way, the blissful pleasure coursing through Cecilia’s body never once faltered. Eyes closed, orgasmic smile on her lips, she simply surrendered to her own arousal.

It was only when an unexpected bolt of lust struck her heart that clarity abruptly returned.

All at once she was possessed by a consuming need to invert their roles. She wanted to please Abella, to repay her in kind for the tit worship her lover had provided her. And she wanted it now.

Moving just as swiftly as Abella had before her, Cecilia jerked back sharply, then in the same movement leaned over and flicked the cups of Abella’s bra down. Almost before they had even been released, Cecilia’s tongue was swirling over Abella’s cushioned breasts and the familiar taste of sweet skin and floral perfume flooded her tastebuds.

The familiarity of the act stirred a lustful confidence through the new woman, one which Cecilia soon put to good use. Squeezing Abella’s tits roughly, she put all her expertise into practice, bobbing and weaving her head with her lips sealed firmly over her lover’s swollen nipples, her tongue moving in an endless flourishing dance of desire.

For a short while, Cecilia was a slave to her own lust. Once again, her eyes were closed as she savoured the experience of Abella’s perfect tits filling her senses: the forbidden taste, the perfumed smell, the enticing warmth. She allowed instinct to guide her, every gentle groan from Abella sending shivers down Cecilia’s spine.

Then, her heart in her mouth, she glanced up.

Abella smiled down at her, sparks of slutty mischief crackling through her mesmerising eyes. ‘Are you enjoying ourself, beautiful?’ she purred, one hand slipping beneath Cecilia’s voluminous hair to stroke the back of her neck.

Without pulling back, Cecilia nodded enthusiastically, Abella’s breast still sealed between her lips.

Abella chuckled. ‘See, I told you that you would. You’re such a perfect little deviant, you know. So eager to please. So naughty inside. Mmmh, you know I’ve had many lovers since I first changed, but I don’t think I’ve ever had anyone better suited to their new body than you, gorgeous. Oh,’ she gasped as Cecilia flicked her tongue playfully over her nipple.

‘You see what I mean?’ she went on. ‘I promise you, you’re going to fit in perfectly around here. Every fantasy you’ve ever wished to explore – not to mention all those you haven’t thought of yet – we can experience them together. You and me. The Family. Anyone we want to play with.’

Cecilia closed her eyes again, slowing her pace and suckling with a more passionate edge as Abella’s words conjured up a host of sordid mental images. With Abella’s breast locked between her lips she pitched and rolled her head almost as if she was giving a particularly enthusiastic blowjob, desperate not to let even a sliver of her arousal go to waste.

‘Mmmh, that’s it, baby, lose yourself. Let lust take over. That’s what the club wants. It’s what it made you for. You’re such a naughty slut. I know, because I’ve been where you are. And trust me, gorgeous, it only gets better from here.’

Abella paused, an expression of pure bliss washing over her pretty features. Then a sudden fire sparked in her eye. ‘Fuck, you really are good at that. You’re making me so fucking horny, you know that? I can’t remember the last time I had such an eager whore to play with. There’s something you should know about me though, slut: if you turn me on, you better be ready to satisfy all my needs.’

Wrenching Cecilia away by her puffy hair, Abella moved with single-minded determination. The soft, caring romantic was gone, replaced by an amoral nymphomaniac desperate to use Cecilia as a living sex toy rather than a sensual lover. Holding Cecilia in place, she laughed as the ebony slut’s face contorted with dismay.

Black woman with afro gives oral sex to blonde white woman under purple lighting

‘Let me tell you what’s going to happen now, bitch,’ Abella hissed as her free hand made short work first of her lingerie, then of Cecilia’s. ‘You’re going to eat my wet cunt and you’re going to fucking love it. If you dare stop before I say so I’m going to spank you so hard you won’t be able to sit down for a month, and if you fail to satisfy me I’m going to throw you at Asa’s mercy so she can show you what true punishment means.’

With both their underwear tossed out into the corridor, Abella reclined back onto the rug and spread her legs wide. Supporting herself on her elbow, she cupped her own breast and circled her thumb over the nipple, while with the other she lowered Cecilia’s face to hover just above her glistening sex. She lifted one leg up and above Cecilia’s head, ready to drop down and clamp her in place if she needed a little reminder of who was in control.

‘Right here, right now, you belong to me,’ Abella said, her sweet smile a stark contrast to her dominant words. ‘Do I make myself clear?’

Cecilia opened her mouth to answer, but that was exactly what Abella had intended. Before she could utter a word, Cecilia found her face buried in Abella’s sex.

Once again, her instincts took over, although this time they weren’t the instincts of her former self. Instead she was driven by a muscle memory born of years spent in the arms of even more female lovers than male, her tongue moving automatically after countless nights of sapphic practice. For Cecilia, there was little more erotic than the taste of a woman on her lips or her lovers’ glistening pussy nectar smearing her face, so it was with eager desire that she fell to the task Abella had ‘forced’ her into.

Better still, there was one other advantage her transformation had given her: in this new reality, she knew Abella’s body better than anyone. The club’s magic had not only rewritten her life, it had transformed her into Abella’s slutty best friend with benefits, and even with Abella in her new blonde body, Cecilia knew exactly how to satisfy her.

Lapping and sucking hungrily, she soon had Abella gasping with pleasure.

‘Yes, you’re such a filthy skank,’ Abella said through gritted teeth, her head lolling back as she scrunched up her eyes. Her expression fluctuated wildly between bliss and torment. ‘This is what you fucking live for, isn’t that right? Being naughty and depraved with me. With anyone. That’s all you are: a needy little nympho who can’t function without a pussy in her face or a cock down her throat.’

There was venom in her degrading words, though Cecilia saw through her faux hatred easily. And with a deft flick of her tongue over Abella’s clit, she bought the mask crashing down: Abella’s brows rose in ecstasy and she gasped. ‘Shit, you’re so fucking good!’

Continuing to feast, Cecilia felt a deviant satisfaction settle over her. Until now, she had mostly been running on adrenaline and instinct, the rush of the transformation driving her into a frenzy of sinful lust.

But Abella was right: this was what she lived for. At least, it was what she lived her new life for. Her new body was not just built for sex, it craved it. Required it, even. Every fibre of her being ached for erotic ecstasy and she suspected if she chose to abstain from fucking for any length of time the magic might even wear off, returning her to the reality of her old life.

Not that she had any intention of doing so, of course. She wanted this. More than anything. With every passing second she felt her slutty, insatiable persona taking hold more and more, rooting itself into her very soul so deeply she could not have resisted her deviant urges even if she had wanted to. She was a creature of hedonism now – a siren no man or woman would be able to resist.

Black woman with afro has clit tormented by blonde white woman under purple lighting

It was this thought that was in her head when she suddenly decided to push Abella over the edge.

Abruptly bowing her head, she sealed her lips over Abella’s clit and frantically feathered her tongue over the swollen nub. At the same time, she plunged two fingers into Abella’s pussy and began pumping them hard.

Though she did not break, Abella’s response was no less arousing.

‘Oh, you fucking bitch,’ she hissed before shoving Cecilia onto her back and hunkering down between her legs. In a heartbeat, their positions were reversed and Cecilia found herself staring down at Abella’s mischievous smirk.

However, rather than eat Cecilia out, Abella instead chose to torment her. Placing one finger on Cecilia’s clit, she circled it slowly. Then, taking advantage of her lover’s vulnerable position, which had parted her ebony folds to expose the gleaming pink of her pussy, Abella ran the digits of her free hand playfully over Cecilia’s hot entrance, teasing her with the promise of deeper penetration yet never actually fulfilling it.

Cecilia’s breath came in shuddering gasps as her body throbbed with desire. She was so desperate, she could barely articulate her need. ‘Oh… fuck… mmmh… please… please, I… oh… so close… I’m sorry… yes… please… more…’

Smiling impishly, Abella made sure her hot breath swirled over Cecilia’s sensitive clit when she spoke. ‘You haven’t been listening, have you? I told you your body was made for pleasure. But you were so swept up in that pleasure, you didn’t consider how tormenting it would be if you were denied it, did you?’ She chuckled, the sultry sound sending warm tingles up Cecilia’s back. ‘You forget, I’ve been playing this game longer than you. The club might have given you a whole new life as my bitchy bestie, but I know this new body of yours far better than you do. You might think you’re good, but you’re nothing yet.’

Her tone grew affectionate, her lips so close to Cecilia’s pussy the ebony beauty could almost feel them on her skin. ‘You can be though. I can show you how to make the most of your new life. I can teach you how to explore all your naughtiest fantasies. That’s what you want, isn’t it? It’s okay, you can admit it, beautiful. You want me to show you what true pleasure is, don’t you?’

When Cecilia did not respond, Abella swiftly sank two fingers inside up to the knuckle before removing them just as quickly. ‘Answer me!’ she snapped, watching with satisfaction as Cecilia’s will broke.

‘Yes! Yes! Oh god yes, I want you teach me how to be a slut like you! I want you to show me how to fuck and ride and cum so hard I can’t think straight! I want you to show me how to throat a cock and eat a pussy so well I leave my lovers breathless and broken! Please, Abella, I want to be like you!’

Abella’s grin grew wicked: Cecilia was hers now. ‘Well then,’ she purred, ‘we’d better get started.’

Black woman with afro lies on rug and gropes breasts of blonde white woman straddling her waist under purple lighting

Consumed by desire as she was, Cecilia was beginning to see just how deviant Abella truly was. Every move she made seemed born of a naturally seductive instinct, while her words were almost as erotic as her perfect body – another weapon in her sensual arsenal tailored to reduce her lovers to horny playthings for her to enjoy.

The move she made next was no exception. Rising up swiftly, she curled one hand behind Cecilia’s neck and drove her down, rotating their position as she did so. Cecilia soon found herself lying flat on the rug, her puffy hair splayed out around her head.

The next instant, Abella was straddling her. Her thighs pressed firmly against Cecilia’s flanks she pinned her ebony lover in place, the heat of her skin sending arousal cascading through Cecilia’s fragile frame.

But the blonde beauty didn’t even give Cecilia the chance to realise what was coming next before she began rocking her hips. The motion raked her wet pussy over Cecilia’s swollen clit, immediately swamping her initial arousal with mind-bending pleasure. With her own pussy juices soon lubricating most of Cecilia’s lower torso and groin, Abella quickly had her lover groaning desperately. 

Abella smiled mischievously as Cecilia’s face twisted with ecstasy. ‘You know, as much as I like seeing that pretty little orgasm face of yours, if I’m going to show you the ropes, I’m going to need you to pay attention. You look a little distracted right now. Here,’ she said, coiling her delicate fingers around Cecilia’s wrists, ‘let me help you focus.’

Cecilia did not resist as Abella raised her hands to her fat tits – in fact, overwhelmed by orgasmic bliss, she was limp and pliant in Abella’s grasp. Once her fingers closed over Abella’s breasts, however, she seized them firmly, groping her rack with rough desire. The act grounded her, bringing back enough clarity that she was able to focus on Abella’s pretty smile as she began the first lesson in what she would later describe as ‘Slut 101’.

‘Okay, rule number one of being a naughty nympho: whoever you’re fucking, ride them. The strongest guy in the world will be putty in your hands once you’re rocking back and forth on his cock, and as you’re learning first-hand right now, even without a dick between your thighs its difficult to stay sane when you’ve got a hot slut riding you. With a single roll of your hips you can send your lover over the edge, but if you feel your own climax building you can just shift position or slow down until it ebbs then just keep going. Riding gives you power. Better still, with you rolling and moaning above them, whoever you’re fucking won’t be able to take their eyes off you. They’ll fall in love with you over and over again until there’s nothing you could ask of them they wouldn’t do.’  

Black woman with afro lies on back while groping breasts of blonde white woman under purple lighting

Gasping for breath, Cecilia continued to fight the lustful haze fogging her mind. Abella was right: it was difficult to focus while she was in this position. The heat of Abella’s skin and hot pussy juices over her hips combined with the raw, relentless ecstasy of her clit being constantly toyed made it feel as though she was at the peak of an orgasm that simply refused to end. Meanwhile the sight of Abella’s perfect pale body twisting and bouncing above her was just about the hottest image she could imagine.

With a start, Cecilia realised she could no longer stop herself groping Abella’s tits. At first the act had merely been to focus her but the sensation of Abella’s plump rack bulging between Cecilia’s fingers – the heat and supple softness – it was too good to give up. She never wanted to let go, not even if it meant she had to remain forever in this state of agonising pleasure.

Cecilia shuddered as Abella ran her fingers softly down her cheek. Her smile was hypnotic, the slightest twitch of her lips enough to send sinfully deviant thoughts rushing through Cecilia’s mind. Again, she was reminded of how naturally seduction came to her lover; every movement she made – even one as innocent as stroking Cecilia’s cheek – somehow managed to imbue Cecilia with the urge to do unspeakably dirty things together.

It didn’t matter what body she was in, Abella was perfectly designed for hedonism – the ultimate whore.

Blonde white woman smiles with breasts exposed under purple lighting

Up above, Abella leaned back with a slutty grin. She hadn’t enjoyed herself this much in a long time.

Sure, she had taken plenty of lovers from Club Fantasy since it opened earlier in the year, but none had been anywhere near as promising as Cecilia. From the moment she laid eyes on Cody, Abella had known full well where their night was headed – well enough that she hadn’t hesitated to introduce him to the Family, a privilege reserved for only the most special of lovers. But even she hadn’t anticipated that things would go quite this well.

Closing her eyes, she allowed herself to savour the erotic ecstasy swirling through her body. Unlike Cecilia, she’d had plenty of time to tune herself into the magic of the club, enough that the slutty pleasure of this new transformation permeated right down to her very soul.

Of course, Abella’s true body – the one Lake Fantasy had first given her well over a year ago, that is – was always a comfort to go back to, but she never turned down the opportunity to explore a new one, and this buxom blonde was proving particularly enjoyable. She could only imagine how the other members of the Family would respond to it; perhaps she could seek out Phoenix later in the night to find out. After all, Phoenix always loved it when her club added a new member to the Fantasy Family, so Abella had no doubt Phoenix would thank her very intimately once she introduced her to Cecilia.

White blonde woman groans while being groped by black woman with afro under purple lighting

Distracted by her thoughts, Abella failed to notice the change overcoming Cecilia’s expression. A devious smile had twisted her lips and her hands were on the move, abandoning Abella’s breasts to snake up and coil around her neck. Mischief glimmered in her deep brown eyes.

The next moment, Abella found herself on her back. Cecilia had moved so quickly that their roles had been completely reversed before the busty blonde even realised what had happened. Looking up, she found her ebony accomplice smiling down at her, her thighs clamped around Abella’s hips. Pushed down hard enough that the air was knocked from her lungs, Abella gasped for breath, only for those gasps to grow lustful as Cecilia began eagerly rolling her hips.

Scorching ecstasy rushed through Abella’s system: Cecilia’s wet pussy was rubbing hard against her swollen clit, every rhythmic stroke filling Abella’s insides with erotic fireworks. She groaned, her mouth falling open as Cecilia groped her tits again, her eyelids fluttering while she lay limp and pliant.

For all that Abella had spent every night since her original transformation indulging in the delightful perversions of her new reality, she often forgot that she was not immune to the debilitating effects pleasure could have. As Cecilia gradually reduced her to a shuddering mess, however, she was reminded just how powerless she could be when faced with a slut as naughty as herself.

Black woman with afro groans while groped by white woman under purple lighting

Overhead, Cecilia eyed her lover with an impish expression. Abella’s blonde hair was splayed out around her pretty face like a distorted halo, giving her an almost angelic appearance – although this particular angel’s expression was twisted with sinful ecstasy. Wicked glee surged through Cecilia at the sight; Abella might have been a deviant at heart, but Cecilia was the one corrupting this new blonde body she had taken on. She was the one drawing groans and gasps from Abella’s plump lips, the one who had turned the tables on the woman who had spent all night claiming she was untouchable.

Well, for a slut who supposedly had no equal, Abella certainly didn’t sound like she had the upper hand anymore. On the contrary, she was writhing and wriggling beneath Cecilia’s thighs, sweat beading over her soft skin.

All at once, Abella’s hands came up to squeeze Cecilia’s tits. Groping them rough and hard, it was obvious that the busty blonde needed an outlet for the erotic energy coursing through her body and Cecilia made no effort to resist. Instead she tilted her head back and groaned, allowing the aching pleasure of Abella’s roving hands to wash over her.  

Fuck, she loved this body. She loved this reality. She understood now what the invitation had meant when it said the party would be life-changingly intense, although she could still barely believe she had been lucky enough to fall in with Abella. The Fantasy Family were clearly the VIPs of Club Fantasy so, given how many naughty lovers they had at their disposal amongst the orgy downstairs, Cecilia only hoped she was living up to Abella’s sordid standards.

Black woman with afro and blonde white woman kiss naked under purple lighting

Fortunately, it seemed she was. After a few minutes of further grinding, Abella let out a loud, lustful shriek. Her entire body tensed, trembling under Cecilia’s thighs for several seconds. Then she slumped back into the rug, her eyes closed and her chest heaving.

Still, she did not stay limp for long. Soon she had slipped out from under Cecilia’s thigh and risen onto her knees. From there she pulled Cecilia into a sensual kiss, her pale fingers working through her lover’s puffy afro.

When they parted lips, both women were breathing heavily and they pressed their brows together, holding one another close.

‘Why did you wait for me?’ Cecilia asked after a while of silence. Her heart was still pounding, although her breathing had slowed and she focused on the perfect warmth of Abella’s skin pressing against hers to try and calm herself.

‘Does it matter?’ Abella replied.

‘It does to me. When I arrived the whole club was packed with handsome men and beautiful women from wall to wall. You could have worked your charms on any one of them before I ever even turned up, or just thrown yourself amongst them all. But instead you resisted the temptation and waited for me. Why? What makes me so special?’

‘Oh, Cecilia,’ Abella breathed, planting a soft kiss on Cecilia’s lips. ‘Everything. You’re perfect. I knew you would be the second I laid eyes on you. If you really want to know why I waited, that’s simple: you were late.

‘You see, in my experience the people who arrive late to this place are the ones who most want to be here. They’re the ones who spent so much time preparing for the night that they didn’t realise they were running behind. They value the opportunity to be here so they want to look their best then wind up running late as a result. That’s what I look for in a lover: someone who isn’t going to waste their chance.

‘More importantly, that’s what the Family looks for in a new member. If you hadn’t been worth waiting for, the club would have closed its doors once everybody else was in. Instead, it left them open to wait for you. Because it knew you would see how special this place is once I showed you the power it holds. It knew you’d appreciate the new life you can have with us. That’s why I waited, Cecilia: because you’re someone worth waiting for.’

Struggling to keep her emotions under control, Cecilia embraced Abella tighter, refusing to cry in front of her. ‘Thank you,’ she said. ‘Thank you so much. I promise, I’ll never stop loving you for what you’ve done for me tonight.’

For a while they simply sat there hugging naked. The room was strangely quiet after all their horny moaning, although the silence was broken now and then by the screams and cries of other deviants throughout the building.

Only when Cecilia had suppressed the last of her unshed tears did she untangle herself from Abella’s arms. ‘So, what happens now?’

Abella smiled, an edge of mischief to her expression. ‘Well, first off, I think it’s time I introduced you to the rest of the Family. I have no doubt Phoenix will want to be the first to welcome you into our ranks, but she’s just the beginning. I hope you’ve got plenty of energy, because by the time we’ve finished with you tonight you’re going to know the true meaning of depravity: we take lust very seriously around here,’ she added with a wink. ‘After that, once the morning comes, everyone will leave and forget. The transformations will wear off and they’ll just remember tonight as a drunken party like any other. Not you though. It’s like I said when I gave you that drink – your transformation is on the house. You’re one of us now, gorgeous. And believe me, you’re going to love every second.’

Taking Cecilia’s hand, Abella turned to leave, but Cecilia held her back.

‘Is everything okay?’ Abella asked.

Cecilia nodded. ‘Everything’s fine. It’s just… well, I know I’ve said thank you already, but before we go and meet everyone, I wanted to really prove how grateful I am for everything. You’ve changed my life. I think that deserves some thanks – some very personal thanks.’

A fiendish smile played over Abella’s lips. ‘Of course, beautiful. Tell me, what did you have in mind?’

Matching Abella’s smirk, Cecilia sank back onto the rug and guided her lover’s hips over her face. ‘Here, let me show you…’

Multiple images of black woman with afro giving oral sex to white blonde woman under purple lighting

Thanks for reading!

Okay, I’m not going to lie, this story really is just an exercise in indulgence for me. I’m very aware it could have been a lot shorter and still made sense, not to mention the fact the main story/transformation doesn’t even get started until about halfway through, but to be quite honest I really don’t care. When I came up with the idea for Club Fantasy I knew it would be the perfect setting to incorporate lots of fun cameos, and what is a more organic way of bringing the Lake Fantasy and Fantasy Resort characters together than a no holds barred New Year’s Eve celebration? Yeah I know I probably spent much longer than necessary discussing the orgy and all the debauchery the Fantasy Family were getting up to, but I enjoyed every second of it so I have no intention of apologising for it.

That said, the main models in this scene are Cecilia Lion and Lilly Bell.

I’ll start with Bell since she wasn’t the original focus of this story. For a while I considered renaming Abella to Lilly for this piece to continue the trend of using the models’ names in these stories, however in the end I decided that would just get really confusing and so I opted against it. However, Bell still obviously played a massive part in this story and when paired with Lion she gave a truly unique atmosphere to this story. Seriously, every image in the gallery in the Cherry Pimps gallery this story is supported by is raw orgasm fuel and Bell’s exceptional performance is a huge part of that. Quite simply all her scenes are fucking incredible and I urge you to go and explore her portfolio as soon as possible – she may not have been my focus for this story, but I am beyond pleased that she is part of it.

Now to Lion. And to be honest, I really don’t know where to begin. In my opinion, Lion is unlike any other model on the scene today. She has an aura and a look all of her own and personally I simply cannot get enough of her. As petite as she is slutty, she never fails to imbue every scene she is in with an especially sexy quality, and I have been dying to include her in a Fantasy Universe story for ages now. She very nearly appeared in Fantasy Resort earlier this year, and the only reason she wasn’t the star of the first Club Fantasy story was because at the time I couldn’t settle on which gallery I wanted to use for her story since there were so many great ones to choose from. I even have another gallery of hers saved to write up at a later date as a sequel of sorts to this story – it barely lost out to the gallery I used here, but I really hope to write it up one day. It won’t be for a while yet, but however long it takes it is safe to say that Lion will be appearing on my blog again in the future. In the meantime, please be sure to go and support her in any way you can – if you ask me she’s not just one of the hottest black models in the industry right now, she’s one of the hottest models period, and if you’re anything like me you won’t be able to stop yourself returning to her portfolio over and over again.

Of course, plenty of other models made appearances in this story, however I won’t be sourcing their work. Pretty much all of them have shown up in either Lake Fantasy or Fantasy Resort before now with their own dedicated chapters, and they’re all only brief cameos anyway. That said, though I won’t be sourcing their work directly, I will still list their names in order of appearance so you can enjoy their work on your own time.

Image #1 (Collage): Dani Daniels, (I think) J Mac and assorted other models. I can’t name them all individually since I don’t know them and there are way too many, but it shouldn’t be too difficult to find who they are through the image gallery sourced below.

Image #2: Abella Danger.

Image #3: Diamond Jackson, Simone Sonay and Bill Bailey.

Image #4: Veruca James, Mick Blue and Michael Vegas.

Image #5: Megan Rain and Steven St Croix.

Image #6: Asa Akira and Kleio Valentien.

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