Fantasy Resort – Chapter 9: Rewriting Reality

Open laptop sits on table in front of white hammock in room full of house plants

Setting his laptop down on the small metal table before him, Danny hauled himself out of the hammock suspended from the ceiling. After hours spent in the comfort of the sumptuous pillows his lanky figure felt foreign as he moved, and he briefly considered hopping back in. But then, that was exactly the problem: the hammock was a little too comfortable. If he wasn’t careful, he’d end up dozing off and by the time Brooke got back he’d be fast asleep with his face pressed against the netting, a grid of red lines over his face.

Still, considering how long he’d been nestled in the hammock he was amazed how little protest his body made now. He had expected his limbs to have seized and his muscles to ache terribly, but on the contrary he felt as spry and lively as he had after his morning shower. Nevertheless, he did a few stretches, just to be on the safe side, before marching off to the kitchen.

Now this is what he called a holiday. Luxurious accommodation, stunning scenery, all the resort amenities one could ask for – this place was perfect! Better still, he was able to spend the week living with Brooke, which not only promised plenty of laughs, but would be good practice for when they moved in together as flatmates after university. Inseparable since childhood, they knew one another better than most married couples, and Danny was excited to be sharing the week with his closest friend.

Though they had already planned out most of the week, today they’d decided to enjoy a little time relaxing in their own way. Given he had little interest in spending the next seven days picking sand from his hair and nails and clothes, Danny had opted to stay in while Brooke joined Ace and Nia for a movie marathon in their villa.

And with the villa to himself, there was no better way he could think to occupy his time than by writing.

Only Brooke knew of his secret life writing erotic fiction. He doubted anybody else would really understand, nor did he trust the rest of his peers not to spread his secret, accidentally or otherwise. He had taken up the hobby a few years before, and in that time he’d built up a modest following, readers he appreciated deeply and whose support motivated him to write through the ups and downs alike. Having experimented in genres from sissification to magical corruption, much of his work included some kind of transformation, and he had come to learn that the thrill of putting his fantasies down in words was only compounded by knowing there were others out in the world who enjoyed reading them.

And today his head was positively teeming with ideas. For Danny productivity had a habit of coming in fits and starts, though today had been impressively fruitful, with three short pieces already finished and a fourth well on its way to completion. He suspected the change of scenery was a contributing factor – the homely villa was a far cry from his student flat back home. Full of verdant houseplants and cool even in the heat of the waning afternoon it was the ideal place to settle down and write in.

But there was something more. His creative rhythm seemed somehow supercharged, as though there was something in the air fuelling his naughtiness. The stories seemed to write themselves, and self-critical as he was even Danny couldn’t deny they were some of his best work.

If he could have spent the entire week pouring his newfound inspiration onto the page from the comfort of his hammock, he would have done. However, after so long in his writing bubble, hunger and thirst now dominated his thoughts.

Coming into the kitchen he poured himself a glass of water, though even as he gulped it down his mind was buzzing with ideas; whatever it was pushing his sordid creativity into overdrive, it had him imagining naughty scenarios in everything he saw. What if there was some kind of bimbofication agent in the water, deposited into the island’s pipes by scheming bioterrorists? Or what if the hotel-branded beer bottles he had spotted in the fridge earlier were laced with something equally untoward, the differing colours of their caps indicating the nature of the transformation they would induce? Or perhaps there was a magical tome hidden somewhere in the villa just waiting to be found, a spell specifically designed for him scribbled in the ancient pages? Or maybe…

Danny’s whirring thoughts were dashed as he caught sight of the necklace. It hung around the neck of a display bust in the lounge, gleaming atop the mantelpiece of the ornamental fireplace. Something close to anticipation fluttering in his stomach, he passed under the arch connecting the two rooms to get a better look.

The details of the necklace up close only encouraged his excitement. It was old – he guessed antique – with three strings of genuine pearls interwoven with one another, connected at the ends by a glittering golden clasp. With the smaller beads near the clasp and the larger ones in the centre of each thread there was an air of finery to the piece – it belonged around the neck of a world-class seductress, not on display in Danny’s villa.

The very fact it was so out of place sparked a torrent of mischievous ideas in the young deviant. After all, he had written more than his fair share of stories centred around enchanted jewellery: earrings cursed by a lustful demon, an emerald ring whose gem contained the corruptive soul of a long-dead witch, bracelets imbued with the powers of a succubus. And it was always the items that didn’t quite fit in which hid the naughtiest secrets.

He couldn’t help himself. Lifting it from the bust, he ran his fingers over the shining pearls. They were so finely polished he could see his face in them, albeit that the brown of his hair and the blue of his eyes were washed out by hues of white, though ironically the skin of his ghostly reflection was not far from the pale complexion he bore in reality.

‘I don’t think I’ve ever written about an enchanted necklace,’ he muttered to himself. A smile played over his lips; he knew it was foolish, but he had to try it on. Everything about the necklace seemed pulled from the pages of one of his stories. He knew they were all fantasies, of course, but if there was even the slightest chance it might transform him, that was not an opportunity he was willing to pass up.

Slipping it on, Danny crossed to a nearby mirror to admire his reflection. He looked ridiculous. The pearls were even more out of place against his red plaid shirt than they had been atop the mantelpiece, and where they looped his neck they were practically indistinguishable from his colourless skin.

‘The stubble doesn’t exactly suit the look either,’ he added out loud.

No sooner had the words left his mouth than his dark facial hair retracted, vanishing beneath the skin to leave him clean shaven. If there had been any colour in his cheeks he would have blanched. Even as his eyes bulged, however, his shock shifted into cautious delight.

No. Surely not. There’s no way I’m that lucky. I’m dreaming – I’ve fallen asleep in the hammock and I’m dreaming. He paused, running a hand over his hairless chin. Still, it can’t hurt to try…

‘Anyone who wears something as pretty as this would be able to afford a matching bracelet.’ Immediately his words were made corporeal, a bracelet of bright pearls materialising around his right wrist. ‘And a manicure too.’ Acrylic claws sprouted into place, visibly expensive and painted in a pastel pink gloss.

Danny hadn’t realised he was grinning. If I am dreaming, I don’t want to wake up. And if I’m not… please, tell me I’m not. He thought of the stories he had written already, of the saucy tale half-finished on his laptop: a lone cop investigating corrupt gangsters only to be drugged and transformed into a busty black goddess. Oh please, let me have found a little real magic. Let it by my turn at last.

He took a nervous breath and forewent the subtleties, speaking bluntly. ‘Make me her. Make me Diamond.’

Busty black woman posing in provocative position

Danny’s skin was the first to change. His pale complexion darkened swiftly, his body hair withering in a heartbeat to leave his entire figure smooth, the deep ebony hue of his skin almost glossy in the light. Silken locks the colour of midnight tumbled down, replacing his short blonde cut to frame a face which was quickly reforming itself.

He grinned as the transformative power tore through him, his crooked teeth realigning as he laughed. ‘Yes. Oh god… yes.’ His voice had a lustful timbre to it, the kind of sultry tone that could just as easily weaken the knees of the devout man as the promiscuous one. A glaze of maroon lipstick and gloss swept over his lips. ‘This feels so good.

The structure of Danny’s body was changing too, his frame moulding itself into sensual curves. The pleasure of the changes were driving Danny’s arousal into a frenzy, but he soon realised they were little more than appetisers compared to what came next.

With a burst of ecstasy so intense it almost drove him to his knees, his chest ballooned out into colossal breasts, great ebony orbs that stretched his shirt so tight he felt certain it would be split at the seams. Somehow the material remained intact, though it failed to cover the abyssal cleavage Danny now possessed and which he bounced giddily, the novel weight pulling on his chest deeply erotic.

Before he had time to truly appreciate them devastating pleasure rocked him again. Briefly dazed, when he regained his senses he felt an absence between his thighs and a naughty giggle bubbled on his lips – a giggle which only grew more erotic as his ass sharply expanded, swelling out into plump cheeks.

‘Oh I’ve waited so long for this,’ he purred, his hands running up and down his perfect body. The motion alerted him to the alterations to his attire, which had quietly changed while he was busy processing the pleasure of his new form. A salmon pink vest top boasted his impressive cleavage, his bosom accentuated by a deep red bra, while a simple beige skirt clung to the curves of his broad hips. As his hands continued to rove he tugged up his skirt, revealing the red lace panties pressed flush to his new pussy and the matching red suspenders which held his sleek black stockings aloft. Atop the whole ensemble he wore a thin, low-cut mesh cardigan with a hugging waist and loose sleeves, though that too was soon pulled out of place, bunched over his breasts as he groaned and giggled.

Before the transformation had even finished Danny was scrambling upstairs. Unlike the mirror in the lounge, the one in his bedroom was body-length and he was eager to get a better look at himself.

So eager, in fact, that he failed to notice that he wasn’t the only one undergoing drastic changes: the villa itself was transforming too. The pale tiles and white walls faded, giving way to a far more homely design, all soft carpets and décor of red and orange. By the time Danny skidded into his room it was dominated by a massive queen-sized bed and rich wooden furniture boasting fine, expensive taste – an ideal boudoir for the woman he had become. The mirror stood beside the bed, carved ivy weaving around the golden frame.

Admiring his reflection, Danny felt his new pussy grow wet. Diamond’s body was even hotter than he had imagined. Despite the additional twenty or so years she held over him, she was as beautiful and radiant as any twenty-something slut and carried an air of potent sensuality no younger woman could hope to imitate. Lust seemed to ooze from her very pores, her eyes swirling with decades of passionate experience. Danny felt a thrill as he realised how truly mesmerising he had become; anyone he met would be spoiled for choice, and he could hardly wait to have them staring at his big fake tits, or his bulbous ass, or his long, stockinged legs.

The grin he had been wearing since the onset of his transformation grew wider still. This isn’t a dream. He barely dared believe it, yet he knew it was true. It’s all too real. If it was a dream I’d have woken up by now, rock hard and sweating. No. This is real. I’m Diamond.

‘I’m Diamond,’ he repeated out loud, his voice barely more than a whisper.

Busty black woman plays with herself in bedroom

Catalysed by his words, the necklace bestowed him with one final gift. Completing his transformation, facets of Diamond’s personality rose in Danny’s mind. Rather than blot out his original persona, new traits pushed aside his weaknesses: confidence usurped nerves, seductive prowess settled into place, a devilish libido overwhelmed his average stamina.

On instinct he tugged up his skirt and began toying with his new pussy. His fingers moved with the experience of a lifelong whore, drawing guttural moans and filthy words from his plump lips. His heavy tits jiggled in time to his fervent rubbing and he had soon pulled them free of his bra to grope and squeeze needily.

Memories of Danny’s old life persisted, yet now they were interwoven with recollections of a life as Diamond – recollections consisting primarily of long nights in the arms of handsome men. He shivered with delight as their disparate personas merged into a single mind possessing all the creative deviancy of Danny as well as all the passionate experience of Diamond. With this unification came a profound understanding. The secrets of the resort unfurled in Diamond’s mind like a blossoming flower: this place really was like one of her stories. The grounds and villas littered with transformative items, the devious magic playing on the deepest desires of her peers, the legion moans echoing along the pathways and through the corridors – the resort was so deliciously sinful.

Most of her peers had felt the resort’s touch by now; she watched them in her mind’s eye, writhing and fucking mindlessly, creatures of pure, unadulterated hedonism. Likewise she saw what was still to come for those yet to feel the resort’s pleasures: a young black woman pumping her strap-on into the holes of her busty, innocent-eyed lover; two familiar faces so enthralled by their movie they were unaware of their gradual transformations; a captivating blonde goddess kneeling at the feet of her handsome lover, his camera clutched idly in one trembling hand.

And at the centre of it all, the neck scarf. Unassuming and delicate, yet overflowing with insatiably devious power more potent than even her necklace, it waited patiently, folded upon the pillow of its next host. That same power now tingled in Diamond’s fingers. Though she possessed only a sliver of the resort’s full magic, compared to her peers she was a goddess in mortal form. There was nothing she could not do.

A fiendish thought suddenly occurred to her. While the memories of a life spent as a carnal hedonist were fresh in her mind, her physical body was, technically speaking, brand new. And by that logic, that meant this was her first time…

Her hands falling still, she glanced at her reflection. A grin slowly crept across her lips. ‘Let’s see what this body can do,’ she whispered.

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Holding out her hand, the air above her palm shimmered briefly. It looked as though she was cupping a floating mirage. A heartbeat later the undulating air took form, solidifying into a thick flesh-coloured silicone dildo. Realistic veins lined the shaft while the weight of the bulbous head was balanced by the plastic cap at the opposite end.

In truth, Diamond’s intention had been to slip down onto the bed and sink the toy into her slick, aching pussy, however the sight of it sparked an unexpected hunger. It seemed almost to throb in her hands, and her mouth began to water as she imagined her lips gliding down the shaft, her neck bulging to accommodate it, her tongue swirling around and around…

Diamond plunged the dildo down her throat without a second thought.

Immediately arousal burst through her system. Her nipples stood erect, their sudden sensitivity sending little blossoms of pleasure over her colossal tits. Further down, her hot pussy pulsed with such desire her stomach flipped – it felt as if her saturated cunt was envious and begging to be filled.

Diamond’s eyelids flickered as she used the toy to fuck her own face. Forcing it down her gullet in powerful, almost violent strokes, her muffled slutty laughter bubbled up only to be driven back down into her lungs with the next thrust. At first her she choked terribly, unable to take much more than half the toy’s length before her spine arced and her eyes streamed. However, at a wave of her hand her struggles ebbed as her gag reflex faded away, allowing her to swallow the toy all the way to the base.

Retreating to the bed, she gorged herself on the toy, the room soon ringing with sloppy wet slobbering. Strands of frothy drool dripped down to festoon her heaving tits while the beads of her magic necklace clattered noisily, bouncing up and down to beat a steady rhythm against her collarbones.

It was only the sudden growth of the toy in her throat that snapped her from her blissful throat-fucking. Swamped with pleasure, Diamond found herself wondering just how large a toy she could manage. No sooner had the thought crossed her mind than the dildo instantly swelled to immense size. All at once it was so thick her throat bulged like she had just swallowed a beer bottle, and so long it felt like it was jabbing her lungs.

Even without her gag reflex she came away spluttering, amazed by how effortlessly she had been able to wield her power.

‘Fuck, this is such a trip. I can do anything: it’s so hot.

And in that moment, there was only one thing she wanted to do.

Busty black woman masturbates on bed with dildo

If the pleasure of going down on her toy was intense, the ecstasy of using it on her sex was almost unfathomable. The immediate sensation was more intoxicating than the most powerful orgasm Danny had ever experienced as a man, while the orgasmic waves that followed left Diamond briefly speechless, her mouth hinging open and closed uselessly.

When she eventually found her words they were dripping with arousal yet barely coherent. ‘Oh fuck! Holy shit… so hot… deep… fill me good… Is this what it’s like? Being a goddess? Being a woman? Is… does it… always feel so – ffffuck…’

Every stroke was more intense than the last, and within minutes Diamond was writhing on the sheets like a stranded mermaid. Her hips bucked and rolled needily, her thighs twitched, and all the while she continued to pump and pump and pump, the motion fortunately instinctive given her conscious mind had melted into a delirious mush.

As her own moans bounced from the walls to meet her ears they were accompanied by others from around the resort, the sordid scenes playing out in her mind’s eye.

Felix hoisted Natalie from her feet, his muscles bulging. The light playing over her translucent black catsuit as he eased her down onto his dick, she gave a delighted giggle. Her pretty face was plastered with drying cum, pearly droplets clinging to her cheeks like fake gems, though her beam shifted to wide-eyed shock as he struck her sensitive spot and began to pound her mercilessly. Then the image was changing, a vision of Stoya and Jake rising in its place. They were alone in the resort sauna, their perfect bodies glistening with perspiration and their towels abandoned on the floor as they writhed against one another. Jake’s hands roved over his lover, yet Stoya’s were not so aimless; clutching his rigid cock she caressed it slowly, whispering filthy words into his ear. Apparently satisfied, she pushed him down to lie on the wooden floor before straddling his hips and sinking down…

Mmmh, this would be even hotter if I had a vibrator.

Before Diamond had time to realise what she’d done a little button rose on the base of the dildo and it began to buzz loudly, drawing out a shriek of equal shock and ecstasy.

The sudden burst of sensation dragged her orgasm sharply to climax. Flooded by mind-bending pleasure she howled with release, her back arching high as she held the juddering toy deep inside her slick pussy. For a moment she remained there; frozen in place and supported by just her shoulders and feet, she looked almost possessed, her rolling eyes only adding to the effect.

Then the peak had passed and she collapsed into the sheets, breathless and dazed.

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Staring into space, basking in the post-climax glow, Diamond savoured the orgasmic energy as it slowly ebbed away. She giggled as it swirled in little whorls and eddies, winding through her like some lustful river in whose depths she would gladly drown. Her breath came in laboured sighs, interrupted by the occasional gentle gasp when a lingering twitch of pleasure tickled her insides.

‘I’m never going back,’ she breathed with a vacant smile, the sticky dildo nestled between her tits. ‘Nothing ever felt that good before today. How could it? I was only Danny then. Now I’m so much more.’

She sensed another presence nearby then. A vision of Milo rose in her mind’s eye: the sour-faced jock was eyeing his smartwatch as he strode past her villa.

The fiendish idea came to her in a heartbeat. ‘Oh that’s bad,’ she purred. ‘That is very, very, wonderfully bad. I love it.’

Setting down the dildo, Diamond waved her hand with a smirk. Then, as her naughty spell flew out of the open window, she slipped from the bed and out of the room.

Milo was nothing short of livid. How could the guys blow him off like this? Sure, he’d anticipated Colin would end up flaking out given how squirrely he got around the clique, and Joel had excused himself from the beach day to go hiking that morning – albeit with a rather uncharacteristic nervousness to his tone – though that had still left Axel and Felix to accompany him. Yet not only had Axel failed to turn up at all, now Felix had disappeared too, leaving Milo with only nerds and geeks for company.

In truth, the overall turnout at the beach had been lower than expected; half the clique had never shown their faces, none of the tomboys had bothered coming down, while the teachers themselves had been similarly absent.

And if the gasps and moans echoing through the grounds were any indication, there was a good reason why the beach had been so sparsely populated. If anything, the cries of passion only irritated him further; more than likely that sly bastard Felix had abandoned him for a bit of skirt, and he would not have been surprised if the rest of the guys had made their excuses to do the same. And while they were off fucking, they had left him to his own devices.

So much for bros before hoes, he thought bitterly.

Milo was passing by a villa when a strange compulsion overcame him. He recognised the building – Danny and Brooke were sharing it for the week – and the sight of it sparked a sudden disdain in him. That little rat gets to spend his vacation with one of the hottest girls outside of the clique, while I’m lumbered with a bunch of unfaithful pussy-chasers. A particularly cruel thought took root then and a cruel grin corrupted his features. I bet she wouldn’t be quite so willing to bunk with him if she found he’d been jerking off into her underwear.

The concept of framing Danny and shattering his lifelong friendship with Brooke was harsh even by Milo’s standards, but at that moment he didn’t much care. It was like unseen hands were reaching into his thoughts and moulding him to their will, though he did not bother to resist. Stalking up to the door he stole quietly inside, only partially considering whether anyone might be home – if they were he could simply claim he had stumbled into the wrong villa, and he’d be sure to check every room before going about his scheme.

‘What the fuck do you think you’re doing in my villa?’

Milo was creeping through the lounge when the unfamiliar voice startled him almost out of his skin. Whirling around, he found a towering black woman in the archway leading to the hall, her pretty face fixed in a glower of disapproval. Her stare was so fierce he felt ready to combust on the spot.

‘I-I’m sorry, I thought this was… I didn’t realise there were any other guests… I thought it was just my class,’ he bumbled. His usual bravado had evaporated and he flushed furiously, feeling thoroughly like a child caught drawing on the walls.

‘Well you thought wrong, didn’t you? Then again, we both know you’re not the sharpest knife in the drawer,’ the woman hissed, crossing her arms. The motion deepened her cleavage, and for the first time he noticed the state of her attire. Her pink vest and red bra were pulled down to expose her magnificent breasts, her pale cardigan dangled from her forearms, and her skirt was pulled up, beneath which her pussy glistened with the same juices he noted twinkling on her fingers.

Even more flustered than before, Milo averted his gaze. ‘I… I didn’t mean to interrupt… please, this was a mistake…’

‘Damn right it was a mistake,’ she said, stalking over to him. He tried to retreat only to find himself backed against an armchair. The next second she was stood before him, eyes boring into his soul. ‘But don’t worry, I’m the forgiving type.’ Then, to Milo’s surprise, the woman seized his crotch.

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Milo swallowed, his mouth suddenly dry as he was presented with her Amazonian figure up close. Under different circumstances her touch (which was presently rubbing his groin through his jeans) would have sent him into a spiral of arousal. He’d bedded his fair share of cougars in his time, and not only did this woman have an erotic MILF vibe about her, but she was nothing short of the hottest living thing he had ever laid eyes on. Her curves were astonishing, her plump assets begged to be groped and her ebony skin was unblemished perfection – looking at her, Milo understood for the first time the true definition of the phrase ‘sex on legs’.

Nevertheless, all he wanted to do was turn and run. Every second in her presence made him feel smaller and more inferior. She smelled strongly of floral perfume, yet more oppressive was the air of lust and power which hung around her; she seemed to ooze sensuality so thickly he felt it pressing down his throat, and he had the distinct impression he was facing a creature far more powerful than any ordinary mortal woman.

A nervous sweat broke over his brow as she snatched hold of his shirt and pulled him closer. ‘I… I should probably leave you in peace… I wouldn’t want to trouble you… and my friends are probably wondering where–’

‘Your friends couldn’t care less where you are,’ the woman cut in, deftly unbuttoning his jeans and easing her hand down over his boxers. Despite himself, he was beginning to get hard. ‘Most of them can’t even remember you. Right now Joel is happily letting Miss Kennedy ride him in the sauna, Finn is hammering Nathaniel into a screaming mess, Colin is enjoying the pleasures of Harriet’s big black cock, and Axel is eating out Kaitlyn’s sweet cunt while Mister Smith pounds his dripping pussy from behind. Trust me, none of them are the slightest bit interested in what has become of their former bro Milo.’

The woman grinned as shock and confusion tumbled over Milo’s face. ‘What are you talking about? I don’t understand. How do you know my name?’

Milo didn’t know where to look. Her stare was too intense to hold, though whenever he averted his gaze he found it settling on her fat tits and his mouth falling open, eager to taste them. Eventually he decided to focus on a lock of hair near her left temple.

A cold edge steeled into her expression. ‘I know everything about you. I know what you crave and what you fear; I know your deepest, darkest secrets. And I know that there’s a part of you that’s really, really enjoying this.’ It was true: the hottest woman he had ever seen was groping his crotch – no matter how intimidating she was, that was painfully arousing. ‘Given that’s the case, let’s skip the foreplay, shall we?’ Pulling his semi-erect cock free, the woman leaned in close, a manic gleam in her eye. ‘I want you hard. Now.

The sound Milo made then was partially a scream, partially a gasp. Almost before the words had left her mouth his dick was fully erect, his throbbing shaft so hard it felt like it might shatter completely if she manhandled it too roughly. It was the kind of rigidity he had only ever experienced once or twice in his lifetime, and his whole crotch immediately ached with the intensity of it. Sagging where he stood, he was held up only by the woman’s grasp on his cock and shirt, his mind reeling with the impossibility of what her words had done to him.

When he looked up, however, he found the woman laughing. ‘You call that a cock? Oh you poor little thing. How pathetic you are. I know you think you’re a womaniser, but only girls would be satisfied by this. Girls and sad, desperate divorcees. I’m the first real woman you’ve ever met. And I want you bigger.’

This time Milo practically collapsed. The sudden growth of his dick added at least another three inches in length, his girth increasing accordingly, though the raw pleasure of the swelling had blurred his vision so it was difficult to tell exactly how much bigger he’d become. All he knew was that his hips felt as though they were on fire and his groin suddenly felt significantly heavier, as though someone had slipped weights into his balls.

More scared and yet more aroused than he had ever been, he managed to meet her eyes for a moment. The urge to run suddenly ebbed: he doubted he’d even reach the door if he did. ‘Who are you?’ he breathed.

‘Oh, you’ve given me many names over the years. Faggot, cocksucker, Brooke’s bitch boy. But today I’m Diamond, and as it happens, you were right on one count: as it turns out, I am a cocksucker after all.’

Milo frowned as she dropped to her knees, reality dawning. ‘Danny?’ he said. But then his cock was between her lips and his world crumbled into ecstasy.

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Diamond was unable to prevent the moan which bubbled up once her lips closed around Milo’s enhanced cock; the dildo had been good, but the taste of a real dick was on a higher plane of pleasure entirely. The heat, the taste, the soft skin of the shaft – everything seemed to push her buttons, manipulating her arousal so efficiently that she was bobbing her head with violent enthusiasm in a matter of seconds.

As with her toy, there was little sensuality to her technique. Diamond was a woman built for lust, not subtlety: she throated Milo’s meat without a second thought. After all, it wasn’t as though she was remotely interested in his side of the experience – she wanted to taste dick, she wanted it deep, and as far as she was concerned Milo was simply a means to that end.

Before long, his shaft was smeared in thick swathes of her dark lipstick, what little remained on her own lips now terribly smudged. The heavy tug of her breasts, bouncing in time to her lascivious rhythm, and the echoing slurps dancing about the room promptly had her wet and dripping.

For a minute or two, a conflict swirled through her mind. Here she was, kneeling at the feet of the jock who had so often made her former life a living hell, going down on him like one of the slutty clique girls. Milo had often relished the opportunity to humiliate her before today, using her as a tool to satisfy his own cruel, callous tendencies, and now she was hungrily sucking his cock. In that light, this all seemed so wrong.

Yet as she peered up at him, she realised the motivations of her old life no longer applied. She was different now: better. Danny wasn’t going down on his bully, Diamond was using her lover. Besides, it wasn’t as though it was Milo’s cock anymore, not really. His pulsing member was the work of her magic, and just like the man himself it belonged to her. By now the lust on his face had been eclipsed by a frown of breathless distress. His brow furrowed, his jaw slack, his expression carved in lines of aroused agony, it was obvious he was completely unable to handle the raw orgasmic energy she was bestowing. Milo looked ready to burst, but the sight only fuelled Diamond’s enthusiasm.

She hadn’t been lying when she said she knew what he craved. His desires danced through her mind as if they were her own, and it was just as she was swallowing him so deep she could lick his balls that the vision of one particular fantasy piqued her interest.

Pulling back, she surged to her feet, taking his wet cock in her grasp and jerking him with such vigour his eyes swung up in his skull. ‘You know all this time I really thought you were just another brutish jock looking to lay any girl he could get his hands on. But you’re not, are you? Underneath all that bravado there’s a tiny voice telling you to find someone who knows what real passion is. Someone who can show you what it is. Yes – I see it. You don’t want to submit, you want to be educated. Lucky for you, stud, I’m happy to teach you your place.’

At a wave of Diamond’s hand, a surge of invisible power rolled through the room. The plush furniture and rich colours of the homely lounge vanished, replaced by whitewashed walls lined with infographic posters, clusters of plastic chairs tucked beneath low tables, and a broad oaken desk at the head of the room. A small globe sat atop the desk, flanked by sheafs of paper and a stack of exercise books, while on the wall behind hung a large blackboard. Despite the sudden interior alterations, through the windows the palms and tropical plants of the resort were still visible.

Leaning back against the desk, Diamond smirked as Milo blinked, confused. His designer long-sleeve was gone, dissolved by her magic along with his smartwatch, three-quarter length denim shorts and sandals. In their place he wore a simple red tee, light, baggy jeans and a pair of expensive trainers. His looks had changed too; the earlier bluntness of his appearance had given way to more shrewd features, his black hair swept over to one side in a more precise manner than the tousled locks he had sported mere seconds before.

‘Well, I’m waiting,’ she said, dragging him back to reality. She had lifted one leg astride the desk to bare her twinkling pussy suggestively.

When Milo regarded Diamond this time the fear and apprehension was absent, usurped by unfathomable depths of longing. His original memories and persona had gone the same way as the lounge, torn from his mind by Diamond’s magic leaving something new in their wake; as he eyed her, he saw only his hot, horny teacher, with whom he had been cheating on his girlfriend all year long.

Noting the recognition on Milo’s face, Diamond had to stifle a snigger. This was too easy. He wasn’t her bully anymore, he was her puppet. Beckoning him closer, she pushed him to his knees. ‘I’ve already gone down on you. I suggest you return the favour before I fetch my ruler.’

White man eats out busty black woman wearing glasses on desk in classroom

In truth, Milo needed no encouragement. His new cheating persona firmly in place, he was as eager to eat Diamond out as all the other times he had visited her classroom in the advancing evening, when the hallways were cast in darkness, the classes empty of the students, and the remainder of the staff had long since taken their leave. The sweet aroma of her perfume filled his nostrils as he obeyed her command, the extra spritz she had added to her crotch just for him mingling with the equally potent scent of her glistening pussy. Her plump thighs penned him in and with a shiver of arousal he pressed his lips against hers.

Their cover was perfect. By day Diamond was the strictest, most uncompromising tutor on campus, while Milo was a typically boisterous jock; nobody would ever have assumed they might be intimately involved. And certainly not with Milo in such an adoring role, doting upon his lover as earnestly as the meekest submissive.

As he bowed his head over her enticing sex he made sure not to allow his lust to overwhelm him completely – Diamond had no patience for poor performance. Instead, he lavished her pussy with all the sensual techniques he knew she relished: gentle puckering kisses over her clit, sharp sweeping strokes between her folds, deep scooping laps as though he was trying to fuck her with his tongue, and more besides.

His concentrated efforts certainly seemed to be having the desired affect. Indeed, had there been anyone else on campus her strident moans would surely have alerted them to the debauchery in Miss Jackson’s classroom. Then again, once her red-clawed hand tangled in his hair Milo’s concerns evaporated entirely and, closing his eyes, he turned all his thoughts to pleasing his lover.

Of course, Diamond knew nobody would hear their naughtiness. It amused her to know how adamantly Milo believed they were both on a university campus in the dark of the night even as the bright sunlight shafted through palm trees swaying just outside the window. Her amusement was soon forgotten though, for with every calculated tongue stroke he fuelled her with fresh ecstasy.

Diamond’s attire had changed with the room too. Even so, it was just as lasciviously organised as before, her tits free of her purple top, her checked grey skirt hiked up, allowing her to both grope herself and grind her pussy against Milo’s face. The pearls of her necklace had morphed into iridescent beads while thick-rimmed (though totally redundant) spectacles now framed her intense stare. Her hair was less wavy than before, tumbling down to splay across the desk like some midnight waterfall, and to complete her striking appearance she now sported a pair of killer platform heels. She had already blown him in this reality too, as evidenced by his lipstick-smeared cock bucking down below, and his salty precum was still fresh on her tastebuds.

Just like Milo, her thoughts flooded with memories of this new reality she had written for them. Over the course of the school year she had slowly trained him in how to properly pleasure a woman – particularly how to lick pussy well – and now she was finally reaping the benefits of all her hard work.

All the little details of his new personality were fresh in her mind too, like how little made him hornier than when she flaunted her curvaceous figure. The false girlfriend she had implanted in his head was far from well-endowed, and thus this version of Milo was never more needy for Diamond than when she was tempting him with what his girl simply could not offer. Already she had spent ten minutes or more scrawling lewd words and drawings on the blackboard while thrusting her fat ass out suggestively, though now she was ready to reward him with something a little more… intimate.

Busty black woman wearing glasses gives titjob to hung white man in classroom

Taking Milo by the shoulders she guided him to his feet before pushing him down to lie over the tables behind him. With his feet propped up on her desk he was the perfect height for her to stoop over his crotch, slot his rigid cock between her tits and jerk him off in the most lascivious of ways.

Milo’s eyes rolled and his head lolled back as scorching pleasure roared through him. The heat of Diamond’s sumptuous tits bloomed through his shaft and across his crotch, but that was merely the beginning; her skin was soft as velvet, which, when combined with the lather of saliva already along his shaft felt as warm and wet as a true pussy, yet the varying pressure as she intermittently squeezed her cleavage tight and loosened her grip added a new level of sensation. What was more, the way her smooth ebony flesh moulded to the contours of his cock with every rise and fall was somehow more intimate than fucking any of her holes.

Before long his own moans were ringing through the room, the ceaseless volley of dirty encouragements and filthy taunts only compounding his orgasmic bliss.

‘Yeah, that’s right, fuck mommy’s fat titties. Pump that thick dick up my cleavage hard, stud. Mmmh, you feel so hot in my rack, baby – yeah, fuck them deep. Good performance should be rewarded, right? And you sure ate me out good. That flat-chested little girlfriend of yours can’t titty-fuck you this good, can she? She can’t even do it at all. What’s the point of a girl like that? A real woman should be able to jerk off her man without even laying a finger on his dick, and you need big round titties like these if you want to do that. Oh yeah, you like my rack around your rod, don’t you? Mmmh, that’s it, hot stuff, pound mommy’s boobs.’

Diamond shuddered as her own words sent thrills of erotic stimulation searing along her spine. Going down on Milo in the villa had been hot enough, but having him as her willing pet was so much naughtier. The implicit obedience in his actions, the invigorating taboo of their teacher-student depravity – it was all so… erotic. This was a taste of authority Diamond’s previous reality had not allowed her to enjoy, and now she wanted more of it.

If this is how horny he is for me as a hot jock, imagine how much more desperate he’d be if he was a pathetic loner. A wicked grin twisted her pretty features as the thought occurred to her. I think it’s time the bully became the bullied.

And with another wave, the classroom was no more.

The educational posters became framed abstract paintings. The faded green carpet gave way to expensive matte-finished laminate. The tables vanished, replaced by glass-fronted cabinets and sleek wooden drawers which lined the walls. A low coffee table flanked by plush armchairs now dominated the centre of the room, and Diamond’s desk grew to a vast size, the panels now inlaid with elegant carvings, pulled up to which was a similarly elegant leather-cushioned office chair. The desk itself was as large as a single bed, which was rather fitting, for it was upon this desk that Milo found himself at the mercy of his malevolent boss.

Busty black woman gives titjob to skinny hung white man

Diamond’s clothes were gone, torn away from her as she rewrote reality again. Only her stockings and the necklace remained. The latter was formed of pearls once more, though it was smaller than the original and interwoven with glittering golden chains. Her glasses had vanished, her eyes were now heavily made up with long lashes, thick mascara and smoky purple eyeshadow framing her deep brown stare. A sinister smirk played on her lips as she squeezed her tits around Milo’s impressive cock, amused by the fact that his throbbing member was the only impressive thing about him anymore.

He was skinny now, all the muscle melted away to leave his ribs and hips pressing against the skin to such a degree that in his present position he looked almost skeletal. His height had withered too, enough that even without her heels Diamond now stood a good head taller than him, while the robust jaw, broad brow and roguishly beguiling features he had recently enjoyed had similarly evaporated. Pale, eyes wide and pleading, thin lips trembling, there was not so much as a whiff of alpha male in his nervous, twitching expression. On a body so inferior, his thick cock was the only admirable asset. And that was just what Diamond wanted.

‘Don’t try to pretend you’re not enjoying this,’ she hissed, pinching her nipples and savouring the burst of sensation that flushed over her breasts. ‘Every other guy in the office would kill to fuck me, and you’re the lucky one who actually can.’

As before, his memories had shifted to match this new reality and Milo regarded her with a raw fear in his eyes. His brow furrowed as her hot breasts swelled pleasure through his hips, but nonetheless a void of dread whirled in his stomach. ‘Please, just let me go. I won’t tell anyone. I won’t say a word. I just want to be free.’

Diamond laughed – a warm, alluring sound Milo thought unsuited to a woman with such a cruel demeanour. ‘But that’s what makes this so fun. It wouldn’t be blackmail if you were fucking me willingly, would it? And why else would I bother with you otherwise? I can have any man I want, Milo, remember that. I could be off seducing some hot stud to use my body right now. Instead I’m here with you.’

‘Then why don’t you?’ Milo asked, trying not to stare at her undeniably magnificent tits jiggling as she worked them over his dick.

‘Because this is just too enjoyable. I know you’ve never felt real control in your pathetic life, but trust me, it’s a potent drug. All those men I could seduce would use me like some cheap slut. But you… you treat me like a goddess because you have no other choice. If you put one toe out of line I’ll ruin you for the rest of your life. Nobody would ever hire you again, not after I’m finished. You can’t imagine how hot that kind of power is. It’s not just domination or seduction. It’s ownership. I own you, Milo. Your life is mine. And since that’s the case, it’s time you earned a little mercy: fuck me.’

Skinny hung white man and bust black woman have sex on desk in office

Stalking around the desk, Diamond eased up beside him, propping herself upright on one elbow, her back against his chest. When he did not move the other hand snaked around to clutch his nape and she pulled his face close into hers. ‘I am not a patient woman, Milo,’ she sneered. ‘Do as you are told.’

Unwilling to risk inciting her wrath, Milo obliged. His body pressed against hers, he felt cold inside despite the warmth of her soft flesh. Nevertheless, as he slipped his dick into her wet sex, he could not stifle a moan.

Diamond laughed. ‘I told you you were enjoying this.’

As much as he hated to admit, Milo knew she was right. Although his blood ran cold at the thought of what his heartless boss might do should he disappoint her, although his mind was a tempest of fear and panic, his body was flooded with untold pleasure. For a woman of Diamond’s age and experience she was tighter than he had thought possible, her pussy gripping his shaft with the strength of a vice yet the soft touch of velvet.

The little silver pussy piercing she sported tickled the underside of his shaft as he entered before falling to one side as he began to thrust, the slap of his hips against her ass echoing a sordid beat through the office.

‘That’s a good boy, put that fat dick of yours to work. It’s the only thing you’re good for, runt. If it wasn’t for your size I’d have you eating my pussy until you couldn’t breathe and using a strap-on to fuck your holes instead. Hmmm, come to think of it, maybe I still will.’ She rolled her body against his, taking him as deep as she was able, savouring the gasps and groans he gave in response.

‘Please,’ Milo tried again, ‘please just let me go. I don’t want any trouble. I promise I won’t say anything. I just want my life back.’

‘I’m not interested in what you want,’ Diamond snapped. Still clutching his neck, she dragged his face down and crushed it into her breast before he could respond. His tongue swirled automatically over her nipple as she ground her bosom against his face. ‘You’re such a pathetic cunt. You don’t get it, do you? You don’t have a say in this. I can use you and humiliate you and insult you. I can treat you like dirt and there’s nothing you can do about it. Even if you did say anything, nobody is going to believe a scrawny little secretary over me, and you know it. Now quit your whining and fuck me like your life depends on it – because it does.’

The ensuing session of depravity was pure mana for Diamond’s cruel streak. For the better part of an hour Milo obediently pounded her in every fathomable position, his huge cock filling her deep. On the desk, over the desk, in her chair, against the cabinets, sprawled across the laminate – at one point Diamond even had her torso out of the window, laughing deliriously at the fact that neither the warm breeze nor the lush resort grounds registered with her slave. Milo was oblivious, his focus purely on satisfying her needs.

Milo said little, refusing to complain save she punish him for it, though the guilt and panic never left his eyes. The visible conflict of pleasure and distress in his expression only made her hungrier for power, and even as her body throbbed with arousal her mind was buzzing with ideas of how she might humiliate him further.

Eventually, she settled on one.

By the time Diamond pushed Milo away she had orgasmed half a dozen times, however she had not allowed him to do so once. Whenever he was close she had either clenched her pussy muscles tight or abruptly shifted position to ruin his climax and leave him gasping desperately for release. Now though, she was ready to let him finish. For all the naughtiness she had so far experienced in this body she had not yet tasted cum, and she would not want his load to go to waste. After all, it was going to be his last…

Busty black woman receives facial from skinny hung white man

Sinking to her knees Diamond promptly began jerking Milo’s cock so feverishly her hand was little more than a blur. Her tits were aching from the constant bouncing and swinging and jiggling, while their passion had her hot and sweaty, her dark skin gleaming in the light of the dipping sun.

Her hatred for the brutish bully Milo had been before bubbled up suddenly and she fixed him with a loathsome stare. ‘Give me that load you worthless prick. I want to taste your cum pouring down my throat. Give it me. Fucking give it to me.’

After over an hour of torment, Milo’s resistance was practically non-existent. In seconds he was firing his load over Diamond’s face.

And what a load! Not only the build-up of all the orgasms Diamond had ruined in this reality, but also the accumulation of those which had gone unspent in the realities before, once it broke Milo’s cumshot seemed endless. Thick ropes of cum shot over her tongue and down her throat. More still splashed across her cheeks, while a thick, glistening curtain of cum hung over her chin to drip heavy dollops onto her breasts and necklace.

When at last his balls were empty, Diamond sat back with a cummy grin. ‘I never thought it would taste so good,’ she purred, ignoring Milo’s frown of confusion – in this reality she had swallowed his load countless times, so it made little sense to him that she wouldn’t know the taste already. Scooping up the seed which had missed her mouth she laid each string over her tongue before gulping them all down greedily. ‘It’s almost a shame I’ll never be tasting your cum again.’

Any other man might have been disappointed by her words, but Milo’s weary face lit up. ‘Does… does that mean you’re letting me go?’

Diamond smirked. ‘In a manner of speaking, I suppose. Your cock, your balls, what little masculinity you possess – it’s all going to go. I know you don’t remember, but you always used to call me a sissy. Now I’m going to take things a step further for you.’

Before Milo could respond, Diamond had waved her hand and reality shifted for the last time.

Once the office faded they found themselves in Danny and Brooke’s original villa. Abundant houseplants lined the lounge, the tiled floor was dominated by a large white sofa, and sheer curtains were drawn across the windows, beyond which the island was in dusk. Diamond’s stockings had finally vanished, however she was not entirely naked, for a thick, lifelike strap-on jutted from her crotch.

And there was one other change her reality shift had induced.

Busty black woman wearing strap-on presents her toy to slim white woman

As before, Diamond’s power had twisted Milo’s body into something new, however this time the changes were altogether more drastic. Sleek, wavy hair with roots the colour of honey and ends dyed blonde swept down over narrow shoulders, framing a face of delicate feminine beaty. Plump breasts had swollen into being, the large nipples puffy and tender, with a thick band of pale skin sweeping across them where she had not tanned. Milo’s once incredible cock was no more, the organ having folded in on itself to leave a flushed pink slit where it had once been, the folds glistening with her arousal. The woman who had taken Milo’s place was beautiful, slender, and, as she caught sight of Diamond’s strap-on, wide-eyed with shock.

‘There’s no need to look so surprised,’ Diamond purred, wiggling the toy with red-nailed fingers. ‘You knew full well this was coming as soon as you realised I could rearrange you to my liking. Tell me, are you regretting bullying me now, bitch?’

This time, Diamond had refrained from toying with Milo’s memories. This wasn’t about roleplay, this was about revenge, and she wanted Milo aware as she punished him. As such, she had pulled his original persona to the surface once more, the version of him she had lured into her sinful lair in the first place. Now, however, his body burned with feminine cravings and his shock was soon mellowed by the erotic energy coursing through his sytem.

‘Why… why does this feel so good?’ he asked in a hushed voice. One hand had descended to play with his sex while his large, innocent eyes remained fixed on Diamond’s cock.

‘Because I made sure it would. I haven’t just made you a woman, I’ve made it so you’ll enjoy it. This way you don’t have to worry about shame or boundaries or hesitation – you’ll be perfectly willing to act on any womanly impulse that hits you. This way you’ll get to understand the true pleasures of being a woman. I did. Very recently, in fact. In some ways I guess I’m giving you a gift: these bodies are so much better than those we left behind. The difference between the two of us is that you don’t have a choice. You’re my bitch now. Funny how life works, isn’t it?’

Just then, Diamond gave a sharp gasp. With the final reality shift her necklace had reverted to its original form, but now the pearls were glowing brightly, burning white-hot around her neck. The next moment they were sinking, phasing through her flesh until their glow had faded from view. Diamond sighed as power tingled in her fingers and roared through her veins. Now nobody could take the power from her since the necklace itself, the vessel for all that magic, was no longer there to take. She was the vessel, and the magic of the resort was hers to wield however she desired.

‘Mmmh, I think this is what the resort wanted to do to us. It understands us, you know. Our needs, our wants, our deepest desires. It knew we would make good women.’ She dropped down beside Milo abruptly, gesturing to her big black plastic dick. ‘Go on, hot stuff, show the resort how right it was.’

Slim white woman sucks strap-on of busty black woman

Immediately, Milo dived down to oblige, shamelessly indulging his new deviant hunger.

Bobbing frantically, Milo gorged himself, instinctively aware his new body could throat the girthy toy with ease. His assumptions were proved correct as he repeatedly swallowed Diamond to her silicone balls, his cheeks stretched taut around the thick shaft. His eyes rolled, his throat ached, and within a heartbeat he was totally addicted to cock.

Peering down at her new pet, Diamond’s sordid mind danced with filthy ideas. The sight of Milo going down on her was an all-new level of erotic, and before long she was wondering how much more incredible it might feel to have the honey-haired slut sucking a real cock.

I could become a guy again, she pondered. A huge black guy with a massive dick to match. Although… why would I want to give up this body so quickly? These tits, this ass, these curves, they’re too good to abandon. But with my power it wouldn’t be remotely difficulty to add a real dick in place of this pussy… Mmmh, now that sounds hot. I mean what’s hotter than a busty black goddess if not a busty black goddess with a dick?

Still, that could come later. Right now she had other things on her mind. With Milo’s memories returned there had been no need to concoct some new consciousness for him, nor devise some sinful scenario for them to enjoy together. But that had not stopped Diamond’s naughty mind running rampant with ideas.

‘We could be anything, you know, Milo. I could make us anything. I could be your stepmother, teaching you how to fuck while your rich daddy is out working to pay for our expensive tastes. You could be my neighbour who agreed to house sit for me, only for me to come home a day early to find you camming like a little slut and punishing you accordingly. I could have seduced you at the bar, not knowing you’d never been with a woman before and showing you how much more passionate we are than the dumb jocks you’re used to.’ With sudden violence she dragged Milo up by his hair, her lip curled with malice as she eyed him ferociously. ‘Or you could just be my stupid slutty fucksleeve. How do you like the sound of that, skank?’

Saliva dribbled from Milo’s lips as he moaned. ‘I love it. I want it. Please, make me your slave, mistress. I want to be used.’

Throwing him onto his back, Diamond loomed over him, a picture of hedonism. ‘Your wish is my command,’ she hissed.

Four images in which busty black woman has rough sex with slim white woman using a strap-on

Time seemed almost to stand still as Diamond made a whore of Milo. And perhaps it did – within the grounds of the resort, there was no telling how powerful Diamond was. It certainly felt like an eternity passed as the sinful goddess pounded her slave in an endless cycle of moaning and orgasms, the dusk beyond the window barely appearing to advance as their ecstasy echoed through the villa. Or perhaps the pleasure was simply so great it hindered their ability to accurately predict the passage of time. Either way, neither woman much seemed to care.

For Diamond, the only thing hotter than using Milo as a set of holes was the level of desperation with which he wanted her to do so. Riding and twerking and grinding on her cock, he was possessed by a tireless energy in his pursuit to be filled as hard and fast and deep as Diamond could manage.

Once or twice, she considered slipping out of Milo’s pussy and sinking into his ass – perhaps even conjure an unnatural P-spot to pummel mercilessly – though she refrained from doing so on the grounds that she did not want to play all her cards just yet; they had an entire week to devise new ways of sinning together, and it wouldn’t do to exhaust their options within the first day.

Besides, pretty soon fucking Milo’s tight sex became a kind of sadistic addiction, for over time every thrust drove him deeper into sluttiness.

Contrary to how she had treated him as her pathetic secretary, Diamond now allowed Milo to climax over and over again. However, he soon realised with each orgasm he became increasingly sensitive, and slowly his permission to cum became a curse instead of a gift. Eventually he was writhing and thrashing, driven far beyond the threshold of pleasure his new body could tolerate, but Diamond would not relent. She only continued, devastating Milo’s shivering sex without remorse until he had screamed himself breathless.

Busty black woman and slim white woman play with each other's bodies

After what felt like a lifetime, they at last collapsed into the sofa, the leather sticky with Milo’s sexual juices. Diamond laid the strap-on down as Milo slumped beside her, idly massaging her pussy and breasts as if he couldn’t bear to stop worshipping her in some way even after she had so thoroughly abused him. Diamond returned the favour, squeezing his tits gently as she turned to face him.

‘You remember who we both were before, don’t you?’ she asked.

He nodded, his eyes closed and an expression of contentment on his pretty face. ‘You were Danny. I was Milo. I used to bully you. I thought you were a nerd.’

‘And you remember everything I’ve done to you since you came in here trying to frame me?’

Another nod. ‘You made my dick bigger and blew me. You walked through my thoughts and made my fantasy of cheating with a hot teacher a reality. You made me your scared little secretary, blackmailed into sex.’ He teased Diamond’s clit a little faster as the memories aroused him. ‘And then you made me this. Your needy, naughty plaything.’

‘So tell me something. Now you know all that. Now you can remember who you were before, who I was to you, how much you hated me and how hard I’ve punished you for it, do you want to go back to how things used to be?’

The woman opened her eyes and held Diamond’s gaze for the first time since entering the villa. ‘No. I want to be yours. I want you to make me into your perfect little nympho. I want to be your plaything forever.’ A mischievous smirk crept over her lips. ‘Besides, is it really punishment if you’re enjoying it?’

‘I suppose not,’ Diamond smiled. She leaned in for a kiss.

‘Wait,’ her slave breathed.

Diamond paused. ‘What is it?’ she asked softly.

Their lips were barely an inch apart and her slave’s hot breath washed over Diamond’s face as she spoke. ‘I’m not Milo anymore. And I never want to be again, not even in name. I think I should have a new name, if you will allow it. I think… I think I should be called Mischa.’

For a moment Diamond said nothing, simply staring into the woman’s deep, soulful eyes. Then she smiled. ‘Mischa. I like it.’ And without another word she closed the gap between them and pulled her lover into a long, sensual kiss…

Meanwhile, in the greenhouse…

Interior shot of tropical greenhouse

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