Fantasy Resort – Chapter 11: Movie Night

Disclaimer: the male model in this scene, Bill Bailey, passed away in 2019. If in light of this you do not wish to view his work, please skip this chapter.

Close-up shot of popcorn in glass bowl on wicker tabletop

Waving Brooke off with a smile, Nia waited until she had disappeared amongst the buildings of the resort spa before turning back inside. As she did so, she thought she heard a faint and distinctly erotic moan coming from the direction of the sauna, however before she could be sure the door had closed and cut it off. Giving a shrug, she shuffled back into the lounge, her body aching as she went.

Ace was slumped low on the sofa chuckling at something on his phone. Not that Nia could fathom how he was able to see the screen; his long black fringe was swept down so she could barely see his wide brown eyes, and he was slouched so low he was practically horizontal, a position which had bunched the material of his purple vest over his stomach and almost certainly blocked his view of half the screen, which he held on the leg of his frayed knee-length denim shorts.

Rolling her eyes, Nia cast him an exasperated look. ‘Forgive me, but didn’t we say you were going to get the next film ready while I saw Brooke off?’

Ace obviously hadn’t noticed her return since her words made him jump so sharply he lost his grip on his phone which went toppling to the floor. ‘Would you believe me if I said I was looking up movie reviews to make the best decision?’ he said with a sheepish expression as he retrieved it.

The spiked quiff of Nia’s pixie cut quivered as she shook her head. ‘Nope,’ she smirked, crossing her arms.

Ace snapped his fingers. ‘Drat. Foiled again! You truly are the Bering to my Lattimer; the Holmes to my Moriarty.’

‘Come on,’ Nia laughed, shoving him playfully as she took up the empty glass bowl from the low coffee table on which he had his feet raised. ‘We’ve got time for at least another two or three films before I pass out from the sugar crash, so go and pick one or I will.’

Striding off, she gave him one final keen stare before vanishing into the kitchen.  

Ace groaned as he stood up. Like Nia, his protesting limbs ached, seized and creaky after spending almost the entire day curled up on the sofa. He could only imagine Brooke was in a similar predicament – he certainly didn’t envy her the walk back to her villa, however short it might be.

Glancing out of the window, he was surprised by how dark the resort grounds were. While the flush of sunset was still bright on the horizon, the tall palms of the resort were casting long shadows as night gradually encroached and the bright lights lining the paths cast pools of illumination over the flagstones like fallen stars in the inky dark.

Then again, he supposed it shouldn’t have come as such a shock. The hours today had been counted not by the hands of a clock but by the credits of each successive film, and by now the cases of half a dozen movies were stacked beside the large plasma television.

Still, he was looking forward to enjoying the final stretch with Nia alone. Brooke’s company had been enjoyable, however she did not have the same drive to explore unchartered cinematic waters as he and Nia. In fact, it was this shared hobby which had fostered their close friendship in the first place; indeed, the more obscure, trippy or otherwise experimental a movie was, the more it appealed to them.

And if there was one thing they had already learned about their villa, it was that obscure, trippy and otherwise experimental movies were in no short supply.

Entering the small anteroom in the corner of the lounge, Ace was tickled by the same thrill of awe he had felt the day prior when they first discovered it. Stacked from floor to ceiling with more DVDs than Ace could even begin to count all aligned neatly on sturdy shelves, the room would have bought a tear to the eye of even the most ruthless movie critic. Cult classics rubbed covers with B-movie spoofs; vintage westerns stood alongside torture porn horror and stirring biopics; hard sci-fi masterpieces, sprawling fantasy epics and nostalgia-inducing cheesy teen titles eyed him from the packed shelves. And beyond the recognisable titles, there were hundreds more neither he nor Nia had ever even heard of, from low-budget action flicks to foreign films with covers so bizarrely abstract they seemed plucked straight from an art gallery.

It was to the latter set of shelves he now headed, keen to find a title they had not watched before. It didn’t take long for him to settle on one.

The bright letters down the spine quickly drew his attention and slipping it from the shelf his expression twisted into a mischievous smirk. The cover art was amusingly cheesy – a blushing sunset framed a stunning Asian woman with raven hair and deep, inquisitive eyes as she peered up longingly at her handsome, barrel-chested companion – while the title was printed in an elegant, extravagant script of pale pink: The Anniversary.

Ace’s grin broadened. Perfect. A romance.  

Having been friends with Nia for so long he knew full well that she had a profound hatred for the genre on account of an ex who, in an effort to emulate the male lead of her favourite movie without going to similar expense, had attempted to woo her with fake roses and an out-of-date advent calendar. Needless to say, it had not worked, and Nia now cringed through anything even remotely romantic all the way down to dating app adverts.

With that devious kind of satisfaction only best friends experienced when winding one another up, Ace hurried back into the lounge to set up the film before Nia returned.

After several minutes she shuffled back in, the large bowl now heaped with popcorn. Not for the first time that day, Ace had to stifle a chuckle at her appearance. It was a running joke between them that she was the more masculine and he the more feminine, and today in particular her attire was certainly playing into that dynamic. With the light from the kitchen washing out her pretty features, her cropped hair, dark jeans and baggy green tee gave her a distinctly masculine silhouette – the same of which could not be said for Ace. Any other time he would have mentioned as much, but knowing he was probably about to have a very bruised shoulder when she punched him for picking a romance, he quashed the urge.

Nia flopped down onto the sofa with a groan. ‘Come on then, what cinematic delight have you picked out for us this time? I swear, if it’s another dumb B-movie horror, I’ll kill you myself.’

Ace fought desperately to stifle a grin. He shook his head. ‘No, not that. Not even horror actually. Just sit back and enjoy. You’re going to love this.’

And with that, he pressed play.

The sharp punch Ace had been expecting never came. Not when the film opened on a stunning sunset framing a kissing couple in silhouette, not when a sultry female voice began narrating the story – not even when the pink-lettered title faded into view. Instead they were both immediately encapsulated, drawn in by the images and the words as though hypnotised. So encapsulated, in fact, that as they reached idly for the popcorn, they were completely oblivious to the slow yet dramatic changes overcoming their bodies.

Asian woman with black hair in purple vest and muscular man in green shirt eat popcorn while watching film

Nia’s body began to shift first. Her slender figure filled out with all the slow swelling of an inflating sex doll as she gradually expanded into the frame of a broad, brawny man. New muscles defined themselves one by one; her skinny legs grew thick and robust, bulky musculature engulfed her slight arms, and the expansion of her toned chest swallowed up her diminutive breasts, their mass redistributed into firm pectorals. Roughly doubling in volume, her clothing grew accordingly, the plain tee and dark jeans now concealing a powerful, masculine body.

If she’d been aware of the changes Nia’s keen perception might have alerted her to the familiarity of the body. Once her pretty features had reworked themselves into a chiselled visage to match her burly body, there could be no doubt about who she had become: the short brown hair spiked at the front, the broad nose somewhat crooked on account of bygone bar brawls, the trimmed stubble dusting her jaw. Her new body was not simply familiar, it was right in front of her face: the man in the film.

And with the role of the handsome gentleman already taken, it didn’t take much to work out who Ace was becoming.

Transforming by his friend’s side, it was almost as if all the femininity Nia had lost was pouring directly into him, moulding him into the very embodiment of seduction. As his sparse body hair retreated his pale skin took on a tanned complexion, against which the white tips of his newly manicured nails stood out in stark contrast. His long hair grew longer still, sweeping down into a raven mane, glossy under the light and smooth as silk against his bare shoulders. Like Nia, he too filled out, though he took on a far more alluring figure as his almost gaunt boniness mellowed into soft curves. Enhancing these curves, a pair of plump breasts swelled from his chest, while the rising cuff of his shorts revealed plush thighs and the insinuation of an equally fleshy ass. The neckline of his vest dropped to boast his new cleavage, which was pushed up by a frilly bra patterned in various pastel shades that peeked out like a kerchief from a suit pocket. Then, to complete the transformation, his features settled into an Asian countenance, those same dark eyes he had seen on the cover made up with smoky eye shadow, radiating beauty and sultry allure.

Her transformation complete, Asa stirred as though from a daydream. Glancing down, she eyed Nathan as he continued to crunch on his popcorn. He was watching the film intently, although she couldn’t see what had him so enthralled; the playing scene was focused on two skinny twenty-somethings slumped down on a sofa silently eating popcorn as they watched an unseen movie on an unseen TV. One wore frayed shorts and had his hair hung low over his eyes, while the other had a short pixie cut and was grasping the popcorn bowl on her lap. They said nothing and the shot remained static as the light of the screen played over their faces, but Nathan seemed deeply invested.

A swash of affection overcame her as she watched him. Her fiancé was so cute it was almost criminal, and her favourite thing in the world was catching him in this kind of candid, comfortable position, where she could admire him quietly as he sat contented and calm. Well… perhaps that was her second favourite thing about being with him… After all, she hadn’t picked this movie to enjoy together, she’d picked it with the intention of boring him. And while it was definitely adorable to see Nathan humouring her, today was their anniversary and it wasn’t a movie marathon Asa had on her mind.

Asian woman with black hair shows off her cleavage in purple vest to man in green shirt

The sudden flush of arousal swamped her affection almost instantly and her eyes suddenly darted to his crotch. Reaching over him she took up the remote, making sure to push out her chest as she did so. The unexpected movement roused Nathan from his trance and when he turned he found Asa’s cleavage in his face.

‘You know,’ she purred, her voice dripping with sordid intent, ‘this film has made me realise something.’

‘And what’s that?’ Nathan asked, turning to face her. They had spent long enough as a couple that they both knew where this was going – Asa only ever used such a sultry tone when she had passion on the brain – but he played along nonetheless.

A playful smiled worked over her lips. ‘I’m so glad we’re not like them.’ She nodded to the screen. ‘They’re so weedy and dull. I bet they’re both hopeless in bed. Us, on the other hand…’ She trailed off, though if her intent wasn’t already obvious enough she pulled on the straps of her bra and vest, deepening her cleavage as she fixed him with an impish expression.

Setting down the popcorn bowl, Nathan edged a little closer, placing his hands on her hips. ‘Is my gorgeous girl a little horny?’

Asa’s demeanour changed then. The puckish, frisky tease dissolved in a heartbeat and suddenly she was driving him onto his back, lust and deviance written over her face. Her eyes pierced his soul, infecting him with the same insatiable sexual hunger which soon had his cock stirring.

‘A little? Baby I’ve been horny for you all day. Maybe it’s the heat, or just knowing we’re not going to be disturbed, but I want you in every way. I want you to fuck me in the shower and bend me over the kitchen counter; I want to blow you in the spa and ride you in the pool. I want to make love on the lawns and the beach and anywhere else we can think of. You’re my hot stud and this is our anniversary: I want to make it the most memorable week of our lives.’

As she spoke she crawled over him, her breasts brushing over his chest and lifting his shirt a little to reveal toned abs. Though she moved with a breathless urgency there was a precision to every motion. The way her knee rubbed his crotch was carefully calculated, the caress of her hand up his powerful arms deliberate – even the heat of her breath washing down his neck as she leaned in to moan in his ear was informed by the desire to arouse him.

To his credit, Nathan remained steadfast. A lesser man would have crumbled already and taken the opportunity to grope her like some slut he was paying for, but not him. Not with her. Theirs was a relationship of intellect as much as passion, of mutual temptation and intimate understanding. Each knew exactly which buttons to push on the other, and through this they were locked in a constant, sensual battle for control. Some nights she came out the victor, forcing him into orgasmic mania until he was little more than her drooling, mindless bull, other nights he forced her so far into submission she was still delirious the following morning, but always their passion was driven to a new level of intensity through their lustful competition.

Tonight Asa was in no mood for a slow build-up; she wanted him, and she wanted him now. And there was one way she knew how to motivate him into action. Grinning down at him, she slipped her hands beneath her vest and deftly unclasped her bra. Slipping it free, she tossed it aside before squeezing her breasts together with a low groan. ‘Don’t you want to see these tits bounce, babe?’

Asian woman with black hair in purple vest has holes licked by man in green shirt

Asa’s ploy immediately had the desired effect. Before she could grasp what was happening, the space where Nathan had been was abruptly empty and strong hands were roughly manhandling her hips. She gave a shrill gasp as he wrenched down her shorts – a gasp which became a naughty giggle at his next words.

‘You filthy slut,’ he growled. ‘You’ve been commando all day, haven’t you?’

Asa nodded. Her arousal had been bad enough as it was, but having her swollen clit rubbing against the inside of her shorts had been hours of torture – it was a wonder her wetness hadn’t left a dark patch on the material. Now the cool air breezed over her sex she realised just how wet and sensitive she really was. She gave a horny shudder.

Nathan ran one hand over her glistening folds, chuckling as she groaned. ‘God that’s hot. If I’d have known I would’ve fucked you over the kitchen counter. Or maybe I’d have just driven you against the wall and fingered you until you couldn’t breathe.’

His words worked her arousal into such a frenzy all she could respond with was a meek whimper. As far as Asa was concerned there were very few things hotter than Nathan using his superior physical strength to take control of her lithe, soft body. One of those things, however, was the fact that he was well aware how erotic she found such interactions; the sordid image was intentionally concocted with the intent of throwing Asa off her game, and it certainly worked. Her eyes glazed over as she imagined the scene and he thought her already dripping pussy seemed to grow a littler wetter.

Distracted, she was caught entirely off guard when he bowed down and buried his face in her cunt.

Asa’s shriek of pleasure rang through the villa as Nathan lapped thirstily at her sex. His broad tongue weaved over her folds with a deftness and skill acquired during many long nights of practice, and soon he had her gasping and groaning needily, her hips grinding against his face of their own accord. Peering up at her, he gave a satisfied smirk; her eyes were rolling as her lids fluttered with ecstasy, while the lolling of her head had swept a curtain of midnight hair down over one eye which went ignored as she focused on spreading herself wider for him.

Keen to push her further into euphoria, Nathan decided to take things up a notch. With a firm hand he forced her left leg up to bare her pussy in an even more vulnerable manner. However, rather than continue feasting on her sweet nectar he turned his attention to her equally exposed ass, gripping her hip to pull her in close as he probed the tight, shaved hole with his tongue. After a moment or two the fingers of his spare hand found her pussy and, slipping them inside, he drove Asa into fits of intense pleasure.

Asa’s thoughts were drowning in bliss. The curse of loving someone who knew her so well was that no amount of determination to seduce him into her plaything could account for his own innate ability to play her body, to manipulate her desires however he pleased. With the sensation of his tongue delving into one hole and his fingers sinking into another it was all she could do not to succumb to the lust he was attempting to overwhelm her with.

With a great effort, she mustered her rapidly crumbling lucidity to let out a slutty giggle.

‘What are you laughing at?’ Nathan growled, pulling back with glistening lips.

Her amusement swelled; she knew what her words were about to do to him. ‘I was just thinking that a real man would have started fucking me by now. But you’re too busy satisfying your addiction to the taste of my holes to bother with that, aren’t you?’

As expected, Nathan took the bait. Fuelled by ego and lust, he rose up sharply, wrestling off his jeans and underwear to allow his rigid cock to buck free. In his haste he didn’t even bother removing his shirt, opting instead to hook his fingers in her mouth as he moved into position on the sofa behind her. The taste of her own sexual juices danced over her tongue, though it was a secondary sensation given how roughly he was pulling her towards him. She could feel his dick bobbing just beneath her pussy. A heartbeat later, the head was parting her folds.

‘You want to know what a real man can do, do you?’ he hissed, his grip vice-like on her arm. ‘Then let me show you.’ Without another word, he was inside her.

Asian woman with black hair in purple vest is fucked from behind by muscular man in green shirt

Slutty laughter bubbled on Asa’s lips as Nathan began to thrust. His perfect cock drove deep, stretching her tight sex, blossoming hot pleasure through her hips, and bouncing her breasts out from the confines of her top.

Already she could sense his desire overwhelming him. The heat and pressure and wet silken touch of her pussy were catalysing his arousal, possessing him with a desperate need to hammer her tight hole and drowning any thought of seducing her in a heartbeat. Pumping hard and deep, he spared little care for her needs, focused instead solely on what satisfied his twitching, throbbing cock; the calculating hedonist who had almost reduced her to a whimpering mess mere seconds before was gone, only a carnal bull left in his place.

His thrusting might have been mindless, but that wasn’t to say he was a poor lover. Not only did his balls repeatedly bounce up to strike her swollen clit, sending shocks of sudden ecstasy bursting through her hips, but on occasion a minor shift in angle or a deep thrust would succeed in hitting a particularly sensitive spot, eliciting a little breathless gasp. Once or twice he even knocked against her G-spot, momentarily dazing her and sending tiny lights popping across her vision.

Still, with Nathan unable to focus on dominating her, Asa delighted in her newfound control. Frequently shifting position to ensure he never managed to bring her too close to orgasm, she rocked against him with each thrust, giggling impishly as he huffed and groaned.

Her tits bouncing hard, Asa’s gaze settled on the screen across from her, the film still playing in muted silence. The two characters had not moved from their sofa; they continued to idly eat their popcorn, sat close together almost like a couple yet with none of the romantic charge.

God, it must be so boring living like that, Asa thought, giving a delighted shriek as Nathan plunged in particularly deep. Who could possibly want to spend all their time watching movies when there’s this kind of pleasure to be had? She eyed the young man, curtains of dark hair obscuring his eyes. Thank fuck that’s not my life. This is where I belong.

Possessed by a sudden mischief, Asa put on a breathy, hyperbolic moan which might have been torn straight from the audio reel of a porn film. ‘Oh yeah, fuck me good baby,’ she gasped, infusing every word with potent naughtiness, ‘I’m your needy girl. Pound me stud. Pound me like I’m your personal sex doll. Mmmh, yeah, that’s it, right there…’

After several minutes Nathan’s lips found her neck. Overflowing with erotic energy he promptly set about lavishing her with kisses and nibbles and intense, almost painful sucking which left livid love bites peppering her flesh.

As he ran his tongue up and down her neck, Asa’s thoughts tumbled with confusion. She loved his lips and tongue on her neck, and Nathan knew it; a lustful fog was already starting to descend over her mind and arousal crackled over her skin. Unsure if his sudden assault was an effort to seduce her or merely the result of his sex-addled mind, she made a move she knew would push his buttons: taking hold of his wrist she guided his hand up to grope her plump rack.

To her surprise, however, rather than exacerbate his vacant lust, her ploy had the opposite effect. The touch of Asa’s soft tits seemed to drag Nathan from his stupor. Eyeing her keenly there was a devious, calculating light in his glare as his expression set into a lewd grimace. Snagging the fingers of his spare hand in her hair, he wrenched her head back wearing the cold grin of a manic supervillain who had just escaped the hero’s trap.

Asian woman with black hair in purple vest is fucked from behind by muscular man in green shirt

‘You bitch,’ he said, taking up a more vigorous, violent pace as he spoke, ‘you scheming, filthy fucking slut. You think I don’t know what you’re trying to do? You think I don’t know you’re trying to reduce me into some braindead bull you can use for your own pleasure?’

A sordid grin split Asa’s pretty features. ‘I kno-ow y-you know-w,’ she giggled, her words broken by his powerful blows. His rhythm was intense now, speed sacrificed for depth as he pulled back almost fully out with every thrust before slamming back inside as far as she could take him. ‘It w-was work-king t-too.’

Before she could continue, Nathan gripped her breast so tight his knuckles went white. Asa cried out with a mixture of pleasure and pain. ‘Not tonight, you little whore,’ he hissed into her ear. ‘You know I’m stronger than you are. I can use you however I like. Come to think of it, what was it you said earlier? ‘Pound me like I’m your personal sex doll’? Yes, that was it. Well, if that’s what you want, I suppose I don’t need to bother being gentle, do I?’

The following moment, Asa’s world exploded with pleasure. Pushing her down onto all fours, Nathan simultaneously used his grip on her hair and a hand on her hips to pull her hard against his crotch over and over again, all while he drove forward with equal power. The resulting collision buried his cock balls deep in Asa’s tight cunt and sent waves of ecstasy crashing through her system, ricocheting through her body with such force it felt as if her insides were on fire. The roaring pleasure stripped away her thoughts and shut down all mental functions. Within seconds her eyes were closed, her mouth hung open and a string of drool dangled from the corner of her lips.

Hammering into her mercilessly, Nathan made use of the one weakness he knew his girlfriend could not overcome: Asa liked it rough.

Subdued in a state of slutty contentment, Asa’s senses were so overwhelmed everything besides the throb of her pussy and the pulse of Nathan’s cock became insignificant; her tits bounced so hard they ached, her ass stung with every echoing slap of their connecting hips, and her lungs burned as she gasped for breath after every devastating thrust, yet none of these sensations even registered. At the height of his domination, Nathan even seized hold of her vest and tore it clean in half, tossing the tattered remains aside to leave her entirely naked. Neither his rough hands, nor the loud rending of the material, nor even the absence of the soft vest rubbing over her skin broke through her trance – all she could focus on was the euphoric lust of his endlessly pleasurable dick.

Nevertheless, her wordless bliss didn’t last long. For all that Nathan’s raw physical strength was impressive, in his desire to fuck Asa stupid he had assumed a rhythm more intense than any man could possibly hope to keep up. Inevitably, his pace began to wane. His speed ebbed slowly, the crack of their thighs getting a shade softer with each thrust, and at length he was just as breathless as her, his muscular figure all but spent after using her so hard all at once.  

And with each degree of intensity he lost, Asa’s lucidity proportionately returned.

At first she threw back her hand to grab him, desperate just for something to hold on to. Soon though, her naughty smirk had revived. Rocking into his thrusts, she groaned sensually, the unexpected motion draining Nathan of even more energy until his hands fell away entirely and all he could do was roll his hips in an attempt to keep her from wrestling back control.

It did not work.

Looking up at him, Asa fixed Nathan with a piercing stare. ‘Looks like someone bit off a little more than he can chew.’

She laughed as she pulled away. To Nathan, the sudden removal of her tight pussy left him feeling practically eviscerated, though before he could come to terms with the sensation he was flat on his back, his head amongst the pillows while Asa straddled his waist. She eased down so his head was inside her, tormenting him with gentle rotations of her hips.

‘Thought you could keep up the pace until I was just a dumb fuck puppet, didn’t you? Poor thing. Even you should have realised by now no man can last long enough to manage that.’ Her eyes flashed. ‘Tell me, what was it you said earlier? ‘I’m stronger than you are,’ wasn’t it? Well then, if you’re so strong, fuck my brains out right now.’

But Nathan had expended all his energy. Sprawled over the sofa, he could hardly even lift his head, let alone throw Asa about like some depraved rag doll. This time when he groaned it was thick with fatigue and his eyelids fluttered as though he was ready to pass out.

‘I thought so.’ The thrill of being able to belittle him without any ramifications drew a cruel beam over her lips. ‘You’re just a weak, pathetic dumbass like all the rest. You’re my sex doll now, stud.’ As if to emphasise her point, Asa dropped onto his cock and laughed coldly as he gave a cry of equal agony and arousal.

Three images in which Asian woman with black hair rides hung man in green shirt in different positions

No sooner had she started to ride him than Asa realised how close Nathan’s orgasm was to breaking. Despite being sheathed within her his dick twitched erratically and she could almost feel the chains restraining his climax shattering one by one.

Oh no, I’m not finished with you yet.

Tightening the muscles of her sex, she constricted his shaft until his orgasm withered back. His tormented frown went ignored, as did the shallow whimper he let free as he slumped back into the sofa – Asa had more important things to focus on.  

Some women liked to be used, and Asa was by no means a stranger to that sensation; even now as she began to bounce and ride on Nathan’s juicy cock, occasional aftershocks of the mindless euphoria she had felt during his domination shuddered through her frame, the urge to submit to his raw strength undeniably tempting.

Then again, as far as she was concerned, there was far more pleasure to be had in assuming a more active role.

And when Asa was guiding their passion, nothing made her hornier than riding Nathan until the sensation reduced them both to exhausted wrecks. To her mind, the position was the perfect means of driving her lover utterly wild: she could tease and torment him by easing her hips up so her sex feathered over his tip, or take him so deep her insides churned; she could rock or rotate or roll her hips, each motion bringing with it a different fashion of pleasure; she could lean down to bury his face between her breasts or sit back and allow him to drool over her supple, sumptuous figure writhing atop him. The position even kept her hands free to wander, a benefit she now took great advantage of by occasionally slipping one hand between her thighs, wetting her fingers, and inserting them into his lips for him to suckle on eagerly. When riding, the power was hers and hers alone.

She was so incensed, in fact, that after she reversed her position to face away from him, Asa entirely forgot to keep Nathan’s rising orgasm at bay. All at once she felt him rise up behind her, his chest against her back and his arm looped around to clasp her stomach.

When she turned, he kissed her passionately. Her hand rose to his neck, stroking the soft flesh behind his ear. She could feel his cock spasming inside her. ‘Oh fuck,’ was all he could manage before his hot seed was spilling through her insides.

Nathan’s whole body tensed as he came, his thick fingers digging into her stomach, pulling her into him hard. Asa, on the other hand, felt every muscle relax. Every fibre of her being singing with perfect desire, she was carried high on a wave of hot bliss as she was filled. In one brief, glorious moment it crested and she found herself wondering if this was what Heaven felt like. Then it was falling again, down, down into a calm sea of contentment. As though pulled away by the swell, she slid aside and lounged on the sofa, savouring the new sticky warmth in her hips.

For a heartbeat, Nathan remained where he was, frozen in place, then he too collapsed into the cushions, a satisfied smile on his face.

By the time they had gathered their senses his erection had mellowed into a semi, though his ample endowment was still more than obvious.

‘Well, that was…’ Nathan trailed off, unable to find adequate words.

‘Memorable?’ Asa offered.

Nathan chuckled. ‘That’s one word for it, I suppose. If I wasn’t already looking forward to this week, I certainly am now.’

Crawling up to him, Asa stroked his cheek affectionately, planting a gentle kiss on his lips. ‘I don’t suppose you’re up for round two? After all, you haven’t made me finish yet.’

A roguish grin spread over his face. ‘Well, a gentleman should never leave a lady wanting, should he? I’m game.’

‘Perfect,’ she smiled, kissing him again, more deeply this time. Without warning, she pulled away. ‘Oh, wait, I’ve just remembered something I found in the bedroom earlier. Wait here.’

Hopping up, she scampered off. As she went, she passed the empty case for the film still playing away to itself. The pixie-haired girl and the slender boy in his frayed shorts were emblazoned across the cover, a laden bowl of popcorn clutched between them. The title was written in the stamp-like print of vintage cinema signs: Movie Night. Even if she’d noticed the case, the faces staring up at her, though vaguely familiar, would not have seemed at all out of place.

While she was gone, Nathan reached for the remote and turned the movie off. It wasn’t as if they were going to be paying it any further attention tonight.

Asian woman with black hair gives oral sex to hung man in green shirt

When Asa returned she was carrying a small bottle brimming with glistening translucent liquid. Tossing it to him, she bit her lip as he read the label aloud.

‘Sensory Enhancement Oil?’

Asa nodded, a smile rising to decorate her dazzling features. ‘I thought it might make things a little more… intimate. And there’s plenty more where that came from. Our walk-in wardrobe is full of toys. Costumes too. When I fetched that I saw a naughty nun’s outfit I suspect you’d thoroughly enjoy corrupting me in…’

Nathan’s expression grew wicked. ‘Oh, I’m sure I will. But first, get over her my gorgeous little minx. Tell me then, where exactly did you want to start with this oil?’ he added once she was nestled beside him.

‘Since you asked, I did have something in mind.’ Taking up the bottle she squirted a healthy dose into her palm, which she promptly began rubbing into his dick. Immediately, his erection began to stir again. Jerking him slowly, she leaned in to whisper in his ear. ‘I haven’t had a taste of you yet tonight. I think it’s about time we changed that, don’t you?’

‘I couldn’t agree more,’ Nathan smirked. Without her noticing he had slipped one hand down and between her thighs. Now he pushed two fingers into her saturated sex and began to pump them. His smirk widened as she gave a soft gasp. ‘So let’s have a little competition. If I can make you cum first, I get to fuck your tight little ass. If you make me cum first, you get to sit on my face until I’m drowning in your juices.’

Fixing him with a mischievous stare, Asa felt her arousal swell. ‘You’re on.’ And with that, unsure if she was more eager to taste her boyfriend’s salty seed or grind her sex over his lips, she turned, bowed her head, and hungrily swallowed Nathan’s thick cock…

Meanwhile, in a villa nearby…

Two women sit on bed wearing dressing gowns and holding glasses of wine

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The models in this scene are Asa Akira and Bill Bailey.

Akira is without doubt one of the hardest working models in the industry. Not only is she wildly popular and produces sizzling content, but she also has many more strings to her bow. According to her PornHub page she used to be a professional dominatrix, so she knows her way around fetish and BDSM, and she often does interviews, podcasts or other events with other models in the industry. Hell, during the pandemic she has raised awareness about Covid-19 and the importance of safety restrictions through porn – she really is that amazing. She also directed her first scene in 2013 and has done plenty more since, not to mention produced tonnes of her own content. I don’t think I’ve ever used her work on my blog before, which is frankly criminal if that’s the case, but I sure hope to use it more in future stories. I cannot recommend her highly enough, she deserves all the attention you can give her.

The use of Bailey’s work, as it happens, highlights something I think is worth talking about. I didn’t know this until I came to write these comments and link to his content, but Bailey passed away in 2019. To be completely honest, when I found this out, I wasn’t totally sure what to do about posting this piece. I didn’t want to find a new gallery since this chapter is entirely based on this particular gallery so it felt kind of cheap to try and force content from a different scene onto it, not to mention it would have required extensive rewriting, which I didn’t want to do since I felt I’d created something very good with these characters and this setting. But I also wasn’t sure if I should post it in its current form because it kind of feels a little weird eroticising the work of a dead man. I’ve had this issue before with some other stories I’ve wanted to write, but in those instances I’d never actually written the piece, so I just avoided it by not writing it, and those models weren’t nearly as mainstream as Bailey so that impacted my judgment too.

In the end, I decided to post this for one very specific reason: Bailey created this content with the express intention that people enjoy it and be aroused by it. He knew what content he was creating and he chose to do it, and as with pretty much all adult models I would imagine he got a kick out of knowing he was making people horny through his work. If, God forbid, one of the models I’ve used in this series passed away in the near future I would still have all the same praise I have for them now and I highly doubt I’d take the stories I’ve written using their content down in that situation. I completely understand if people would feel uncomfortable viewing the content of a model who has passed away, so I won’t tell you to go over and watch his work, however the link to his PornHub profile is still provided for those who do wish to do so. During his time in the industry he starred in a lot of great scenes, and while I’m unsure if he’ll ever show up on my blog again he is still as deserving of respect as Akira for making this scene what it is.

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