The first thing Beatrix heard as she strode backstage were the erotic moans of her troupe. She hadn’t been away from them for long – just a few minutes while she tied up all the tent flaps to ensure they wouldn’t be disturbed – but clearly that was all it took for a room full of horny lesbians to succumb to their own arousal.

In truth, she had fully expected they would start without her. What she hadn’t expected was how far they’d managed to get in the short time she’d been gone.

One of the contortionists, for example, had already folded herself into a particularly compromising position, her companion’s fingers pumping feverishly into her exposed pussy. Meanwhile the diabolo performer had the unicyclist bent over a table and was spanking her hard, the poor girl’s cheeks already red and her screams shrill.

In amongst it all, the four new recruits were being just as sordid.

Black-haired woman gives oral sex to pink-haired female acrobat

Anastasia and Kumiko were off towards the back of the room. The pink-haired beauty had her glittery heels planted on one of the colourful plinths that were dotted around here and there, while her arms were looped in one of her aerial hoops which was keeping her aloft. Her stockings were already spotted with ladders, no doubt inflicted by the red claws of her lover, however the crotch itself had been torn open completely. Her panties – well, what was left of them, at least – lay on the floor, and with her pussy exposed Kumiko was able to feast.

The Asian beauty bobbed her head in a steady rhythm as she lapped at Anastasia’s wet sex, her ponytail swinging from side to side with the motion. Her corset had been partially undone and, though she was faced away from the ringmistress, Beatrix could tell her tits were on show, while her skirt had been rolled up and her underwear likewise discarded so that her bare thighs were spread as she sat on the plinth. She seemed oblivious to the rest of the room, her face buried between Anastasia’s thighs, her hands ensuring the acrobat’s hips didn’t drift away, however her lover seemed to be greatly enjoying the view.

Anastasia watched the unfolding orgy with the same impish deviance Annie had regarded Beatrix with as she stepped into the cabinet. Somewhere along the way she had lost one of her gloves, though the ringmistress couldn’t see where it had gone. She groaned and panted, her orgasmic cries ringing through the air as she urged her lover to eat her out harder, grinding her crotch against Kumiko’s lips needily. Every now and then her head fell back, her candyfloss hair swaying as she writhed, and her encouragement became incoherent as her lover hit just the right spot. Her salacious expression looked out of place on her innocent face, but then that only made watching her all the more erotic.

Black-haired woman in erotic clown outfit sucks breasts of busty woman in erotic weightlifter's outfit

Destiny and Raven, meanwhile, were in the heart of the naughtiness. Sat on another plinth in the middle of the room, Destiny had released her gargantuan tits from her costume – either that or they had simply popped out as she strutted along, impossible to contain – and Raven had taken full advantage of the strongwoman’s exposure. She was sucking hungrily on Destiny’s mammoth tits, switching back and forth between them as she squeezed and groped and squashed both with eager hands.

Looking down at her personal harlequin, Destiny thrust her chest forward, her cleavage practically swallowing Raven’s face. Her dark locks were splayed over her back and shoulders, glossy and perfect, and like Kumiko her plump ass was spread out on the plinth. As she jiggled her tits little enticing ripples rolled over every inch of her figure, highlighting just how soft and supple she was, and when she laughed she threw back her head, baring the stark black band of the collar around her neck. If she had wanted to, Raven could have reached up, taken hold of it and tried to drag her to the ground but she, Destiny and Beatrix all knew she wouldn’t fare well if she tried.

Besides, the harlequin had no desire to take control. With Destiny’s tits in her face and hands, her arousal was at fever pitch and she suckled hungrily. All the while, the strongwoman was undoing Raven’s corset, and it wasn’t long before she had removed it completely. Kneeling between Destiny’s legs, the hedonistic slut groaned into her cleavage as Destiny groped her tits in return, tweaking the nipples and spanking the flesh hard. The taste of Destiny’s sweet rack more vital to her than air to breathe, she only ever broke away when the strongwoman pulled her up into a deep, noisy kiss.

Beatrix watched them with a sordid smile. She had trusted the magic of the hat to transform them – it had turned every member of the troupe into a sexy lesbian deviant, after all – but she had never imagined they’d be this perfect. Just watching them was making her horny. She couldn’t wait to get a taste.

Erica padded over to her barefoot and Beatrix’s smile widened: the lion tamer even moved like a cat. Her plush breasts had been pulled free of her leotard, her nipples framed by red lipstick and her ass was bright with spank marks. The cat-like makeup she had worn during the show was also gone, replaced by the tell-tale sheen of drying pussy juice over her lips and chin. Drawing up to Beatrix’s side, they watched the former family together.

‘What made you pick them, kitten?’

‘Her,’ Erica replied, nodding to Destiny, who had reclined back onto the plinth and pulled the crotch of her outfit aside so Raven could eat her out. ‘The husband. The others looked pretty bored, but he was mesmerised. I could see the wonder in his eyes. It looked like he’d been waiting for tonight all his life.’

‘You’re right there, beautiful. He has. When I kissed them I could see everything they were, and he’s been eager to see this show again ever since he was a little boy. Well, the old show, at least. I doubt he expected to find us in the ring when he took his seat. You picked well, kitten. I’m going to have to reward you very thoroughly for your decision later.’

Erica squirmed and pressed herself a little closer to her lover. She looped her hands around Beatrix’s waist, her fingers playing dangerously close to the crotch of the ringmistress’ leotard. ‘What about the others, mistress? Who were they before?’

Beatrix chuckled softly. ‘Like I said – you picked well. They were a dysfunctional family. None of them ever really got along. The wife had been cheating on the husband for years. Every Friday night for over a decade. He didn’t know, of course – too blind and trusting to notice I suspect – but she hadn’t really loved him for a long time. Not sexually, at least. She was even planning to meet her stud after the show tonight. I’d say she definitely suits the alpha bitch life. She won’t be getting dick anymore, but something tells me she won’t be complaining.’

As if on cue, Kumiko dragged Anastasia down onto the plinth and slotted their legs together. The strident cries as they scissored sent arousal crackling up Beatrix’s spine.

‘The girl was even more of a deviant. Any chance she got she’d make an excuse to her parents to slip away and fuck some lucky lover until they were both breathless and spent. She wasn’t as picky as her mother either – she wasn’t interested what you had in your pants, only that you knew how to use it. I think she’d have joined our troupe without any transformation at all, but I like her better this way: an innocent package hiding a filthy slut inside.’

Turning her attention to Destiny and Raven, Beatrix admired the raw animal hunger with which the harlequin feasted on the strongwoman’s pussy.

‘I feel like that slutty clown is making up for something, you know. As a man she was always too cocky for her own good. He was one of those guys who thought he was the best fuck on the planet but he always had the woman do all the work. I walked through all his memories and I don’t think I saw a single night where he actually ate a girl out. Kind of ironic then that he can’t get enough of it now, wouldn’t you say? At least in this body he’ll be able to show any girl a genuinely good time.’

Then her eyes fell to Destiny. Giggling and groaning, she was groping her massive tits as she urged Raven to let her lust consume her.

‘And you already worked out the husband’s story. He’s always believed in the magic of the circus. He belongs in this tent, in this world with us. In truth he was a bit of a prude before, but I think it’s pretty clear we’ve managed to purge that from him. God, I can hardly wait to taste that wet pussy of hers, can you?’

Erica shook her head, biting her lip at the thought of taking Raven’s place between Destiny’s thighs. ‘There’s just one thing I don’t understand though, mistress? Why don’t they remember themselves? Me, you, the rest of the troupe, we all remember who we were before and see how much better we are now. But when I asked Anastasia how she liked her transformation she just giggled and told me to go back to kissing her.’

Beatrix raised an eyebrow. ‘And did you?’

The lion tamer smirked. ‘Obviously. But why didn’t she understand what I meant?’

‘Because I stripped them of their memories. They’re not those people anymore, and they never were. My magic didn’t just transform them, it altered their whole realities. They’re not even related anymore. If they were, if they could remember their old lives, I doubt they’d be quite this eager to indulge themselves. But the magic gave them completely new lives and personas and memories, and the only ones who’ll ever be able to remember who they were before are the ones who were in the tent with them tonight. They’re entirely new. They’re entirely naughty. And they’re entirely ours, kitten.’

Erica’s smirk grew devious. ‘In that case, how about we show them how we treat new recruits?’

Kissing Erica on the neck where she knew it made her horniest, Beatrix matched her wicked expression. ‘It would be my genuine pleasure,’ she purred.

Black-haired woman gives oral sex to blonde woman in erotic ringmaster's outfit

Strutting through the many writhing bodies, Beatrix knew exactly who she wanted to break in first. As she’d delved into Kerris’ thoughts earlier that night she’d found herself feeling sorry for the adulterous wife. A profoundly sexual woman, Drew had never managed to satisfy her and even the men she’d cheated on him with had been far from impressive in bed. Now, however, that was all over. When Beatrix presented her wet pussy for Kumiko’s satisfaction the knife thrower dove in eagerly, desperate to put all her restrained desire to use at last, and she soon had the ringmistress moaning and squirming with ecstasy.

Blonde woman in erotic ringmaster's outfit uses sex toy anally on brunette woman in erotic clown outfit

When it came to Raven, on the other hand, Beatrix had no sympathy to give. In her old life she had been a lazy lover, always expecting the woman to do the work, and the ringmistress wanted nothing more than to punish the harlequin for all the girls she’d left dissatisfied over the years, even if she no longer remembered any of them. Besides, when she’d kissed him he’d been thinking of fucking her ass, so she thought it only fair she return the favour, and she savoured Raven’s whining screams as she pumped a thick purple dildo into her tight ass. Hotter still, however, was how needily the bitchy clown begged for more.

Busty brunette woman uses sex toy anally on female lover in circus tent

Raven’s loud, desperate begging did the trick, too. Lured in like a shark to blood, Destiny took over from Beatrix with a level of sinister relish that made the ringmistress wonder if a little of Drew’s disdain for his son had bled through into his new persona. Either way, she didn’t hesitate to snatch up another dildo and set about ravaging all of Raven’s holes with it. Completely naked aside from her stockings, cuffs and collar, Destiny delighted in tormenting the harlequin with her luscious body, suffocating her with her tits, her pussy, her ass, and taking her pleasure from her bitch with merciless depravity.

Blonde woman in erotic ringmaster's outfit gives oral sex to brunette woman in erotic leopard print outfit

With the task of punishing Raven in safe hands, the ringmistress was keen to ensure that her kitten did not go wanting for her mistress. Dragging her away from the unicyclist’s pussy, she drove Erica down into a bed of plush cushions spread out on one of the plinths before burying her face in the lion tamer’s glistening pussy. She tasted as sweet as she had before the show, however sweeter still was the way she pleaded for more between her groans, imploring the ringmistress to use her like the little slut she was. Beatrix, of course, was happy to describe in great detail how she would fuck her kitten in private later that night.

Brunette woman in erotic clown outfit anally pegs black-haired female lover in circus tent while other woman make lesbian love nearby

As the debauchery continued, it seemed as though Raven’s inner submissive had been dragged to the surface, for she never groaned louder than when she was being used like a slut. Once Kumiko got her hands on the clown, however, things escalated dramatically. Keen to torment her slave, she commanded Raven to fuck her ass with a strap-on, however not before she had slipped a hefty plug into the harlequin’s ass and a pair of Ben Wa balls into her pussy. As a result, each thrust of her hips had Raven whimpering with intolerable pleasure, though Kumiko only grinned as she rocked her hips against her sub’s silicone cock.

Black-haired woman uses sex toy anally on pink-haired female lover while other women have lesbian sex nearby

Even so, Raven wasn’t the only slut Kumiko had her eyes on, and once she had reduced the clown to a trembling, exhausted wreck, she promptly turned her attention to Anastasia. The innocent-looking acrobat was more than willing to submit to the Asian temptress, although her outward purity didn’t remain intact for long, not once Kumiko began slamming toys into her holes and spanking her hard. By then the French beauty was talking dirty, bouncing her hips to take the toys deeper and bending back to pull her lover into wet, noisy kisses. And once Kumiko donned a strap-on of her own, Anastasia immediately drove her onto her back, straddled her waist and began riding the domme so whorishly she had the look of a hooker enthusiastically earning her night’s pay.

And so the night went on, a sensual cycle of sapphic hedonism. When one woman turned to a new lover, the one they had just left behind was soon in the hands of another deviant. Once Kumiko tired of Raven, for example, Beatrix and both contortionists immediately set upon her. Meanwhile Erica and Destiny were both groaning close by. The lion tamer had been entirely stripped of her outfit and as she stooped over Destiny, a vibrator pressed hard against the strongwoman’s clit, she squirmed as the other woman’s hands explored her body, groping her tits and clutching her throat and squeezing her ass.

Eventually, once all the other members of the troupe were spent and the night was at its darkest, the six deviants found themselves sprawled out over several plinths in the centre of the room.

Group of sex lesbian women wearing erotic outfits make out in circus tent

Erica was naked save for her fur-trimmed collar, and she pressed herself against Beatrix, their kissing loud and messy. One of Anastasia’s legs was laid across their laps, the other hooked over Kumiko’s knee. Both the knife thrower and the ringmistress were taking it in turns to massage her flushed pussy, while her upper set of lips were pressed against Destiny’s, the two of them giggling girlishly as they made out. Finally Kumiko was teasing Raven’s lips with her tongue, licking her face as the harlequin whined needily, the Ben Wa balls still jiggling about inside her and sparking the occasional orgasmic gasp.

‘Thank you,’ Erica whispered to Beatrix when they parted lips. She had said it earlier that night, just after she had been transformed, but now her gratitude was so deep it hurt. Beatrix had not just filled her with the magic of the circus, she had given her a life most women could only dream of. When she looked at her mistress both lust and love swirled through her thoughts, and she knew there was no better place to be than Ringmistress Helstrom’s troupe.

‘It was my pleasure, kitten,’ Beatrix replied. ‘But this wasn’t all me. I used the hat, I wielded the magic, but without you, none of this would have happened. You believed, even when I didn’t. And you picked out these four beauties to join us too. You are the one who should be wearing that hat.’

A devilish look rose on Erica’s features. ‘Maybe I could. After all, who says the Circus of Sin has to have just one ringmistress?’

One brow raised, Beatrix gave a scheming smirk. ‘Not me. Just promise me one thing – you’ll always be my kitten, no matter what role you’re playing.’

Taking Beatrix’s face in her hands, Erica drew so close their lips brushed together when she spoke. ‘Always, mistress.’

Then she had driven Beatrix onto her back and their bodies were writhing once more, the other girls shrieking with delight as the ringmistress and the lion tamer devolved into mindless hedonism beside them…

Thanks for reading!

And that’s a wrap on the Circus of Sin! I really, really loved this little miniseries, it was such a joy to write and the story just seemed to slot together really easily for me. Not to mention that I absolutely adore the gallery that supported it. I think there are so many different directions this could go in, and maybe one day I’ll revisit it, but I don’t have any immediate plans for a continuation.

As much I love this story though, it does teeter very, very close to the incest line, and for me that’s a line I am very unwilling to cross. Incest, for me, is pretty much a hard pass, however in this case it seemed so natural and organic to have Drew’s family transform and then join the troupe that I didn’t want to try and force the story in a different direction to sidestep that subject. That said, I did make a conscious effort to emphasise that after their transformation none of the women are related in any way and that Beatrix’s magic hat has effectively instigated a complete reality shift. I know most people won’t really care either way, but I always want to be open about the lines I will not cross, and I was conscious while writing this how close this one came to overstepping those lines.

So basically, don’t go expecting me to start writing incest stories based on this, because that is never going to happen.

Next, my release schedule next week. The next story to release is another miniseries and one I’m also super happy with. It is also significantly longer than this one, with seven chapters, a prologue and an epilogue. Both the prologue and the first chapter will go live next Friday, then from there a new story will be released every consecutive day for the next week, finishing up with the epilogue the following Friday. Again, it’s not the most Halloween-y story – mostly the holiday is an explanation for the setup and the bulk of the chapters don’t really deal with it that much – but the premise was supernatural enough that I felt it belonged on October’s slate. So be sure to come back next week to see how that story begins!

Finally, as usual this story would not have been possible without the amazing work of the models portraying these characters. Namely, Jessica Drake, Abella Danger, Vicki Chase, Anikka Albrite, Angela White and Brandy Aniston.

Both White and Danger are pretty much staples of my blog at this point, and there really isn’t anything I can say about them that hasn’t already been said. Hell, White will be showing up again before the end of the month, and both appeared in Lake Fantasy as well. The two of them are some of the most hardworking models in the industry today and, quite frankly, I respect and adore them both. They’re both absolutely awesome and more than deserving of your time.

As for the others, I am distinctly less familiar with them. Of the four names, Albrite’s is the the one I’ve heard the most, however based on their PornHub profiles all four are very impressive creators. Drake is a woman of many talents including writing, directing and adult industry advocacy alongside her skills as a model, not to mention a frequent face in Wicked scenes; Chase is absolutely fucking stunning and has a very impressive array of scenes to her name; Albrite is a frankly knee-weakening beauty who only seems to be growing in popularity, which is hardly surprising given her fantastic portfolio; and while Aniston is perhaps the least well-known of the group, she is still a phenomenal performer with some incredibly steamy scenes to her name.

Overall, all the models here are very exciting and I’m delighted to showcase their work on my blog. Be sure to support them however you can if you enjoyed what you saw of them here.

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