Drew was barely able to contain his excitement. Bouncing his legs with childish delight, his eyes were wide and giddy as the two contortionists on stage folded themselves over one another, their twisting bodies rubbing together in their figure-hugging spandex outfits.

He had been waiting for this night for what felt like a lifetime. He had only been to the circus once, when he was a young boy, but the magic of that show had remained with him throughout the years as one of his most cherished memories. His father had purchased tickets as a surprise, and the moment they had walked into Barnabus Hayward’s Circus of Wonder Drew had wondered if he’d somehow stepped into a different world.

The circus had only been in town a week, and Drew’s father hadn’t been able to afford to take him again, but that hadn’t stopped him sitting outside the big top every night listening to the gasps of amazement, the whoops of delight, the thunderous applause.

Then the show had moved on, and Drew’s life had moved on with it. He had married a beautiful wife, had become a father himself, had forged a comfortable life for his family. By all accounts, he’d done rather well for himself – but in all that time, he’d never been back to the circus.

Until tonight. When he’d heard that ringmaster Hayward’s show was coming back to his town, he had snatched up tickets at the first opportunity. He’d expected it to be difficult – after all, the show had sold out every night back when he was a kid – but it seemed times had changed and he’d scored front row seats with ease. The audience was far from full, but there was enough of a crowd to fill the huge tent with a buzz of excitement.

If he was honest, Drew was acutely aware that he’d left it a little late to bring his children to their first circus performance. His daughter, Annie, had just turned eighteen and was presently far too busy clicking away on her phone to notice the particularly intimate position the contortionists were assuming, while his son Ricky was in his mid-twenties, half-covered with tattoos, and more interested in the revealing attire of the performers than the feats they were actually performing.

Drew’s wife, meanwhile, was as fidgety as him, though she didn’t look remotely excited to be there. Kerris always went out on Friday nights, but he’d insisted they watch the show as a family and in the face of his frantic enthusiasm she had reluctantly agreed. Even so, she looked anxious to leave and Drew had no doubt she would be out of the door and away the second the performers took their final bow.

Doing his best to ignore them, Drew couldn’t deny this show was a little… different to the one he remembered from his youth. He couldn’t remember the acts being quite so erotic, and though the beautiful blonde woman leading the show had all the presence of a born ringmaster, she certainly wasn’t the Barnabus Hayward he’d watched all those years ago.

But then again, he guessed that all made sense. It had been a long time since he saw the show, after all. Ringmaster Hayward had probably stepped down years ago, maybe even trained the new ringmistress as his successor, and times had changed a lot since he was a child, so it stood to reason that the acts would have too.

Brunette woman in erotic leopard print outfit performs inside metal cage

Just then Drew noticed movement off to the side of the ring. A stunning brunette woman was dancing slowly in a tall metal cage, her curvy figure pitching and rolling as she wound herself around a central pole, the black steel stark against her golden skin. She was dressed in a leopard-print outfit, her face made up to look like a cat, and a silver chain hung from the collar around her neck, the end wound around her hand.

He hadn’t seen her before, and he couldn’t have said how long she’d been there. Her beauty was mesmerising, however it wasn’t that which caused Drew’s heart to skip a beat.

She was looking at him. She was staring directly into his eyes, ignoring the rest of the audience completely. Even as she continued to dance, pulling herself up on the bars and boasting her luscious, tanned body like a trained stripper she didn’t look away once. He felt like she was staring into his soul and the smile twitching at her painted lips was both unnerving and arousing.

Before he could point her out to his family, however, the contortionists took a deep bow and darted out of the ring to wild applause.

Moving with all the dangerous elegance of a stalking tiger, the ringmistress marched out to take her place. The long black cane in her hand was topped with a glittering ruby heart and the audience greeted her with cheers and the occasional wolf whistle.

‘And now, ladies and gentlemen, we come to our final showstopping number. A magic act so dazzling, so wondrous that you will be confounded by it long after tonight. Prepare to be amazed, for you are about to witness a truly life-changing performance! Pray, please welcome some familiar faces into the ring!’

Sweeping to one side, the ringmistress allowed the audience to applaud the women who came on at her cue. The contortionists were first, their tight costumes sheer everywhere aside from their private regions. Then a tall, beautiful black woman who had performed incredible tricks with her diabolo earlier in the night. And finally a slim brunette wearing her hair in a neat bob who had stunned them with her skills on the unicycle. Each woman wheeled on a tall wooden cabinet, which they set out in a line across the ring before standing to one side as the ringmistress resumed her speech.

‘Observe! Though they may look ordinary, each of these cabinets is brimming with magic like you could never imagine. But don’t just take my word for it, witness it for yourselves.’

A wicked gleam in her eye, the ringmistress strode across to the cage of the woman Drew had spotted earlier. By the time she had unlocked the door, the woman had the chain to her leash held out obediently, which the ringmistress took up with a smile. The woman allowed herself to be led across to the cabinets and though the rest of the audience couldn’t take their eyes off her bare, shapely legs, Drew found she was staring at him again, her eyes almost hypnotic.

‘Before the show, I gave my assistant Erica here a task,’ the ringmistress explained. ‘I asked her to scour our audience and pick out four members to help us with our final act. Now, little kitten, tell me, who have you chosen?’ She put a hand to her ear with a dramatic flourish and leant close to listen.

Then, to Drew’s astonishment, the ringmistress looked straight at him.

‘You four there,’ she called, pointing at him and his family. ‘It looks like tonight is your lucky night. Come and join us in the ring.’

Drew leapt up as though his seat had scorched him, and he excitedly ushered his family out into the aisle. Annie rolled her eyes, pocketing her phone and standing up with a sigh, while Ricky tried to look equally bored but couldn’t help eyeing up the women filing out of the ring to meet them. Kerris, however, was completely oblivious. Her knees bobbing anxiously, she was so focused on the door she didn’t even move until the unicyclist was standing over her and offering her hand, at which point she let the woman help her up with a slightly bewildered expression.

Led into the ring by the four assistants, each of them was positioned in front of their own cabinet.

When the ringmistress swept in front of them, Drew realised how much more beautiful she was up close. Her skin was molten gold, her hair glossy satin, and the way her wet look leotard hugged her sumptuous figure reduced his legs to putty in an instant. Hotter still, her plump ass bounced with every step, the enticing jiggle like rocket fuel for his arousal.

A shiver of anticipation raced up Drew’s spine as she gave a nod to her assistants. Stepping forward, they opened the cabinets in unison, revealing the insides to be lined with plush red cushions.

‘Ladies and gentlemen,’ she cried, throwing her arms wide, ‘prepare yourselves to witness true circus magic! Before your eyes these lucky four will be transformed. As you can see there is no way of escaping these cabinets without notice, no possible means of stealthy egress. And yet, after my new friends have been shut inside, the next time these doors open they will have been transformed!’ She turned to them, her eyes full of sinful fire. ‘But first, a kiss for luck.’

Stepping up to Kerris, she took her by the lapels of her coat and pulled her into a passionate kiss. Drew’s thoughts were a swirl of conflict – unease that the ringmistress was kissing Kerris so sensually, excitement that he was actually part of the show, jealousy that his wife had been the first to taste the ringmistress’ lips, arousal that he’d soon be enjoying that taste himself – but he did not interrupt. He simply watched as the ringmistress pulled back sharply then pushed Kerris back into her cabinet, a look of stunned shock on her face.  

Before the unicyclist had even closed the door on Kerris, the ringmistress had drawn up to Ricky. He was grinning like all his Christmases had come at once, but before she kissed him too she wagged her finger under his nose. ‘Don’t let your hands go wandering, little boy. You’ll regret it if you do.’

Though it was a visible struggle, Ricky managed to contain himself as she kissed him, his trembling fists clenched at his side. When they parted lips, he stepped back into his cabinet with a dumb smile on his face.

Annie’s entire demeanour seemed to have changed as the ringmistress stepped across to her. The boredom on her face had been usurped by a fiendish smirk and she eyed the buxom woman with fiery desire.

The ringmistress returned her erotic stare. ‘You, on the other hand, can let your hands wander wherever you like.’

Although Annie refrained from groping the woman, when they kissed she took her face in her hands, pressing herself against the ringmistress to subtly rub their tits together and pulling her in so their tongues could intertwine in a passionate oral ballet. It was difficult to say whether they were simply kissing or if they had crossed the line into making out, but eventually they broke away and Annie stepped back into her cabinet, giving the ringmistress a playful wave as the diabolo performer closed the door.

Then the ringmistress was standing against Drew. Even under the heat of the spotlights he could feel the warmth of her body and when he looked into her eyes he had to fight not to let out an orgasmic moan. She looked like she wanted nothing more than to throw him down and fuck him senseless.

‘Erica tells me you’re special,’ she whispered. ‘She’s been watching you all night. She says you truly believe in the magic of the circus. Is that right?’

His heart thumping fit to burst, Drew nodded. ‘It is. I don’t think there’s any better place to be.’

A wicked edge tainted her expression. ‘That’s good. Because you’ll be staying here forever.’

Before he could ask what she meant she had pulled him into a kiss and the heat of her lips was blossoming over his face. Her tongue sank deep into his mouth, her sweet smell and sweeter taste as intoxicating and disorienting as hard liquor. All his thoughts seemed to melt, the world around him fading away as she filled every sense. Blissful contentment settled over his consciousness as he let pleasure envelope him. Then she had stepped back and pushed him into his cabinet, and his last thought was that nobody had kissed him that way for a very long time before the door closed and his world went dark.

With all four locked away, Beatrix turned to the audience again. ‘And now, allow me to show you magic that will astound your senses! For tonight you have the privilege of witnessing the debut of our four newest acts! Right now, within these very cabinets, my volunteers are being magically transformed.’

Perfectly on cue, the cabinets began to tremble. Shivering and shuddering as if subjected to an earthquake only they could feel, they were kept from rolling off by the steady hands of Beatrix’s assistants. The lights flashed wildly, dramatic music blared through the speakers, the tension in the room building to a fever pitch.  

Up close, Beatrix and her girls could hear the ecstatic, orgasmic moans of the captives as the effects of her magic kiss took hold of them, however the thick red cushions sound-proofed the cabinets well enough that the audience remained oblivious. If she was honest, Beatrix rather wished she’d been able to watch their transformations first-hand, although the prospect of revealing their new bodies all at once was still deliciously erotic.

She knew who they were about to become, of course. She didn’t know what they’d look like, but she’d infected them each with a specific persona through her kiss, and as the cabinets continued to rattle more members of the troupe bought in appropriate props for each member of the family: for Kerris, a large wooden target fitted with leather straps and blades hanging from the side; for Ricky, an assortment of long, pre-inflated balloons; for Annie, an aerial hoop lowered from the rafters; for Drew, a huge dumbbell rolled into position with great difficulty by three of the women.

All at once, everything stopped. The lights fell to the still cabinets, the music cut out, and the assistants all departed, leaving only Beatrix and Erica in the ring. The audience’s anticipation was almost palpable.

Woman in erotic knife-thrower's outfit licks throwing sword in front of wooden target

When she spoke, Beatrix’s voice was reverent, though her expression was concentrated mischief. ‘Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce to you, all the way from Asia, as stunning as she is deadly, our very own lethal cherry blossom: Kumiko!’

Swinging open the door to Kerris’ cabinet, Beatrix did not bother offering a hand to help the woman inside down – Kumiko would not have taken it anyway. Instead she stepped out with intimidating grace, regarding the audience with piercing eyes as her cabinet was wheeled away.

She was lithe and slim, carrying herself with the tense poise of an assassin ready to strike. Everything about her was red – red nails, red lipstick, red makeup and costume – and her scarlet lips were pursed tightly, the warm tones of her makeup unable to melt the icy severity in her stare. That severity was only enhanced by the way she wore her hair, pulled tightly back into a narrow ponytail, like a dominatrix, or a particularly strict schoolteacher, or perhaps a little of both. Her outfit was elegant and extravagant all at once, the feathered ruffs around her neck and shoulders making a statement while the black ribbons of the corset beneath quietly boasted her athletic figure. She had the distinct air of a harpy – stunning and deadly, just as Beatrix had described – and the resemblance was only enhanced by her polished crimson talons. To finish her look, black bracers ran from her wrists to her elbows and she strutted along on heels as sharp as the blades hanging from the target behind her.

The audience gasped as she stepped out, unable to fathom how she had taken Kerris’ place. Their shock was followed by a ripple of nervous excitement as she unhooked a long silver throwing dagger from the target and ran her tongue along the length of the blade.

Woman in erotic clown outfit poses

Stepping over to the next cabinet, Beatrix didn’t allow their astonishment to ebb. ‘And now feast your eyes on a truly beautiful fiend, a harlequin with a naughty streak, an angel and a demon all rolled into one: Raven!’

The woman within practically sprang from her box, spinning around to give the contortionist beside it a playful peck on the cheek before it was wheeled off.

Her name was very apt, for her long glossy tresses were a raven waterfall tumbling over her pale shoulders and framing the pale skin of her bosom. She was curvier than Kumiko, her figure enticingly supple, although she looked as though she had been dressed by the same designer for her entire outfit was a riot of red and black. The cups of her corset barely managed to contain her plump breasts, her fishnet stockings struggled similarly with her fleshy thighs, while her thick ass strained for release from her tight striped underwear. She wore a bejewelled collar, the leather as red as everything else of her outfit, and her makeup looked like a gothic take on a clown, the dark streaks and sharp-edged smile beautifully nightmarish. Her skin was unblemished pale perfection, all save her right arm, which was tattooed from wrist to shoulder – tattoos remarkably similar to Ricky’s, in fact, though the audience’s attention wasn’t on her ink to notice. Her look was accessorised with deadly leather heels, red satin gloves bearing the same spotted frills as her corset, and a comically small top hat perched jauntily atop her head.

Apparently keen to demonstrate her skills, she skipped over to the table, snatched up one of the balloons and promptly set about twisting it into the shape of a chastity cage.  

Woman in erotic pink lace outfit stands in front of gymnastics ring

If anyone was affronted by Raven’s lewd display, Beatrix quickly distracted them by moving over to the third cabinet.

‘Please, my friends, pray turn your attention to the most innocent beauty you will ever lay eyes upon! Joining us from amorous France, she is our songbird, our ballerina of the air, our pretty pink princess: Anastasia!’

This time Beatrix did offer her hand, which Anastasia took as she stepped delicately from her cabinet. Once she was out, she gave a little curtsy and span around on one foot, waving sweetly at the second contortionist departing with her cabinet.

Anastasia was the picture of innocent purity. Her smile was bright and sweet, her large eyes made up with glittery silver shadow, and her cheeks were rosy with pink blush. And the pink only continued from there. Everything about her was pink: her frilly lace skirt, her thick banded choker with its large dangling jewels, the many bows adorning her corset. Her hair was dyed the pink of candy floss, her silk evening gloves were a pink so pale it was almost white, while her pastel pink lipstick reflecting on her teeth even gave her smile a subtle pink edge. The only elements of her outfit that weren’t pink were her stockings (though even they were inlaid with rosy sequins) and her platform heels, which were studded with little silver gems. If Kumiko was reminiscent of a harpy, Anastasia had the sinless modesty of a fairy: despite her undeniably alluring figure, all anyone could look at was her pretty smile.

Slinking up to her aerial hoop, she sat back into it and lifted her feet off the ground, performing a few spins before standing up again and doing another little curtsy.

By now the audience were in the palm of Beatrix’s hands. They were in a frenzy of cheers and applause, the astonishment written on their faces; they couldn’t believe what they were seeing, could not fathom how the family of four had possibly been switched out for the debuting acts. Somehow the knowledge that none of them would ever guess the sordid truth was what aroused the ringmistress most of all.

Woman in erotic weightlifting outfit holding large dumbbell overhead

Sweeping up to the last cabinet, Beatrix Helstrom delivered the culmination of the salacious finale. ‘And last, but very far from least, please welcome to the ring a true goddess. Stronger than an ox, hotter than the pits of Hell, and a true specimen of Amazonian allure, I give you: Destiny!’

Beatrix had no need to unlock the door, for it swung open so hard it crashed against the side, the bolt buckled by a single powerful kick from the woman inside. She looked deeply proud of herself as she stepped out, and she gave the diabolo performer a playful spank as the woman rolled her cabinet away.

To describe Destiny as busty would have been a huge understatement: she looked as if she had used some kind of magic spell to absorb the tits of half a dozen other women so that her immense breasts now stretched her leotard to its very limits. Her cleavage was so deep one could easily have drowned in it, while her ass was almost as fleshy as her bosom, perfectly shaped for spanking hard. Her whole figure was full – her thick thighs, her plump arms, her rosy cheeks – and the black corset belt hugging her waist only enhanced her immaculate curves. Her dark hair cascaded down around features that were both intimidating and entrancing all at once, and while her attire was less flamboyant than that of her companions it was no less erotic. Her leotard was semi-sheer spandex striped white and black. Her heeled boots were latex, the spotlights reflected in their glossy surface. Her fishnet stockings rose halfway up her thighs, the black cord contrasting with her supple golden skin. Perhaps the most intriguing elements of her costume, however, were the collar and cuffs buckled tight around her neck and wrists. All three bore silver rings intended for attaching a leash to. Except, unlike Erica, Destiny clearly wasn’t the type to submit to anyone; the restraints weren’t an offer, they were a dare. A dare to see what would happen if one actually attempted to force her into submission.

As if to prove she was more than capable of teaching any would-be dominant their place if they tried their luck, she strode across to the dumbbell and took the bar in her red-nailed grip. Though it had taken three women to roll it into place, Destiny lifted it with ease, not so much as a flush in her cheeks as she held it high above her head.

The impressive feat set the audience into another volley or raucous applause, their whoops and cries swirling around the big top like a contained tempest.

As they applauded, Beatrix’s troupe assembled themselves in the ring, every woman beautiful and sexy, erotic and naughty. They aligned themselves behind their ringmistress sharing arousal-charged glances with one another.

Stepping up, Beatrix roared out to the crowd. ‘Ladies and gentlemen, I give you, the Circus of Sin!’

Throwing her arms wide, Beatrix soaked in the adoration. Just a few hours earlier she would never have dared imagine she might feel the magic of the circus again, but now she was brimming with it. It tickled her fingertips and crackled through her veins. There was only one thing she could think of that was better than this, and it was waiting for her backstage.

Because while the show was over, the night was just beginning…

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I would also like to take the time to acknowledge the fact that while according to her PornHub account Vicki Chase is of Mexican descent, in this story I portrayed her as originating from Asia. The reason I did this is because, from my perspective at least, the character Chase is portraying in this scene looks to me to be a woman of Asian descent. I just figured it worth highlighting that I’m aware of this difference between the heritage of the model and the character just in case anyone was wondering about it.

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