Busty woman in red dress holds cocktail while chewing on cherry

As usual, the only vivacious thing about Sloth was the sordid gleam in her eye. Everything else about her person was relaxed to an almost worrying degree. She swirled the contents of her cocktail slowly, the gold glitter within shimmering as if mirroring the thick swathes of yellow-orange lights strung between the trees outside, which refracted through the towering floor-to-ceiling windows to dapple the entire room in shifting spots of amber light. With her other hand she idly twisted the stem of the cherry nestled between her teeth, too distracted by the handsome man nearby to bother chewing it.

Sloth had taken on many hosts, but none had ever wound up so voluptuously curvy as Ethan. The erotic magic that had transformed her in the first place still simmered just beneath her skin and she could still feel the orgasmic pleasure of her transformation tingling through her limbs.

Unlike her siblings, Sloth had little control over her transformation and almost immediately after she had taken possession of Ethan’s body the changes had started to take hold. The pounds had piled on, his body slowly filling out until he was almost twice his previous weight. However, as was always the case when Sloth took a new host, the added weight only served to make her more alluring; her tits and ass had taken the lion’s share, swelling out from Ethan’s dumpy frame to give her devastatingly attractive curves, while any further gains had only served to make every inch of her figure soft, cushioned and temptingly touchable. Indeed, when Sloth had glanced down she’d found her immense cleavage on full display, the sight bringing a smile to her plump lips. Ethan’s hair had tumbled down all the way to Sloth’s broad hips, both the sleek black locks and the sultrily yet minimally made-up features they flowed around speaking to a woman who could neither be bothered to cut her hair, nor apply anything more than basic makeup. Then again, she didn’t need to: stunningly beautiful from head to toe – especially when wrapped in the figure-hugging dress which had materialised over her new body – she could have knocked any man to his knees without so much as lifting a finger.

By the time she had arrived in the club, Ethan only remained in memory. Sashaying in on tall black heels, Sloth had sought out the perfect spot to attract the most attention – a booth overlooking the dancefloor – where she’d simply settled down and waited.

Damien had marched over to her within a matter of minutes.

The club she’d opted to make her hunting ground for the night was certainly a more sophisticated venue than the one her sibling Envy had scurried off to, but even amongst the attractive customers dancing on the floor below Damien was something special, and though Sloth had little interest in who she slept with she couldn’t deny Damien was the hottest stud she’d snared in a very long time.

Although he’d clearly been in search of an easy lover for the night, he hadn’t realised just how easy she was until he was already drowning in her aura.

Sloth liked to think of herself as something of an aphrodisiac, even more so than Lust. Because while her sibling was all about instilling corruptive desire in everyone she came into contact with, Sloth’s aura simply drew out the deepest fantasies of those around her. Then, once they came to realise she would allow them to indulge every last one without complaint, their mindless addiction to her soon followed.

Mere minutes after sitting down in her booth, Damien had been kissing her neck hungrily and whispering all the depraved things he was going to do to her once he took her back to his place.

And now that’s exactly where they were.

Finishing off a cocktail for himself, Damien turned to face her. Tall, athletic and painfully handsome, he wore a suit better than any man Sloth had ever laid eyes on.

Wordlessly, Sloth dipped the cherry into her cocktail before popping it back in her mouth, ensuring he had time to admire the sensual way she sucked the fruit before finally biting it off the stem and swallowing it in a single gulp.

Though he’d just spent almost five minutes preparing it, Damien immediately set down his cocktail and stormed over to her with burning desire in his eyes.

Busty woman in red dress gives oral sex to man in suit with her breasts exposed

‘Get on your fucking knees, bitch,’ he demanded.

Easing down slowly, Sloth peered up with a defiant gleam in her eye. Though she said nothing, her unspoken challenge was perfectly clear: use me, if you think you can handle me. Opening her mouth expectantly and knowing he would be unable to resist expending all his arousal on her slutty holes, she waited for his ego to take hold.

She didn’t have long to wait.

‘You’re such a fucking filthy whore,’ he growled as he unbuckled his belt. ‘You’ve only known me an hour and already you’re on your knees ready to throat my thick cock. You want it so bad, don’t you?’

With a quick flourish he unzipped his fly and produced his rigid dick with a depraved grin. A flutter of excitement swirled in Sloth’s stomach and heat came to her loins: he was huge. Easily the most well-endowed man she’d ever slept with. Tonight was going to be even more memorable than she’d anticipated.

Damien’s first thrust went balls deep, his bulbous head burrowing down her gullet. She groaned, smiling around his shaft as pleasure burst through her and her eyes rolled back.

The next moment his fingers were tangled in her inky hair and he was driving into her mouth over and over, the sloppy sounds of a shameless cocksucker servicing her man echoing through the room.

Damien sneered as her eyes rolled back further still. ‘But that’s not all you want, is it? You don’t just want to be used, you want to be treated like a total fucking bitch. A dumb toy for me to degrade. Well a toy like you shouldn’t hide her assets away.’ Grabbing the neckline of her dress he pulled sharply down. Barely contained by the dress anyway, Sloth’s massive tits popped free instantly. ‘There, that’s better.’

Rather than grope her though, Damien reached down further to pull up the lower half of her dress and bunch it around her waist. In doing so he exposed her plump ass and the bald slit of her pussy – she hadn’t bothered wearing any underwear – which he promptly ran his fingers through even as his stooped position forced his cock even deeper down her gullet.

Standing upright again, Damien’s free hand came to join the first in her hair. There was no affection in his thrusting, only a primal need to satisfy his own desires, yet when he twisted her head roughly to one side she moaned as though he’d just buried his head between her legs.

Now turned toward the windows, Sloth watched her face being fucked with abstract delight. The sinful image was reflected endlessly, bouncing from one pane of glass to the next so many times they appeared almost like hallucinations, filling her world every way she looked and reminding her how desperately thin the line between slut and object truly was. She watched her fat tits bounce as strands of saliva trickled down her cleavage, her fleshy thighs jiggle with every powerful thrust. And when she looked into her own eyes she saw nothing but a mindless, immoral nympho.

And fuck did it make her horny.

Busty woman in red dress used roughly from behind by hung lover with tie gagging her

Damien’s cock twitched in her mouth as he hastily ripped off his clothes. His need to use her so urgent several shirt buttons went flying away and the material of his jacket audibly tore when he tugged it off, he grunted like a wild animal, continuing to thrust all the time. The intensity of the ravenous gleam in his eye was enough to make even Sloth shiver: he looked like a man possessed, every lucid thought blotted out by uncontrollable desire.

But then, he was possessed. In a way, at least.

This was the effect Sloth had on all her lovers, after all, and it was an effect she’d always found vaguely amusing, for it seemed totally at odds with her own sedate nature. Though most people might have imagined her presence would infect those around her with the same laziness she displayed, in fact her impact was quite the opposite. As if attempting to make up for Sloth’s listlessness, any lover she took was soon driven by a tireless energy that consumed every conscious thought until they could think of nothing but their own lust.

Better still, Sloth had to do precisely nothing in order to affect them – simply being in her company was enough to do it. Groping her body and fucking her mouth, therefore, was whipping Damien into a frenzy of arousal so intense that when he jerked back, took her by the throat and threw her face first into the pillows of the leather sofa, he couldn’t even talk dirty to her. He could only growl, slotting his sleek black tie between her teeth and tugging it hard as he lined his cock up with her glistening cunt.

The orgasmic noise Sloth made when he pushed inside her was somewhere between a moan and a giggle, though it was difficult to define exactly given it was mostly muffled by the makeshift gag.

The new position Damien had forced her into – her face and tits crushed against the back of the sofa, her exposed hips lifted up as her heels jutted out over the edge – provided the perfect angle for him to plunge in deep, and the pleasure that roared through her as he entered blurred her vision.

Planting his spare hand on her fat ass, he immediately took up a powerful rhythm, the slap of his thighs against her cheeks ringing out through the room and bouncing from the towering windows like sordid applause.

Sloth’s eyes rolled as he pounded her. With the gag pulled tight and the golden metal choker she’d already been wearing pressing against her throat, her breathing became ragged and gasping, a struggle made all the harder when every thrust slammed her chest against the leather cushions, knocking the air from her lungs. Even so, what little breath she could draw came out as sensual groans – as far as Sloth was concerned, this was bliss.

The longer they fucked, the emptier Sloth’s head became. One by one, her thoughts slipped away, the exertion of thinking gradually becoming too much for her. After all, why would she need to think when he was making all the decisions? She was merely a toy for him to use, and toys didn’t need anything in their head except air and cock-lust.

Busty woman in red dress hold cocktail while hung lover holds her in his arm and screws her ass from below

Her mindlessness was briefly interrupted when he moved positions – partly due to the sudden weightlessness when he hefted her up into his arms, but mostly due to the sobering sensation as he pushed into her tight ass.

This time the pleasure was torturously teasing. Nowhere near as intense as the pounding he’d just given her pussy, each thrust nonetheless sent shudders through her insides, his cock agonisingly close to her G-spot yet unable to close the gap to knock against it. The sensation drew huffs of torment from Sloth’s plump lips, however Damien’s groans were even louder than before.

‘Fuck,’ he breathed, simply speaking a struggle. ‘You’re so fucking tight. It feels like you’re trying to squeeze the life out of my dick.’

‘If it bothers you that much, maybe you should stop,’ Sloth taunted. Reaching down, she took up her cocktail from the glass coffee table. Swirling it idly in one hand, she tangled the other in his hair. ‘There’s no shame in admitting you can’t handle me.’

‘Never. I’m never fucking stopping. I’m going to destroy all your holes every night from now on, bitch. I’m never giving this up.’ Damien’s words were charged, almost savage, as though he hated her for even suggesting it.

But Sloth simply smiled. ‘I thought you might say that,’ she said, sipping her drink as he slammed up into her.

Sloth wasn’t quite sure what she found hotter, the way Damien hammered into the vice of her ass as if his life depended on it, or the fact that their shameless debauchery was on display for all the world to see through the windows. His luxurious house was perched atop a hill (which, incidentally, had made her feel rather like a queen being led into her castle when he led her inside) in the city’s wealthy suburbs, and if anyone were to glance up while walking along the street they’d be able to see Damien bouncing Sloth in his muscular arms, her massive tits and fleshy thighs jiggling with every thrust. If there was one thing that turned her on more than being used like her lover was paying for her, it was knowing she had voyeurs watching her wind him effortlessly around her finger without even needing to lift it.

Damien practically roared when he came. Sloth chuckled naughtily as she felt his hot seed swirl through her ass, finishing off her drink as a toast to her first time enjoying the sinful sensation. Fortunately, it was not going to be her last. Tonight, her supernatural presence would ensure Damien didn’t stop fucking her until the first light of dawn forced her and her siblings back to sleep, and once she was gone, Ethan – or at least, the divine woman she’d changed him into – would enjoy Damien’s load in all her holes every night thereafter.

Busty woman in red dress smiles as hung lover ejaculates over her breasts

For now, however, the night was theirs, and as her lover threw her down into the sofa so hard she dropped her glass onto the rug, Sloth allowed the mindless bliss to overwhelm her once again. Aside from the raw pleasure burning through her, nothing else mattered enough for her to even bother thinking about. Just thinking was too much energy. Instead, she simply lost herself to the ecstasy of it all.

In every new position, Damien unloaded into her holes, her aura bestowing him with almost limitless stamina. Soon, Sloth looked exactly how Ethan would every night after she was gone: her tits, face and ass decorated thickly with Damien’s pearly cum, while even more trickled from her holes, dribbling down her thighs and spilling over her lips as she beamed up at him, eager to let him degrade her in any way he desired.

By the time he came to fuck her cum-soaked tits, neither of them could have formed a coherent thought.

Possessed by an insatiable erotic energy and desperate to use her perfect body, Damien grunted and growled as he pumped his cock between her hot, soft, sticky breasts, tugging on her metal choker while he did so.

Sloth, meanwhile, was little more than a living doll for him to manipulate. She barely moved, simply remaining in whatever position he’d manhandled her into until a fresh load splashed over her body, manic desire gleaming in her eyes as she smiled up at him.

A smile which was soon strung with fresh ropes of cum as her perfect tits coaxed another tasty load from his stiff cock…

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The models in this scene are Angela White and Markus Dupree.

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As for Dupree, he has also shown up on my blog, though only in a single story. I covered my thoughts on him pretty well in that story, but let’s just say while I’m not super familiar with him I nonetheless have massive respect for him. The reason for this is that Dupree is the protégé of one of the most influential names in the industry, and he always gives an amazing performance in every scene. He is one of those male models you should definitely keep an eye on; he’s hot, works with some stunning models, and it’s no exaggeration to say he has every chance of becoming true porn royalty in time. Definitely check him out.

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