Fantasy Resort – Chapter 13: Partners In Crime

Swimming pool and parasols lit up under palm trees as dusk falls on island resort

The grounds of Fantasy Resort were still as Brooke meandered along the winding paved pathways. Still, but not quiet.

While the waters of the many pools were calm and undisturbed, the spreading palms barely ruffled by the sea breeze and the path lights cast a warm, comforting glow to illuminate the walkways and communal areas, the air was thick with moaning, groaning, and the occasional resounding crack of a hand making keen contact with an ass cheek.

It was hardly the soundtrack she had expected to be met with as she made her way back to her villa through the idyllic grounds. When she’d left Ace and Nia she had rather hoped she would be serenaded by the distant rumble of the surf, the chirrup of grasshoppers amongst the foliage, the rustle and creak of the swaying palms. Instead, the night’s song was drowned out by a sinful chorus spilling from every villa she passed by.

That said, the cries and gasps were far from unwelcome. In fact, Brooke had only one issue with the fact her peers were fucking all around her: it was making her very, very horny.

And could she be blamed? After all, even the loners and tutors appeared to have scored tonight. As she passed by Miss Leyland’s villa, she was surprised to hear a wet sucking sound emanating from one of the upper windows, and even more surprised to see the silhouette of a broad, muscular man framed against the curtain as she glanced up, the bobbing head of his lady friend just visible from her position. Shortly after she slipped by Nathaniel’s villa. To her utter astonishment, a lithe young woman was pressed up against one of the windows, her tits crushed against the glass, her eyes scrunched shut as she grinned manically. Brooke could only assume the tremors rocking the woman’s body and the livid love bites peppering her neck were Nathaniel’s work, though she couldn’t imagine how the shy, nervous outcast had been encouraged to use her so roughly. Turning away save they catch her staring, she did not notice the little flaccid cock which squashed against the glass a moment later as her lover used her even more ruthlessly.

It felt for all the world as though the resort itself had possessed her peers with some otherworldly power which was driving them to fuck like wild animals, and as she strode on she felt it saturating her own mind too; it was a struggle not to simply storm in on one of the sordid scenes and join the fun.

By the time Brooke arrived home, it was all she could do not to slump to the floor and masturbate away all the erotic energy roiling inside her. Her cheeks were flushed, her grey eyes vacant, and while she managed to resist the urge to slip her hand into her underwear, she couldn’t help but run her fingers over her curvy figure. Her wavy blonde hair tumbled over her face, but it went ignored.

She didn’t think she could have taken another minute among the atmosphere of pleasure and lust permeating the resort grounds. It was fortunate then that the villa’s walls blocked out the worst of it; only the most strident shrieks and the shrillest wails of ecstasy could reach her now, and after a few deep breaths clarity began to return.

At least until a tittering giggle met her ears – a giggle from inside. Someone else was in the villa with her. A woman.

Surely Danny hasn’t found a girl too? The thought hurt a little. They may not have been an item, but she and Danny had been best friends for years, and it stung to think he might have landed a lover for the night and not mentioned it to her. If he had, she’d have stayed with Ace and Nia to give him some space, however she had no intention of retracing her steps through the passion-filled grounds.

For a moment she considered leaving Danny to enjoy his feminine company. Yet the lustful atmosphere outside had leeched away her rational thought. I want to see them, she thought with a devious smirk, I want to see them grinding and writhing and moaning. I bet he’s up there using some hot bitch like a little ragdoll. No way I’m staying down here when I can have my own live porno to watch.

The voyeuristic desire was most unlike her, though Brooke didn’t much care. Driven by her lust, she crept up the stairs without even bothering to lock the front door. Her knee-length sandals carried her silently up the carpeted steps.

Reaching the landing, she heard another giggle. There were voices now too. Muffled enough that she couldn’t make out the words, yet their tone was undeniably feminine. One sounded older than the other, and the younger of them seemed to be the giggler.

Fucking hell, he’s landed two? Watching this is going to be even hotter than I thought.

Following the voices to Danny’s room, Brooke didn’t bother trying to sneak in. She was way beyond that, her own arousal driving her to abandon any sense of decency she might have exercised in different circumstances. She no longer cared if she walked in to find Danny stark naked and pounding a hot slut’s tight cunt – she just wanted to see it.

But that was far from what she found when she strode into his room.  

Slim white woman groping breasts of busty black woman in bedroom

As she had thought, there were two women in the room, however Danny was nowhere to be seen.

The older of the pair was a ravishing black beauty, her umber hair worn in a wavy style which tumbled down her back. She was immaculately made up, her pout bright with lipstick the colour of ripe cherries and her long lashes fringing eyes brushed with smoky shadow. Her brows were sharp arcs, giving her a somewhat intimidating appearance, and she wore a necklace of small pearls around her neck.

Her companion was more or less the black woman’s antithesis. Younger, shorter, and white, albeit with a tanned complexion, her hair was dyed wine red and her makeup had a more vibrant tone to every stroke. Her lips were painted a vivid shade of pink, her cheeks artificially flushed, and while her eyeshadow was similarly shadowy against her creamy skin it was all the more striking.

More confusing still, both women were in a state of undress. The black goddess wore a tight black skirt and a loose merlot blouse, her shoulders visible through panels of sheer black lace. Ordinarily, it might have been a rather professional look, however her blouse had been unbuttoned and her colossal tits were on full display. The robust cups of her lace-embellished bra looked as though they were struggling to contain her bosom, and matters were not helped by her companion, who was squashing and squeezing her breasts into even deeper cleavage. The red-haired girl herself was wearing even less. Only black lingerie edged with intricate white lace covered her decency, the rest of her athletic figure exposed for Brooke to admire.

The women were talking amongst themselves as Brooke entered.

‘Please, Dee-Dee, I just want to suck on them,’ the younger woman was saying, her eyes fixed on her companion’s immense breasts. ‘They’re so fat and juicy. Why can’t I just have a little taste?’

‘Because our guest isn’t here yet,’ the black woman replied, a playful smirk on her lips. ‘And because I like tormenting you.’ She noticed Brooke then, turning to her with a disarming smile. ‘Hey there, babe. Glad you could finally join us.’

Brooke’s arousal had died away now, and even the sight of two smoking hot, scantily-clad stunners was incapable of reviving it. Confusion seized her, though deep down fear began to grip her insides: two strangers were in her villa and Danny was missing. Something was wrong here.

Still, she thought it best not to overreact until she figured out exactly what was going on. After all, while they looked in no mood for a fight, they still outnumbered her.

‘Uh, do I know you?’ she asked, trying not to sound too nervous.

Now it was the black woman’s turn to look confused. Frowning for a moment, she glanced down at herself before a look of understanding passed over her striking features. She laughed. ‘Of course. My apologies – I’ve not even been in this body a day and my old life already seems like such a distant memory. Honestly, Rookie, the past few hours have been such a blur I totally forgot you wouldn’t recognise me.’

Brooke blanched. Rookie. How could she know that name? She had earned her nickname during her first week at Fitzsimmons’ when her new friends had convinced her to join in with an e-sports tournament they were hosting amongst themselves. Having never taken much interest in video games she hadn’t been particularly good, and thus they had given her the name Rookie for the night. Over time, however, most of her friends had forgotten about the nickname; only one person called her by it anymore. But that was impossible…

‘Danny?’ she breathed.

Even in the body of a busty black bitch, her friend had the same wicked grin. ‘New and improved. You can call me Diamond now though. Oh, and this is Milo,’ she added, nodding to the other woman.

The white woman slapped Diamond’s shoulder playfully. ‘No, not Milo. You promised you wouldn’t call me that anymore,’ she whined.

‘Ah yes, my bad sweetie. This is Mischa. She’s much better than that dumb jock she used to be, wouldn’t you say?’

Brooke’s eyes bulged. Her mind was reeling. This is a dream. It had to be. She had given in to her arousal outside and fallen asleep on a sunbed after a long masturbatory session, and now she was dreaming of her friend having become an ebony cougar and their bully a foxy slut. It was the most logical explanation. No, it was the only explanation, outside of some kind of prank, but Danny had never been the type for those.

‘I don’t think she believes us, Dee-Dee’ Mischa said.

Diamond nodded, regarding Brooke with her piercing stare. ‘I think you’re right, little one. Then again, I suppose it is rather a lot to take in. Tell you what, Rookie, rather than try and convince you, how about we show you we’re telling the truth?’

‘What do you mean?’ Whether she was dreaming or not, Brooke knew she wanted out of there. She edged towards the door almost imperceptibly slowly.

‘Well I knew you’d be back sooner or later, and both me and Mischa have been wanting someone with a little more… force, shall we say, to show us a good time. So I planned ahead. I picked you out something special to wear. See for yourself.’ Following Diamond’s gesture, Brooke noticed the clothes laid out on the bed for the first time. A suit: pale blue shirt, sleek grey trousers inlaid with subtle patterns of blue, and a matching waistcoat. Even from her position, Brooke could tell they were several magnitudes too large for her, the cut of the fabric evidently masculine. ‘Oh don’t worry, you’re going to love them,’ Diamond went on. ‘After all, I already have one pet, I don’t need another. I wanted to reward you, you see. We’re partners in crime, Brooke. You’re the only one who supported me when I was writing all those naughty stories, and now I have the power to make them a reality I can’t think of anyone else I’d rather share them with. And Mischa is just dying to reward you too, aren’t you?’

Mischa nodded eagerly. ‘Oh yes. I can’t wait to suck on that fat, juicy cock. I bet it’ll be almost as good drinking all your nice, warm pussy juices, mistress.’

‘Almost,’ Diamond said with a conspiratorial wink.

Brooke made ready to bolt. She no longer cared if the resort was thick with the sounds of arousal, she just wanted out of that room and that villa. She didn’t know what she intended to do once she was outside, only that every impulse told her to get as far away from the resort as she possibly could. There was something evil in this place and she wanted no part of it.

Before she could flee, however, Diamond’s expression set into a grim mask. ‘I was hoping I wouldn’t have to force you, but I guess I was wrong. I understand though: the resort’s power seems unnatural when you haven’t been touched by it. Let me remedy that for you.’ She snapped her fingers sharply, the sound like a pistol shot.

All at once, Brooke was wearing the suit. Her original clothes had vanished and the soft cotton of the shirt and smooth material of the trousers now caressed her skin. They felt good, she couldn’t deny that, though they were as horrendously ill-fitting as she had suspected. The shirt and waistcoat draped from her narrow shoulders like a baggy cape, and without the black belt lashing them in place the trousers would have fallen to the floor immediately. She looked like a child in her father’s clothes.

But not for long.

Before she even had time to come to grips with the impossible switch of her attire, an abrupt bolt of pleasure burst through her. The next moment, the ground was sinking away from her and the trousers were no longer bunched around her ankles. Instead, they were the perfect length. In fact, they were the perfect width, too. Peering down, she realised her hips had expanded to fill the huge waistline. Calves thick as gas canisters pressed against the fabric and the material around her shins hugged dense, sinewy muscle, all of which descended into feet the size of a small bear’s jutting from the bottom – black feet at that.

Holding up her hands, Brooke realised suddenly what was happening. Her skin tone was shifting from her natural white to a deep black, while her hands themselves grew to twice their natural size, filling out into thick, blunt digits. If all these changes were not enough to convince her, the abrupt regression of her breasts sealed the deal: she was transforming into a black bull.  

To her own surprise, however, she didn’t scream. With every passing second her confusion and fear was evaporating, and in its absence old memories rose to the surface. She recalled reading one of Danny’s stories some time ago in which an unassuming young woman had transformed into a huge, lustful bull. She recalled thinking how hot such an experience might be, and what she might do if she were to undergo the same change. And then she recalled something newer: the sense of unfathomable arousal as she wandered through the moaning, fucking resort.

She laughed as her torso filled out to stretch her attire taut with solid muscle. Her laughter was a deep, booming sound, like a drumbeat in a cathedral, reverberating through the walls and floor. God, this felt so good. She had never known power like it. It was intoxicating, a fog of animal desire descending over her vision as she considered what she might do to Diamond and Mischa once she was complete.

She barely even noticed her hair regressing into her scalp, leaving her bald. Her features had already rearranged themselves into the heavy, handsome countenance of a black god, a fastidiously trimmed stubble beard and moustache encircling her thick lips. She heard her shoulders splinter and crack as she continued to broaden, however with every grisly noise she felt only mind-bending pleasure, raw lust coursing through her system in place of the unbearable agony she should have been experiencing.

The intensity of the pleasure that rocked her as her cock grew in threatened to send Brooke completely insane. It seared through her with every inch of length, and by the time she came down from her breathless, orgasmic high, a mighty ten-inch snake bulged down his inside leg, straining for release.

Barging past Diamond and Mischa, Brooke staggered over to the bed and collapsed onto the sheets. She wasn’t weak – in fact, she felt stronger than ever – but the sheer pleasure thumping through her veins was almost too much to handle. She needed to lie down, otherwise she felt certain she would crumple to the ground.

Diamond chuckled as Brooke stared at the ceiling, panting as though she had just finished a marathon. ‘I told you you’d like it.’

Brooke’s broad chest heaved like a pumping bellows. ‘How did that feel so good? I know I shouldn’t have liked it, but my God. It’s so strange. I should be scared, I know I should. None of this makes any sense. It’s unnatural. But all I want is more. More of that feeling. More of that pleasure. Holy fuck, I’ve never been this horny in my life.’

Diamond’s lips twisted into a wicked grin. ‘Call it the resort’s gift. It transforms you into the perfect embodiment of pleasure and lust. All your wildest dream can come true in these walls. Here, there are no such things as boundaries. Magic reigns, and we’re the lucky few. The ones the resort has decided to allow to remember who we were before, how we became who we are now. We can use that magic for ourselves. Reality can be whatever we wish it to be. You’re my husband now. You’re Brock.’

‘Brock,’ he nodded.

‘But you’re still the woman you were before too. You still remember how Milo bullied and ridiculed us, don’t you?’

Again, the huge man nodded.

‘Well, Mischa has been waiting all night for her chance to apologise for that.’

Slim white woman gives oral sex to black bull while busty black woman watches and undresses

Brock had been in such a stupor he hadn’t felt the young woman’s slender fingers deftly releasing his cock. He hadn’t even sensed her take his semi-erect member in her grasp once his zipper was undone.

But the moment her lips closed over his head, he howled like a wild animal.

Her experience was immediately apparent. Bobbing her head she swirled her tongue expertly around his thick shaft, lathering the velvety skin in saliva and frothing drool. Even in his partially aroused state his huge meat was far too big for her to take in full, and as such her fingers fell to the base of his cock, jerking him eagerly to send arcs of electric pleasure flaring across his groin. When she reared back for air his shaft glistened with moisture, but the following moment it would disappear into her slutty lips again and he would feel it bending down the curve of her throat.

Sometime during his transformation, or perhaps while undoing his trousers, Mischa had removed her bra. Her breasts danced in time with her rapid pace, his eyes drawn to their attractive jiggling. Brooke had never been into girls before, however, paradoxically, Brock could not imagine a hotter image than his own naughty snow bunny going down on him hard and deep.

He groaned. The pleasure was reducing him to a heap of limp limbs. All his energy seemed drawn to his cock, as though she was sucking everything but desire from his insides. With every conscious thought drained away, Brock slumped back into the sheets wearing a dumb smile, mumbling half-formed sentences of encouragement.

‘That’s it… oh… suck my… fucking… don’t stop… right there… deep, bitch, deep… throat me… throat me,’ he babbled. It was hardly the bullish thing to do, but in his defence it wasn’t as though he’d been a bull for very long. He could act the macho god later – for now he was content simply trying not go mad from the bliss of it all.

Stood over Mischa, Diamond had started to undress. Her skirt was already on the floor, with her blouse soon joining it in a flourish of red. Unclasping her bra, she allowed it to slip down to her elbows, unleashing her monstrous tits for the first time in several hours. She had always known exactly when Brooke would return, however she had claimed otherwise in order to torment Mischa by keeping her tits on show but off limits. Still, it felt good to finally have them exposed again, and she immediately began groping her rack as she watched her lovers, pinching her nipples hard and savouring the dull, erotic throb that came when she ground her tits together.

Brock’s eyes bulged when she released them and she giggled as his gaze shifted frantically back and forth between her and Mischa, the struggle to decide which view he found hotter visible in his tortured expression: the skinny slut gorging herself on his cock, or the ravishing, full-bodied cougar undressing sensually just for him.

Peeling off her tights and tossing aside her lingerie, Diamond relished the air on her bare skin. It was all well and good strutting about in a hot outfit specifically selected to flaunt her figure, but there was nothing more liberating than baring her body: quite simply, she loved being naked.

Well, naked save one very special accessory. While the power of the original necklace swirled inside her, she had reformed a simpler version to remind her of the gift the resort had given her. She patted the pearls fondly. I’d never be without you, she thought. Now, let’s show little Mischa how a real bitch sucks cock.

Just as she was about to drop down onto the bed alongside her pet, she paused, eyeing Brock’s enormous cock. I’ve not taken one that big yet. She can barely take a quarter of him. Better get prepared. Waving her hand idly, the muscles in her throat shifted and her lips stretched a fraction wider. That’s better.

Busty black woman and slim white woman give oral sex to black bull

Now she did join them both on the bed. Planting a brief yet passionate kiss on Brock’s lips, she promptly descended to his crotch.

‘Move over,’ she said, ushering Mischa around so she could take her place. ‘The real whore is here.’ When Mischa did not relinquish Brock’s cock, Diamond seized her hair and wrenched her away with a sharp tug. The slut’s lips came away with an echoing pop, and Brock shuddered. ‘It’s my turn, you filthy skank,’ Diamond hissed, danger in her hazel eyes. ‘Have you already forgotten how I treat you when you disobey me?’

Mischa simply giggled, precum and saliva dribbling from the corners of her mouth. ‘No.’

Diamond’s sex dampened as she realised what a truly deviant creature she had created in Mischa; one of the few things hotter than punishing her former bully in such a depraved fashion was knowing that Mischa was going to enjoy it. She’d probably even thank Diamond afterwards.

But that could wait. The sight of Brock’s waiting cock was enough to overcome even her desire to spank Mischa so hard she wouldn’t sit down for a week; without another word she threw her pet roughly to one side, bowed her head, and swallowed two-thirds of Brock’s meat in one fluid motion.

For Brock, the ecstasy of his dick burrowing down Diamond’s throat was even more intense than filling Mischa’s hot lips, however he had already learned how to contain himself. Rather than howl his pleasure, he rested one hand on Diamond’s back to ensure she did not pull away and pushed Mischa back down to his crotch with the other.

‘There’s more than just my cock to suck, slut,’ he growled, an appropriately bullish authority in his tone. ‘Suck my balls.’

He drove her face into his crotch, though it wasn’t like she needed any further encouragement. Eagerly sucking his balls into her cheeks, Mischa fawned over them lovingly, massaging them with her hot, wet tongue and slobbering frothy spit over his sack.

All the while, Diamond put her enhanced throat to good use. Gagging and gulping and slurping on his cock, she put Mischa’s skills to shame, albeit with a little magical advantage. Her eyes rolled as she feasted, his massive member filling her throat, more vital than air. Even she could not take him all, although she came impressively close, and she felt certain she would awake with bruised lungs the following morning after swallowing him so deeply.

‘That’s it, choke on my dick you dirty bitch,’ Brock barked.

After spending hours with Mischa – and before her, Milo – firmly under her ownership and never daring to degrade her, the addressal came as a shock to Diamond. But then, this was exactly why she had wanted to warp Brooke into her bullish husband: so she would have an equal, rather than an inferior. From his lips, those words only made her wet. As response, she went down on him with fresh vigour.

‘Mmmh, yes, that’s right. Take me so deep you can’t breathe. You might act the ruthless goddess with Mischa here, but I know who you really are. All those erotica stories you wrote before today, all those shy nerdy characters you turned into deviant dominatrices imagining they were you, that wasn’t all of it. You didn’t just want their power, you wanted someone to have power over you too. You wanted to be able to punish needy sluts like her while knowing there’s someone like me waiting to fuck you stupid once you’ve finished. Isn’t that right, bitch?’

She nodded as she sucked him harder, her groan shuddering along his shaft.

Brock grinned. ‘Of course it is. Well, ‘Dee-Dee’, it looks like Mischa isn’t the only needy slut around now. And you know what, since you enjoy tormenting her so much, I think it’s time you had a taste of your own medicine. You want this cock in you more than anything, don’t you?’ She nodded again, more eagerly this time. ‘In that case, I think I’ll give it to Mischa first.’

Black bull has sex with slim white woman while she is teased by busty black woman

Diamond gasped as Brock simultaneously jerked to one side and dragged her away in the other by her long, dark hair. She cried out with a mixture of dismay and arousal as she landed amongst the cushions, a hot blush of pain stinging her scalp where he’d wrenched at her hair. The sudden absence of his cock made her throat feel cavernously empty and she took a second to regain her bearings.

Once she did, she found her husband had already manhandled Mischa into position. She was straddling his waist, a startled expression on her face, and the next second he was driving inside her, his thick shaft stretching her tight pussy lips to their limits.

A pang of jealousy cut through Diamond as Mischa’s jaw fell open in a silent scream. Her brows wriggled like furry little caterpillars as her expression shifted from one look of bliss to the next, and Diamond had the distinct impression that one wrong move might shatter the young woman’s psyche completely.

So, obviously, the busty ebony cougar immediately tested her theory.

Without Brock using her lips like she was a cheap hooker, Diamond’s deviously dominant streak returned in force. He was the only man she would ever submit to, and so long as his words weren’t burrowing through her mind to unearth the inner cock-sleeve only he could mould her into, she was the same domineering bitch the resort had made her in the first place. The view of Mischa’s mind teetering on the edge of lunacy as she rode Diamond’s husband, therefore, was rocket fuel for her libido.

Diamond cackled as a string of saliva dangled from Mischa’s lips. ‘Oh, baby, she’s drooling. Come on then, slut, put all that arousal to good use.’ Diamond guided Mischa’s hand to her pussy. ‘Play with my cunt. Toy with me while my stud ploughs your hole.’

‘Y-yes, m-mistress,’ she managed, her words broken by Brock’s devastating thrusts. Her hands played clumsily over Diamond’s sex. It was acutely obvious that she was simply following her orders – she did not have the mental capacity to actually try and pleasure Diamond – although that in itself made the black woman wet: even while struggling to stay sane, her pet was still doing as she was told.

Reaching forward, Diamond closed her fingers over Mischa’s nipples and began to twist. ‘Take him, baby girl. Take my hubby’s big black cock deep in that wet snatch. He can fuck you so hard you split in half. You want that, don’t you? You want him to fuck that sweet hole until your brain melts and you’re just a mindless drone.’ Her words were poisoned honey: sweet yet deadly.

And the little white slut had taken a fatal dose. ‘Yes, I want it so bad,’ she whimpered. ‘Oh fuck, he’s so big. I can’t take him. I can’t.’

She was right, of course. From her position, Diamond could see that Brock’s deepest thrusts sank no deeper than a third of his length, and she suspected that was practically Mischa’s limit. But she urged him on anyway.

‘Go deeper, stud. Rearrange her guts. I want to see her coughing up your cum when you finish.’

Mischa gave a small, fearful noise.

Now he wasn’t fucking his wife’s face, it seemed Brock was happy to follow her advice. Wrestling for power and degrading one another was something they could do during their own passion, but whenever they were dominating some other lover, there was no need for them to compete.

‘My pleasure,’ he growled. His grip on Mischa’s hips tightened and he drove up harder, drawing tremulous yelps from her lips.

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It immediately became apparent that the heightened sensation had broken the wine-haired slut. Her hand fell away from Diamond’s pussy, sticky with her juices, and the strength she had been using to keep herself upright abandoned her, leaving her to collapse onto Brock’s chest.

Unwilling to let her get off that easily, Diamond rose to her knees. ‘Don’t stop, babe. This slut is going to take your load whatever it takes. Hold her up for me. I’ve got something to keep her occupied.’

Ascending to her feet, Diamond stood over her lovers, her back against the mahogany headboard. With her feet planted on either side of Brock’s shoulders, she waited for him to push Mischa upright once more. She opened her mouth to give her orders, however there was no need – the moment Mischa’s gaze settled on Diamond’s exposed pussy suspended before her face, she dived forwards and sealed her lips over the glistening treasure.

‘We’ve really got ourselves a nympho here, Diamond,’ Brock laughed.

‘Too right,’ she replied, her tone light and feathery.

Mischa had already spent several hours learning the intricacies of Diamond’s sex. In the face of such intense pleasure, it appeared she was eager to indulge in the familiarity of eating out her mistress and she feasted with an energy more frantic than Diamond had yet felt from her. The strokes of her warm tongue were impressively precise, the way she wound the tip around her mistress’ swollen clit shockingly erotic. Still, amongst her sensual lapping there came loud groans as Brock repeatedly struck her sensitive spots. Diamond shuddered as Mischa’s moaning sent vibrations rippling through her hips, tickling her clit enough to set her eyelids fluttering.

‘Oh yeah, you want my wet pussy, kitten. You want my juices smeared over your face and running over your tongue. Lap them all up, baby. Taste them. Lose yourself to them.’

Diamond wanted to continue talking dirty, but she was struggling to keep her head. It was one thing to dominate Mischa alone, but doing so with her new husband was far more erotic than she had anticipated. Their united domination of their pet now combined with Mischa’s doting attention on her sex, it was becoming difficult to think.

Fortunately, Brock was more than ready to step in.

‘You’d better get used to this, you filthy whore. All those years you spent bullying us have led to this; now we get our payback. This is your future. The rest of your life spent worshipping your god and goddess. We can use you whenever we like, however we like, and you’ll only ever beg for more. This is where you belong: sheathed on daddy’s cock while eating out mommy’s dripping cunt. And this…’ He paused, grunting with exertion as he closed his hands tight around her midriff. ‘This is your reward.’

For the first time, Brock plunged his entire length inside her. At the same time, having realised what was coming, Diamond seized Mischa by the back of the head and held her tight against her pussy.

When Brock came, Mischa’s scream ricocheted around Diamond’s insides. The little slut writhed and bucked as his load filled her, but the depraved couple held her firmly in place. While her ecstasy was muffled against Diamond’s sex, theirs rang loud and clear through the villa.

‘Oh yeah, oh fuck, take that load,’ Diamond cried.

Brock, meanwhile, simply gave a roar of release.

Only once the last droplet of cum has been injected into Mischa’s quivering cunt did they let her go, at which point she slumped to the side, barely conscious.

Surprisingly, Diamond’s first thought was to check on her pet. It was born of selfish intent – who would serve her if Mischa wasn’t awake? – but it was unexpected nonetheless. She had imagined her first impulse would be to drop down and kiss her husband.

In the end, she did neither. Before she knew what was happening, Brock had knocked her legs from beneath her and she was momentarily weightless. She landed on the bed hard, sprawled out on her side and bouncing several times before her husband seized her by the hips and dragged her closer. The next instant her ass was pressed against his midriff and his monster cock had slipped between her thighs to press flush against her stomach.

‘Your turn,’ he said. Taking hold of her upper leg, he hoisted it into the air. ‘Tell me, how long did it take after you became Diamond for you to plan on turning me into your bull?’

Diamond was reeling. She was too disoriented to try and lie. ‘Seconds.’

He aligned his cock with her opening, the head parting the folds to reveal her pink insides. ‘I thought so. Well you know what I think? I think you should be careful what you wish for. I think you’ve spent so much time trying to humiliate Mischa for all she did to us before today, you didn’t bother thinking whether or not you could handle the man you’ve made me into. I think you’re nowhere near ready to deal with the limitless stamina you gave me. And do you know something else? I don’t fucking care.’

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The moment Brock entered her, Diamond understood the look of incomprehension which had passed over Mischa’s face when he did the same to her.

She had taken cock already today, had even used her powers to enhance Milo’s meat to even greater proportions than it already was, but nothing – nothing – could have prepared her for Brock’s big black log and the mind-bending euphoria it now poured through her system.

Thick as a fist and almost as hard, his cock stretched her pussy to the limit. With every thrust she felt as though he was about to shatter her, while her certainty that he was actually fucking her stomach grew with every passing second, especially when she looked down and saw her midriff bulging as though his cock was fighting to burst through. Her whole body ached with an all-encompassing need for him, yet at the same time she found herself on the precipice of delirium, possessed by the absolute certainty that she could not and never would be able to cope with the demon she had created. Brock was right: she couldn’t handle him. He was too much for her. But neither did she ever want him to stop.

Holy shit, he’s fucking my brains out. How the fuck did Mischa manage to stay sane?

The thought of her pet compelled her to call out: she needed to feel Mischa’s touch. ‘Mischa… Mischa… come to me… please… come to me…’

In an instant, she was there. Diamond wasn’t sure if her voice had roused the girl from her orgasmic stupor, or if she had come to her senses before and had been sitting to one side, masturbating as she watched her owners fuck. It didn’t matter. She was hovering over Diamond now, her pretty face glistening with Diamond’s own sexual juices, and in that moment, she was the only anchor the ebony deviant had to reality.

Huffing and moaning, she pulled Mischa into a passionate kiss.

Brock watched them make out sensually, a lecherous grin on his face. God, I’m so glad I never made it to that door. If I’d have made it out of the villa, I might never have felt this pleasure. A smoking hot snow bunny and an even hotter black wife – what more could a bull ask for?

Grunting like a wild beast, he drove ever harder into Diamond’s perfect pussy. He watched the ripples of each impact roll over her sumptuous body. He relished the euphoric groans she poured into Mischa’s mouth, the white slut’s hands groping Diamond’s fat tits roughly. He gasped for breath, the burning pleasure roaring through his powerful figure making it difficult to breathe.

He came again.

Had Diamond’s scream not tumbled directly down Mischa’s throat, Brock suspected there would have been police on the scene within the hour, called there by concerned islanders. Then again, I suppose they must be used to it. I don’t imagine we’re the first folks to play this game.

His wife spasmed and squirmed, her twitchiness giving the distinct impression she had been possessed by some demonic creature, yet he showed her the same mercy he had shown Mischa: none.

Eventually he pulled out, allowing Diamond to lay limp amongst the sheets as Mischa kissed her slowly, gently, handling her as delicately as she might a piece of fragile chinaware.

But Diamond’s respite was brief. Brock wasn’t ready to let her off that easily. As far as he was concerned, if you were going to choose the name Diamond and brand yourself a lustful goddess, you had to be just as strong and resilient as your namesake. And now he put that to the test.

Busty black woman has sex with black bull while being kissed by slim white woman

With a hungry growl, Brock seized her hips and dragged her to the edge of the bed. Mischa seemed startled, leaping back like a frightened kitten. More satisfying, however, was the expression of fear which flickered over Diamond’s face. It was brief, but it was there; she knew what was coming, and he saw in her eyes that she wasn’t sure if she would be the same woman once it came.

As Brock sank back inside her, for the first time Diamond gave a noise no goddess would ever have made unless faced with her true sexual equal: she whimpered.

Not so long ago, she had thought it would be a deliciously naughty idea to give her new husband enough stamina to last them both deep into the night. With no need to recharge, she had imagined she would ride him endlessly, driving him to distraction as she filled him with more lust and pleasure than any mortal man could possibly cope with. It would be a curse disguised as a gift she could use to drag him into mindless addiction for her perfect body.

Now, though, Brock used that all against her. His hot, sticky load hadn’t even settled and he was already hammering her pussy again. Standing now, he could pound her far faster and harder than before and in seconds the room was ringing with loud, wet squelching sounds as he drove his previous load deeper inside.

If anyone is going to be coughing up my cum, it’s going to be you. He chuckled at the irony.

Where Mischa had fallen limp and vacant once he surpassed her limitations, his wife appeared to descend into a state of mindless delirium. Slowly but surely, she lifted one leg in order to stretch herself wider for him, her knee coming to rest against her massive breast, while her free hand slipped down to toy with her swollen, quivering clit.

At first she stared up at nothing in particular, an expression that was half blissful and half agonised warping her features. However, when Mischa returned to her side and began kissing the skin over her breasts and neck, she buried her face in the woman’s hair, whimpering and whining desperately even as she rolled her hips on instinct.

It did not take long for his third orgasm to approach, though he was quite certain that for his wife every second had been drawn out into little eternities. A load just as large and powerful as its predecessors bore down on him and he groaned with the impending pleasure.

‘God, I’m close,’ he breathed.

‘Wait,’ Diamond said suddenly. His words appeared to have shattered her trance and clarity had returned to her eyes. Suddenly lucid, she fixed him with an intense stare. ‘Not inside. Not now. It’s nearly time. You’ve finished in Mischa and you’ve finished in me. Now finish on both of us.’

Time? Time for what? Brock hadn’t a clue what his wife was talking about, but it didn’t much matter: his orgasm was here.

Busty black woman and slim white woman kneel wearing cum of black bull on faces

Unsheathing him from her pussy, Diamond dropped to her haunches beside the bed, dragging Mischa down with her as she went. No sooner had they done so than Brock’s cumshot fired out over their waiting faces, smothering them in thick ropes of hot, pearly cum.

Swaying his cock from side to side as he unloaded, Brock deposited most of his seed over their outstretched tongues. The rest splashed thickly around their mouths, clinging to their lips and dribbling down their chins, branding them as his lovers. It was a sordid sight looking down at them messy with his ejaculate – he couldn’t think of a better view.

It was in this position that they were overcome by the call. Both Mischa and Brock understood what Diamond had meant in that moment: it was time. Time to follow the call, time to let it guide them where they were meant to go.

Gathering up their discarded clothes, they donned them without hesitation, innately aware that their lovers felt the same urge now saturating their own thoughts. They exchanged naughty words and sordid promises of what else they would do together later that night as they changed. Then, once the women had licked the remaining cum from one another’s faces, they left the bedroom arm in arm, a little white snow bunny sandwiched between her horny black owners…

Meanwhile, at Phoebe’s villa…

Woman wearing beanie hat lounges on wicker bench overlooking island at dusk

Thanks for reading!

As with the last Diamond Jackson scene, I have two questions to ask. Question one: was this scene strictly necessary? Answer: no. Question two: did I still enjoy writing it nonetheless? Answer: fuck yes.

When I was planning Fantasy Resort I knew I wanted to do a paired scene where the same characters (and thereby the same models) showed up in both, much like I did with Brandi Love’s character in Lake Fantasy, and fortunately I couldn’t think of any better character to do it with than Diamond’s. It was also a fairly organic decision since I initially planned for the two chapters she’s involved in to be one single chapter where Danny transformed, then he forcibly transformed Milo, then they both turned Brooke into a black bull together. But that was a long-winded chapter and I felt it’d be too drawn out, so rather than try and get it all into one chapter I thought it better to have the Danny and Milo content in one chapter – albeit drawn out by the reality-hopping, which wasn’t a part of the initial idea – then Brooke’s transformation come about in a follow-up chapter. It also helped that this scene, which is one of my all time favourites, was what I knew I wanted to use for Brooke’s transformation, so I always knew that Milo would end up as Mischa and the first chapter was a means of depicting his transformation into that more naturally. Plus it gave me the chance to write more about Diamond Jackson so that’s always a win.

I actually got this whole chapter written in one sitting, which was a big deal given how long it had taken me to write some of the other chapters.

As mentioned, one of the models in this scene is Diamond Jackson, however I won’t say anything about her here since I’ve already gushed about her enough in her own chapter, chapter nine. If you want to hear my thoughts on her, go check out my comments on that chapter. For the purposes of this chapter, I’ll simply say you should go and watch her work and if you don’t you’re sorely missing out.

The other models in this scene are Mischa Brooks and Prince Yahshua.

Brooks’ work first came to my attention through this very scene and I have to admit I haven’t watched much else she has to offer. That said, as I mentioned I consider this scene one of my all time favourites and she is a driving part of my investment in this scene. Anyone who can go toe to toe with Jackson and not absolutely pale in comparison is always going to be worth your time, so make sure to check out her work when you can.

Yahshua, meanwhile, picked his name extremely well. In the world of black male models, he is absolute royalty and if you’re even slightly into interracial content you’ve almost certainly seen his work even if you haven’t realised. He’s a regular model for Blacked/Blacked Raw and you only need to look at his build and how immensely hung he is to get an idea of why he enjoys such a respected status in the industry. Don’t let his PornHub rank fool you, he is one of the most prolific male models in the industry today and if you like black bulls, interracial scenes or just massive cock, you’d be doing yourself a huge disservice skipping his work.

Come back tomorrow for chapter fourteen, the culmination of the whole series! It’s all been leading to this!

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