Little Shop of Hedonism: Transformation Temptation

Woman with dark hair lies on bed in dark red dress and black heels

Sinking down onto her bed with a blissful smile, Taylor sighed happily as the perfume’s magic washed over her. Though she had only owned it for a few days, the warm embrace of the transformation it granted was already familiar, like the arms of an old friend wrapping tight around her.

It was a swift process, the entire change taking only a few seconds, but for Taylor it felt far longer, every tiny alteration occurring in slow motion as if to allow her the chance to savour each heartbeat of the change.

Her skinny frame filled out into supple curves that seemed to go on forever, swooping down from the soft line of her neck over plump breasts and a fleshy ass, then down smooth, hairless golden legs. The tanned complexion of her new body was a far cry from the pale skin she was used to, while the stubborn zits and persistent imperfections which had so often impacted her self-esteem simply melted away, leaving her beautiful features flawless and stunning – features which themselves were shifting, those hard masculine edges her transition had not yet managed to shed now softening into gentler, more feminine lines. Her shoulder length bob retreated upwards into an even shorter style, although it remained just as dark and glossy as ever. She gasped as a particularly intense burst of pleasure bloomed over her crotch: her cock had shrunk an inch or two, the sensation sending an orgasmic shiver up her spine. Then, with a pleasant tingle, the magic of the perfume finished off her sultry look by materialising a sleek silk dress around her, the maroon material caressing her skin while a pair of stiletto heels strapped themselves around her feet.

Her transformation complete, Taylor smiled, plucking at the straps of her dress with jewelled nails. She didn’t think she was ever going to get used to the feeling, and for a few minutes she happily bathed in the lingering waves of pleasure washing over her.

Taylor had only owned the special perfume for a few days, but already it had completely changed her life.

Tired of putting up with low self-esteem and the judgement – both spoken and silent – that came with transitioning, as Christmas had approached she had decided there was no better time to treat herself to something special.

Having heard of the Little Shop of Hedonism and all the delightfully naughty products on offer there, she had practically skipped down to the store on Boxing Day morning, the Christmas money she had received from friends and family in hand. Before she had even set foot over the doorstep, she had fallen into animated conversation with the owner, Trix, who had been more than happy to help Taylor pick out the perfect product for her needs.

It had been a long visit. Keen not to waste her money on something ill-suited to her, Taylor had eventually settled on the unassuming little perfume bottle which now sat on her bedside table. By all accounts it seemed rather unremarkable, designed as a simple love heart with the fragrance name – Amour – written across the front in elegant lettering.

The perfume within, however, was anything but unremarkable. With just a few sprays she could skip over years of medical transition and finally feel as beautiful as she had always dreamed of being. Unsurprisingly, the sexy body she acquired while under the perfume’s effects had done wonders for her self-esteem, not to mention the magic imbued her with a confidence no amount of social judgement could ever hope to dull – then again, it wasn’t as though anybody had any interest in judging her perfume persona, not when they were busy ogling her stunning figure instead.

What was more, the personal changes weren’t the only benefits of the perfume, either. Because, as Trix had explained to her, it had the power to do more than just transform Taylor’s body. It could transform her life too.

As if on queue, those other effects took shape as, with a slam of a door and several heavy thumps on the staircase, Taylor’s stud for the night stormed into the room.

The man was tall and broad, a huge specimen of pure muscle and raw masculinity. His black hair was cropped short and neat, descending at the sides into a trimmed beard and moustache, while his eyes were intense, fixed on Taylor with almost intimidating desire. He was dressed in a pale green shirt and ripped jeans, but it was the contents of those jeans to which her gaze was immediately drawn, the thick bulge setting her mouth watering the instant he entered the room.

Trans woman with dark hair given anal sex by hunky man on bed

Trix’s words as she packaged up the perfume came back to Taylor. You have to be aware, the perfume will provide. Not just a new body or the confidence to be yourself, but the perfect man or woman to satisfy all your deepest needs. If you are feeling romantic, it will give you a passionate lover. If you want to get kinky, it will bring you a dominatrix or a forceful man. If you are craving an orgy, it will summon a crowd to join you. The perfume provides, and your pleasure is its primary purpose.

As if to prove Trix’s words true, the man immediately bore down on her, stripping off as he came. Dropping onto the bed, he made short work of her dress too, throwing it aside once it was removed before flinging her heels out into the hall.

Sprawled naked on the bed, Taylor slipped one hand down to grasp her rapidly hardening cock. Though the transformation had reduced its size she had always been a grower and as she began to jerk off the blissful pleasure of masturbation blossomed along her flushed shaft.

The second the man pressed the head of his cock against her shaved ass, however, her frantic tugging became an afterthought. Orgasmic heat rushed through her system and she gasped as he lifted her foot onto his chest, a huge hand clamped around her ankle to keep it in place.

Then he was inside her, his throbbing cock filling her eager hole.

Even as a groan escaped her lips, Taylor grinned wide: this was exactly what she wanted. After several days experimenting with the perfume’s magic, this evening she had no interest at all in foreplay or affectionate conversation. All she wanted was a man who knew how to use her. And that’s exactly what the perfume had provided.

The man’s thrusts were powerful and deep, bursts of pleasure crashing through Taylor’s hips with every forceful stroke. Throwing one hand back to clutch the sheets in an effort to ground herself, she gasped as her orgasm began to build, only for the stranger to shift his angle a fraction and strike a blow to her prostate, the sudden eruption of erotic energy shattering her budding climax.

Her eyelids fluttered as she tried to regain her bearings, but with his new angle allowing him to hit her P-spot again and again each new thrust left her dazed and reeling, the room fading away as pleasure engulfed her.

Trans woman with dark hair given anal sex by hunky man on bed

Lost in the fog of her own lust, Taylor didn’t have the first idea how long she lay at her lover’s mercy, only that when her lucidity returned he had manhandled her onto all fours where he was fucking her doggystyle.

And he wasn’t gentle about it either. With every roll of his hips Taylor’s plump tits shook, her dick dragged across the bedsheets and her fleshy ass rippled, waves of arousal tumbling through her. Her breath came in breathless gasps and her entire body ached with the pleasure; she could not have imagined a hotter stud to satisfy her carnal desires and every second at his mercy was a deviant, delicious experience.

Put simply, it all felt so fucking good.

Even so, as her lover continued to slam into her tight hole, an edge of concern crept into Taylor’s expression. Because, not for the first time, she began to wonder if perhaps the perfume had made things feel a little too good.

After all, she had not even had the magic perfume a week and the bottle was already half empty. Since buying it she had barely returned to her old body for more than an hour or two at a time, much preferring the pleasures of her perfume persona and the smoking hot studs and sluts it conjured up to satisfy her desires. In truth, Taylor had barely even eaten, the perfume’s effects staving off hunger or thirst to ensure even her basic needs did not interrupt her endless fucking.

She could already feel a dependence taking root, an addiction to the magical ecstasy the perfume could provide that sank all the way to her soul. To make matters worse, she had the distinct impression that the more she used it, the harder it would be to give up.

But perhaps she wasn’t too far gone yet. Perhaps if she disposed of the perfume and allowed her body to purge the magic from her system, then maybe she might be able to return to her old life. A life where she did not wake up every morning desperate to feel the perfume’s erotic embrace nor the desire to lose herself to the pleasures it could provide.

As if reading her mind and eager to dispel her thoughts, her lover suddenly pulled out and scooped her up from the bed with effortless ease. Depositing her into the plush armchair in the corner of the room, he immediately forced her up against the arm and sheathed himself in her ass once more with a gruff groan.

Taylor’s eyes rolled as his cock burrowed deep. This new position allowed him to penetrate even further, and the mixture of his throbbing cock and his hot chest pressed against her naked back sent erotic ecstasy swirling through her. Sweat beaded on her face and her brows knitted together, the pleasure almost too much to bear.

In that moment, Taylor’s tentative thoughts of giving up the perfume shattered and a broad smile swept over her pretty features. She had been right before, it was too good: too good to stop.

Nothing in her life had ever filled her with such orgasmic bliss before, and she had absolutely no intention of abandoning this passion when all it took was a few sprays to transform her life into a waking dream.

She didn’t care if the perfume was tempting her. She was happy to be corrupted.

Allowing desire to overwhelm her, Taylor’s smile faded as her lover wrapped one arm around her front and clamped one breast in his firm grasp. Her smirk was replaced by an expression of uncertain pleasure; her orgasm was beginning to build again, and this time his hard thrusts were only fuelling it further.

Using his hold on her to both grope her nubile body and keep her in place, the man’s groans devolved into primal grunts as he doubled his pace. The sudden burst of speed was all it took to push Taylor over the edge and with the slap of his thighs against her ass ringing out, she came hard over the cushions.

Her ecstatic cry seemed to excite her lover enough to awaken his own orgasm, because she felt his dick began to twitch wildly inside her. Another smile warped her lips: she was never giving this up.

Then, a seductive moan on her lips, Taylor began to grind her ass against her lover, eager to feel his seed filling up her slutty hole…

Trans woman with dark hair and hunky man have sex on sofa

Thanks for reading!

It’s a Christmas miracle! At long last, Daisy Taylor has made her debut on my blog!

For anyone who is into trans content, Taylor is an absolute must-see. I have wanted to write a story supported by her work for a long time as she is one my favourite trans models, and I am so glad I have finally been able to do so.

In truth, Taylor has nearly appeared in my work so many times before, however for one reason or another those stories have never reached fruition. Thankfully though, this one has. One thing I particularly enjoyed about this story is the fact that Taylor’s character was already trans prior to her transformation, which I don’t seem to see very often in TG erotica. More than that, I personally love that the magic perfume doesn’t push her all the way through her transition either. I think when writing transformation stories about trans characters there is often a temptation to ‘complete’ them by pushing them fully into the biological sex they identify as. However I think that can imply trans characters aren’t valid in their own story and that they are only whole once they are wholly one biological sex. Obviously, that is very far from the truth: Daisy Taylor is a stunning woman and I really wanted to emphasise that in this piece. My readers know I am always striving to represent all kinds of people in my stories, and while I’m still one for forced feminisation and the like, I really enjoyed exploring this story through the lens of a trans woman whose body isn’t fetishised as part of the plot purely because she is trans – she’s just a trans woman in an erotic story, simple as that.

Without gushing about her too much, Taylor is simply one of the best trans models in the industry today. While perhaps not as prolific as the likes of Natalie Mars, for example, she nonetheless boasts an impressive portfolio of profoundly sexy content and you seriously cannot go wrong when watching her work. I have no doubt she will show up in my work again – hopefully sooner rather than later – but in the meantime you shouldn’t waste another second in working your way through her entire portfolio. You will not regret it.

Taylor’s co-star in this scene is Ricky Larkin. I can’t speak as enthusiastically about Larkin but that’s only because I’m not as familiar with his work. What I have seen, however, is absolutely top-notch stuff. Larkin works with a lot of trans models – both male-to-female and female-to-male – so if you enjoy trans content he’s definitely worth your while. However he also works alongside other cis men as well in some very sexy gay scenes, so really there’s a lot to love about this hot hunk.

I would love to hear your thoughts on my work, so please leave me a comment!

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2 Thoughts on “Little Shop of Hedonism: Transformation Temptation

  1. Loving this series! In fact, I have a idea I would love to see you take a shot at. A woman who is known to be something of a stick in the mud, aka a prude, when it comes to sex, unknowingly buys a magic mirror. the mirror brings out her wanton, slutty nature that she has repressed for so many years.

    1. Hmm, that’s not a bad idea to be honest. I recall doing a story called Mirror, Mirror a while ago you might enjoy, but it wasn’t exactly this premise. I can’t guarantee I’ll get to this idea anytime soon since I have a lot of ideas already in the works – plus I would have to find a gallery I like that suits the premise – but I will be sure to add it to my list of ideas! And I’m glad you’re enjoying the series – I’m really happy with it so far and I am looking forward to adding more stories to it as time goes on!

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