Fantasy Resort – Chapter 12: Slumber Party

Two women sit on bed wearing dressing gowns and pyjamas while holding glasses of wine

‘Alright then, let’s take things up a notch,’ Kara smirked. ‘Never have I ever had sex with a friend?’

A united blush rolled through her three companions and they glanced timidly at one another. Swaddled in her fuzzy black dressing gown she reclined into the pillows looking pleased with herself, her wine glass cupped idly in one hand. Her slender frame looked tiny in the huge bed, the pale complexion of her slender legs gleaming under the light.

Kara was right: this was a step up. So far all their questions had been relatively generic and largely harmless (the most compromising revelation had been that, while working as a waitress, Juliet had slipped her number to a silver fox while his wife had been otherwise engaged) but now she had taken a sharp turn into a more salacious line of questioning. Not that it came as any surprise, of course: the game was, after all, rather tailored towards exploiting such revealing questions.

Delighting in the unease she had sown, Kara took a long, brazen gulp of her wine, grinning at her audience as they stared askance at her. ‘He was a friend from the gym,’ she explained. ‘Well, an acquaintance, I suppose – the friendship came after. Oh God, he was so hot.’

A little surprisingly given her earlier admission, Juliet’s glass remained resolutely in the lap of her salmon pink dressing gown. While the room was eyeing her to see if she would take it up, Alaina, who was sat beside Kara in a matching grey gown, attempted a surreptitious sip from her own glass: it did not work.

‘You sneaky bitch!’ Juliet shrieked, bright giddiness illuminating her slim features.

Caught, Alaina struggled not to spit her wine across the white sheets as she fought off a laugh. Cupping one hand to her chin to catch the thin crimson rivulets she was unable to hold back, she waved Juliet away as she bounded up from the end of the bed, her large brown eyes wide with imploration.

‘Who was it? Who’d you sleep with? Who? Who? Who?

‘It was a study buddy, alright!’ Alaina cried, still choking back her drink. ‘We paired up as part of a revision program,’ she went on after regaining her composure, ‘and, well, we studied pretty hard…’

Sat cross-legged on the panelled brown blanket draped over the foot of the bed, Patrick chuckled as Juliet pestered Alaina for more detail. He swirled the wine in his glass, but he was careful not to take a sip in case they thought he’d also slept with a friend. Then again, he knew the question hadn’t been intended for him; as his closest friends, all three knew he was still a virgin. It had simply been Kara’s way of digging up some naughty stories from the girls.

Leaning back, Patrick propped himself up on his elbows. Like the girls, he too was wearing a dressing gown, his a pale turquoise in colour. However, unlike theirs, his was tied closed, his skinny frame swaddled beneath the thick material. He preferred it that way; his naturally poor appetite and ferocious metabolism made for a fearsome combination, and in truth he could not entirely remember when he was last satisfied with his body. Patrick often pined for the broad, masculine bodies of the jocks who so often ridiculed his scrawniness, but he’d come to terms with the fact that he’d never look like them. Instead he had taken to using baggy clothes and multiple layers to at least look as though he had some level of muscle mass to the casual onlooker. Indeed, if he’d been in the company of anyone besides Kara, Alaina and Juliet, he would never have had the confidence to lounge about in his present attire.

Fortunately, he felt comfortable in their presence. For one thing, he knew Kara struggled with a similar dilemma, her frame naturally skinny despite her best efforts, the shared experience instilling a particularly close friendship between them. Even so, all three were naturally empathetic and had made him feel welcome since they first met. Though by no means as sexually experienced or gleefully risqué as the girls, he had quickly struck up a close bond with them once he arrived at Fitzsimmons’ several years earlier. In the time since, they had warmly accepted him into their tight-knit circle with open arms and, as the only child of fairly absent parents, Patrick had found in them the kindness, appreciation and affection which he’d gone without for so long.

The soft fuzz of the dressing grown tickled his cheek as he reclined. After arriving back from the beach they had spent most of the night pampering themselves – an activity Patrick had come to rather enjoy after several years within their friendship group – and as usual he felt refreshed and rejuvenated on account of the many balms, oils and creams they had carefully applied to one another, gossiping incessantly as they did so.

Patrick smiled – he couldn’t think of any happier place to be. In fact, if he wasn’t so displeased with his body he might have considered this the perfect night; good friends, enjoyable conversation, and blissful relaxation – what more could a person ask for?

‘Okay, my turn then,’ Juliet was saying as he turned his attention back to the girls. ‘Never have I ever masturbated in public?’

This time all three girls drank, tumbling into fits of laughter as they simultaneously lifted their glasses, took a sip, then choked on their wine as they noticed the others doing the same.

Unsurprisingly, as the game wore on Patrick found himself increasingly sober compared to his friends. As the questions devolved further and further into obscenity his inexperience ensured he barely drank, while his friends systematically worked their way through one glass after another until their pupils were wide, their giggles incessant, and each trip to open a new bottle more unsteady. One time Juliet even stumbled headfirst into the large beanbag beside the bed, after which it took her a good quarter of an hour to reign in her hysterical laughter.

Of the three, Kara was by far the best at holding her drink – good enough that as the night grew late she had the good sense to relieve Juliet and Alaina of their glasses and usher them into the large walk-in wardrobe, fussing over them like a mother duck guiding her ducklings to the nest.

‘You two have had quite enough for the night,’ she chastised as the girls pleaded drunkenly for just one more glass. ‘I think it’s about time you were in bed. The last thing I want to spend my night doing is holding back your hair while you’re throwing up, and you’ll be hanging enough in the morning as it is.’ Her words were firm, albeit a little slurred, and with childish scowls they stomped off into the wardrobe with Kara on their heels.

Finishing off his wine, Patrick chuckled as he listened to Kara struggling to control her friends. ‘Come on, stop pissing around. Juliet, get your pyjamas… your pyjamas… No, Ali, that’s a straitjacket; hang on, what the fuck is that doing in – hey, put those down: you don’t need stilettos in bed, do you? Oh for God’s sake, Juliet, get up, will you? I don’t care if you want to try on the straitjacket, you’re going to bed. Stop sulking – if you’re that desperate you can try it on tomorrow… just please, pick out your pyjamas and let’s all get to sleep.’

The next moment he heard Juliet give a little squeak of delight, followed by a volley of her familiar tittering giggles as Kara attempted to guide her away from something. Alaina had apparently joined her, for Juliet quickly began crooning over how beautiful ‘it’ looked against Alaina’s skin, and he could hear a persistent rustling sound as though they were rummaging through the contents of a suitcase.

As they scampered out of the wardrobe, Patrick realised what they had found.

Alaina came holding a pale silken shirt aloft, a matching set of trousers tossed over her shoulder. The material was striped in differing shades of pink and there was a black band circling the sleeve just below the cuffs, a matching black strip stitched across the breast pocket. The shirt hung open, the little clear buttons catching the light like carved diamonds as she twisted it this way and that to admire.

Juliet was similarly taken by a lavender-hued bodysuit. It bore a corduroy-like pattern, although based on how flexible it looked as she held it close to her body to pose before the nearby mirror Patrick suspected it was more likely cotton with a corduroy effect. Silver studs gleamed from strips of white cloth stitched into the material, yet even fully buttoned up it looked as though it would have a rather low neckline.

A moment or two later, Kara emerged with her own set in hand: a blank grey vest top whose simplicity was in stark contrast to the bright floral pattern of the silk shorts folded over it.

Glancing up at Patrick, she shrugged. ‘Juliet found them; there’s a whole chest full in there. They’re pretty nice, to be honest. So soft… so nice…’

Patrick frowned: Kara seemed almost entranced by the pyjamas in her grasp. She stared at the vivid flowers as though she was half expecting a butterfly to emerge from behind one of the petals, while her spare hand caressed the material of the vest absently, the repetitive motion of her fingers giving him the distinct impression she was unable to stop.

Before he could enquire if she was okay, however, Juliet’s giddy giggle attracted his attention. Glancing over, he found her assisting Alaina into her pink trousers, which was proving quite a challenge given both girls were struggling to determine which of the four leg holes they could see was the correct one.

Patrick was a little shocked to find that both girls had stripped down almost naked. Their fuzzy dressing gowns lay in a forgotten heap along with their loungewear at the foot of the bed. While Alaina was still clad in her black lace underwear, Juliet had gone even further, leaving only her panties in place and discarding her bra onto the pile. It wasn’t as though Patrick hadn’t seen his friends changing before, and he supposed it was hardly surprising they were so blithe given their intoxication, but he averted his gaze nevertheless.

After several minutes of struggle, both girls were something close to decent once more. Alaina’s shirt remained open, the buttons having proved far too tricky for her, while Juliet’s bodysuit was similarly unbuttoned, though it afforded her a little decency at least.

Still nestled amongst the cushions, Patrick was just about to hop off the bed and urge them into the covers when he noticed something: the roots of Juliet’s light blonde hair were suddenly tinged umber brown.

At first, he dismissed it as a trick of the light, but the next moment he watched in muted astonishment as the darkness spread, sweeping down her bright locks like some kind of fast-acting dye leaving no hair untouched. Rich brunette tresses now hung down her back, while her plucked brows had taken on a matching hue.

More shocking still, Juliet was entirely unperturbed by the change. In fact, she barely seemed to have noticed at all.

‘Mmmh, don’t these clothes feel so good, Alaina?’ she cooed, running her hands sensually over the fabric.

Alaina nodded with a blissful smile. ‘Oh yes,’ she replied, her words almost a groan. ‘So soft, so warm, so nice… so sexy…’ At that she slipped one hand down her trousers, her head tilting back as the crotch began to ripple with her wriggling fingers.

Despite his confusion, Patrick could not look away. Because as Juliet followed Alaina’s lead, rubbing her sex through the crotch of her bodysuit, both girls began to transform before his eyes.

Slim white woman poses in front of bed wearing lavender bodysuit

From his perspective, Juliet looked almost as if she was being forcibly crushed by invisible hands. The impressive height she so often used to dissuade the jocks from trying their luck either on her or her friends was soon lost, her frame rapidly shrinking. As her body contracted the room sang with the crunch of grinding bones, yet there was no pain in her expression. Quite the contrary, in fact; her mouth hung open and her brows were knitted with pleasure, her incessant rubbing growing ever more desperate as the bodysuit continued to reform her into something entirely new.

Juliet had never possessed a particularly curvy figure, however as she was forced into her petite new frame the compression gave her a fresh shapeliness. Despite not being the most full-figured woman Patrick had ever laid eyes on, the new Juliet was toned and slim, her bodysuit clinging tightly to plump breasts and an ample ass.

As if compensating for the stolen height, the transformation suddenly swamped her features, shifting them into a new countenance unrecognisable from the one Patrick knew. Juliet had been pretty before, but now the metamorphosis had made her alluring. The familiar sharpness to her looks had gone, mellowed into soft, gentle lines. Her lips were full and flush, her cheeks rosy, while her formerly long hair had receded, now brushing her narrow shoulders rather than her waist. The only recognisable facet to her appearance were her eyes, the same deep brown as ever. But even they were changed, swirling with endless, passionate lust which assured Patrick the Juliet he had once known was no more.

To complete the transformation, a little tattoo inked itself into her flesh – a small heart set between her breasts – and her nails were painted white, the polish stark against her tanned skin.

Slim black woman poses in front of bed wearing pink pyjama set

While Juliet’s transformation was probably the more drastic of the two, Alaina’s was by far the most vivid.

The clouding of her skin was slow at first, the effect easily dismissed as a trick of the light or shadows playing over her figure, however it soon became apparent that the change was no illusion. The light brown of her natural complexion faded first into a rich tan tone, before shifting into a deep ebony hue which contrasted intensely with her bright attire.

Patrick struggled to follow the changes continuing to engulf his friend. He felt as though he was dreaming. Her very race changed Alaina was already unfamiliar, and as she succumbed further to her transformation the few remaining features he could recognise her by faded away.

Like her skin, Alaina’s hair was growing darker too, taking on the elegant midnight pigment shared by most African women as her glossy locks shifted into a new style, her tight bun unfurling until she wore her hair in a low cut brushing her prominent collarbones. The lines of her face also reformed, filling out into soft, rounded features, her lips twitching with mischievous intent and her dark brows raised high as her sensual masturbation persisted. Like Juliet, her eyes were as familiarly brown as Patrick had always known them, yet now they were pools of mischief, the eyes of an impish spirit given form.

Though her height didn’t change, her frame still underwent dramatic alterations. The ample breasts she was so proud of swiftly melted away to leave her with petite C-cups concealed in her black bra, which had shrunk along with them. The loss of her bosom made her seem much smaller, an impression only compounded by the sudden narrowing of her shoulders and the swift evaporation of what little body fat she carried. In their absence though it was immediately apparent how much more flexible she had become as a result, the roll and arc of her pleasure-saturated body far lither than Alaina would ever have been able to achieve before.

Her shuddering breaths had a higher pitch as she masturbated, and Patrick blanched as he watched her groan and grin through her transformation, the process clearly as profoundly erotic for her as it was intensely alarming for him.

Patrick was struck dumb, his eyes bulging and his jaw slack. Despite himself, a niggle of fascination whispered through his thoughts as he watched their bones shift and muscles rearrange, all while they moaned with arousal at each new change. Somewhere beneath his panic he wondered what that might feel like…

Just then he felt a stab of horror as something terrible occurred to him. Turning to face Kara, his stomach dropped.

Busty white woman poses in front of bed wearing floral-patterned pyjama shorts and grey vest

Though she was still slipping into her own set, the effects of her new attire were already taking hold.

As she pulled the vest over her head Patrick noticed for the first time that the material was semi-sheer. As a result, he could just about make out the dark, wavy hair blossoming into life beneath the fabric, swamping her short blonde bob and tumbling down like charcoal waves.  

The face that emerged soon thereafter was unfamiliar. Kara had always been of a slender figure and pallid complexion, and her high cheekbones, prominent chin and eyes set deep in their sockets had often given a vaguely skeletal air to her features, a trait she had often taken advantage of by dressing as a zombie or vampire for Halloween. Now though, she would not be able to pull off such an outfit so well: her features were soft, tanned and warm, her lips and cheeks full, and while her eyes stared out from shallow sockets, they themselves were deeper than he had ever thought possible. Seething, sensual desire swept in their abyssal depths, accompanied by an edge of confident authority, a dominant glimmer which sent a shiver of unease through him.

This fullness of figure only continued once the magic of the vest gripped her torso. Her flat chest ballooned out into an impressive bust, the shadowy crown of her cleavage just peeking over her vest’s taut neckline, while her frame abruptly filled out with swooping curves clung to tightly by the fabric. Arms once so skinny the widest part was the wrist were now thick with soft flesh, the shorts adding similar volume to her legs as she slid them up and over her thighs. Once she pulled them into place her hips promptly swelled to fit, her ass expanding to stretch the rump tight while simultaneously pulling the crotch close over her groin. Her transformation complete she shook her hair free of the vest, which fell to frame her breasts as if they actually needed further flaunting.

Running her hands over her buxom body, Kara gave a blissful smile, shuddering a little as her fingers wandered near her crotch. Before she could explore the contents of her shorts, however, the tittering giggles of her friends drew her attention.

Alaina and Juliet – or, at least, the women they had become – had noticed one another and were now eagerly making out. Sniggering like misbehaving schoolgirls between kisses, their impatient hands roved over one another groping and squeezing and, in Alaina’s case, spanking; Juliet shrieked giddily whenever her partner sharply cracked her rump.

‘Mmmh, yes, spank me like a bad girl,’ she groaned, her breathy voice dripping with lust.

There was a wicked gleam in Alaina’s eyes as she smirked puckishly. ‘If that’s what you want, how about you show me just how bad you can be?’

Patrick was frozen. His instincts were at war with one another. His impulse was to run, to leap off the bed, scramble from the villa and never look back; on the other hand, his logical mind told him if he could only get his friends out of their new clothes perhaps the process would be reversed.

Yet he couldn’t bring himself to move. So far, none of the girls appeared to have noticed him, and some primal urge was telling him it would be best to keep things that way. He couldn’t quite grasp why, but somehow he knew things would not end well if he alerted them to his presence.

Unfortunately for Patrick, he wasn’t quite right. For while Alaina and Juliet were too busy with one another to have noticed him, Kara had no such distractions.

Gliding over to the kissing girls, she parted them gently. ‘Now, now, ladies, don’t be rude. Look, we have company. Don’t you think we should make him feel at home?’

Patrick’s blood ran cold as the transformed women turned to him for the first time. Their united gaze was both hypnotic and withering and he silently begged for the bed to open up and engulf him.

Dropping onto the bed, Juliet crawled across to him, pressing her body up against his and fiddling with the knot of his gown belt. ‘Come on, handsome, let’s have some fun. Oh, don’t be like that,’ she whined as Patrick clamped his hand protectively over the belt, denying her access, ‘I want to play with you. Don’t tell me you don’t want that too.’

‘Maybe he’s playing hard to get,’ Alaina giggled.

Juliet’s eyes sparked lustfully at her words. ‘Ah yes, that’s it, isn’t it? Then it’s a good thing I know how to entice you.’ Abandoning his belt, her hand slipped down and under the hem to close over his crotch. Despite himself, Patrick felt an erection begin to swell beneath her hot touch. He flushed with embarrassment, but Juliet simply giggled and groped his rising dick a little harder.

‘I think he likes that,’ Kara smiled. For the first time Patrick realised how deeply sultry her voice was – her words seemed almost intoxicating, filling his head with an unexpected calm. She regarded him with those deep, sensual eyes and he felt as if her very gaze was infecting him with arousal. To his own surprise, he gave a quiet moan as Juliet’s fingers brushed against a particularly sensitive spot.

The sound of his own moan snapped him out of his brief bliss. ‘Wait… no… I… I don’t understand… what’s going on… what happened to you… please, let me go… we can fix you…’

Kara chuckled. ‘Oh sweetie, what is there to fix? We’re perfect just the way we are.’ As she spoke she pulled down her vest to expose more of her cleavage. Unable to stop himself, Patrick’s eyes fell to the deep, fleshy crevasse and would not move. ‘I know a guy like you probably doesn’t get the chance to spend much time with naughty girls like us, but trust me when I say you’re really going to enjoy it. I’m sure we’re going to be very good friends.’

‘B-but we are friends,’ Patrick stammered, trying to ignore both how hard he was and the depraved intent in Juliet’s eyes, ‘we have been for years. You’re Kara. This is Juliet and that’s Alaina. You’re my best friends. Please, I don’t know what’s happened, but I need you back. Try to remember.’

But none of them were listening. Instead, Alaina clapped her hands suddenly, a fiendish grin on her pretty face as she bounced up and down on the spot. ‘Oh, I know, I know! We could give him a makeover! Make him all pretty like us. I bet he’d look so cute in his own adorable little pyjama set.’

Kara smiled deviously. ‘Mmmh, I think you’re right, gorgeous. Now I think about it, that scrawny body could never hope to satisfy girls like us. He’ll look so much better as a little crossdressing sissy.’

Patrick blanched and opened his mouth to protest. Unfortunately for him, Alaina had already gone, and the objection died in his throat as Juliet snaked up his body, her lustful face suddenly pressed in close to his. Her eyes were fearsome, piercing, the kind of eyes no man could look into without lewd thoughts springing to mind. An almost sinister smile twitched her lips and she continued to massage his crotch as she spoke.

‘Oh, I don’t know, he’s bigger than you think,’ she purred. ‘He might have his uses.’

Patrick still wanted to run, but the sheer aura of depravity oozing from Juliet’s pores was washing over him, saturating him, pressing down his throat and swirling through his mind. He felt entranced, his free will slowly ebbing away. As Kara joined them on the bed her dulcet tones only dragged him deeper into compliance.

‘Oh he’ll have his uses alright. After all, I’m sure once we’ve shown him how much prettier he can be as a girly little sissy he’ll be more than willing to thank us when we spread our legs for him. Isn’t that right, little boy?’

The enamoured young man nodded vacantly, his eyes locked with Juliet’s, unable to tear them away; if eyes are the windows to the soul, then surely she was corrupting his, her hedonistic personality pouring out to infect him with desire.

Alaina was back quickly, a stunning two-piece pyjama set in hand. The material was soft and smooth – almost silken, but with more stretch – and was entirely covered in patterns of large, bright roses. Neat frills of black lace lined the edges.

Not that Patrick noticed. In fact, the first he knew of Alaina’s return was her hands on his legs tugging down his shorts and boxers. The other girls were stripping him too. While he was zoned out Kara had deftly unbound his belt before slipping the whole gown out from under him, and now Juliet’s slender fingers abandoned his rising erection to relieve him of his top. At the back of his mind, Patrick noted how confidently they moved, how precisely. The transformation had not just changed them, it had purged their drunkenness too. Now they only thing they were inebriated on was arousal.  

In a matter of seconds, he was naked. When he glanced down, he found Alaina aligning his legs with the holes of the pyjama shorts, a mischievous glitter in her eyes. Surprisingly, he did not feel at all vulnerable – something about this all felt so right.

Once again, a shock of clarity burst through him and he struggled against their hold. But Juliet was straddling him now, her knees clamping his hands to his sides and her weight pinning him down. Patrick wasn’t sure exactly whether he was unnaturally weak or she was unnaturally strong (he supposed it most likely that a little of both was true) – either way, he couldn’t budge her an inch.

‘No! Get off me! Please, no, get those away!’ He kicked his legs, almost booting Alaina in the nose as he attempted to wrestle himself free. ‘I won’t become like you. I won’t. I w–’

Juliet’s unexpected kiss cut him off. The heat of her lips on his was intoxicating, simultaneously leeching away his fear and swamping his thoughts with sordid desire. Slumping back, Patrick relaxed, moaning softly as Juliet’s tongue explored his mouth. His will to resist them now evaporated, the girls slipped the pyjamas eagerly onto his skinny frame before sitting back as his sensual groans signalled that the potent magic was taking hold.

Curvy white woman poses in front of bed wearing rose-patterned pyjama set

Every sense was dialled to eleven as Patrick squirmed and shuddered on the bed. Before the transformation had even taken effect he was stroking his body, just the touch of his bony fingers charged with electric arousal. His semi-erect penis was at attention immediately, the tenting of his pretty rose-patterned shorts a bizarre sight given the changes rapidly overcoming his torso.

Like Kara before him, Patrick’s figure was filling out, the jutting ribs and pronounced shoulders now swaddled in cushioned layers of soft skin. A healthy tan flushed his sallow complexion, painting his skin shades of gold. The bright vest top was only made all the skimpier as a pair of supple breasts developed; the material stretching tight over his modest bust, their growth pulled his top up to reveal a toned midriff descending into rapidly expanding hips. His swelling rump likewise lifted his shorts so high the underside of his cheeks peeked out from beneath the material.

Patrick was vaguely aware that the cracking and grinding of his shifting bones should have been agonising, yet all he felt was profound, orgasmic pleasure. Sleek brunette locks had sprung from his scalp, cascading down over restless features, Patrick’s short blond mop now no more than the faint ghost of an old dip-dye which had all but grown out. His brows honed themselves to sharp lines, the abundant acne scars marring his features faded away, and a pair of simple hoop earrings materialised, gleaming as brightly as his pearly teeth. His lips – once thin and chapped, now full and rosy – were drawn into a blissful smile as his hands descended to his crotch, somehow aware of what was about to happen.

As if waiting for his touch, no sooner had he slipped one hand into his shorts to jerk his cock than the magic robbed Patrick of his manhood. With every stroke his dick shrank in his hands, although he didn’t much seem to care. If anything, he only jerked off faster. Perhaps if he had restrained himself he might have retained his cock – the only reminder of the man he had been before – however the pleasure was too much to deny, and the girls giggled as they watched how eagerly he jerked himself into a woman.

By the time Patrick’s fingers were delving into the folds of a saturated pussy, his old persona was beginning to blur. He didn’t so much forget who he was as he simply found he no longer cared. Everything seemed to fade into insignificance: his life, his friends, his insecurities. Even his name. He suspected the same sensation had overcome his friends not so long ago, that the women they had been were not lost but buried, almost but not quite forgotten, like a pleasant dream stifled somewhere in the depths of memory after waking. Maybe if they focused very hard, they might even have unearthed their old selves – but why would they bother when the women they had become were so much naughtier?

As Patrick blurred, Paige rose to take his place. A whole life he’d never lived swirled through his head; high school crushes, joining the cheer squad, losing her virginity to her first boyfriend in the shower while his parents were out. He smiled at memories that weren’t his, groaned at fantasies he’d never had. He shuddered as wet kissing noises met his ears, wondering who might be kissing and if they were watching him play with himself.

I hope they are. That’d be so hot. As if to ensure any potential voyeurs did not lose interest, he fingered himself still harder, absently wishing he had a dildo to hand.

Exquisite pleasure roaring through his system, one final thought rose in Patrick’s mind before he succumbed completely to his new persona: so this is what it feels like.

And then he was Paige.

Before she could reach her climax, a familiar voice distracted her: sultry, sensual, intoxicating. ‘Hey, gorgeous, you aren’t going to have all the fun by yourself, are you?’

Her fingers falling still, she looked up to find a busty brunette stood over the bed beside her. For the briefest of moments, Paige struggled to recall her name: as with everything else, the name she had known Kara by before had faded into obscurity, now no more than a half-formed memory lost in a past life. But a new name came to her tongue presently.

‘Sorry, Karlee,’ she blushed.

Karlee smiled as Paige removed her hand from her shorts. ‘No need to apologise – I rather enjoyed watching you,’ she added with a wink.

She pulled Paige to her feet. A little weak-kneed from her self-pleasure, the curvy beauty supported herself on the end of the bed, glancing back at Karlee over her shoulder as she caught her breath.

The horny minx Karlee had just caught masturbating was gone. Nervousness glinted in Paige’s eyes now and she seemed unwilling to boast her impressive figure, turning her exposed stomach and plump breasts away so only her ass was fully on show. Then again, Karlee wasn’t about to complain about the view.

‘Do… do I look okay?’ Paige asked timidly.

Karlee’s smile grew wider. ‘Oh, babe, you look gorgeous. That dumb boy must have had his eyes closed when he told you that you weren’t hot.’

Paige’s cheeks flushed so red they rivalled the roses adorning her sultry figure. ‘You really mean that?’

‘Of course,’ Karlee purred. She drew closer, pressing herself against Paige’s soft body. ‘But don’t just take my word for it. Take a look at what you did to those two,’ she added, nodding back onto the bed.

The names of the two women making out passionately on the white sheets came to Paige more easily than Karlee’s. Ana’s stripy pink top had already migrated halfway down her back and now dangled loosely from her arms. Meanwhile, Jane’s pale hands were stark against her lover’s ebony skin, roving over her back, caressing her neck and squeezing her breasts as she kissed Ana with equal measures of passion and hunger. They both smiled broadly, savouring the titillating taste of the other’s tongue on their own.

Three white women and one black woman make out on bed while wearing pyjamas

For Karlee, the memories of forcing Patrick into the rosy pyjamas had already been replaced by a new reality in which she, Jane and Ana had followed the sounds of Paige’s moaning to find her playing with herself in her room. Utterly oblivious to their presence she had continued to masturbate even as they crept inside. It was the first night of their vacation and she had made her excuses from their pampering session a little while before, wishing them goodnight to retire early. Apparently though, sleep had not been on her mind. Clearly Paige had grown a little too lost in her pleasure, for she was so zoned out that even when Jane and Ana had settled down on the bed beside her to make out noisily she had persisted.

Now her senses had returned she was red-faced with embarrassment. Even so, the arousal was written plainly on her face as she caught sight of the kissing couple. Karlee took a moment to relish the two emotions warring over Paige’s features before speaking up.

‘I’d say it’s pretty obvious how horny you made them, wouldn’t you?’ Looping one arm around Paige’s waist, she subtly closed her fingers over her hip. She leaned in close, her words hot in Paige’s ear. ‘And you didn’t just make them horny either.’

In one swift motion she used her grip on Paige’s hip to spin her around before pushing her down onto the bed with the other. Paige landed heavily, a little gasp escaping her lips as Karlee dropped down to join her. The melody of Ana and Jane’s wet kissing and soft moans played on as Karlee lifted one hand to Paige’s cheek, pulling her in so close their brows touched and their noses brushed together.

‘You know, something tells me you’ve been wanting me to do this for a long time. Well, baby, tonight’s the night.’

And with that, Karlee kissed her.

In that one second, Paige’s understanding of sensuality blossomed from a bud of inexperience to a bright, radiant flower. Until now she had only ever kissed a man, and in truth there had never been much love in those moments – they had mainly been a triviality before the main foreplay started.

True, she had never really had the best taste in men, and the bad boy type she preferred were hardly renowned for the sensual prowess. But still, this sensation was far beyond anything she could ever have imagined possible.

Karlee tasted sweet, a sweetness laced with the floral note of her perfume and the citrus tang of her shampoo, the strong scents filling Paige’s nostrils. In a heartbeat she was addicted, the taste spreading over her tongue just as intoxicating as any illicit substance purveyed on street corners or in club bathrooms, if not more so. The pressure of Karlee’s lips was firm yet tender, and Paige shuddered as her tongue slipped between her lips to explore her mouth.

Then there was the heat. It was subtle at first, a soft warmth that filled her mouth and swelled out across her face. But in short order it had migrated further, creeping out to inhabit every inch of her from the crown of her scalp all the way down to the tips of her toes. She didn’t entirely realise how deeply it had infected her until all of a sudden she found she was sweltering, her cheeks flushed and perspiration on her brow. And yet she could not pull away. It was the same heat a drunkard feels after a night of drink: heady and disorienting yet secondary to the buzz for more.

As they kissed, Paige shivered under Karlee’s hands. Her left hand rarely wandered, cupping Paige’s cheek affectionately while they made out, however her right was perpetually on the move, stroking its way over her exposed shoulders, her curvy midriff, her soft thighs. There was little lewdness in her exploration of Paige’s body, yet everywhere Karlee’s fingers touched she tingled, thrills of delight racing through her.

Incensed by the desire seeping down into her core, her very soul, Paige’s hands too began to twitch into motion. Her nerves were still deeply rooted, and as such though she craved nothing more than to drive Karlee into the cushions and kiss her so passionately they came up gasping for breath, she restrained herself, allowing Karlee to guide their intimacy. However, she permitted herself to gently caress Karlee’s plump thighs with one hand, the warm skin like velvet beneath her fingers, while the other rose up to grasp her shoulder, pulling Karlee in just a little closer so that their tongues could delve that fraction deeper.

Two white women and one black woman grope third white woman while wearing pyjamas

Enthralled by Karlee’s sensual aura, Paige failed to notice that the wet kissing sounds behind her had fallen silent. Neither did she hear Ana and Jane whispering excitedly as they crept up behind her, the creak of the bedsprings and the gentle rocking of the mattress as they moved nearer going undetected.

It was only when their warm hands settled on her body that she jerked back with a little gasp to find them pressed in close, their eyes glittering with sordid intent.

Jane’s chest was flush against Paige’s back, the heat of her exposed chest blossoming out like unfurling wings, her hard nipples rubbing against Paige’s shoulder blades. Her chin resting in the crook of Paige’s neck, she looped her arms around to embrace her in a close hug. There was undeniably lustful purpose in her touch as she began stroking Paige’s soft, tanned flesh – her fingers wandered tantalisingly close to her erogenous zones, drawing Paige’s arousal out in gasps and horny murmurs, but never lingered. Jane giggled as Paige squirmed, struggling to handle her incessant teasing.

In stark contrast, Ana’s hands barely left Paige’s sensitive spots. Leaning in from the side, her long ebony digits squeezed her tits and groped her thighs, rubbed her crotch and grabbed her ass. At every groan she induced Ana giggled mischievously. There was an unexpected strength in her touch made all the more harsh in comparison to Jane’s gentle caress, though Paige craved each of them equally. Her nipples were soon hard as press studs – press studs Ana took great delight in teasing playfully – and her stomach flipped whenever their hands descended to her groin, even for a moment.

Karlee, meanwhile, simply sat back and watched. From time to time she would reach forward to pull aside a stray lock of hair that had fallen across Paige’s face, or to run a finger down the line of her cleavage and tug on the neckline of her vest, threatening to expose her breasts entirely before sharply releasing her grip. For the most part, however, she was content to settle for filling Paige’s ears with sultry encouragement.

‘That’s it, gorgeous, let them play with your pretty body. It feels so good, doesn’t it? Their hands on your tits and your ass – even just on your skin. Do you see what you’ve been missing out on now? No man could ever touch you like this because they don’t understand your body like we do. Just relax, baby, let it happen. Let them hold and touch and grope you. That’s what you want, isn’t it?’

Paige nodded slowly, bliss written over her features. ‘Yes. I want it. I want you to play with my body.’

Glancing up at Karlee, Jane gave her a conspiratorial wink. ‘You mean like this?’ she whispered before abruptly slipping one hand into Paige’s shorts to tease her clit.

One white woman licks breasts of second white woman while encouraged by third white woman and black woman, all wearing pyjamas

The sudden burst of pleasure awoke something primal in Paige. Possessed by a lust more intense than she could fathom, she span around to kiss Jane passionately, driving her onto her back in the same motion. Their lips were locked for barely a few seconds, but when Paige broke away Jane was gasping for air – gasps which promptly took on an erotic note as Paige bowed her head to suckle ardently on her vulnerable nipple.

Paige came to her senses almost as swiftly as she had lost them, pulling away with a flush of embarrassment as she stammered her apology. ‘I’m sorry… I… I don’t know what that was… I…’

But now it was Jane’s turn to show her carnal side. Grinning a wicked, horny grin, she seized Paige by the back of the neck and dragged her back down, pressing her small breast against her lips as hard as she was able.

Almost immediately Paige melted into her embrace, her tension vanishing as she took to her task like a doting lover. Sucking and lapping at Jane’s soft tit, Paige smiled as her lover began to groan, the vibrations shivering up her tongue and down her throat to tingle her own breasts.

‘You really should stop apologising,’ Karlee chuckled as she drew up behind her. Her hand dropped to rest on Paige’s lower back, her heavy breasts brushing her spine. ‘Does it look like Jane is having a bad time? Look how horny you’re making her and try telling me you’re not enjoying it as much as she is.’

Karlee was right. Ana had shuffled around behind Jane in order to lift her onto her lap, upon which Jane was twisting and groaning and giggling like a delirious lunatic. Her pale hands grabbed at Ana’s toned arms and curvy midriff, while her head rested against the ebony woman’s chest, Ana’s firm grasp holding her in place to prevent her lolling aside.

Paige didn’t know what was hotter: the breathless, staccato half-sentences of euphoria Jane managed between her moans, or the impishly smutty encouragement Ana gave them both, urging them deeper into desire.

‘She’s such a little slut for you, Janey. Can you see how badly she wants you? She wants to feast on those sweet titties all night long. Mmmh, you’re making her so naughty. You like corrupting innocent first-timers don’t you, hot stuff?’

Jane nodded with a whimper. ‘Yes, I love… suck my tits… I want… be a slut like me… oh God, that’s so… ungh… so good…’

‘Keep going,’ Ana hissed, turning her attention to Paige. ‘Suck on those sweet, yummy tits. That’s it, be the naughty little bitch she wants you to be. Make her so horny she wants to fuck you until you pass out. And just wait until you’re eating out her hot, juicy pussy. Mmmh…’

Both Paige and Jane groaned as Ana’s sordid encouragement grew more and more depraved. And it was in their distraction that Karlee subtly hooked her fingers under the waist of Paige’s rose-patterned shorts.

Before Paige realised what was happening Karlee had wrenched them down, exposing her sensitive holes to the cool air. A heartbeat later, the busty deviant had plunged two fingers deep into Paige’s tender, vulnerable sex.

Immediately, she bucked up, coming away from Jane’s breast with a wet pop. Arching her back, she knelt upright, her hands flying back to pull Karlee closer against her. The motion unintentionally allowed Karlee more intimate access to her hole, and Paige’s gasps descended into erotic whimpers as her lover looped one arm around her waist while fingering her fast and deep with the other.

‘Oh my God, oh my… that… holy fuck… that feels so good… oh yes, right there… mmmph…’

‘I told you,’ Karlee whispered into her ear, her words punctuated by the sucking wet sounds rising up from Paige’s pussy, ‘I know your body better than any man. My fingers feel this good because you’ve never experienced what it’s like for someone to fuck your brain rather than just your body. Doesn’t this make you want to be naughty and dirty like me?’

Paige nodded, her lungs burning as she struggled to breathe. ‘Yes. Please, yes. I need it. I want you to show me everything I’ve been missing.’

Karlee chuckled. ‘In that case, I suggest you prepare yourself for the best night of your life.’

Two white women and one black woman lavish third white woman with lesbian pleasure

All at once, Paige was being dragged down onto her back. A sudden warmth blossomed through her neck and shoulders, and when she glanced up she found she was in Ana’s lap, the raven-haired beauty looming over her with a devious smirk. She had shed her silken pyjamas so now Paige was nestled between her bare thighs. The thought of Ana’s pussy so tangibly close sent a shiver of arousal through the inexperienced brunette.

When she glanced down, she was greeted by Jane’s grinning face. She had lifted Paige’s leg onto her shoulder and was eagerly kissing the soft, plush flesh of her thigh, sending arcs of electric sensation crackling over her skin.

Beside her, Paige’s other leg raised on her own shoulder, Karlee regarded her with a deviant gleam in her eye.

‘You know, we’ve been wanting to bring out your naughty side for months. But you were still so up tight and nervous after that dumb boy dumped you we had to keep our distance; after all, we wanted you to enjoy this. We figured a girly holiday might help you loosen up a little, and it looks like we were right.’ As she spoke, one hand descended to Paige’s clit, which she began to circle gently. She placed a finger on Paige’s lips as she opened them to say something. ‘Hush now, baby. Just relax. You wanted to know what you’d been missing, so let us show you. Let us show you what lust really means; let us make you like us.’

Paige had not noticed the dildo Jane had retrieved while Karlee was fingering her until now. It was a long, thick, silicone thing with bright multi-coloured beads suspended inside the shaft. As Jane approached with the toy in hand she had just enough time for her eyes to bulge and a fleeting thought to cross her mind – I’ve never taken anything that big – and then it was inside her.

Her eyes rolled back and her jaw fell slack as her body was swamped with orgasmia.  

The pumping dildo was a jackhammer of pleasure, stretching her so wide pangs of pain lanced through her hips, yet at the same time blotting them out with such intense bliss she thought she might burst with it. Her insides churned, seemingly rearranging themselves in order to accommodate the massive toy Jane drove in deeper and deeper with every thrust. Her thighs twitched, her pussy throbbed, and she felt her own sexual juices trickling down to wet the bedsheets.

Further up, Ana continued to clutch and grope her breasts, while Karlee likewise persisted in rubbing her swollen clit, all three women pouring raw, ecstatic pleasure through her system until she felt as if she was drowning in it. It bubbled up from her throat in the form of groans and whimpers; it surged up into her eyes, pleading silently for more; it rendered her nipples rigid, as though pushing them up from within. It filled her insides so completely every inch of her skin was tender and aching with desire.

Unable to function under the sheer sensory overload, Paige’s conscious mind began to shut down. While her body burned with euphoric sensation, she found her thoughts drifting, lingering on memories of the girls now using her body as their personal plaything. The times Ana had spent gossiping about her exes in order to comfort Paige through her own heartbreak; the hours Jane had spent showing her how to properly apply makeup in order to look pretty and sexy, as opposed to just one or the other; the nights of pampering she and Karlee had shared together.

Inevitably, her wandering mind settled on that night. The night they had first met. Publicly dumped on the dancefloor by her boorish jock boyfriend on account of ‘not looking hot enough’ that night, she had fled the club to collapse in a fit of hysterical tears out on the cold street.

Then they had found her. They had comforted her and offered her their couch to crash on. The rest, as they say, was history.

It was only later that she realised the friendship Karlee, Ana and Jane shared was more than just platonic, and though she had often dreamed that she might someday become part of their little clique, she had never quite believed her dreams might come true. After all, though she had spent most of her waking hours with them for the better part of two years, she was still the new girl, not to mention entirely inexperienced in lesbian amour.

Now, however, she realised that being dumped by that oafish bastard was the best thing that had ever happened to her. He could never have made her feel this good. No man could.

As if to prove her point, Paige’s orgasm suddenly rushed to the surface, shattering her stupor. It felt as though a tempest was trapped in her hips, a storm of pleasure fuelled by the incessant teasing and groping and pounding the girls were submitting her to. Her back arched and her legs twitched as her climax bore down on her. A scream snagged in her throat. She couldn’t take it. She was so close… so close…

Two white women and one black woman lavish third white woman with lesbian pleasure

But the girls were not ready to let her off quite so easily.

As one they pulled away, chuckling as Paige squirmed and thrashed like a beached fish, her moans practically agonised. But she did not cum. To her dismay her orgasm crumbled, and she slumped back with a desperate whine.

‘Why?’ was all she could manage.

‘Oh, you innocent little thing,’ Karlee purred, stroking Paige’s sweaty brow affectionately, ‘because that’s not what your first orgasm with a girl should be like. Toys might be fun, but there’s nothing quite as erotic as having another woman bring you to the edge herself.’

Paige was so drunk on pleasure she barely noticed her companions stripping free of their attire. Neither did she feel them relieve her of her vest. In fact, the first she knew of its absence was the sudden press of Ana’s hot lips against her bare breast. The black woman had moved to the side, her body slung low as she crouched on all fours to pepper Paige’s torso with sensual kisses.

Though it took her a moment to realise, warm arms still held Paige close. When she glanced up through fluttering lids, she found Karlee smiling down at her. Paige’s head was nestled between her fat tits, and she could feel Karlee’s wet slit pressed against her upper back.

Delirium had overtaken Paige by now. The denial of her orgasm had detached her from reality, and she smiled dumbly up at her busty friend. ‘Please,’ she rasped. ‘Please… make me a naughty bitch… I want to be like you…’

‘Don’t worry,’ Karlee whispered, her words like warm honey, ‘you will be.’

Then Jane sprang into motion. In one fluid motion she sheathed her fingers inside Paige’s sex and closed her lips over the swollen nub of her clit above. The simultaneous invasion of her pussy and ecstatic bliss over her clit tore an orgasmic howl from Paige’s lungs. After her ruined orgasm had left every sense dialled to eleven, Jane’s fingers alone would have been enough to make her scream, but when combined with her hot tongue lapping hungrily at her sex, Paige was once more pitched into a state of euphoria that left her eyes rolling and her whole body burning with desire.

And while Jane filled her with physical lust, Ana and Karlee were at work intoxicating her in other ways.

Like the devil on her shoulder, Ana rose up to whisper filthy words in her ear, her tone laden with mischievous intent. ‘Mmmh, this is what you’ve always wanted, little slut. You’ve got a horny whore eating out that sweet pussy and you’re loving every second. Moan, bitch. Let her hear how much you want her. Yes, that’s it, oh yes. Now, let’s hear how loud you moan when you have two sets of fingers in your cunt.’ Slipping her own fingers in alongside Jane’s, Ana laughed as Paige let out a strangled cry.

Her broken wail was not a result of her breathlessness, but of Karlee’s hand coiled tightly around her neck. That dominant, authoritative aura she had exhibited immediately after her transformation was on full display as she eyed Paige with an almost sinister smile.

‘This where you belong, baby: with us. Nobody will ever understand you the way we do. Nobody will ever want you the way we do. We’ll crave you every day and give you all the blissful pleasure you could ever want. What else could you want other than us? We can be your friends and your sisters and your lovers all in one.’ Her words were like termites, burrowing into Paige’s consciousness and rooting themselves in place. She didn’t want anyone else. Not now she knew how they could use her body. ‘We can give you everything you’ve ever wanted. Forget about boys baby, they’re not worth your time. You have us now. Always us.’

Paige groaned. It was all too much. Jane was playing with her body, Ana was playing with her mind, but Karlee was playing with her soul. She felt as though she was being rewritten, all her nerves and doubts stripped away to be replaced by the same deviant raunchiness which burned bright in the eyes of her companions. And it was the hottest sensation she had ever experienced.

‘That’s it, beautiful,’ Karlee smiled. ‘Now let the old you go. Become like us. Cum.’

At Karlee’s command, Paige’s orgasm roared into life again. It came so quickly she didn’t even have time to wonder how the busty beauty could summon it so effortlessly.

Even Karlee’s tight hold on her neck couldn’t withhold Paige’s ecstatic scream as her climax swept through her. The tempest unleashed she once again rose in a rigid arch, her face crumpled with a frown of orgasmic agony only made the more intense as Jane continued to toy with her pussy throughout.

Three white women and one black woman lie naked together on bed

The remainder of the night passed in something of a blur for Paige. A handful of moments stuck out from the rest – Ana’s sensual cry and the feeling of triumph as Paige ate her out to orgasm; the mind-blowing ecstasy of her first time scissoring with Jane; the sheer delirium that saturated her mind as Karlee sat on her face while the other two took turns feverishly plunging the dildo into the folds of her wet sex – but for the most part it was a haze of pussy, tits and kisses.

Eventually they collapsed onto the tangled sheets, their skin hot against one another as they lay in a line. Paige had one arm looped around Ana’s shoulders. The other rested on Jane’s leg. She sighed softly.

‘You were right. That was the best night of my life.’

They laughed together before Ana spoke up, tilting her head to meet Paige’s newly naughty eyes. ‘Just you wait. You’ve got so much to look forward to.’

‘Like what?’ she enquired, her eyes bright with excitement.

Jane lifted a finger to trace the curve of Paige’s breast as she replied. ‘Well, let’s just say same-sex changing rooms don’t tend to take into account how naughty a few girls can get while trying on clothes.’

The call took hold of them then: a strange urge which compelled them out of bed and into their discarded pyjamas. They gossiped as they changed, somehow aware that their companions felt the same odd pull. It was not something they could describe, only that it felt perfectly natural as they were drawn from the bedroom in their slippers and fluffy dressing gowns. Down the stairs they went and out into the dark night, attracted like moths to the flame by the distant, enticing call…  

Meanwhile, in the grounds…

Swimming pool and parasols lit up under palm trees as dusk falls over tropical resort

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