‘Hey Brad,’ Wrath cooed. The sweetness of her tone was revolting on her tongue, but she wanted to lure her prey into a false sense of security before bringing his world crashing down.

As she’d expected, the athletic jock was more than receptive. Crossing the room somewhat unsteadily, he beamed even as his pint sloshed over the cuff of his shirt, saturating it. There was a lustful gleam in his eye as he wrapped his arm around her shoulders – it was all she could do not to snap it clean off and beat him with his own fist.

‘I knew it. I knew you wouldn’t be able to stay away,’ he chuckled. ‘You got a taste of the B-man and now you only want more, don’t you? Don’t worry, babe, there’s more than enough of me to go around. Say, how about you call one of your friends and see if they want a little action too? That Addison girl is kind of cute.’

Again, Wrath forced herself not to put the drunken bastard through a wall. Fortunately, he was too focused on her tits to notice the icy fury in her eyes as she shook her head. ‘No, not tonight. I’m not in the mood to share. How about we go somewhere a little more private, babe? I’m so fucking horny. I think you can help with that.’

‘Your wish is my command,’ Brad said, guiding Wrath through the jostling crowd with one hand on her ass. His stupid grin and gleeful eyes made it clear he couldn’t quite believe his luck, and with minutes he’d rushed her upstairs away from the party.

After possessing Hannah, Wrath hadn’t much cared who she’d taken out her rage on first. Instead she had simply sifted through the girl’s memories searching for someone Hannah hated then immediately set about hunting down the first individual who sprang to mind. Hannah’s reasons for hating Brad had been inconsequential – Wrath had merely wanted someone to punish.

Now though, in Brad’s presence, she completely understood Hannah’s loathing for him. She’d found him dressed as Count Dracula at a house party his fraternity were hosting, and she’d loathed Hannah’s ex the second she’d laid eyes on him. Sleazy, egotistical and clearly convinced Hannah’s nubile body was a trophy to be won, the very sight of him made her blood boil. Wrath couldn’t blame her host for dumping him – the memories of the relationship she and Brad had shared made it clear he had nothing satisfactory to give in any area of a relationship. That said, Wrath could sense the furious betrayal playing on Hannah’s mind even months after she’d caught Brad cheating, and tonight that would be the perfect fuel to help her host enact her revenge.

Wrath struggled not to break out laughing as Brad locked the bedroom door behind them and turned to her with a roguish smile. True, even pissed he was undeniably suave, and any other girl might have swooned under his sensual stare.

To Wrath though, he looked utterly pathetic.

‘You’re such a fucking loser, do you know that?’

Brad frowned as though he couldn’t quite fathom the insult. ‘Excuse me?’

‘You heard me. You’re a loser. I mean you seriously think any girl would actually be into a top-tier capital D douchebag who thinks he’s Brad fucking Pitt? I’ve seen all Hannah’s memories of her time with you – once you take that cock out of your pants you’re just a mindless moron who can barely tell the difference between a clit and a tit.’ She allowed the hatred to warp her pretty face into a disgusted scowl. ‘Hannah’s wanted to teach you a lesson ever since you broke up. And now I’m here, that’s exactly what I’m going to do. But first, I think it’s about time I make a few improvements.’

Blonde woman in purple latex outfit poses in dungeon with flogger

Though she had possessed Hannah less than an hour before, Wrath’s transformation felt as though she was sloughing off a stuffy, ill-fitting outfit she’d been forced to wear for far too long.

Every inch of her figure tightened, from her brow to her shoulders to her calves, any shred of unnecessary fat evaporating to leave her slim, toned and breathtakingly hot. Rosy pink gloss swept over her pursed lips, her piercing eyes were swallowed by smoky black shadow and her sleek brown hair restyled itself, rising up to afford her another inch or two in height then tumbling down at the back, the colour rapidly draining away into bleached blonde locks.

Her attire shifted too, the band tee and ripped skinny jeans Hannah had been wearing during the séance giving way to a sumptuous translucent purple latex outfit which clung to the lines of her body as tight as a devoted lover. Petite as they were, Wrath’s soft breasts looked impossibly enticing in the dark cups of her spotted latex dress, her nipples just visible within, while her bare pussy was cast in a triangle of shadow, temptingly close and yet somehow further away than when it had been hidden in Hannah’s jeans. Matching latex stockings clung to her porcelain legs and a pair of black heels pushed her up higher still as a purple-tailed flogger appeared in her red-nailed grasp.

By the time she was complete, Hannah’s hardened tomboy look was no more. Wrath’s new body was the picture of divine latex perfection, though her gaze was just as witheringly cold as before.

And it was a gaze that fell on a very different room than the one Brad had led her into. The large bed and tall wardrobes were gone, the walls now bare, grey-painted brick lined with a cornucopia of painful looking bondage instruments hanging from wooden hooks. A grid of raised wooden platforms criss-crossed the room with floors of exposed concrete filling the depressed segments in between, totalling six in all. In each of these lowered squares there stood a different item of furniture including a towering steel cage in one corner and a spiked metal chair in the other.

But it was to the leather-padded table that Wrath turned with a chilling smile.

Stark naked and grunting with discomfort, Brad bent over the table with his hands cuffed behind his back. Slotted through a hole towards the back of the table, his cock and balls could be seen dangling in the shadows beneath, the tell-tale gleam of metal bars enclosing his genitals ensuring he could not stand up without leaving his caged manhood behind.

Stalking over to him, Wrath curled one hand around his chin and lifted him to face her. ‘See. I told you. You’re pathetic. No real stud would allow themselves to be caged in a hot domme’s dungeon.’

‘I… I don’t understand,’ Brad gasped, the position limiting his ability to breathe.

Wrath’s already wicked grin grew sinister. ‘I know. So allow me to spell things out for you.’

Blonde woman in purple latex outfit rubs ass against face of restrained naked male slave

Pivoting around, Wrath pressed her latex-clad ass hard against Brad’s face. Her plump cheeks moulded around his mouth and nose, all but suffocating him, her dress squeaking as she ground her rump slowly up and down. Erotic heat burst through her hips and her pussy shivered as Brad struggled to pull away, the desperation in his movements turning her on more than anything else.

For a few moments, Brad wrestled against his bonds, his cries of protest muffled by her ass. Then he fell abruptly still and a mischievous smirk rose on Wrath’s lips; she knew what came next.

All at once, Brad was worshipping her ass. Pressing his face harder into the cleavage of her rump, he ran his tongue frantically over the latex as though he hoped if he did so hard enough it might tear and allow him to bury himself between her fleshy cheeks. The legs of the table creaked as he fought to get closer, the tendons in his neck rigid with the strain.

High on arousal, Wrath ran her hands sensually over his curves, squeezing her breasts, running her fingers between her thighs and savouring the deeply erotic texture of her rubbery second skin.

She lived for this moment, for when her new slaves broke without even knowing why. Like all her siblings, her very presence was an infection, capable of corrupting mortals without her even breathing a word. And now Brad was succumbing to Wrath’s infection. All he could think to do was worship his new goddess.

Even so, he had not yet crumbled completely.

Mustering just enough strength to resist her charms, he managed to pull himself free of her ass for a second or two. ‘What the fuck?’ he wailed. ‘Why am I doing this? What have you done to me?’

Wrath’s hand was on his head in a heartbeat, forcing him back into his rightful place and holding him there firmly. Immediately he began lapping hungrily again. Wrath chuckled coldly.

‘You’re doing this because you belong to me now, you pathetic little runt. Every second you spend in my presence my magic works its way a little deeper into your mind, twisting you up and changing you into a perfect plaything for me to use and abuse. It’ll take a little while before it ruins you completely, but I think that’s only fair. After all, Hannah has craved nothing but revenge on you for months. It’s only right that the last thing you ever experience before you become my mindless faggot is total humiliation.’

Brad attempted to pull away again, but Wrath’s grip was too firm and his words were rendered inaudible by her ass. Still, Wrath didn’t need to hear them to know that he was asking what she intended to do with him.

‘I’m going to show you where you belong, moron. And where you belong is under my heel. Your body is already betraying you, and soon your mind will too. If it’s any consolation though, before long you won’t even remember who you were before you met me. And neither will anyone else. You see, this isn’t your frat house anymore. I didn’t just change this room. The whole building is mine now. All your former friends outside, I sent them off to party elsewhere, and after tonight nobody will know this place was ever anything but my palace of sin. And they’ll only know you as my shameless ass-worshipping slave.’

Blonde woman in purple latex stockings dons thick strap-on behind restrained naked male slave

Driven wild by her words, Brad managed to rear up again, however this time he wasn’t struggling to escape. ‘Please, mistress, use me,’ he begged, her degrading words apparently having catalysed the new submissive persona growing within him. ‘I need you to use me. I need you in my ass, fucking me hard. I’m your bitch. Put me in place, mistress, please put me in my place.’

Wrath’s pretty features settled into a wicked expression, cold satisfaction flickering in her eyes. ‘As you wish,’ she chuckled.

With a snap of her fingers her rubbery dress vanished, exposing her pale figure, though her stockings and heels remained in place. Her soft tits and shaved pussy displayed proudly, somehow she looked even more perfect than she had wrapped in the tight latex, although it wasn’t long before her sex was hidden again, this time beneath the leather straps of a hefty strap-on she unhooked from the wall.

Moving behind him, Wrath buckled the rubber cock into place before massaging a handful of lube along the thick blue shaft.

Beneath her, Brad already looked spent. His head hung down over the edge of the table and he had fallen still, no longer struggling to escape his cuffs as he had been before. His apparent exhaustion only amused Wrath more: the brief ass-licking session was just the beginning of the hedonism they’d be sharing tonight. Brad didn’t know the meaning of exhaustion – not yet at least.

Lining herself up with his exposed hole, Wrath took hold of his wrists tightly. ‘You know, I’ve had many other faggots like you worship me over the years – so many I’ve lost count. But you might just be the biggest loser of them all. They don’t usually break as quickly as you. For someone who claims to be an alpha to his friends, your resistance is pitiful. All you’ve ever been is a stupid, useless, cheating pig. Lucky for you though, I’m here to give you a new purpose. From now on, you will live to serve me. And first thing’s first – let’s fuck all those thoughts out of your head, shall we? I like my pets brainless, so I’m going to fuck yours out.’

With that, Wrath drove hard into his virgin hole.

Blonde woman in purple latex pegs restrained naked male slave

Wrath’s depraved laughter, Brad’s breathless cries and the slap of their thighs danced through the air together, a sinful symphony that sent shivers of arousal racing up Wrath’s spine. With one hand clutching his cuffs and the other on her hips pushing herself forwards, her rhythm was merciless, every thrust so hard that the blow set her ribs shuddering and her tits bouncing. Her breath came in sharp gasps, her stomach churned with tempestuous arousal and her loins burned white-hot, the repetitive knock of the toy against her swollen clit sending flares of pleasure through her system.

At her mercy, Brad looked at war with himself. His face was flushed so red he was almost purple, the veins on his brow throbbing fit to burst while his expression was twisted with a mixture of pain and rage. And yet when he spoke, he did not beg her to stop.

‘Yes, mistress, pound me. I am yours. I worship you. Oh God, fuck your bitch boy’s ass hard. I serve you. I serve you. I serve you…’ Soon that was all he could say, the submissive refrain gradually becoming automatic as the thoughts slowly emptied from his mind.

Eventually, Wrath’s control over him became absolute. Engulfed in her aura, drowning in it, everything about the man he had been before was swallowed up by the submissive slave she had changed him into.

By the time Brad came, he was rocking needily against her hips. His meagre load spurted through the bars of his cage to speckle the dark floor with pearlescent gems of cum, and for a moment bliss washed over his features.

In the next instant, however, he realised Wrath had no intention of pulling out, and his expression contorted with torment as she continued to sodomise him with even more fervour than before. Overwhelmed, he slumped down whimpering softly, his limp head swaying in time to her devastating thrusts.

Wrath’s new slave had no idea how much longer she fucked him for. Driven into a state of mindless submission, he didn’t even realise that he had orgasmed at least another three times before she slid her thick rubber cock from its anal sheath. His ass cheeks burned red from the brutal assault, yet her thighs were unblemished, her skin as pristine as when she had first transformed.

Just as she’d said, all his memories had been wiped away. When she came around in front of him he no longer saw the strange, terrifyingly powerful woman Hannah had changed into. Instead, she was simply his mistress. The woman he worshipped without question and to whom he was inescapably enslaved. Not that he wanted to escape of course.

Releasing him from the table, Wrath led her slave across to the towering cage set in the corner.

The cage was not empty. Set on a tripod of metal legs was a small leather circle barely large enough to be considered a seat, a thick veiny dildo jutting up unnervingly from the centre. It was just low enough that to sit upon it would require the subject to squat.

Wrath’s laugh as her slave squirmed at the sight was chillingly cruel. ‘What’s the matter, runt? Don’t think you can take anything else in your ass tonight?’

Her slave shook his head and tried to back away. ‘No, mistress, no more.’

Wrath slapped him across the face, the crack ringing through the room. ‘You forget your place, you worthless sack of shit. You belong to me, remember? And you do as you are told or you face the consequences.’ Opening the cage door, she pointed to the seat with icy rage roiling in her eyes. ‘Now get your ass on that seat right now before I flog you so hard you’re unable to sit for an entire year.’

Trembling with fear, her slave obliged. Easing down onto the dildo with his hands still cuffed behind his back, he groaned as he was once again filled to his limit.

Slamming the door closed, Wrath clicked the padlock into place before coiling her hands around the bars and fixing him with a dangerous smile. ‘Mistress is going out now, slave. You’re not the only one my host hates, and if she’s going to be the most sought-after dominatrix in the city once I leave, she’s going to need a few live-in pets to serve and satisfy her. Don’t worry, I’ll be back before you know it with my new slaves, but while I’m gone we’re going to see just how strong you really are.’

Wrath eyed his legs with a knowing smirk. Already they were beginning to tremble, the squat difficult to maintain. ‘You might have noticed by now that sitting there isn’t particularly comfortable. But as it happens that seat is also pressure sensitive, so if you sink down too far… well, let’s just say that dildo is a real buzz.’ Lunging between the bars, Wrath suddenly had his cheeks in a painful grip. Twisting his gaze up to the top of the cage she pointed to the cameras mounted in the corners. ‘And don’t even think about standing up while I’m out. Trust me, if I have to punish you for disobeying my orders you won’t stop screaming for an whole week. Do you understand?’

Unable to speak, her slave could only nod.

Releasing him, Wrath snapped her fingers. Her purple dress materialised once more, clutching her sumptuous curves tight again and pushing her supple breasts into enticing cleavage. Her stare pierced down to her slave’s soul for a second longer, wordlessly assuring him he could expect endless torment should he ignore his orders.

Then she turned her back on him and was striding over to the door, the faces of those Hannah hated most vivid in her thoughts, and a twisted, hedonistic scheme of revenge already beginning to form for each…

Blonde woman in purple latex outfit stares at restrained naked male slave in cage

Thanks for reading!

The models in this scene are Ashley Fires and Jason Miller.

In the kindest way possible, Fires is a total whore – and something tells me she’d consider that a compliment. Given I consider nothing hotter than a woman who can give as good as she gets, it’s not surprising I like Fires so much because she’s as much a domme as she is a shameless slut. While she isn’t as well known as some other models, she is still definitely worth your time and if you’re into femdom – or more broadly just kink in general – I highly encourage you to explore her portfolio since I’m sure there’ll be plenty there for you to enjoy.

Miller, meanwhile, is pretty much absent from any major porn site when it comes to having a profile. If I’m honest, I don’t consider this very surprising – like most male models who show up in Divine Bitches scenes, he’s not the kind of model to appear in more mainstream scenes and generally doesn’t stray from Kink.com produced content. That isn’t to say he isn’t a good model, because he surely is, however there is less of his content out there than there is for more mainstream male models, and the content that is there is pretty much solely limited to femdom content. If you’re into that though, do be sure to explore his work, since he has taken part in a few really hot femdom scenes.

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