Just before dawn, Greed reluctantly left Sofia’s body. The night had been a blur of passion, arousal and carnality, and while Mr. Graves slept soundly beside her she quietly vacated her host, a process far more gentle than the forceful way she had possessed Sofia the night before; when she and her siblings had first been released they had been roiling with fresh energy, but now even she was almost exhausted.

Slowly spilling from Sofia’s mouth and eyes, the tar-like essence that made up Greed’s natural form rose sluggishly into the air. Before she left, she turned her amorphous bulk in the direction of her former vessel, facing her as well as one could without a face.

Then, after taking a moment to admire the deliciously sinful deviant she had twisted Sofia into – naked in Mr. Graves arms, her skin still sticky with his dried cum – Greed pushed open a window and left in silence.

All across the city, her siblings were doing the same. Pride emerged through the balcony doors of the Midnight Terrace’s honeymoon suite. Lust wound through the club’s lobby and into the deserted street. Gluttony rose through a skylight leading down to a room littered with dozens of dozing black bulls surrounding two white beauties. At such an early hour, their only witnesses were sleepy vagrants and drunks who had not managed to find their way home the night before, none of whom would be believed even if they dared mention the hulking black forms slipping through the streets that morning.

With the first of the sun’s rays breaking over the horizon, the Sins found themselves together once again in the gloom of the basement where they’d been summoned. The furniture was in disarray, the ouija board sitting innocently on the table at the heart of the chaotic room. The board’s planchette was at the dead centre.

One by one, the Seven Sexy Sins returned to the void, vanishing through the hole in the planchette into the welcome dark. To stay in the mortal world any longer would see them wither and die – even hiding away in a host would have only protected them for so long – but the void was their sanctuary. There they could sleep.

Meanwhile, the corrupted vessels they had left behind were guided by the lingering effects of the Sins they had been possessed by, striding paths of depravity wherever they went.

Slim ebony woman wearing gold lingerie holds head of man eating her out

In her new body, the woman who had once been Isaac went by Isabelle, and very soon there was barely a man in the city who didn’t know her name.

By day, she could be found lounging around the most exclusive establishments around: VIP hotels, luxurious massage parlours, ludicrously expensive spas – the types of places that attracted only trophy wives, sugar daddy funded bimbos and spoiled heiresses, all of whom flocked to worship Isabelle like devout acolytes, as though her very presence oozed superiority.

And after winding the women of the upper class around her finger during the day, by night the city’s most elite nightlife venues became her hunting ground, their husbands and partners her prey. Wrapped in stunning designer attire from head to toe, right down to quadruple figure silk lingerie which might as well have had pure gold spun into the material, she drew slack-jawed, wide-eyed admiration in whichever club, gala or house of sin she chose to grace with her presence.  

Despite her infamy, however, only the lucky few she deemed worthy ever earned the chance to glimpse what sinful treasures lay beneath her luxurious clothing. After all, she wasn’t like some of her friends who would let any hot stud fuck them – as far as Isabelle was concerned, she deserved only the best. Any man incapable of meeting her high standards was entirely unworthy of her time.

Fortunately, whenever Isabelle found herself wanting for a deserving man, there was always someone else she could turn to. Before leaving her host, Pride had twisted the Moonlight Terrace’s receptionist, Ashley, into a naughty slut almost as insatiable as Isabelle. So naughty, in fact, that Isabelle’s new bestie with benefits was just as willing to kiss the lips between her friend’s soft thighs as she was to kiss those on her face while straddling the face of whichever lover Isabelle was riding that night.

Latina trans woman wearing black heels taken from behind on bed by hung lover

While Isabelle relished the almost hypnotic effect her prideful personality had on everyone she came into contact with, Envy’s fiendish meddling with the body and psyche of her host, Liv, had imbued the young woman with even more beguiling powers.

After being the vessel for the most jealous Sin, the world itself seemed desperate to satisfy whatever craving she desired. If she woke in the morning having dreamt of sensual lovemaking with a hung lover, just such a man would knock on her door shortly thereafter, needy for her body; if during the day she passed by a clothes store and took a fancy to one of the expensive dresses in the windows, when she went inside for a closer look she somehow always seemed to be a milestone customer, the prize for which was exactly the item she’d been coveting; and if while lounging in one of the booths at Armando’s club at night she caught sight of a married man she particularly liked the look of, the man’s wife always picked that exact moment to spark a blazing row, fling her wedding ring at him and storm off, after which he would practically fall into her arms.

What was more, on the arm of Armando Cruz, she had also earned the unyielding envy of countless other women across the city, many of whom had tried and failed to reel in the serial womaniser. Liv relished their jealousy. She couldn’t help it. It was just who she was, and she wasn’t about to deny the mischievous thrill that tickled her spine whenever some brazen woman approached her lover in the hope of seducing him from her clutches, only for him to publicly reject her, then salt her wounded ego by turning to Liv and passionately pressing his lips to hers.

If she was honest, Liv rather enjoyed allowing the world to believe she was Armando’s possession – a piece of ass he just couldn’t quit. Because somehow it made the fact that she knew who he really was deep down that much more arousing.

In reality, Envy’s command for Armando to crave Liv’s body still consumed him. The result was an infatuation so complete that while he followed her orders to act natural in the public eye, behind closed doors the truth was starkly clear: he was her puppet. At a single word he would drop to his knees and gorge himself on her girlcock, and during their long nights fucking like wild animals he would take her dick deep in his ass just as often as he plunged his own into hers.

Ever needy to both fuck and be fucked, Liv could not have asked for a more perfect partner – especially given that being with him gave her the pick of any lover she could possibly desire, from drunk, horny sluts, to bouncers so massive they made her look like a doll in comparison.

Slim oiled blonde woman gives oral sex to two hung black bulls in doorway of sunlit terrace

When she awoke the morning after Halloween surrounded by throngs of naked black bulls, Lucia had absolutely no memory of the life she’d led before that night. Even the name Lucas had been wiped from her thoughts. When she tried to think back to the time prior to her possession, her memories were only a blur of pleasure and sex, everything indistinct and vague.

Once the bulls stirred awake, however, her thoughts quickly turned to more present matters. And when there were so many huge black rods on offer to satisfy her rampant cocklust, she didn’t have any need to ponder her lack of memories.

To say Lucia became a hit with the local bulls in the following weeks would have been something of an understatement: she became their addiction. Completely consumed by her hunger for cum and her need to be used, there was nothing she would not do in the pursuit of another hot load. Her stamina was almost supernatural – in fact, some of her lovers swore blind she was some kind of succubus, a sinful creature designed purely for sex and impossible to exhaust – and as a result she was capable of coping with the rough, relentless use of dozens of bulls for hours on end without tiring, a skill which only lured in more men to fuck her once rumours of her depravity began to circulate. Some said she could even take nine men at once: three in each hole.

Her need for black cock was so intense that after waking up that morning and immediately resuming the carnal display of sluttiness Gluttony had started the night before, Lucia simply never went home. Instead she drifted amongst the houses of her many lovers, from penthouse pads where she could be fucked against windows with a stunning view of the city, to secluded mansions where she could ride and throat and jerk the cocks of her studs undisturbed around the pool. And whenever a bull found her standing on their doorstep, they were, of course, more than happy to accommodate her.

Over time, in fact, Lucia became less of a person and more of an accessory. A mindless whore the bulls could flaunt at parties. A depraved sex toy they could show off in front of their exes. Any time a group of bulls jetted off to sunny shores on vacation, Lucia was always in tow, just as eager to service their needs in tropical villas as anywhere else.

Then again, those bulls who stayed back home were never left wanting: Corina, the barwoman Gluttony had corrupted along with Lucas, was almost Lucia’s equal in insatiability. And while she was always willing to pleasure the bulls left behind while Lucia was abroad, the real fun came when the two besties were together and competing over who could drain the most cocks over the course of the night.

Busty woman with black hair reclines on sofa as man screws her

Although as a man Ethan had been undeniably lazy, after only a single night in Sloth’s clutches Eve, the sordid new woman she had twisted him into, embodied the Sin she’d been possessed by better than maybe any of her friends.

Implying she moved in with Damien the morning following their passionate Halloween night would have been somewhat misleading. The truth was, she simply never left. With everything she could possibly want contained within the walls of her lover’s luxurious home – from all the cocktails she could drink, to all the cock she could swallow – the outside world had nothing to offer her. As a result, she saw absolutely no reason to venture beyond the grounds at all.

From that day, his home was her palace, and she lounged around it with an appropriate level of shameless laziness for a woman who’d been moulded by the powers of Sloth herself. Every morning she would wake late in Damien’s huge bed and bask in the warm sunlight, playing with herself slowly until her insides were churning with white-hot arousal. Most days, she did not even bother to dress herself, preferring instead to strut around with her sumptuous curves on show, and her favourite hobby while her man was at work was sunbathing naked around his pool, watching porn and continuing to masturbate while snacking idly on huge bowls of fruit and sweet treats he dutifully prepared for her every morning while she slept. Then, once Damien returned home, all the orgasmic energy she’d built up during the day was released as he used her body like she was nothing more than a living sex doll.

Echoes of Sloth’s power enhanced every facet of Eve’s new life – including the fact that any weight she put on only ever went to her tits, ass or thighs – but by far her favourite was the effect her presence had on Damien’s stamina and libido. Like a living void, her lack of energy seemed to drive him to compensate, catalysing his lust and granting him almost limitless endurance.

Inevitably, the results of her unique aura, combined with her willingness to let Damien fuck her however he desired, were very sordid indeed. Some nights, he would tie her up tight in every conceivable bondage position, plunging his cock into her eager holes as she was suspended from the ceiling or bound to the bed or contorted into some other vulnerable position. Other evenings saw him return home with a new outfit of latex or leather or lace – or something altogether more depraved – for her to wear, outfits in which he would throw her around like a rag doll, keen to reduce his live-in whore to a babbling, brainless mess. Most often though, they simply spent their nights fucking like animals right through until morning, by which time Eve would be saturated in Damien’s sticky seed, a dumb smile playing over her cum-soaked lips.

And though they would eventually drag themselves from the bed and head for the shower together to clean themselves off, that only ever led to even more debauchery.

Blonde woman wearing strap-on dominates chained busty female slave in black stockings on leather sofa

While most of the Sins left their vessels with gifts of passion and pleasure, Rage’s possession had given Hannah something far more: an empire.

Reducing Brad to a needy slave was just the beginning. Over the course of Halloween night, Rage had systematically sought out everyone Hannah had ever hated and administered the same treatment. And given that hate was something which came easily to Hannah, that list was a long one. So long, in fact, that by the time Rage was finished, everyone from the bratty cheerleader who’d ridiculed Hannah’s style, to the disinterested barista who’d spelled her name wrong on her coffee cup the week before were bowing at her feet, transformed into perfectly obedient slaves desperate to worship her.

With her slaves in place, and her fraternity house turned mansion of mischief full of everything she required to fulfil the fantasies of anyone willing to pay for her services, the following morning found Hannah wake as the perfect dominatrix.

By the end of the day, she already had her first clients who were more than willing to pay for the privilege of having her unleash all her internalised fury on them. By the end of the week, she was fully booked for the next year. By the end of the month she had started training protégés purely to keep up with the demand.

Before long, she was almost as naturally corruptive as the Sin she’d been possessed by. Everything she touched turned to depravity. Her clients inevitably became addicted to her services, draining their bank accounts dry in order to fund their obsession. Under her tutelage even the most reserved woman could be turned into a cold, cruel dominatrix within a matter of hours. And while her oppressive presence could render any man or woman her whimpering slave within the confines of her dungeon, even those she passed in the street shuddered as she brushed by, silently aware that if she’d ordered them to do so they would have knelt and worshipped her body right there on the pavement.

As satisfying as her empire of sin was, however, there was one gift Rage had given Hannah that obscured all the others.

In a final fit of fury before vacating Hannah’s body, Rage had transformed Brad beyond recognition. His cropped hair had swept down into blonde locks, his toned body had grown soft and feminine, and his useless cock had retracted into a virgin pussy as two fat breasts burst from his chest. Utterly submissive, Brandi now had one extra hole for her mistress to use, and her screams of both pain and pleasure could often be heard ringing through Hannah’s mansion.

Locked away in Hannah’s personal chambers, more of a sex toy than a person, Brandi soon become the perfect slave. One Hannah always delighted in using, even though she couldn’t quite remember why she enjoyed hatefucking her so much.

Slim black-haired woman in sheer lingerie worshipped by four female lovers playing with her body and using sex toys on her ass

Just as Lust had promised, everywhere Addison went after the fateful night of her possession, shameless depravity followed. It was as though the very sight of her simultaneously stirred up all the deepest, naughtiest desires of anyone who laid eyes on her and also burned their hesitations to cinders. In her presence, nothing else seemed to matter but indulging in pure, unabashed hedonism, something Addison took every opportunity to revel in.

The first unwitting victims to fall prey to her corruptive appeal were a trio of handsome studs working out at a gym a few blocks away from the club Lust had spent the night in. The moment Addison strode up to them they could not help but begin groping her tight, sumptuous body, and within minutes all three of her holes were stretched wide with cock, the men grunting and groaning as they pounded her to a soundtrack of impish laughter and whispered encouragement.

From there, her sinful aura transformed her life into a waking porn film. While jogging in the park ripped bulls would be lured into her wake and follow her into the undergrowth for some steamy action; the nuru massages she delighted in several times per week invariably ended in a very unprofessional manner; any waitress who served her at the lavish restaurants she frequented usually spent the night with their face buried between Addison’s thighs.

But there was one place where Addison’s presence became a far more potent drug: her club. The Lust Lounge as it was now called was the place to be for every horny hunk and salacious slut, and as far as the wider world was concerned that’s all it had ever been; a little of Lust’s magic had seen to it that the world no longer remembered the old club, nor the previous owner who was now a member of Addison’s inner circle – a busty, mischievous whore by the name of Kyra.

Within the club’s walls, there was only one rule: explore your fantasies. Patrons took to the dancefloor wearing everything from figure-hugging latex catsuits to underwear that was little more than lengths of cord. For the right price, the dancers and bar staff were all willing to accompany a horny guest into one of the many private rooms, while the bouncers ended most nights with a drunk nympho or needy twink bouncing on their cocks. Every booth had a curtain that could be drawn across for a little privacy, the red strobe lights seemed to induce a state of perpetual arousal, and rather than bottles of alcohol the shelves behind the bar were lined with all manner of sordid sex toys guests could rent out for the night.

And for a lucky few, an even greater prize awaited. Only those she deemed naughty enough ever had the privilege of entering Addison’s chambers, but for those who did life was never the same. Basking in the presence of a woman who had been possessed by the most lustful creature in the universe, their inner deviants soon rose to the surface, their sole desire to fuck themselves senseless.

Most nights Addison could be found surrounded by a bevy of adoring lesbian sluts worshipping her perfect body. However, even when her girls were stuffing her holes with toys and running their lips over her supple skin, Addison was always willing to allow the right man to join in their fun. After all, she had a wardrobe full of thick strap-ons her whores could don, not to mention something of a soft spot for obedient sissies willing to submit themselves to alpha bitch mistresses.

Slim woman with black hair receives anal sex from hung man on table

Though it was Sofia’s greed which had driven her to unwittingly summon the Sins in the first place, she could never have envisioned the lavish, luxurious life it would result in.

Armed with beguiling beauty, a body to die for and an effortless talent for seduction, not to mention an intoxicating presence which compelled anyone she set her sights on to fall desperately and irrevocably in love with her, it did not take long before she became the worst kept secret in the whole city. Very soon the wives of wealthy men were keeping their spouses on a tight leash, concerned that if they let their husbands go out alone Sofia might swoop in and steal them away. She was the fear of every trophy wife and sugar baby, a wraith in the night hunting for fresh prey to corrupt and blackmail.

Then again, not even those wives who tried to steer their husbands clear of Sofia were safe from her charms. After all, she was a woman of varied tastes, and so long as her lovers were willing to pay to keep things discreet, she didn’t much care who was paying, male or female. Besides, the kind of men who could afford to keep a trophy wife around the house were often out working for much of the day. Plenty of time for an opportunistic slut like Sofia to swoop in, seduce her rival into bed and leave with a thick wad of cash in her hand and drying pussy juices glistening on her lips. Like a spider catching flies in her web, she quickly had dozens of the city’s social elites eager to pay for her services – even a few married couples whom she was fucking separately without their spouses knowing.

Sofia bought her penthouse within only a few months of her possession. According to the real estate agent a famous celebrity had put in an unbeatable offer for the place, however after spending a few private hours with Sofia he had rejected them in a heartbeat, and he became a regular guest in her bedroom, one of the few men she allowed to fuck her for free.

Her other guests all followed a simple arrangement: arrive with her agreed upon payment in hand, place it on the table in the lounge, then the night could begin. From there, they would spend the night exploring every possible sexual position in every room of her penthouse – although for most of the men she made love to, there was one hole they wanted to pound more than the others, and that cost extra.

Despite the way she earned her living, Sofia didn’t consider herself an escort. Instead, she thought of herself as a gift – she was allowing the richest men and women of the city to explore their most sensual fantasies with a truly carnal slut. A little payment was the least they could do to compensate her for such a selfless act.

Meanwhile, as the naughty band of friends lived out their lives of hedonism and debauchery, the Sins who had possessed and transformed them slept in the empty, endless void they’d been summoned from. Silent. Waiting.

And when another misguided soul opens a door to their realm, they will awake with new life, eager to sow a little more sinful mischief…

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