Slim blonde woman stands in opulent bedroom wearing sheer black lace lingerie

The devious smile that twisted Gluttony’s lips as she heard her soon-to-be lovers arrive home was so wide it practically tickled her ears. Just their deep voices sent shivers down her spine and she was already dripping wet at the very thought of what they’d do once they found her in the bedroom.

She could hear three or four unfamiliar voices, plus one she knew, and as they approached the door, Gluttony congratulated herself on her best score in over a dozen hosts. For the past hour or so, she had diligently employed both Lucas’ memories and her own beguilingly erotic aura to find out exactly where in the city she was likely to find the hottest group of black studs to fuck her senseless. After all, in her experience, there was nothing better than a big black cock to satisfy her endlessly slutty hunger, and the more she could lay her hands on the more cum she’d have leaking from her holes and plastering her skin by morning.

Though it had taken her some time to find her way into the enormous chambers she now waited in – given his love of food over the gym, Lucas hadn’t exactly been in the know on where to find the fittest studs around – she had the distinct impression that the reward for her patience would be more than worth it.

Indeed, all the signs were certainly good. Lucas’ memories had at least managed to help her locate a local club he knew was frequented by some extremely hunky bulls, and from there it had been painfully easy for Gluttony to draw the rest of the information she required from the pretty young blonde behind the bar; once her sinful aura had corrupted the girl’s senses, she had given up the information giddily while she hungrily fed on Lucas’ cock in what would be his very last blowjob.

Just as Gluttony had expected, the bulls had invited the blonde back with them on several occasions. Better still, they were already in the club. Once she had extracted their address from her informant, Gluttony had left to prepare a little surprise for the men while her new accomplice slunk over to tempt them into leaving early.

Now the door to the bedroom swung open and four huge black bulls bore the barwoman into the room, their hands roving over her semi-naked body. When they caught sight of Gluttony, however, they were instantly encapsulated.

The last time the barwoman had seen Gluttony, she’d been wearing Lucas’ tall, slightly overweight skin. Now she was slim, petite and seductively built, her perky tits and shaved pussy peeking through sheer lace lingerie and her dirty blonde hair framing a mesmerising face, her piercing eyes and dazzling smile bright with slutty deviance. Nevertheless, the barwoman knew perfectly well who she was and she bowed her head respectfully.

‘Here are your bulls,’ she said with a reverence that seemed out of place when directed at someone as delicate as Gluttony now appeared. ‘Please, I need more orders,’ she begged, an agonised desperation in her eyes: Gluttony’s influence had already consumed her, and her only desire was to obey her new goddess.

Gluttony grinned, already concocting sinful ideas of what she would do with her new pet. ‘In that case, sit down over there.’ She gestured to a large armchair in the corner of the room. ‘Tonight, you get to watch what a true slut is capable of. And if you’re good, I might even let you join in, too.’

Visibly relieved, the pretty blonde scurried over to the plush blue velvet armchair while Gluttony herself slunk across to the matching divan at the foot of the bed, slipping off her bra as she went.

She cast the men a fiendish smirk, pushing her bare tits forward for them to admire. ‘Well, boys, are you going to keep me waiting all night?’

Naked blonde woman embraced by multiple shirtless black men

Just like the barwoman, all four men succumbed to Gluttony’s irresistible aura in an instant. Without even pausing to ask who she was they strode up to her, insatiable hunger swirling in their eyes as they allowed their desire for her nubile body to overwhelm them. In her presence, all rational thought simply evaporated and they craved only her: the sweet nectar of her pussy on their lips, her petite tits and plump ass in their hands, the vice-like grip of her holes clenching down on their throbbing cocks.

The men stripped as they came, their shirts promptly abandoned on the carpet, but they moved so urgently they didn’t even have time to remove their jeans before they had engulfed her in their huge arms, imprisoning her in a cell of pure muscle.

Gluttony gasped. Their bare skin on hers sent thrills of pleasure through her small frame. Their roving hands were hot as brands, their lips and tongues scorching her neck as they savaged her with kisses.

Possessed by their own desire, they carried her to the divan jostling with one another for access to her body. When the walls of her cell opened up as they moved away Gluttony found herself on the lap of the burliest of the four men, his huge black hands stark against her pale flesh. He held her close to his chest protectively, but his weren’t the only hands on her; another of the men had one of her feet in his grasp and was kissing her toes softly, while a third was stood over her enjoying the smell of her hair as he slipped one hand down her back to caress her ass.

She didn’t know their names. But neither did she care enough to learn them. Tonight, they weren’t individuals – they weren’t even people. They were simply toys with which she could satisfy the endless hunger roiling inside her. She needed a dick in every hole, and fulfilling that need was their only purpose.  

Still, though she knew by the night’s end she would be in such a state of delirium every lover would blur into one, right now there were a few distinguishing traits that stuck out to her between the men: the tight dreadlocks of the one holding her tight, the silver chain worn by the man kissing her feet, the distinctive star tattoos inked on the shoulders of the man overhead, the particularly plump lips of the man watching from behind the divan.

‘You want this, don’t you slut?’ growled Dreads, crushing her in his tight embrace. ‘You want to be a filthy fucking snow bunny with as many bulls to please as you can.’ As if to prove his point he slipped one hand between her thighs eliciting a sudden gasp. ‘Oh, she’s soaking wet, boys. I can feel her dripping through her panties. She wants us so fucking bad.’

The other bulls chuckled gruffly and Gluttony shivered as they unbuckled their belts. The bulging logs contained within their jeans twitched excitedly, eager to be set free.

‘You know what would make me even wetter? If I had your cum all over my face.’ She took hold of Dreads’ cheeks, her breathing laboured as she pressed her face close to his. ‘Oh, baby, I’m so hungry. I want to feast on your cocks. Please, boys, feed me. Feed your slut.’

Slim naked blonde woman gives oral sex to four hung black men

The bulls needed no second invitation.

Dreads didn’t even bother pulling down Gluttony’s panties, instead he simply hooked his hands in the waistband and tore them off, throwing the tattered remains aside where they landed on the barwoman’s lap. But he and his friends had utterly forgotten about the woman they had arrived with and with Chain’s help he practically threw Gluttony to the floor where she bounced giddily on her knees, her disarmingly innocent smile driving them wild.

They could hardly get their clothes off quick enough, especially as Gluttony began giggling impishly. None of the men had ever met such a shamelessly eager slut – it was little wonder that when their cocks bucked free they were hard as rock.

Star was the first one over her. Already he was sweaty with arousal, his tattooed shoulders gleaming as bright as the desire in his eyes.

Gluttony swallowed his cock in one effortless motion. Her throat bulged as she took him all the way to the base, trivial mortal limitations like gag reflex and the need for air rendered utterly insignificant by her supernatural power; he could have been three feet in length and she’d have taken him just as deep.

Her throat stretched to its limit, she gave a deliciously sinful moan as pleasure rushed through her. And while her groan was muffled by Star’s huge meat, his howl of ecstasy certainly wasn’t.

‘Holy fuck! She’s unreal! No bitch has ever swallowed me that deep before. Fuck yeah, gorge on me, slut. Choke on my thick cock.’ For a few moments Star’s hands closed over her head and he set about fucking her face without remorse.

Soon though his friends were shoving him away and wrestling Gluttony over to them. Fighting amongst themselves for access to her hot, tight throat, they paid no heed to her needs whatsoever, throwing her around like a ragdoll and forcefully burying themselves in her face over and over again. If she had been mortal, Gluttony would likely have suffocated on them, for when she was dragged away from one cock there was barely a second to catch her breath before another was driving its way down her gullet. She might even have been turned off or offended by their utter disregard for her needs.

But Gluttony was anything but mortal. She had only one need and her bulls were satisfying it to perfection. Slaves to the hunger exuding from her every pore and infecting their thoughts further with every passing second, they used her as the amorally hungry cumdump she truly was and there was nothing she craved more than that.

It didn’t take long before Gluttony’s wishes were fulfilled. All four men came almost in unison, their hot, sticky seed splattering over her face and tongue. Though she gulped down several salty mouthfuls, by the time they had finished her cheeks, chin and chest were still streaked with ribbons of pearly cum.

For a few glorious moments, Gluttony was satisfied. Staring up at the god-like men standing over her, their expressions twisted with pleasure, she licked her lips clean before scooping up the cum decorating her face and sucking her fingers clean.

Slim blonde woman screwed in all holes by hung black lovers

But satisfaction was not her forte, and soon the hunger for more burned stronger than ever.

Fortunately, her bulls were just as insatiable.

Without warning, Gluttony found herself suddenly weightless. Hefted up in the arms of all four bulls she was carried giggling over to the bed where they threw her down. She didn’t even have time to catch her bearings before they were joining her on the sheets, her world suddenly a blur of white bedding, black flesh and the purple velvet of the plush headboard as they manhandled her into position.

Clarity returned like a lightning strike once the first cock sank inside her. Sobered briefly by the sensation, she found Lips lying on his back beneath her, his broad hands holding her flanks and his thumbs massaging her nipples as he drove his immense length into her tight pussy. Star knelt beside them groping her ass, spreading her cheeks so Dreads could line his own dick up with her vulnerable hole, while Chain was towering above them all, one hand lifted high to clutch the top of the headboard as his glistening dick bobbed just in front of her.

Then Lips began to thrust and Gluttony melted into his embrace. Her orgasmic moan pitched into a scream of delirium as Dreads pushed inside her ass, though her cry was quickly muffled by Chain’s dick burrowing down her throat once more. And all the while Star’s hands were exploring her sinful body, squeezing and groping and spanking.

Gluttony was in heaven. Pleasure so intense it burned flooded her nubile body, filling her with raw bliss. This was the only position in which she could ever truly be satisfied: every hole stretched to the limit while she was used as an object of desire. This was more than mere objectification or submission, it was pure carnal worship. The bulls were no longer individuals, they were simply extensions of Gluttony herself – her desire had consumed them, mind, body and soul. Deep down, none of them cared who they were fucking, only that the pleasure continued until they eventually passed out from it.

The bulls used her roughly, just how she’d hoped they would.

Chain’s hands soon came around to seize her head as he rammed himself down her throat with ever increasing ferocity until even her eyes were streaming, though the glee swirling within them never faltered.

Dreads’ assault on her ass was equally forceful, the huge black stud burying himself so deep it felt as though he was rearranging her insides. All the while his cock was rubbing up against Lips’ within her, the sensation leaving both men grunting and breathless and Gluttony herself screaming around the dick in her mouth.

As an outlet for his orgasmic energy, Lips also took to sucking hungrily on her tits, soon educating her on just how apt the name was as he licked and lapped needily.

Star, meanwhile, clutched her throat tight with one hand while using the other to drive her hips hard onto the cocks threatening to split her in half.

Slim blonde woman screwed in all holes by hung black lovers

Ironically, Gluttony was so busy glutting herself that she largely forgot about the other woman in the room.

In fact, her lovers had shifted position half a dozen times before her gaze fell onto the barwoman sitting patiently on the armchair playing with her pussy.

By then Chain’s huge bulk hung over her, his massive hands gripping her sides and his feet planted by her knees as he pummelled her ass. Star was beneath her driving up into her dripping cunt while Lips had her firmly by the hair and was forcing her down onto Dread’s cock in a fast, brutal rhythm. Their cum leaked from all her holes, twinkling in the low light.

Coiling her free hand around Lips’ dick, she began jerking it feverishly. Just as she’d expected, his grip relaxed, allowing her to pull back and fix the woman with a wicked, cum-smeared grin.

‘Mmmh, I’d almost forgotten you were there, beautiful. You’re enjoying this, aren’t you? Watching me get pounded to within an inch of my sanity, it makes you so fucking hot. But you don’t just want to watch. I can see it in your eyes. You want to be used like this too, don’t you?’

The blonde nodded frantically, her expression twisted with torment. She clearly craved nothing more than to join in, but she would not disobey Gluttony’s orders.

Gluttony giggled impishly. ‘You know you’re lucky. I’m not like some of my siblings; I’m more than happy to share. In fact, the more studs and bitches in my bed, the hotter I find it. And something tells me once I’m gone Lucas will be needing a slutty bestie by his side. After all, if there’s one thing bulls find hotter than one gluttonous whore, it’s two.

‘But the thing is, there are only enough cocks her for me right now. I can’t have you taking away my fun. But like I said, you’re lucky – I’ve already got a plan to solve things.’ Looking up at Dreads, Gluttony batted her eyelashes innocently. ‘Say, baby, do you think you could do something for me?’

‘Anything for you, whore,’ he grunted as she sensually stroked his cock.

‘Could you invite all your friends over? It’s time my new friend here learned how fucking good it feels being a slutty snow bunny. And besides, I’m pretty sure I can get at least two dicks in every hole, but we’re going to need some more hot studs if we want to find out.’  

Dreads almost fell off the bed in his haste to find his phone. ‘Fuck yes. I want to see how many cocks it takes to break you. Once the boys get a load of you you’ll never go another night without a hot black stud to ride.’

‘That’s the idea,’ Gluttony smirked.

Before she could say anything more though, she was being manhandled once again. With Dreads out of the way, Star worked his way up so his head was against the velvet headboard while Lips and Chain flipped her over so she was lying face-up on Star’s chest. The next second, Chain’s hands were around her ankles, pulling them up and back until she was folded in half, her ass and pussy utterly exposed – a vulnerability the other two quickly took advantage of.

Gluttony let out an ecstatic cry as her holes were invaded. Planting her hands down on the bed she groaned and giggled, the powerful strokes of their cocks driving her wild.

‘Oh fffffffuck…’ she gasped as they filled her fit to burst.

Both her blissful pleasure and the moment her eyes rolled back into her skull were caught on the recording Dreads then sent out to every black bull he knew. Horny replies immediately began pouring in and within half an hour the first newcomers had arrived, the forerunners of dozens more yet to come.

By the time they turned up, however, Gluttony had utterly succumbed to her own desire. Fucked senseless by cock after cock after cock, she was reduced to a mindless cumdump for the men she had corrupted. And soon her screams were joined by those of the beautiful blonde barwoman she had warped into her equally sinful bestie…

Slim blonde woman screwed in ass and vagina by hung black lovers

Thanks for reading!

The models in this scene are Angel Emily, Freddy Gong (Dreads), Antonio Black (Chain), Darrell Deeps (Star) and Mr Longwood (Lips).

When it comes to the gentlemen, I can’t really say much about them. Most of them are staple black models who frequently pop up in Blacked scenes as well as other interracial scenes. They’re all simply divine black bulls and I highly encourage you to check them out, however I’m generally unfamiliar with them on an individual basis. As I mentioned in the first chapter, male models can often go underappreciated when starring beside female models who are the main focus of a given scene, and aside from a few well-known black models, I think there’s an argument to be made that black men suffer from this even more than white men do.

With Emily, however, I don’t think it’s a stretch to say she is pretty much living the dream. Not only does she film content with her husband, but she seems to dip in and out of mainstream porn at her leisure, filming scenes with big name studios as something of a hobby. At least that’s how things appear from the outside, and personally I think that is super cool. There is plenty of sexy content for you to enjoy on her PornHub profile, so be sure to check her out whenever you can.

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