Fantasy Resort – Chapter 10: The Heart’s Desire

Interior shot of tropical greenhouse

‘Isn’t this place amazing? The rooms, the beach, and now this.’ Jace waved his arms across the verdant greenhouse, a gleam of awe in his eye. ‘I love this resort. I mean it’s… it’s just stunning in here.’

Darting to his side, Kenna took him by the shoulders and span him around to face her. With her crop top barely more than a blue band concealing her modesty and her tight jeans more hole than denim, she had more skin on show now than while wearing her swimsuit. Her ebony skin shone softly in the refracted sunlight and the fringe of her dark pixie cut hung low over glittering eyes.

‘The only stunning thing I see here is you.’ Flicking her head to one side she gave him a girlish smile as she batted her long lashes.

As usual, Jace shoved her aside playfully, a bright smile splitting his tanned complexion. ‘Oh give it a rest, will you? You know, I’m still convinced you’ve got a big book of cheesy pickup lines stashed away somewhere and you’re just trying to get your money’s worth. Tell me, do you test them out on me to see which ones might actually work on your next lay, or do you just do it to wind me up?’

‘A bit of both,’ she said with a wicked grin. ‘Can you blame me though? This is place is just so romantic.’ Leaning against a nearby statue she faked a swoon, complete with a delicate hand held over her brow. She was soon in his face again though, tugging friskily on his comic book tee. ‘Besides, I’m on my own with a handsome hunk and nobody to disturb us; anything could happen.’ She ran a hand over his chest. ‘It’s like I have my own Ken doll.’

Again he waved her away, laughing at her hyperbolic pout. ‘You’re insufferable, you know that? Sometimes I don’t know why I put up with you. You’re just a bratty little princess trying to find someone to spoil you. Well I’m afraid your king is in a different castle – these pockets are empty.’ As if to emphasise his point he pulled out the pockets of his pineapple-patterned swimming shorts.

Kenna said nothing, choosing instead to pull a face. Then again, she didn’t have to reply, for the irony was they both knew she would just as happily have Jace as her lover as she would her friend. She was the kind of woman who valued pleasure and fun over material lusts such as money or fine clothes, so Jace’s inability to spoil her was of little concern; the only things she was interested in were his toned physique, handsome features, and the thought of how hot it would be to tangle her fingers in his dark hair as she pulled him in for a kiss. While her playful, persistent teasing was a source of great amusement though – particularly when Jace was drinking and became adorably flustered at her advances – there was an edge of genuine desire to it. Having been best friends for as long as either of them could remember, nobody knew her better than Jace, and that deep bond was one she would willingly take into more intimate waters if she could only tempt him in after her.

Jace, meanwhile, rather enjoyed Kenna’s teasing. Their impish banter had become a defining trait of their friendship, her frisky comments on his looks and physique in many ways making him feel more desired than any of his previous romantic partners had succeeded in doing. Perhaps in a different life he might even have taken her up on her offers. But as things were his stubbornness served to hide a truth he had not seen fit to share with his best friend: he was an acutely submissive man.

Kenna often thrilled in regaling him with her sexual conquests – likely in a pursuit of making him jealous enough to go along with her cravings, he knew – and in doing so she was always keen to detail how her latest lover had used her with ample passion and strength and roughness. Jace, however, had never been that kind of man. Though he was the warm, kind joker among his friends, behind closed doors an innate docility took hold and his only need became to submit.

While he wasn’t ashamed of this side of himself, neither was he confident enough to share it with the world – not even Kenna, whom he trusted more completely than anyone else. As a result, while he knew he could never be the man Kenna truly wanted, nor she the kind of dominant woman he craved, he was content to allow her to believe otherwise and continue their suggestive sparring of words, a verbal game which had become second nature over the years.

Rounding a bend in the path, they found themselves at a small, paved roundabout bursting with colour. In the centre a raised flowerbed was planted with a cornucopia of blossoming vegetation. Whereas the rest of the greenhouse consisted of so many shades of green, the flowers here were bright with reds and purples, oranges and pinks. Stark and stunning, both the sight and the smell drew their visitors in until Kenna and Jace were pressed against the cool stone walls of the flowerbed as they stooped over to admire the plants.

‘Wow,’ Kenna breathed, her mischievousness lapsing briefly at the sight. ‘You were right. It is stunning in here. And the smell…’ Inhaling deeply through her nose, she smiled blissfully.

Jace wore a similar expression. ‘Tell me about it. I always loved places like this. My grandfather used to grow all kinds of tropical plants and he was always taking me around garden centres when I was a kid. I never saw any of these though. They must be really rare.’ He squinted to read the writing on a nearby sign. ‘Laminae amorem: The Petal of Love. Yeah, this definitely wasn’t in my grandfather’s greenhouse,’ he added as he ran a finger over one of the flower’s large purple petals.

‘The Petal of Love, eh? If you were any kind of man you’d bring me a whole bouquet of those just for being this pretty.’ She donned an exaggeratedly sweet smile as she cupped her chin in her palms.

Rolling his eyes, Jace was drawn to a cluster of tall pink flowers similar in appearance to lilies, although they were broader than his entire hand and missing the stamen. He glanced at the accompanying sign. ‘Voluntas quidem cordis: The Heart’s Desire.’ The flower was just as foreign to him as all the rest in the bed. The aroma was intoxicating, drawing him in as easily as it did the elegant butterflies and droning bees fluttering about the greenhouse.

‘Flower for the lady,’ he said, plucking one and handing it to Kenna.

For a moment she seemed taken aback, as if she had entirely forgotten he was there while admiring the flowers. Then she beamed and took a deep sniff of the gift. ‘Does that make me your heart’s desire?’

‘Maybe it does,’ he replied with a roguish wink.

‘In that case, here.’ She handed him his own flower, her hand lingering on his a second longer than necessary. ‘You’re mine too.’

Jace was just about to make a witty response when they locked eyes and the remark died in his throat. There was something in Kenna’s expression he had not seen before. More than lust or mischief, deeper even than love. It was a kind of understanding, he thought, as though she somehow knew the most intimate recesses of his soul. He felt bare, and vulnerable, and though he wasn’t sure how he knew she felt the same. All at once, he was taken by a powerful urge to kiss her, and he could see in her eyes she was resisting a similar impulse.

Fascinated by one another, neither of them noticed the strange glow that had overcome their flowers, the petals pulsing with soft light. The next moment the glow ebbed away and their senses returned.

Shaking her head as if trying to dislodge an intrusive thought, Kenna gave Jace a shove. ‘What are you gawping at, dummy? Come on, we should be getting back. I have a night out to prepare for; if you’re not going to show me a good time then I guess I’ll just have to settle with one of those local hunks we saw in town last night.’

‘Oh it’s a hard life being a princess, isn’t it?’ Jace teased.

She cast him a wicked grin. ‘Not as hard as my date is going to be once I get him alone tonight.’

The sun was getting low as they left, the glass of the greenhouse glowing bright orange in the approaching dusk. Nevertheless, the thick brush soon obscured it from view as they made their way back to their villa.

Clutching her flower, Kenna gave Jace a playful nudge. ‘You know, if we were a couple, this place would be really romantic. If you ask me, it’s like it’s specifically designed to put you in the mood. Something in the air. You can feel it too, I know you can.’

Jace laughed, nudging her back. ‘I think you’ve been sniffing those flowers for too long. They’ve gone to your head. The only thing I can feel in the air is your desperation.’

Kenna made a face of mock affront as she punched Jace in the shoulder, though the corners of her mouth twisted into smirk. ‘You’re such a buzzkill. Plenty of other guys would do anything to have a girl like me hitting on them. The least you could do is humour me.’

‘And those guys don’t know you like I do.’ When he turned to face her, he failed to notice the sudden growth in her hair. The softening of her sharp features into more rounded lines went similarly unseen, as did the dark choker which had woven itself into being. ‘Besides, I’m not about to encourage you. You spend enough time teasing me as it is, the worst thing I could do is humour you. You might start to think I actually like you hitting on me.’

The fragrant scent of her flower filling her nostrils, Kenna didn’t spot the changes which had overcome her friend. Jace’s lips were fuller now and painted in pale pink gloss, while his deep sockets had shallowed, his eyes now larger and more effeminate. Even as she stared straight at him smoky eyeshadow washed over his lids and the rest of his features shifted into delicate, feminine lines, but she didn’t miss a beat with her response.

‘Oh I’m the tease, am I?’ Kenna’s tone had a scathing edge to it. ‘This coming from the one who already tried to push me in the pool, soaked me with a water gun and hid all my swimming costumes so I’d have to sunbathe in my lingerie. And we’ve not even been here a day yet!’ Her ample breasts had deflated, the fit of her top reducing proportionately so it still stretched tight over her more petite chest, the material now crimped and flared.

Meanwhile, it looked as if all the chestiness Kenna had lost had migrated over to Jace. His comic book tee now hung from plump breasts made all the more prominent given the sharp contraction of his formerly broad shoulders. But Jace himself merely gave a girlish giggle as he twirled the dark, glossy locks growing longer with alarming speed. ‘I gave them back, didn’t I? I don’t know why though – you’d have looked, like, so hot in your lingerie. All the other girls would have been jealous AF.’ He bit his lip naughtily, eyeing Kenna’s new dreadlocks as he did so.

As Jace’s body shifted further into curvaceousness, Kenna’s transformation was far less physical in nature. Though she looked entirely different to before, beyond the reduction of her breasts and ass her frame had remained largely the same, the physical changes focused primarily on morphing her facial features into those of a sultry seductress. Perhaps the most noticeable change of all, however, was how her body language had altered to match; she carried herself with a pride and confidence that had not been there before, an aura of power following in her wake as she strutted along with her flower now slipped behind her air. Her jeans reduced to black denim hotpants, she was carried along on toned legs, a silver piercing glittering in her navel. Despite her slender frame she now possessed the air of a shameless deviant and there was a hard gleam in her eye as she fixed Jace with a piercing stare, though she no longer saw him as the man she had picked flowers with at the greenhouse.

‘If you want to know what I look like in lingerie so bad, maybe I’ll show you. You spent enough time at the beach teasing everyone in that skimpy bikini of yours, maybe it’s time someone taught you what happens when you flaunt your ass.’ She planted a hard smack on the other girl’s ass, Jace’s Hawaiian shorts having morphed into tight denim hotpants similar to her own.

‘Kira!’ she cried, suddenly flustered. She had always known her best friend was bisexual and delighted in teasing Kira with her curvy figure, but she had never expected her to act on it.

All at once, Kira was in her face, her ebony hand stark against her friend’s pale skin as she clutched her throat. ‘Oh come on, Jade, don’t tell me you don’t want this.’ The other hand slipped beneath Jade’s white crop top to grope her breasts. ‘You’ve been trying to tempt me in for ages. You’ve heard me talking about how I topped my exes and you want some of that yourself, don’t you?’

Arousal cascaded through Jade’s body. Kira was pressed close to her, the heat of her body intoxicating, her fingers squeezing and tugging her tender breasts mercilessly. The force of Kira’s hands sent a shiver up Jade’s spine as her sex grew wet. She nodded with a soft moan. ‘Mmmh, yes, I want to know what it’s like.’

Kira chuckled and for a moment Jade thought she was going to force her to the ground and use her then and there. Instead, Kira leaned in to whisper in her ear. ‘I knew it. All those nights you’ve let sleazy guys use this naughty body of yours, you were thinking of me. I know you were. You were thinking of someone who truly knew how to use you.’

Neither woman noticed as their flowers glowed briefly. Nor did they feel them dissolve away, their work complete, leaving the mischievous couple perfectly moulded to satisfy one another’s desires.

Just as her groping hands and devious words began to make Jade squirm, Kira pulled back sharply. She grinned as she took Jade’s hand. ‘It looks like I have my own personal Barbie. Let’s get back to the villa. I have something I want to show you.’

Black woman with dreadlocks presents strap-on to nervous white woman

‘A strap-on?’ Jade’s eyes darted wildly from Kira’s naughty smirk to the thick black sex toy and back again. ‘I… I’m not sure about that. When you said you liked to top, I thought you just meant you knew how to take charge. Not… you know…’ Her voice trailed off. Still, despite her instinctive hesitancy, she was getting wetter by the second.

Kira was unperturbed by Jade’s doubts. In fact, the innocence in her friend’s eyes was only fuelling her lust to teach her where she belonged. Deep down, beneath all the teasing and girlishness, Kira could sense in Jade the heart of a true submissive and she had every intention of drawing that woman out.

‘This is how I take charge. Oh come on, you didn’t think I just gave my lovers a stern look and had them eat me out before calling it a night, did you?’ Kira laughed as Jade blinked her large, nervous eyes, her silence speaking volumes. ‘Aw, you really are adorable. Helpless too. Just how I like my playthings. Don’t look so concerned – we’re just two friends having some fun. Nothing wrong with that.’

A flicker of realisation passed over Jade’s face then. ‘Hang on a minute… have you had that thing in your luggage all along? You have, haven’t you?’

Kira’s lips twisted into a grin. ‘Of course. Can you blame me? You’re the little tease who’s always flaunting her ass and bouncing her tits in my direction. I know a born sub when I see one and I’ve been waiting to show you what happens when you taunt a top like me for ages. I figured our girly holiday would be the perfect time to break you in.’

The uncertainty in Jade’s expression melted sharply, replaced by a mischievous smirk. ‘I knew it! I knew you wanted me. I mean you can’t be blamed. Just couldn’t resist this piece of ass, could you? You’re just like all the guys–’

Jade never finished her sentence, her words cut off as Kira seized her by the throat, leaning in so close her breath tickled Jade’s lips. ‘No. That’s not how this works. You don’t get to play the naughty tease with me anymore. You wanted to be topped and that’s exactly what you’re going to get. I hope you thought things through when you were trying to lure me in, because this time you’ve tempted me once too often. Here, now, you belong to me. Understand?’

Her sharp brows knitting together with equal arousal and shock, Jade nodded quickly, her breath coming in shallow gasps.

Kira smiled. ‘No, you don’t. Not yet. But you will. And your lesson starts now.’

Black woman with dreadlocks gropes breasts of busty white woman

With a sharp flourish, Kira whipped up Jade’s top to expose her breasts, savouring her strident gasp. Jade’s tits were plush and plump, and with no bra to protect them they were entirely at Kira’s mercy. Looping an arm behind Jade’s back, she tugged her close, eliciting another gasp.

Then she had one of Jade’s vulnerable tits in her grasp, the soft flesh bulging between her fingers as she squeezed softly. There was a calculating edge to her stare as she analysed the pleasure on Jade’s face: the gentle flutter of her lids, the subtle curl of her lips, the pitch of her shuddering breath. Pinching Jade’s nipple between thumb and forefinger she took note of the startled shiver which rippled down her spine – a shiver which turned into a tittering giggle as Kira feathered her touch over the crown of her nipple, stroking it erect almost instantly. Every fragment of information was noted and stored, safely filed away until Kira required it to teach Jade one lesson or another; already she could sense nipple clamps would be a suitable punishment should Jade disobey her. Conversely, nipple suckers would likely drive her wild enough that she would follow any command purely to ensure Kira did not remove them.

‘This is what I mean when I say you’re mine,’ Kira purred. ‘These fat titties? They’re not yours anymore. They belong to me, just like the rest of you. I can tease them and grope them and squeeze them all I like. And the best bit is, you’re going to want me to. You’re going to crave it. Oh, Jade, you’re going to make such a perfect little sub.’

Jade bit her lip with equal arousal and apprehension. Her pulse throbbed against Kira’s palm and when she spoke her voice was little more than a whisper. ‘And… if I disappoint you?’

A wicked grin twisted Kira’s lips and she gave Jade’s breast a keen slap. Jade’s cry was sharp, but there was a note of pleasure woven through the pain. Several more spanks had her chest heaving and a red mark flushing her pale flesh, yet behind her eyes there was a lust more intense than Kira had ever seen; just as she had expected, Jade relished being taught her place.

Kira’s stare was piercing. ‘I don’t tolerate disappointment. Or disobedience. If you step out of line or don’t do as you’re told…’ The clout of another slap rang out as she made her point, though this time Jade managed to hold her tongue. Then Kira’s expression mellowed, a sultry smile rising as she leaned closer. ‘But if you’re a good girl… well…’ Her voice dropped to a seductive whisper. ‘Good girls get rewarded…’

Black woman with dreadlocks sucks breast of busty white woman

Bowing her head, Kira took Jade’s rigid nipple into her lips. The immediate taste was strong, the pungent floral notes of Jade’s perfume blossoming over her tongue, swirling in her nostrils. Then came the sweetness, soft and delicate; Jade was a fine wine, a complexity of sensual flavours which danced through Kira’s senses, dialling them all to eleven.

Kira closed her eyes, allowing her instincts to guide her. All at once, she seemed an entirely different woman. Suckling softly, her hand rose to caress the flanks of Jade’s breast, massaging the skin with a profound tenderness in stark contrast to the severity she had just displayed. Jade groaned as Kira’s experienced tongue stroked her nipple, and she found herself pushing her chest forward, eager for more.

When Kira eased back to speak she remained so close that her lips feathered over the crown of her lover’s nipple, her hot breath washing moisture over the skin.

‘I know your body better than any man, gorgeous. They could never understand you like I do. I know what feels good. I know what feels torturous. And I know what feels a little bit of both.’ Without Jade noticing, Kira had slipped one hand down to her midriff and now it slipped into her shorts, springing a gasp of surprise. While Jade’s breath caught in her throat at the sudden sensation, Kira gave a devious chuckle. ‘No panties,’ she smiled. ‘Maybe you know how to bottom better than I thought; I like the idea of having you available to me whenever I please. Good girl.’

At that moment, Kira’s fingers found Jade’s clit and searing pleasure erupted through her hips. Kira’s touch was firm yet sensual, rotating in little circles that soon had Jade’s breath coming in shuddering bursts. At the same time, she tugged off Jade’s white crop top and returned her attention to her nipple too. The combination of sensations weakened Jade so completely her head promptly lolled back; had it not been for Kira’s free hand looped around her waist, she would have flopped helplessly into the sheets.

Just as Kira had promised, the stimulation was equal parts pleasure and torture. The longer she toyed with Jade’s swollen clit the more the young woman felt a void opening up inside her, and with Kira’s fingers so close to her sex she became increasingly desperate for her to go further, to go inside. Her desperation to be fingered slowly began to eclipse rational thought and on instinct she began to rock her hips in an attempt to tempt Kira into satisfying her needs.

On the contrary, Jade’s grinding only persuaded Kira to prolong her torment. For one thing, she intended to teach Jade the valuable lesson that patience would earn her reward, however she was also thoroughly enjoying her lover’s horny distress. Distress which soon formed into breathless begging.

‘Please, please finger me,’ Jade whimpered. ‘Please, I need it. You’re so much better than any man already. I want to be yours.’

‘Mmmh, you want it bad, don’t you? I thought you’d take a little more persuasion before you started begging. What’s got you so desperate?’

Jade squirmed, her pretty face contorted with the agony of denial. ‘I need to know what a woman can do with my body.’

Kira pulled away at that. Slipping her hand free and sitting back on her haunches she gave Jade an inquisitive look. ‘Are you telling me you’ve never been with a woman?’ There was genuine surprise in her tone.

Jade nodded meekly, suddenly bashful.

Kira’s surprise now played over her face. ‘Well, well. I thought for sure a relentless tease like you would have at least experimented with other girls.’ A sly smile worked its way slowly over her lips as realisation dawned. ‘So, that means I’m your first. Mmmh, that’s hot. And if I’m your first, that means you’ve never had anyone who truly understands your body do this.’

Black woman with dreadlocks eats out busty white woman

Before Jade realised what was happening Kira had driven her into the pillows, an unexpected strength behind her delicate touch. Hooking her fingers in the waist of Jade’s shorts she whipped them down and Jade found herself suddenly naked.

As often as she had fantasised about what Kira might do to her given the chance, when she woke up that morning she had never imagined the day might see her laid bare on her friend’s bed, pussy wet and saliva glistening on her nipple, her best friend looming over her disrobing eagerly. There was a dull thud as Kira’s shorts and top hit the floor, at which point fresh arousal flipped Jade’s stomach as she realised Kira too had spent the day sans underwear. The thought that her friend had been secretly exposed all day set Jade squirming.

God, it would have been so hot if she’d subtly fingered herself back at the beach and had me lick her fingers clean. Or what if she had had me eat her out back at the greenhouse? Mmmh, maybe tomorrow we can…

Abruptly, Jade’s thoughts were dragged back to the present as mind-bending pleasure erupted across her midriff. Looking down she found Kira’s face between her thighs, her deft tongue weaving over her sex. Her skill was obvious, every flourish and flick made in the pursuit of extracting the most intense pleasure from her lover. Almost instantly Jade was breathless with ecstasy.

Even as orgasmic energy bubbled up inside her like molten metal though, Jade remained remarkably lucid, her eye wandering over Kira’s perfect body. She was slim and toned, her athletic figure honed into sleek lines. Her plush ass was enticing as it jiggled in time with her lapping tongue strokes, while her long dreadlocks were splayed over her back like the tails of a flogger. Her legs were folded so her feet bobbed above her rump, her toes wriggling as the sweet taste of Jade’s wet pussy sent thrills through her body.

Until now, Jade hadn’t imagined anyone could understand her needs so well. But as Kira coiled one hand around her leg, pulling it aside to spread her wider, it was suddenly painfully obvious that she was the only lover Jade had ever had who truly grasped how to eat her out. Her technique was as hungry as it was passionate, guided by an experience that seemed beyond her years, and with every stroke she was stirring a powerful orgasm in Jade’s loins. No man had ever bought Jade so close to the brink through oral alone, yet Kira had her teetering on the edge after barely minutes between her thighs.

Huffing and panting, Jade slumped into the pillows, rolling her head from side to side and groping herself in a desperate attempt to use up some of the erotic energy flooding her system. Yet when she spoke it was not release she found herself begging for.

‘More,’ she groaned, her voice shaky. ‘Please, I need more. Don’t ever stop. I need this always. You’re so fucking good. I’m close. I’m so, so…’

Sharp pain cut through her arousal as Kira slapped her flushed pussy. ‘Good girls don’t swear,’ she reprimanded, dealing another blow to the sound of Jade’s tormented squeal. More distressing still, she didn’t return to task. Instead she coiled one hand around Jade’s neck, forcing her into the sheets and leaning in close with sinister grin. ‘But if it’s more you want, then I have just the thing.’

Black woman with dreadlocks dons strap-on while watched by nervous busty white woman

Jade knew what was coming before Kira hopped off the bed and snatched up the strap-on. Fresh nerves clouded Jade thoughts as Kira slipped her legs into the loops and pulled the toy into position, the confidence she had started to accrue ebbing away slowly as she watched. Gnawing on her nails she eyed the toy hesitantly, her erogenous zones flushed with heat as it slid over Kira’s thighs.

When she glanced up, however, she saw something unexpected in Kira’s expression: affection. It was subtle, overlaid by potent lust and a dominance so intense Jade wanted to wither on the spot, but it was there. Kira’s sly smile left no doubt that she wanted to control Jade in all the naughtiest ways – she wanted spank and fuck and humiliate her into submission – however there was no cruelty in her intent, only love. Twisted, mischievous, deviant love, but love all the same. She wanted to do those things because Jade wanted them too, and in that moment Jade realised Kira was right: she was born for this. To submit. To serve. To obey.

The crack of the strap-on waistband snapping into place jerked Jade from her thoughts and she found Kira peering at her inquisitively. ‘What are you thinking?’ she asked.

Jade blushed, feeling suddenly vulnerable. ‘You really care about me, don’t you? I thought you were just horny and lustful and that’s why you wanted this. But you don’t only want the sex. You want me.

Joining Jade on the bed, Kira knelt close to her. ‘Of course,’ she smiled, cupping Jade’s chin in her palm. ‘You’re hot and submissive and my best friend: why wouldn’t I want you? Besides, the way I see it lust and love are one and the same. After all, what is lust if not love of all the naughty things you can do with the right person? And if lust is such a sin, why can two hedonists spend their days doing unspeakably filthy things together and still be considered lovers? I want you in every way possible, baby doll.’ Kira guided her down onto all fours then, positioning her face before her silicone cock. ‘And right now, I want you to start with something I know you’re good at.’

Black woman with dreadlocks wearing strap-on is sucked off by busty white woman

Jade needed no further encouragement to slide her lips over Kira’s rubber cock. The texture was strange at first, simultaneously tougher on the surface than the dicks she had gone down on before yet at the same time considerably more pliant, bending easily as she worked it. Foreign as the sensation was, however, there was still a profound familiarity to it; the way her cheeks stretched to accommodate the toy, for example, or how the head pressed down on the back of her tongue, raising a void in her throat as she anticipated taking it deeper.

As Kira had surmised, Jade was an experienced cocksucker. Her affinity for the task quickly chased away her hesitancy of the toy and, settling into a slow rhythm, she took the opportunity to demonstrate the depths of her lasciviousness for her new lover.

At first she simply bobbed her head, using her momentum to rock her whole body. In doing so she bounced her plump ass, which she had lifted high for Kira to admire. Before long though she was showcasing every technique she had learned over the years, slurping and bucking and gagging and throating, all the while keeping her eyes fixed on Kira, analysing her expression closely just as she might with a man.

Easing back to feather her tongue over the head, Jade smiled deviously. ‘I never realised how hot it would be to blow a girl.’ She spat onto the dildo and massaged her saliva into the shaft. ‘Seeing your tits jiggle while I suck your cock is making me so horny.’

The volley of keen blows over her ass were expected. ‘What did I say about swearing? Good girls don’t use that kind of language.’

But despite her stinging cheeks, Jade’s smile only widened, a mischievous glimmer rising in her eyes. ‘I know what you said. But whoever said I was a good girl?’

Though Kira’s reply came in a severe tone she wore a sordid grin. ‘It looks like I’m going to have to teach you some manners. Which reminds me, from now on you will call me either mistress or ma’am, is that understood?’

Jade said nothing, her impish expression making it clear she was being wilfully disobedient as she continued to suck the strap-on.

To Kira it was acutely obvious that Jade was hoping for another spanking – she was even twerking in an attempt to lure Kira into punishing her ass again. Rather than oblige, however, she seized Jade’s hair and yanked her head back, the dildo coming free with a wet pop.

‘You think I haven’t dealt with naughty subs like you before? I know you better than you know yourself. Skanks like you just don’t know when to stop teasing. It’s all you ever think about doing. But you’re not with some dumb jock now, bitch. You’re with me. And I know for a fact you haven’t figured out what that means yet.’ With a cold sneer she drove Jade’s face into the bedsheets, leaning down to whisper in her ear even as she flailed hopelessly, suddenly suffocating. ‘I never cum. I can pound you with this cock for days if I like and I never have to recharge. If you choose to disobey me I can fuck you into a brainless mess too stupid to speak and you’ll only have yourself to thank for it. You might think you’ve had intense lovers before, but I promise you, you’ve never met anyone like me.’ Tightening her grip on Jade’s hair, she used the pain to emphasise her final words. ‘You’re my ragdoll now, bitch. And you’re going to love every second of it.’

Busty white woman has sex with black woman wearing strap-on

Finally allowing her sub release, Kira flipped Jade violently onto her back. She was visibly disoriented, her eyes glazed, and Kira took eager advantage of her vulnerability. Manhandling her into a satisfactory position, she ran her fingers over Jade’s exposed pussy before rubbing her juices along the strap-on.

Below her, Jade was reeling, oblivious to it all. Temporarily blinded by the sudden brightness, she gasped for breath, her lungs burning. Meanwhile both the asphyxiation and the forceful tugging on her hair had left her head throbbing even as the oxygen returning to her brain made her acutely lightheaded. Unable to distinguish up from down her head lolled and she lay limp, vaguely aware that someone was manipulating her body yet too detached to care. The burst of pleasure as Kira’s fingers brushed her pussy drew out an impromptu gasp, however it was a fleeting sensation and quickly eclipsed by her bewilderment.

The invasion of her sex, however, was not so easily blotted out. All at once Kira’s strap-on was filling her insides, pouring ecstatic pleasure through her system and dashing her confusion in a heartbeat. Looking up, she found Kira grinning down at her, savouring the shock lining her face. The next moment Kira’s hand rose to her neck and with one of Jade’s legs hooked over her shoulder the fiendish domme began to thrust – hard.

‘I bet you’re used to having guys start out slow, aren’t you?’ Kira smirked as Jade’s face warped with pleasure. ‘They stroke your hair and whisper that you’re their sugar baby, then maybe later once you’re really horny that’s when they decide to use you like the slut you are. Not me, bitch. I’m here to teach you your place, and your place is skewered on my cock as I pound your brains out.’

For the first few seconds, Jade’s mouth hung open in a silent scream. There was no sensuality in Kira’s rhythm, only a brutal strength which quickly had Jade’s hips aching under the repeated blows, and with every devastating thrust white lights popped across her vision. Again, there was a strange familiarity to the sensation, the rubber cock simultaneously pleasuring her in expected ways and novel ones too.

When at last she found her voice no words would form, only a low, shuddering groan which bubbled on her lips like rabid froth. If anything her moaning only seemed to encourage Kira, the strength behind her thrusts gradually increasing until Jade found it difficult to think, every chain of thought she mustered crumbling under each subsequent blow. Yet again, Kira had been correct: Jade had not considered that the limitations of men didn’t apply to her new mistress, and as the air was repeatedly knocked from her lungs she found herself wondering if perhaps all her teasing hadn’t been such a good idea.

And it seemed Kira had come to the same conclusion.

‘Not so cocky now, are you? You know I think I like you speechless – you look so adorable trying to find your words. Do you get it now? Do you understand? You’re my plaything. My personal busty Barbie doll to use and top however I please. And you will learn your place, I’ll make sure of it.’

‘Yes, mistress.’ The words were out before Jade realised what she was saying.

Kira smiled. ‘That’s more like it.’ A devious expression overtook her features then and she slid her cock free, leaving Jade feeling suddenly empty. ‘You know what, Barbie, I’ve just realised something. In all the times you’ve spent telling me about your gentlemen conquests, there’s one thing I’ve never heard you talk about. And I think it’s high time I show you what you’ve been missing.’

Two images in which busty white woman and black woman with dreadlocks have anal sex using strap-on

Once again, Jade understood Kira’s intentions even before she had commanded her onto all fours. By now, however, her nerves had entirely evaporated, and it was with submissive docility that she crawled into position, barely suppressed excitement thrilling along her spine.

Stood against the opposite wall, Jade’s vanity table was crowned by a large mirror studded with white bulbs. Only that morning she had sat before it imagining all the ways she might tease Kira through the day, and now it would allow her to watch as her best friend violated her in a way she had never let any man do before. Her insides squirmed more violently with every passing second, the sight of Kira slickening her perfect cock with pink lube making her so horny she ached to be fucked.

Abruptly the dildo was pressing against her ass, parting the muscles just a little but going no further. Kira smiled at her in the reflection. ‘This is where you belong,’ she purred. Then she was pushing inside.

Jade’s groan was the most sensual sound she had ever made in her life. In truth, while she loved to boast about her sexual experience she had spent many nights faking her pleasure. With Kira though, nothing was fake. The bliss of her rubber cock filling her virgin ass would have been hot enough, yet the sight of the lewd scene reflected in the mirror promptly had Jade dripping with arousal. She felt as if she was living out a porn film, only there were no cameras or directors to interrupt their passion. Then again, just the thought of being filmed was making her hot, so perhaps she could convince Kira to stream their fucking at some point…

Jade’s thoughts were cut off as Kira’s hips pressed against her ass. Deep as it could go, the dildo felt as if it was in her stomach, a sensation which was only compounded once Kira’s hips began to roll. Unlike before her tempo was slow and sensual, allowing Jade to relish every stroke.

However, the busty sub had acquired a taste for rougher pleasures now. Reaching back, she spread her ass wide and started to rock needily, the slap of her plush rump colliding with Kira’s midriff ringing through the room as she did so. While long, the dildo was fortunately not too thick, so she was able to take it hard without stretching herself beyond her limits – limits she knew would not remain in place for long now she was submitting to Kira.

Her stomach flipped as Kira gave a sultry laugh. ‘Mmmh, you’re a needy little doll. I like that.’ Gripping Jade’s wrist she used the leverage to drive herself in even deeper. ‘I’m so going to enjoy making you mine.’

Jade nodded, her face twisted with pleasure as she continued to rock. ‘Yes, mistress, make me your toy. I need your orders and commands; I need you in all my holes. Oh god, you feel so good using my ass. Oh…’ She faltered as Kira shifted position slightly, fresh pleasure flaring through her hips. Her body sagged under the intolerable bliss and she could feel her fat tits swinging in time with Kira’s thrusts. When she found her words again she whimpered desperately, her eyes scrunched tight as she tried to process the ecstasy swamping her thoughts. ‘Please, use me however you want. Whenever you want. Just let me be yours.’

Pain blossomed over Jade’s scalp again as Kira tugged her head up. Leaning over her to whisper in her ear, she angled Jade’s gaze to the mirror. Her reflection was a mask of orgasmic delirium, the O of her lips and the bulge of her eyes swelling further as Kira’s movement pushed the strap-on to a depth that on a man would have been considered balls deep.

‘Baby, it would be my genuine pleasure. I’ve been waiting a very long time to show you where you belong, and now I have you I’m never letting you go. We were made for each other.’

All at once Jade’s whimpering shifted to breathless gasps. The forceful pounding of her pussy had swelled a potent orgasm, and now the shifting angles of Kira’s cock in her ass had rapidly pushed her to the brink. Her hips ached, desperate for release, and the howl of relief was already bubbling up her throat.

‘Oh god, I’m close. I’m going to cum. Oh my god I’m so, so close…’

But then her ass was empty, her legs had been tugged from under her and she crumpled into the bedsheets. For one agonising moment her climax throbbed in her crotch, so close to completion a deep breath might have sent it roaring through her; then the moment had passed and her orgasm faded slowly, leaving her whining and squirming with torment.

Black woman with dreadlocks gropes busty white woman while using strap-on on her ass

She gasped as Kira slipped down behind her, lifting one trembling leg and hooking her arm around the thigh to grasp Jade’s heaving breast. Her strap-on swayed to and fro over Jade’s hips, the shaft slick with lube and sexual juices. Weak, Jade rested her brow against Kira’s.

‘I’m afraid you didn’t ask permission,’ Kira said softly. ‘Good girls ask permission. Then again, I’m not sure I’d have let you finish just yet. I know exactly how to keep you on the edge for as long as I like. Like this, for example.’ She pushed back into Jade’s ass, eliciting a low groan. Her thrusts were slow and deep, stirring Jade’s orgasm back to life just enough to be torturous but nowhere near breaking point. ‘I can fuck you nice and slow like this for ages, and all the while you’ll be melting with the pleasure. You’ll learn how this works soon, Barbie. And besides, I think you owe me. All those years tempting me with what I couldn’t have – I’m just giving you a taste of your own medicine. Now what do you say, dolly?’

Jade gave a tremulous smile, a soothing contentment falling over her as the words came out on instinct. ‘Thank you, mistress…’

Meanwhile, in Ace and Nia’s villa…

Close-up shot of popcorn in glass bowl on wicker tabletop

Thanks for reading!

The models in this scene are Kira Noir and Jade Baker.

Noir was one of the models I seriously considered for Lake Fantasy, but just didn’t make it into the cut. Well, to be fair, most of the models in this series were ones I seriously considered but didn’t manage to make it in, and as with all of those the reason Noir didn’t make it into that series was purely because I couldn’t settle on a gallery I was happy suited the storyline. So I’m absolutely thrilled I’ve been able to showcase her work this time because she’s easily one of my favourite models. Like Riley Reid, Noir demonstrates that fake tits and a huge ass aren’t necessary to be one of the hottest sluts around and she never fails to impress in every scene I see her in. Incidentally, according to her PornHub bio her porn idols are Stoya and Skin Diamond, and I can totally see their influences in her work for sure. With taste like hers, its hardly surprising she is as popular as she is and if you haven’t watched her work yet you should drop everything right now and go and do so.

Baker, meanwhile, is a model I had never watched until writing this. That said, she ticks so many boxes for me I’m pretty surprised I hadn’t come across her before. She does mostly lesbian scenes, and as you can see her she excels in them, so if your idea of sexy is a naturally busty model with innocent looks and a raging libido engaging in plenty of girl-on-girl action, Baker’s profile should be your next stop when it comes time to indulge yourself.

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