Slim tattooed woman poses in sheer red lingerie

Quietly pleased with herself, Lust admired the entourage she’d acquired on the way through the lap dancing club. Dressed like queens, the two beautiful women giggled girlishly, each sandwiched between a pair of handsome men resplendent in fine suits and polished dress shoes. The way the men ran their hands over their supple curves, it was difficult to believe none of them had ever even met before Lust swept through the bar.

Though Addison was undoubtedly a good host – the memories of all her slutty escapades were vivid in Lust’s mind, in fact, enough to make even her shiver with arousal – Lust hadn’t even waited to hit the streets before transforming herself, Addison’s cutesy girl-next-door look simply not to her tastes.

As always, her transformation was more intense than all her siblings’ combined and she had howled with mind-bending pleasure so intense it would have sent any mortal mad in an instant; being the physical incarnation of desire itself had plenty of perks, a heightened sensitivity to physical stimulation perhaps her favourite of all.

Lust hadn’t merely enhanced Addison’s appearance. She had perfected it. Her short brunette bob had wound down into glossy tresses the colour of midnight; the small daisy tattoo on her right shoulder had blossomed into a badass design of roses stretching from elbow to collarbone; her soft features had grown striking, with brows sharp enough to cut glass and a smile hot enough to melt it. Lust had forsaken Addison’s golden tan in favour of a paler complexion – in her experience, the purity of porcelain flesh drew the eye far more effectively – and once she was satisfied with her new body, she’d made short work of her host’s outfit. In seconds the pink crop top and leather trousers were gone, and when she stepped out into the street the silvery moonlight had illuminated an all but transparent red lace lingerie set and black pinstripe stockings topped with silk bows.

Even there, miles away from the city centre, she’d been able to taste the desire emanating from the lap dancing club on the air. After a short taxi ride (a flash of her tits had been all the payment her driver required) she’d found herself outside, the atmosphere of lust spilling from the doors saturating her every pore. She’d taken a moment to bask in it, smiling blissfully, then she had simply strutted past the lengthy queue of deviants waiting to be admitted, the bouncer stepping aside so quickly he almost fell over. Nobody protested – they were far too busy eyeing her swaying ass to bother.

Inside, the place was alive with desire. She could sense it in everyone around her. The quickened pulse of a man receiving a dance in a booth; the heat in the loins of a dancer grinding up against a particularly handsome gentleman nearby; the sweat on the brow of the bartender as a woman leaned over the bar, successfully drawing his eye to her cleavage. It washed over her in waves, the unspoken fantasies of every last man and woman around her as easy to read to her as if they were written over their brows.

As she had sashayed through the club her new subjects had formed around her almost as though they had rehearsed it. Without even bothering to excuse themselves, they had abandoned those they were with and wordlessly dropped into step behind her. She could hardly blame them for falling for her so easily; even amongst the ranks of lustful guests, the six hedonists now before her were blinding beacons of depravity. It was only natural that her presence would draw them in.

Keen to see how quickly she could corrupt them, Lust had led them to one of the club’s private rooms, the windowless walls hung with decorative black and red curtains while the sparse furniture was limited to a few padded black pouffes connected by a matching bench and several large black dog sculptures, their cushioned backs at the perfect height to support someone should they decide to lean over.

And no sooner had she closed the doors than all six perfect strangers devolved into carnal beasts.

Slim woman in red lingerie films pigtailed woman in erotic schoolgirl outfit give oral sex to one man while being taken from behind by another

The shorter of the two women was the first to pounce. Dressed in a skimpy schoolgirl outfit of pink shirt and revealing pleated skirt, she had been the first to fall into place by Lust’s side, stepping down from the stage on which she’d been pole dancing to join her. Her deep brown hair was worn in two long pigtails and her pretty face was made up with hues of pink and red, giving her the faintest air of a rosy-cheeked porcelain doll. The thick lace garter belt tattooed around her left thigh, however, added a naughty edge to her look.  

Before her prey even realised what was happening she had torn off his tailored jacket and set upon his shirt with equal savagery, the buttons hissing away as she ripped it from him. In seconds, his luxurious outfit lay in a tattered heap beside the nearby pouffe and her slender fingers were stroking his rising cock as she turned her attention to the other man leering over her.

Lust conjured a handheld camera with a flourish of her hand. It was an older model, but she preferred it – it reminded her of the unforgettable orgy she’d sparked back in the sixties, which she had filmed on just such a device.

Sinking down onto her elbows and knees on the raised bench connecting the two pouffes she angled it towards the pigtailed woman.

Both the stripper’s gentleman companions were now naked, their rock hard cocks in her grasp and their eyes rolling as she jerked them off with a devious smile. Catching sight of Lust’s camera she released one of the men to blow a kiss before licking her palm and returning to the task.

‘What’s your name, beautiful?’ Lust purred, delighted by the insatiable gleam in the woman’s eyes.

‘Chastity,’ she replied.

Lust gave a wicked laugh. ‘Of course it is. Well, Chastity, how about you show me what a little slut you are? Impress me and I’ll make your life a waking wet dream.’

The stripper didn’t need telling twice. In fact, Lust knew she didn’t even need telling once, she simply enjoyed encouraging her acolytes to corrupt themselves, which Chastity now did with careless abandon.

An abundance of high value notes fluttered to the floor as she whipped off her thong, then the next moment she was driving one of the men down onto the bench. Barely had he sat down than she had dropped onto all fours on the pouffe and engulfed his twitching cock in her plump pink lips. The man gave a gasping groan, his jaw falling slack as she simultaneously gorged herself and urgently jerked the length she could not swallow.

At the same time, she bobbed her ass like some kind of erotic lure, drawing the second man in. Soon he too was plunging into one of her slutty holes, one hand clutching her soft ass to help him thrust hard and deep into her insides.

Hot sweat broke over Lust’s brow; she loved this part most of all. She loved it even more than when her turn came to join in. The sinful shamelessness of the three deviants was just so painfully hot. Groaning and grunting, the men fucked Chastity’s holes as though they were paying for the pleasure, the ripples from each thrust rolling over her supple flesh. Their muscles looked like slabs of marble shifting beneath velvet, while her body was cushioned and soft and enticing all over as she slobbered of her lover’s thick cock, moaning sensually.

Fuelled by Lust’s presence, Chastity was a vessel of pure slutty desire, and Lust could feel her pussy growing wet just watching.

Then again, Chastity wasn’t the only whore in the room having some fun.

Slim woman in red lingerie films brunette woman in erotic lingerie give oral sex to one man while being taken from behind by another

The other woman in the room was one of the club’s serving girls. Lust had sensed the secret whore buried inside her the second she laid eyes on her, and the way she looked at the strippers and dancers writhing up on stage made it perfectly clear she wished she could join them.

In fact, Lust couldn’t quite fathom why the woman wasn’t performing. She was certainly hot enough to have guys falling over themselves to admire her if she so desired. Maybe she’d said something to piss off the boss or had a rivalry with one of the dancers.

Whatever the reason, Lust intended to fulfil all the girl’s wildest dreams. She cut a striking figure, her attire consisting of tasselled lace lingerie over which she wore a mesh top, matching black stockings which were ripped in a fishnet pattern down the front, and velvet heels the colour of vintage merlot. Her long dark hair was held back by jewelled clips, her nails looked like shards of polished obsidian and a pattern of false gems had been arranged over her brow, giving the impression that she had just stepped in from a raucous rave.

Well, at least she had looked that way upon entering the room. Now, just like Chastity, her clothes were in disarray and she was groaning around the cock of one man while the other used his grip on her ass and shoulder as leverage to pound her exposed pussy.

‘Mmmh, you’re such a little slut, aren’t you?’ Lust purred, grinning as the girl winked into the camera. ‘And who might you be?’

The young woman went to pull away from the man she was going down on, but his hand was on her head forcing her back into position before she could answer.

‘This is Maya,’ he groaned as she resumed her work eagerly, her tongue darting out to swirl around his shaft. ‘She’s new around here. Only had the job a week. The boss already has her pinned as a future star though.’

Lust didn’t need to ask how the man knew so much about her: he had been escorting a rowdy customer from the club when she swept by and drew him into her wake. As one of the doormen it was his job to know all of the staff.

She smiled down at Maya, stroking back a stray lock of hair which had fallen across the slut’s face. ‘Ah, so that’s why you weren’t up onstage entrancing all those sleazy fuckers in the audience. You just haven’t been given your chance to shine yet. Well now you’re one of my girls that’s all going to change. Stick with me, gorgeous, and there won’t be a man in this city who doesn’t dream of fucking you senseless.’

‘What are you going to do her?’ gasped the other man, his face twisted with pleasure as Maya bobbed her ass against him, her pussy swallowing his huge cock with ease.

‘The same thing I’m going to do to all of you: give her the life she’s always dreamed of. After all, we’re friends now, aren’t we? Just being near me has done this to you, and by the time the night is up you’ll be the insatiably lustful deviants you were born to be. And the first thing I’m going to do for you all is show the world just how fucking filthy you are. Once I upload this film to the internet, everyone is going to be able to see who you really are.’

Lust giggled as her words drove the six hedonists wild with arousal. Her own arousal, meanwhile, was getting to be almost unbearable. After all, she’d seen all four men cast aside their wedding rings while the women disrobed them, and she refused to believe either Chastity or Maya were single, not when they were as sinful as they were attractive. The knowledge that mere minutes in her presence had been enough to drive all thought of their partners from their mind, that they had willingly allowed their desire to consume them… it was so hot Lust could barely contain herself.

Her pussy was dripping wet, and as the men set about tearing off the rest of their whores’ clothes, Lust couldn’t help but rip off her panties and run her fingers over her slick sex.

Slim woman in red lingerie films pigtailed woman in erotic schoolgirl outfit and brunette woman in black stockings receive double anal from hung men

A sensual groan escaped Lust’s lips as all four men suddenly grew even rougher. As though they were all of the same mind, they frantically tore at the clothes of their lovers, tearing them off until Chastity was entirely naked and Maya was left wearing only her stockings and heels. And with their nubile, fuckable bodies on full display, the men were immediately hungry to corrupt both women completely.  

Maya was the first to be dragged into a new position, her fat tits bouncing as she was wrenched away from the doorman’s cock and flipped onto her back. Seeing where things were going, the man Chastity had been going down on darted underneath Maya and pulled her onto his chest before sinking his throbbing cock into her tight ass.

Her groan was orgasmic. But the moment the doorman likewise pushed into the same hole, her groan became a scream of erotic ecstasy. Her chest heaved as the doorman pinched her nipples, using his grip on her thigh to drive inside her while the other man bucked up from beneath.

‘H-holy sh-it,’ she stammered, her words broken by their passionate thrusting. ‘I’ve n-never had a guy f-fuck my ass. I d-d-don’t know if I c-an ta-ake two.’

‘Of course you can, gorgeous,’ Lust purred, dripping wet and so hot with arousal she was sweating. She stroked Maya’s cheek softly. ‘You’re just like me now – you’re one of my whores. From tonight onwards, the filthier the fuck, the more you’ll love it. You want this. Isn’t that right?’ Maya nodded, her breath coming in horny gasps. Lust smiled. ‘That’s right. You know you want it. But just to make things a little easier for you, let me help.’ Leaning forward, she planted a kiss on Maya’s bejewelled brow, her magic dispelling any remaining hesitations in the woman’s mind and catalysing her arousal.

The next second, Maya was rocking against her lovers and urging them on.

Turning to film Chastity again, Lust found the stripper’s ass already stretched wide by the cocks of her own two men. The man who’d been fucking Maya earlier was stood over her playing with her swollen clit, while the one who’d been fucking her was now laid on the pouffe beneath her, his broad hands clutching her thighs and his face twisted with agonised pleasure as he buried himself within her again and again. Though her petite tits didn’t bounce as enticingly as Maya’s and she made barely any noise, her jaw hanging uselessly as the pleasure robbed her of the ability to even form a groan, the men were no less infatuated by her; after all, her tight body was lighter and thus easier to throw around, while one glance of her innocent face warped with pleasure – eyes rolling, drool trickling from her lips – was rocket fuel for their libido, driving them to pound her with relentless force.

No longer gagged by cock, both women soon found their voices. And once they did, all they could think to do was beg for more.

‘Fuck my naughty hole, you bastards!’ Maya cried, hooking her ankle over the doorman’s shoulder to pull him in deeper. ‘Fuck me like you mean it! Fill me with your hot cum! I want to be fucking gushing once you’ve finished with me!’

Chastity, meanwhile, opted to insult her lovers. ‘Is that really all you’ve got?’ she scoffed even as her entire body shuddered with their ferocious thrusting. ‘You’re pathetic, do you know that? Both of you. I know altar boys who’d be a better fuck than you.’ Her ploy worked, and before long they were fucking her so hard all she could do was scream.

Slim woman in red lingerie receives double anal from hung lovers

Without warning, Lust was weightless. The sudden violence with which the doorman lifted her into his arms took her off guard, disorienting her so much that both he and one of Chastity’s lovers had already plunged into her ass before she realised what was happening.

Momentarily paralysed, her orgasmic groan caught in her throat and the camera fell from her limp grasp. Then ecstasy was tearing through her and she was howling with pleasure.

This was always her favourite part of the night. Whatever host she took, man or woman, her presence always attracted an entourage of inwardly depraved acolytes, with whom orgiastic debauchery inevitably took place. And in every orgy there was a moment when her new lovers set their sights on her, often without warning, and dragged her into their arms to fuck as though their lives depended on it.

That was when the fun really began.

‘That’s it, use me hard,’ she groaned, her eyes closed as she beamed blissfully. ‘Oh yes, you’re so fucking hot when you can’t control yourselves. All you want to do is fuck my slutty holes until you collapse. Do it. Let your lust consume you. Worship me. Oh yes, worship me!’

And worship her they did. Needily pummelling her ass, both men grunted and growled like wild beasts, while both Maya and Chastity urged them to use Lust harder and deeper and rougher, all while they rode their own lovers, their groans and giggles swirling through the air like cloying mist.

Allowing herself to be groped and used, Lust glanced over at the girls. ‘This is the first night of the rest of your lives,’ she groaned, spreading her pussy lips for them to admire. ‘You’re my inner circle now. All of you. And after tonight wherever we go naughtiness will follow. Addison will be your queen, you her court of hedonists, and the whole city will crave the chance to serve us.’

She smiled a mischievous smile then, her exposed tits jiggling. ‘But a queen needs her palace, doesn’t she?’ Twisting to face the doorman lying beneath her, she ran her pussy juice soaked fingers through his hair. ‘I have a job for you, baby. I bet you know where to find the owner of this club. Put your clothes on and go fetch him for me. I need to speak to him. Chastity, you can go with him,’ she added.

Obediently both deviants began redressing. As they did so, Lust was hefted into the lap of her remaining lover while Maya continued to bounce up and down on the thick cock sheathed inside her ass as her bull sucked hungrily on her tits. The man Chastity had abandoned, meanwhile, was soon groaning again as Lust’s pale fingers coiled around his shaft to feverishly jerk him off.

Chastity was partially dressed before Lust changed her mind. She had intended for the petite slut to entice the club’s owner back to the room with the promise of some action, but she could not bear to let the naughty little thing out of her sight for an instant. Besides, she was sure the doorman could handle him.

Ordered to stop and join Lust and Maya once more, Chastity was riding her lover’s cock again before the doorman had even left the room. 

‘Why do you want to see the boss, mistress?’ Chastity asked after he was gone, rotating her hips to the sound of her bull’s breathless groans.

Lust chuckled – she’d been hoping someone would ask that. ‘Well I don’t think there’s any better palace for me to rule from than this place right here. Once it’s under my control it won’t just be a strip club, it will be an outright den of depravity; the sounds of our sins will draw in every stud and slut in the city. But we have to get the current boss out of the way first. Luckily, the way I see it, we have four men and only three women in our ranks. We’re missing a whore. I’m sure the boss can help us with that though.’

At that moment, the door opened and the doorman ushered the club’s owner inside. A wicked smile twisted Lust’s lips and she beckoned the man forwards with a seductive finger. ‘Just the man I wanted to see. Come here, gorgeous,’ she said sweetly, her magic already beginning to tear through his body, transforming him with every step. ‘We have business to discuss…’

Slim woman in red lingerie, pigtailed woman in white bra and brunette woman in black stockings all receive anal from hung lovers

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The models in this scene are Anna De Ville, Martina Smeraldi, Malena Nazionale (who also seems to be known as Malena La Pugliese), Kristof Cale, Charlie Dean, Lutro, Vince Karter.

If I’m completely honest, there really isn’t that much I can say about any of these models. I’m pretty much entirely unfamiliar with all of them – in fact, Anna De Ville is the only model I’d heard of before this – so I can’t really make any informed recommendations on what type of content they all produce and thus which models might be best suited to which tastes.

That said, I personally thought all the models in this scene put on a fantastically lustful show through this gallery, which is exactly why I chose it to support the scene for Lust herself. I certainly hope I am able to use some of their work in future stories – all three ladies, in particular really caught my eye while writing this – but in the meantime please do go and show them some love by exploring their portfolios.

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