Fantasy Resort – Chapter 8: Trans-formation

Gravel path winding through tropical foliage

Just as he’d anticipated, Nathaniel found the resort deserted. With half his peers down at the beach, the other half either lounging around their accommodation or scattered across the island exploring the quaint markets and localities, and the tutors likely taking the opportunity to enjoy a little peace after a long, exhausting year, the grounds of Fantasy Resort were occupied only by songbirds and insects.

For someone his peers considered reclusive and chronically shy, Nathaniel actually relished time spent in the beauty of the great outdoors – it was the people that so often spoiled the view he preferred to avoid. With their gossip and opinions and idle chatter they were a nuisance at best and abusive at worst. Nathaniel found himself to be far better company. His solitude was one of preference as well as necessity.

As he explored the grounds, he realised the resort was far bigger than he had first realised. Beyond the main villas the island had been allowed to have its way with the grounds; dense thickets of tropical plants sprouted along the paths, natural streams babbled under small bridges and elderly trees stooped overhead, their trunks bowed and their gnarled roots sprawling through the undergrowth.

Amongst it all the winding paths were almost as tangled as the vines and creepers hanging overhead. An intricate web of paving stones and gravel, woodchip trails and dirt tracks, they wove through the grounds, confusing and perpetual. Some led nowhere, some went around in circles, and some seemed to shift their destination every time one strode along them. Nathaniel could certainly see how someone might get lost in the resort and he reminded himself not to go exploring at night.

Lost in his thoughts, he started as a shrill scream rang through the air, followed by the thud of approaching footsteps. Scrambling down a fork in the path he concealed himself behind a spreading elephant ear plant.

A moment later, Kenna and Jace appeared where he had just been. Kenna wore a pale pink swimsuit with a white shawl about her shoulders and though she was laughing she held Jace at arm’s length.

‘What?’ he was saying, his patterned swimming shorts as garish as the vibrant Hawaiian shirt he was wearing. ‘You said you were too hot.’ For the first time Nathaniel noticed Kenna’s hair was matted in places and her shawl and swimsuit were streaked by darker lines. Jace was toting a large water gun, which he levelled at her with a grin. ‘I’m just helping cool you down.’

Before he could pull the trigger, however, Kenna wrestled it from his grasp. She gave another cry, this time one of victory, and beamed wide. ‘Well then, allow me to return the favour.’

‘Oh shit.’ Jace was running back the way they’d come almost before the words had left his mouth; Kenna was after him a heartbeat, pumping the trigger as she went.

Once their laughter had died away, Nathaniel let out a sigh. That was close.

He slumped down with a frustrated scowl. He hated this. He hated being who he was. It was easy enough to forget why he preferred isolation when surrounded by the splendour of the resort’s grounds, but when faced with the simple sight of two friends teasing one another, Nathaniel was reminded just how alone he truly was.

It wasn’t as though he hadn’t tried to lift himself out of solitude. After years of suffering at the hands of countless bullies during which torment had clung to him like a disease, he had considered Fitzsimmons’ a clean slate. Yet the scars of his ordeal were still there, and it was only once he was presented with the chance to make a fresh start with new people that he had realised just how deep they ran. The painful experiences of his formative years had left him perpetually nervous and plagued by deep insecurities, neither of which he knew how to overcome.

His new peers were undeserving of his mistrust, he knew that. They didn’t want to bully or torment him – most of them would probably even welcome him with open arms. Yet whenever he considered taking the first step towards befriending any one of them painful memories sprang up and swamped his thoughts until he withered back into the quiet husk everyone assumed him to be.

Gradually he had come to realise he wasn’t meant for such luxuries as friendship, opting instead to isolate himself. He’d taken to studying late in the library when nobody was around, feigning illness on the rarer and rarer occasions his peers invited him somewhere, walking alone when he knew nobody would be around.

And hiding behind bushes to avoid talking to anyone, he thought sourly.

He sat there for several minutes, dejected and miserable. Then, rather abruptly, his expression mellowed. In his mind’s eye he could see the vanity back at his villa. In his misery he had almost forgotten the one thing that gave him joy anymore, and it was waiting for him just a few short minutes away.

You’re not going to feel any better if you just sit here sulking, he chastised himself. Besides, they could be back any minute. Probably best if they don’t find you skulking in the bushes.

Heaving himself up with a weary sigh he made back for the sanctuary of his villa, eager for something to distract his whirring mind.

Lipstick and assorted makeup items on desk in front of mirrors

The sight of the makeup spread out across the vanity as Nathaniel returned was as welcome as a warm smile and a loving hug. Glittery powders sparkled in the light shafting through the shutters, sleek lipsticks stood in a cluster gleaming like black diamonds, and a handful of eyeshadow palettes were stacked atop one another, each one boasting a stunning array of shades. Around them, the vanity’s mirrors sat in ornate frames, waiting for him.

Sinking into the armchair Nathaniel felt all his tension melt away. It was the same whenever he sat before his own vanity at home: the rest of the world simply seemed to fade.

‘At least I know you’re not going to judge me,’ he sighed, running his fingers over the assorted products.

Picking through the stacks of makeup, Nathaniel searched for a very particular lipstick. He always started with lipstick. It made him feel calm, confident even, soothing his agitations, and though it sometimes proved awkward applying concealer or foundation around his colourful lips he’d far rather put up with that struggle than leave them until last.

Some of the products were his own, although he’d forced himself to leave most of his stash back home – until arriving he hadn’t been sure he’d have a villa to himself, and the last thing he wanted was any potential roommate unearthing his secret.

Nathaniel had been using makeup for several years. He had first tried his hand back in college, at which time he had envied the beauty of the cliquey bitches who, although cold and cruel, lived the kind of lavish, pampered lifestyle he could only imagine. Once he arrived at Fitzsimmons’ his interest had only grown. Harriet and her clique were more beautiful than he’d realised any woman could be, and the girls of the nerd and geek camps were no less skilled with a makeup brush. Hell, even the tomboys knew how to wield eyeliner and eye shadow with an expert hand.

All at once he had found himself surrounded by a slew of attractive women from whom to learn. Quietly studying their techniques, he had carefully emulated them in the privacy of his dorm room and his skills had improved in leaps and bounds. These days he could have even given the clique a run for their money.

He had even considered cross-dressing once or twice, but as far as he was concerned he didn’t have the frame for it – he was too broad and tall for most feminine clothes to look anything less than ridiculous.

So it had been with a cry of delight that he had found the villa’s vanity brimming with enough hotel-brand makeup to make his significant collection back home look like little more than free samples. Better still, since his villa only catered for two and none of his peers had any wish to live alone with him for the week, Nathaniel had the place to himself and all the time he liked to try out every product the hotel had to offer. It was like the place was made for him.

He smiled as his fingers closed over the stick he was searching for. The vibrant pink lipstick had caught his eye earlier that morning, the shade’s name detailed on the cap in an elegant curlicue font: Hellish Hedonist.

Nathaniel chuckled. ‘Well, maybe you can give me a little of that hellish mojo.’ Then, leaning close to the mirror, he ran the stick over his lips.

The effect was immediate. And powerful. No sooner had he finished applying the lipstick than Nathaniel felt a keen blow to his shoulder.

It was a strange sensation, like a punch yet without the pain. Nevertheless, a throbbing ache blossomed out from the point of impact and the blow came with such force that Nathaniel was knocked sideways, upending the armchair as he staggered to keep his footing.

His hand flew up instinctively and he was surprised to feel it contact bare skin. Peering down, his eyes bulged. The elbow-length sleeve of his tee had been torn to shreds and a gaping hole ripped in the material halfway across his chest. The skin beneath was not his own. It was pale as porcelain, hairless, and soft as snowdrop petals. It looked almost as if somebody had splashed bleach over him, for the pale skin radiated out down to his elbow where it faded back into his familiar tanned complexion, complete with thick swathes of arm hair.

In a moment, however, that too was gone. Struck by another sharp blow, this time the ache engulfed his lower arm, stripping his hair and tan in the blink of an eye. His nails were now long, the acrylic adorning them glossy and painted in a shade of lavender.

Before Nathaniel could react, the strikes were coming thick and fast. Barraged by blow after blow, he reeled as he was forcibly reshaped. His slender, bony form filled out into shallow curves embraced by lace lingerie; his jeans were shredded, replaced by sheer stockings which hugged long, sensual legs; small breasts rose on his chest, nipples hard and tingly. Within seconds his entire figure was unrecognisable, only his face remaining untouched.

White woman with black hair poses in lace lingerie

‘What the fu–?’

The strike to his face almost knocked him from his feet. His head flew backwards so hard it was a wonder his neck did not snap, his manicured hands darting up automatically. When he removed them, however, Nathaniel was gone.

Natalie’s fringe was cut low and neat, so long her trimmed brows seemed to fade into it. Perfectly straight her long, lustrous hair swept down her back, hooked behind ears which dazzled with ornate diamond earrings. She was flawlessly made up, her dark eyeshadow exquisite, her blush soft and warm, her long curved lashes perfectly framing hypnotic eyes – she was the picture of feminine beauty.

During the final blow a flowing lace robe had materialised around her shoulders, intricate floral patterns picked out in the black material. Sweeping it open, Natalie’s fingers found the hem of her panties, which she lifted delicately. The view rose a smile on her lips.

Just then a voice rang through the villa. ‘Hello? Anyone home?’

Natalie’s smile grew wicked. Her transformation had not imparted her with much in the way of personality. No new memories had replaced those stripped away, no personal history nor trite aspirations. Natalie was simply what the lipstick had said she would be: a hedonist.

A hedonist whose lair some unwitting man had just ventured into. She chuckled coldly. Whoever he was, the poor thing was already ensnared in her web without even knowing it. Like a spider following the vibrations of a struggling fly, the new woman stalked from the room.

When Felix‘s call went unanswered, he slipped quietly inside. He hadn’t the first idea whose villa this was – he didn’t even know if it was occupied at all. He knew they hadn’t filled all the villas in the grounds, but then he hadn’t yet seen any resort staff, so for all he knew this place might be employee accommodation.  

Then again, perhaps stumbling upon a member of staff might not be such a bad thing as surely they’d be able to point him in the right direction to get back to his own villa.

He’d left the beach with the intention of having a little private fun while the rest of the jocks were out. With Milo down at the beach, Joel off hiking, and Axel and Colin out probably testing their own luck there would be nobody to disturb him for at least a few hours – plenty of time to enjoy some foreign hospitality. Between the half dozen phone numbers he’d accrued last night and his regular lovers within the clique, he was sure it wouldn’t take much persuasion to earn himself a steamy session beneath the sheets.

The only trouble was he had to find his way back first.

If Felix hadn’t known any better, he’d have thought the resort was trying to confuse him. The paths had seemed far less complex that morning on his way to the beach, yet now he found himself stumbling through an endless, bewildering maze. Every step he took seemed to lead him deeper into the labyrinth, and as the paths began to blur together he had started to panic that he was truly lost. After all, the island was big – what if he had wandered out of the resort entirely? How could his classmates hope to find him in the thick jungle? What if there were wild animals hidden amongst the trees just waiting to pounce?

Though Felix wasn’t easily unnerved, he had breathed a sigh of relief once the villa hove into view. Not only was civilisation a welcome sight after what felt like hours blundering through the jungle, but as he grew closer he noticed the Fantasy Resort logo stencilled on the door. Thank God.

Finding the villa was one thing, but he was still lost. Hoping there might be someone inside to point him in the right direction he’d marched up the path, though now, as he crept through the hall, his heart fell. The villa seemed deserted.

‘Maybe there’s a map in here somewhere,’ Felix muttered to himself as he came into the kitchen. ‘Or maybe I can see my villa from upst– woah!’

White woman with black hair rubs crotch of lace underwear while lying on wooden counter

The woman was stretched out on the wooden countertop of the kitchen’s central island. Her pretty face was made up with blush, eye shadow and glossy lipstick; her diamond earrings twinkled from ears behind which she had swept her sleek, dark locks to frame her stunning features. Under ordinary circumstances Felix would have been entranced by her hypnotic beauty. As he found her now, however, his eyes were anywhere but her face.

She reclined on the wood with her legs spread, the midnight lace of her underwear stark against her pale ass. Dark stockings hugged her thighs, descending to black sandal heels, while higher up a matching bra embraced small yet perky breasts. Felix had never seen skin so pale – she had the fragile aura of a china doll, yet there was something masochistic in her dress; the straps of her lingerie were like coiled whips, her heels like riding crops. And when she looked up there was an untempered greed in her eyes, like every filthy thought humanity had ever conjured up was condensed into her stare.

It was a stare Felix could not hold. At the same time he didn’t know where else to look. Usually he was the kind of man to openly admire the women he met, but something about her made him feel hopelessly meek, forcing him to analyse the floor at his feet.

‘Jesus… I-I’m sorry, I didn’t realise anyone was in… it’s just I got lost, and I thought… doesn’t matter though. I, uh… I should just…’

The woman giggled girlishly. When Felix glanced up their eyes locked, and this time he found he could not look away. It felt as though her eyes were burning through his soul, but something about the raw intensity swirling within her stare ensnared him.

Little mirthful wrinkles blossomed around her eyes as she smiled. ‘Like what you see?’ she purred, running a purple-nailed hand over the crotch of her panties.

She didn’t need an answer; though he tried to conceal it, Felix’s rising erection was all the evidence she needed that he had already fallen for her charms. ‘Why don’t you come and have a taste?’

Felix began to bumble as he edged backwards. As shamelessly promiscuous as he was, the woman intimidated him, and though his growing arousal urged him towards her he remained just lucid enough to heed the voice in his head, which was warning him to get out, to escape, to be anywhere but here.

‘I-I didn’t mean to barge in on you… I’ll just… I should go…’

All at once she was between him and the door. She moved with a surprising grace – he had expected her stride to have the air of a stalking panther, yet instead she had the look of an elegant socialite gliding along, albeit sans the expensive ballgown to complete her image.

‘Why would you want to do that?’ she said, her voice oily and tempting. ‘I think you should stay a while. Didn’t you say you were lost? I’m sure I can help you find your way.’

Felix took a step back, his thoughts suddenly murky. Her words seemed to be in his head, burrowing through his mind like parasites, leeching away his resistance. The voice compelling him to run was more subdued now and it was all he could do to resist dragging her into a passionate kiss. Fiery lust burned through his veins, his erection strained against his shorts, and a nervous sweat broke over his brow.

She closed the distance between them in a heartbeat, her body abruptly against his. Felix tried to retreat, only to find she had backed him into a corner: maybe she was akin to a hunting panther after all.

This close her floral perfume filled his nostrils. It was intoxicating, dulling his capability for rational thought even further, and he panicked as he caught himself leaning in for a closer smell, pulling away just before his lips were on her neck. Felix shuddered – he had spent many nights in the arms of beautiful women, but his body had never betrayed him this way.

The woman fixed him with her large, mesmerising eyes. ‘You seem tense, babe.’ Her hand snaked to his tented shorts and he did not resist. ‘Allow me to help you relax.’ Dropping sharply to her haunches, she wrenched down his shorts and underwear. A hungry grin warped her lips as his dick bucked free. ‘I’m Natalie, by the way.’

White woman with black hair wearing lingerie gives oral sex to hung man

Felix’s world exploded as her lips closed over his cock.

Her tongue darted forward, coiling around his head like a constricting python before rearing back and attacking from a different angle. The pleasure was unearthly; Felix struggled to stay upright as his knees weakened and he sagged against the wall.

Natalie kept one hand planted on his chest, arbitrarily to prevent him trying to flee, though she needn’t have bothered: he doubted his trembling legs would have supported such a flight. Still, he was grateful for her firm hand if only because it stopped him crumpling to the floor entirely.

She progressed slowly, swallowing him fraction by fraction, inch after inch vanishing into her lips and drawing hoarse groans from her unwitting lover. Of all the women he had been with, none had ever managed to consume the whole of his impressive size, however the woman at his feet swallowed him without so much as a tear of exertion. She did not gag nor gasp, she simply worked inexorably down until her lips pressed against the skin of his crotch and her tongue slipped out to feather his swollen balls.

Then, all at once, she jerked back, thick pearly ropes of saliva and precum festooning the gap between them as she came away with a resounding pop. In an instant she was back again, her hands now clutching the base of his shaft while she took up a rapid tempo.

The kitchen soon rang with the salacious slurping of a thirsty whore. Felix shuddered as his body struggled to process the pleasure. It was difficult but he managed to stay upright, though whereas his legs were locked in place the rest of his body was writhing. His head lolled on his shoulders at the mercy of his pitching torso, while his hands roved the wall scrabbling noisily for something to grip.

All rational thought had evaporated: he wanted her completely. The combination of his own lust, Natalie’s parasitic words corrupting his thoughts, and the agonisingly arousing view of her bobbing head and delicate figure – so innocent yet so perversely naughty – had banished any concept of resistance and now all he wanted was more. Felix didn’t care that he had no idea who she was, the very idea of breaking away refused to compute in his pleasure-saturated mind.

Nevertheless, as he admired her divine figure all the little details which contributed to her unparalleled beauty cut through his mental fog with startling clarity: the soft freckles which dappled her pale shoulders; the flecks of grey in her piercing blue stare; the ethereal shadows of her prominent collarbones.

Felix didn’t have long to appreciate them, however. His orgasm rose without warning, coming upon him so sharply his hips gave an involuntary buck, burying his cock deep in Natalie’s throat in the process. Cum like molten metal roared down his shaft and blasted free, firing straight down her hot, wet throat.

Exhausted, he glanced down only for a chill to tickle his spine. Natalie had not stopped. She had simply gulped down his load and continued to gorge herself. Despite the arousal swamping his system, he blanched. No girl had ever done that before. He prided himself on his impressive load, and he loved watching his lovers take a few moments to swallow it all. But Natalie had not so much as missed a beat. He wasn’t sure if he should be aroused or terrified.

Then, as if activated by his orgasm, the thick swathes of lipstick smearing his cock seeped down into his pores and Felix was lost in a second of incomprehensible pain.

White woman with black hair wearing lingerie gives oral sex to hung man

Felix’s transformation was even more intense than Nathaniel’s before him. Subjected to the magic of the lipstick he morphed rapidly into the object of Natalie’s desire. In a heartbeat his frame almost doubled in size. Vast shoulders crowned a barrel chest of packed muscle, broad hips descended into legs like stone pillars, arms thick as cannons ended in huge, powerful hands. His new face looked to have been hewn from solid stone, angular jaws swathed in coarse stubble and heavy brow shadowing dark, primal eyes.

The transformation took little over a few seconds, the growth so sudden the floorboards creaked under the man’s newfound bulk.

Natalie saw none of this, for she was far too focused on a very particular aspect of Felix’s transformation: his cock. Abruptly twice the size, her eyes rolled back as she suddenly found her cheeks stretched and her throat bulging. With nowhere to go, her orgasmic moan echoed around her mouth before tumbling back down her throat once more as she desperately tried to breathe around his enormous meat.

Despite her breathlessness, she never once considered pulling away. Rather she tried swallowing him deeper, needy for his heady musk and salty taste. She gave another muffled moan as his hand found the back of her head and held her in place so he could drive in balls deep. This time her eyes streamed, her cheeks flushing vivid red as she fought off a gag. Saliva bubbled around her lips, giving the impression of a rabid beast foaming at the mouth; it felt as if he was fucking her lungs.

White woman with black hair wearing lingerie licks on cock of hung man

Just at the moment she could take no more he released her and she came away with a vulgar slobbering sound.

Natalie fought for breath, the corners of her eyes damp with tears. Precum decorated her lips, lacing the pink of her lipstick with gooey white ribbons and oozing down to saturate her chin and drip at her feet.

Her memories of Felix had already vanished, his image replaced in her mind’s eye by the massive hunk she now stroked softly, his sticky juices coating her fingers as she did so.

She hadn’t the faintest idea who the man who had just violated her lungs was, but she didn’t care. Natalie was a woman created purely for depravity, and she read his expression with the ease of a trained psychologist: he was desperate for her. So desperate he would willingly do whatever she asked if it might earn him more of her body. Deeper still, there was something more, buried beneath the primal hunger that burned in his eyes. She quivered with arousal as she realised what it was: fear. He was afraid of her. Afraid because he was so irresistibly devoted to her, because he was little more than her puppet – he was hers to command and they both knew it.

Natalie’s lips twisted into a smirk. At her mercy was a jacked, hung bull with the meagre intellect to match his mountainous physique and an infatuation which bordered upon addiction – what more could she ask for?  

Surging to her feet, she licked up the residue smearing her lower jaw. ‘You know I didn’t catch your name, stud.’

‘Finn,’ he growled.

‘Well then, Finn, I hope you’re as horny as I am, because we’re going to be very, very naughty together. And you’re going to do everything I say like a good little boy, aren’t you?’ Finn nodded impassively, as though he could not conceive of denying her. Natalie giggled. ‘That’s right, you’re going to my obedient bitch. And if you’re not, I’m going to find the smallest little chastity cage to stuff that big dick of yours into until you learn your lesson. You’re my plaything, Finn. Tell me what you are.’

The naked man dwarfed her. He could have snapped her in two without breaking a sweat, and unless he chose to comply she had no hope of forcing any kind of punishment on him. And yet fear flickered through his eyes at her threat and he replied without missing a beat, a terrified meekness to his voice, ‘I’m your plaything.’

‘Good boy,’ she purred. Removing her bra, Natalie slid up onto the countertop, eyeing him mischievously as she rubbed the crotch of her panties. Her legs spread wide, she bit her lip seductively. ‘Now come and show me how you treat a bad girl.’

Finn was towering over her with a single stride. His erection ground against her underwear drawing a moan from them both.

Sunlight shafted in through the window behind him, framing his tanned figure with a dazzling halo while simultaneously engulfing Natalie’s small frame in his shadow. Arousal prickled her nape and ached through her crotch. This was so fucking hot. Were anyone to have passed them in the street they would immediately have assumed Natalie to be the innocent, angelic half of their coupling and branded Finn as the primal beast his appearance implied, yet the truth was entirely the inverse: he was the saint, she the devil on his shoulder.

White trans woman with black hair lying on counter prepares for hung man to enter her ass

Eager to follow her command her promptly relieved her of her underwear. What he found beneath pushed his arousal to fever pitch. In place of a pussy she bore a small dicklet, perfectly shaved so he could see the imprint of the lace decorating the pale skin of her balls.

Lust overwhelmed him. Like hers, his transformation was one of body rather than mind. No unnecessary memories cluttered his thoughts when they could be put to better use devising filthy ways to use her, however somewhere in the back of his head he was aware he had never fucked a trans woman before, and that understanding only made him want her all the more. The fact she had fooled him so completely made him weak at the knees; even in sheer lingerie her tiny girl-cock had been nestled away so expertly he had suspected nothing as she knelt before him and gorged herself, appearing for all the world like the perfect feminine slut. Her deception was so flawless he knew nobody would ever guess the surprise in her underwear and he was suddenly desperate to head out together, flaunting her as his personal slut while they alone knew her secret.

Before that, however, he wanted to use her. Hard. Any woman who could control him with such ease deserved a good, rough fucking, but nobody with a dick, however small, had any right being so sinfully tempting. Still, Natalie’s was a temptation he was keen to give in to.

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An impish grin split Finn’s face as he pushed inside Natalie’s ass, in part on account of her hot, tight hole embracing his cock, but mainly due to the expression of orgasmic pleasure which overcame her pretty features as he entered. Her brows knitted together, her plump lips parted in a breathless gasp and he felt her pulse quicken against his palm as he clutched her neck.

‘Oh fuck, you’re so big, baby,’ Natalie whined. She spread her ass wide for him and her eyelids fluttered as he pushed ever deeper. ‘Oh… that feels… so… go-o-o-od…’

Her body sagged with the euphoria and without Finn’s firm hold she would have slumped down onto the counter. Making the most of her pliability he hooked one stockinged leg over his shoulder and pushed the other aside before sinking in the final inch. And with that, he began to thrust.

It was only after several long, deep strokes that Finn realised they had foregone any lube, though as he glanced down he found his lover had already thought of that. In addition to the glistening mixture of Natalie’s saliva and his own precum slathering his shaft, ribbons of pink wound through the white, the same sultry hue as her flushed lipstick. Though he could not fathom how, the smears of lipstick she had left along his cock had coagulated into a fragrant lubricant which he now used to glide effortlessly into the vice of her ass.

‘That’s some really special lipstick you’ve got,’ he said.

Natalie’s initial disquiet had faded and now she gave him a playful smile. ‘A slut has to be ready for any occasion,’ she said before wiping a rosy speck from her balls and licking her finger clean. ‘Tell me, baby, have you ever fucked a girl in the ass before?’

Finn shook his head. ‘I’m usually too big for girls to take in there.’

‘In that case, I suppose you don’t know hot it is to watch your girl play with herself while you fuck her. I’m not letting you have all the fun; my girl-cock needs attention too.’ With one hand still parting her ass Natalie coiled the other around her little nub and began to jerk.

She was right: the view was obscenely hot. She took care to match the pace of his thrusts such that it looked as if his cock was bursting up through her stomach, while the vibrations of her pumping sent bursts of pleasure across his crotch as they rippled through her insides. Better still, her entire body quivered with the motion; her little tits jiggled, her fringe bounced and her tiny balls bobbed frantically.

Aware he had just found a new obsession, Finn was quick to put his erotic energy to good use. Taking hold of both her ankles he pulled them wide and used the leverage to ravage her tight hole. The pleasure was astounding, enough to drive an ordinary man to orgasm in a matter of seconds. Fortunately he was a man of profound stamina, though quite apart from that he sensed the punishment for finishing without permission would be as swift as it would be humiliating.

As he did so, Natalie’s filthy words wound through his mind like sordid serpents, sinking their fangs into his thoughts and corrupting them with venomous lust. ‘That’s it. Fuck my tight hole; pound me, stud. Mmmh, good boy – you like watching your slut jerk off while you fuck her, don’t you? That’s right, keep pumping. Use me hard. Use me like I’m your dirty fucking sex doll. Mmmmh, oh yesss…’

White trans woman and hung man have doggystyle anal sex on counter top

Incensed, Finn felt the sharp urge to shift her into a more agreeable position. He couldn’t deny the view of Natalie spread out beneath him was agonisingly hot, however it was far from perfect. Even as he clasped her ankles like handles to pull himself in, the strength of his thrusts were frequently dulled as his knees knocked against the island wall, while the sleek wood of the counter meant every stroke pushed her a fraction further away until he had to pull her back to the edge again.

Fortunately, he knew just how to remedy their issues. Better still, in doing so he would be following Natalie’s orders. After all, if she wanted to be fucked hard there were few positions he could better oblige her with than doggystyle.

Pulling out, Finn scooped her up in his arms like a father lifting his child into the air. Natalie gave a delighted shriek as he flipped her. Eager to drive her wild he stooped down so his chest was pressed against her back. The heat of their touching skin blossomed through his torso as he planted a wet kiss on her nape. The movement drove his cock down to grind over her balls, crushing them against the counter and trailing pearly droplets of precum over her sack.

Natalie gave a shuddering groan and he wondered for an instant if she was about to cum. With a little difficulty she managed to stave off her orgasm. Eager for a distraction, she swung one leg onto the counter, twisting back to spread her ass with one hand.

‘That’s more like it. Well, what are you waiting for? Put that thick stick of yours to good use already.’

Finn needed no second invitation. Clamping one hand about her waist he plunged back inside and felt his world shatter all over again.

Finn had never fucked anyone so breathtakingly tight. True, he had never explored the thrills of anal before, but he refused to believe even the most innocent women he’d slept with – those who would not so much as imagine someone in their ass, let alone allow it for real – could have been this tight. It simply was not possible; Natalie’s hole clenched his shaft so tight it was as if she was trying to cut it off and the sheer ferocity of the constriction laced his pleasure with bolts of startling pain.

Still, crafted by Natalie’s perverted will as he was, the pain only drove him to fuck her harder and soon her ass was flushed red from the slap of his broad thighs.

‘Yes, yes, yes, yes.’ Natalie’s moans clouded his thoughts, driving him to thrust harder, deeper, faster. All he could think of was pleasing her.

Before long Finn’s body was moving on instinct as his mind drifted on winds of ecstasy. He wondered how many other men had pounded Natalie’s sweet hole – dozens, no doubt. He struggled to fathom how she could be so tight after all that use, screaming inwardly as her insides rolled over his sensitive cock. She seemed made for him, moulded to his immense size as if her very form was created to extract every last ounce of pleasure from them both.

His cock throbbed. His balls ached. He didn’t ever want break this sinful rhythm.

Unfortunately for Finn, Natalie had other ideas.

She pushed him away without warning, the sudden absence of her hot insides on his cock stealing his breath. Stunned, his gasp of surprise snagged in his throat and he almost choked as a void opened up through his crotch, his entire body desperate to be back within her.

Two images in which white trans woman and hung man have anal sex with her riding him

This time it was Natalie who took advantage of Finn’s stupor. Taking him by the hand she tugged him around the counter and drove him into a nearby chair. He peered up at her with glazed eyes, cock twitching frantically as though trying to find the hole she had denied it.

Natalie grinned, a mania in her eyes that would have struck fear into her lover if he’d been lucid enough to notice. She liked him this way: dumbfounded, reeling, barely able to function under the orgasmia swamping his system. She could do anything she pleased to him and he had no means of stopping her.

I wonder how he’ll respond if I push him further. How much can he take?

Leaning into his ear, Natalie chose her words with clinical precision. She was a scientist experimenting on her subject – a mad scientist, mind, but a scientist nonetheless. ‘You want my hole, stud, I know you do. I can see it in your eyes. Well I think you should be careful what you wish for. I think it’s time I had my turn on top.’ For good measure she gave a sultry pornstar moan and ran her tongue up his neck before hopping into his lap, planting her feet on his spread thighs and dropping down hard onto his flagpole cock.

To Natalie’s surprise, the move left her briefly dazed. Until now Finn had only grazed her P-spot, the angle of previous positions not quite allowing him to hit it. Now, however, he struck her sensitive prostate hard as she dropped, bursting lights across her vision and knocking the air from her lungs.

It took a moment for her senses to return, but once they did her grin grew so wide it seemed to brush her ears. Once again a manic energy glittered behind her eyes. Oh yes. Now that’s what I call a wild ride.

Hungry for more, Natalie swiftly began to bounce her hips.

The pleasure was almost torturous, every blow to her prostate sending blasts of blinding ecstasy roaring through her body like earthquake shockwaves. Though her lithe, lustful figure was crafted only for fucking, even Natalie struggled to cope with the orgasmic bliss. Her nipples were so hard they felt ready to shatter, euphoric tears welled in the corners of her eyes, and though she opened her mouth to scream no sound would come, her jaw merely hinging uselessly.

Yet at the same time her hips moved of their own volition. She knew if it had been up to her she could not have maintained her pace, but instead the bounce of her hips was entirely out of her hands, a sinful impulse which forced her to take him balls deep even as her vision blurred.

After what felt like an eternity, Finn’s hands found her body, clutching her ribs as his lucidity slowly returned. His strong arms pushed her higher on the rise and dragged her down harder on the fall, intensifying the blows to her P-spot to such a degree she could barely feel her hips. Natalie was vaguely aware that it was a similar sensation to dipping one’s hand into scalding water: the sensation was so extreme it failed to register.

Locked in a rhythm she could not resist her mind began to shut down as her body diverted every joule of energy into riding Finn’s magnificent cock.

White trans woman and hung man have anal sex with her straddling his lap

Finn’s hands moved without warning. Rising from her waist they seized her small breasts with a white-knuckled grip that sent flares of pain across her chest. Her already pale skin lost further colour, suddenly sheet white against his tanned arms, and he tugged sharply as if he wanted to tear her breasts off entirely.

The motion tore a strident shriek from her lips. Exhaustion overwhelming her she slumped against his chest, her feet slipping from his thighs to bob in the air.

The results of Natalie’s experiment came in the form of a fearsome growl as Finn continued to tug on her chest. ‘Just because you’re on top, doesn’t mean you get to have all the fun. What was it you said? Use you like you’re my sex doll? If that’s what you want I hope you like it rough, because a sex doll can’t complain if I do this.’

The sudden boost of speed pitched Natalie’s eyes back into her skull. With her torso held firmly in place Finn could pummel her from below as hard as he pleased, and as he edged his hips over the lip of the chair to provide a deeper thrust he did exactly that.

The shift in position altered his angle just enough that he no longer struck her prostate directly, instead slamming the surrounding tissue to send orgasmic aches blooming through her crotch. In so doing he released all the withheld pleasure bound up during her mindless riding, which now cascaded through her system in a lustful torrent.

Closing her eyes, Natalie wore a tremulous smile, an expression that was half delirium half fear overtaking her features. In truth she wasn’t sure she could handle much longer at the hands of her beastly bull, yet she had no intention of denying herself this sensation. Her teasing and torment had driven him into a state of primal brutality and for the first time she sensed their roles switch; she had rendered Finn so desperately lustful he was no longer under her sway. Powerless and outmatched, all she could do was wait for him to exhaust himself – she was a leaf on the arms of a hurricane and all she craved was more.

White trans woman and hung man have anal sex with her straddling his lap

Natalie did not know how long Finn ploughed her ass before he finally began to slow, she only knew that by the time he was spent she was hornier than she had ever been in her entire life. Her little cocklet rarely grew hard anymore yet now it stood at attention, her balls as bloated as she had ever known them, and she could feel the mother of all orgasms lurking just beneath the surface.

Beneath her Finn lay weak, still as a dead man despite the rigid vitality of his monstrous erection. Somewhere in the back of her mind, Natalie was impressed: he hadn’t orgasmed. He hadn’t even asked, restraining himself for all that time waiting for her to permit his release. His balls had swollen to the size of apples, the skin of his sack flushed a rosy pink.

However, her approval went unspoken, eclipsed by a far greater need: Natalie had to cum.

The lust for climax drove her with all the urgency as the desperation for air when drowning and, without truly thinking what she was doing, Natalie found herself bouncing on Finn’s cock with an energy that bordered on lunacy.

‘Oh god, oh yes,’ she whined, slipping her legs down so she was straddling his lap. Leaning back, she took hold of his shoulders for stability and with her feet planted firmly on the floor she pitched her hips up and down with violent desire. ‘I need you. All of you. Make me cum. Oh please, baby, make my little girl-cock squirt all over.’ She gritted her teeth, her lips peeling back in a grimace of pleasure as she felt her orgasm straining for release. ‘Yes, yes, yes, I’m close… I’m so fucking close…’ Scrunching her eyes closed she rode as if her life depended on it.

Finn was not having such a good time. Pushed far beyond his threshold of pleasure, he now only felt a burn as her ass swallowed his cock over and over in her relentless pursuit of relief. His body no longer responded to his thoughts and while she worked his pole Finn’s head lolled about uselessly, his arms hanging limp at his sides as he babbled deliriously. ‘No more… too much… can’t take it… balls too full… too hard…’

Natalie seemed not to hear. ‘Oh fuck, fill me. Cum with me babe and fill my slutty ass with your hot spunk. I need it – oh god, I need it so fucking bad. Unload in me you filthy fucking bastard. Make me your whore.’

The words he had been waiting so long to hear wrenched Finn from his stupor. His huge hands were suddenly on her sides as she reached the peak of a rise. Then, dragging her down so hard her legs gave way and she collapsed into his chest, he blasted his load deep inside her hole.

The torrents of Finn’s sticky seed were enough to send Natalie over the edge. While he poured what felt like gallons of fresh magma into her ass, her small nub twitched, bucked and spat ribbons of pearly cum across the floorboards. Against Finn’s colossal load hers was barely a splash, though compared to the meagre scoop she usually managed when jerking off it was an admirable display, leaving her giddy and spent.

The combination of her own orgasm and the flood of Finn’s cum now swirling inside her drained Natalie of her last energy reserves and she slid from his lap down onto her knees, chest heaving and body all atremble. Her tight hole closed with a wet slurp, keen not to lose any precious, cummy cargo.

White woman with black hair licks up cum from facial

‘I could get used to that,’ she purred as she nestled her head on Finn’s thigh. Her lover was even more breathless than her, though he eyed her with a fiery expression which assured her he would be eager to indulge in further depravity once he recuperated. ‘I think you’re my new favourite playmate, baby.’

Staring up from his lap, she admired his rigid cock. Reaching up, she trailed her fingers down the shaft. No sooner had she touched the velveteen skin than he shot fresh cum over her pretty face, the last vestiges of his orgasm released by her touch.

Natalie pulled back, shocked, and Finn thought she looked like a pornstar overacting an unexpected facial. Then she giggled, white strings of semen dripping from her lips.

‘That’s a good look,’ Finn said. ‘You should keep it. Makes you look even filthier than usual.’

She had started scooping up the cum and licking it from her fingers but at his words she stopped. Snatching up a silver tray from the coffee table nearby she eyed her reflection and nodded. ‘You know I think you’re right.’ Slowly, a devilish smile weaved over her features, splitting them until she looked like a particularly slutty lunatic. ‘Then again, I think we can do better than this. I need more. Much more. I want to be such a bukkake bitch I’m practically drowning in spunk. You don’t mind sharing, do you babe?’

Finn matched her mischievous expression. ‘Are you kidding? I’d give my last breath to see you as a cumdump, just so long as I got to unload on those innocent lips before I died.’

‘Mmmh, you don’t know how happy I am to hear that,’ she moaned. He flinched as she stood up and took him by the cock, which she used to guide him to his feet. ‘But if we’re going to find people as filthy as us, we’re going to have to look the part. So it’s a good thing I have plenty of sexy fetish gear at the back of my wardrobe. Come on, baby, I want to play dress up, and you’re going to help me decide what to wear: whichever outfit you fuck me hardest in is the one I’ll be wearing to our first orgy…’

Meanwhile, in Danny and Brooke’s villa…

Open laptop sits on table in front of white hammock in room full of houseplants

Thanks for reading!

As I mentioned in chapter two, the gay scene isn’t the only story in this series that will serve as a first for this universe of stories. When devising Fantasy Resort I knew I wanted to include both a gay and a trans chapter, and to be honest I would happily have included more but there are so many more cis female models I wanted to showcase than gay or trans models I settled for just one of each. I’m sure I’ll included more gay and trans characters in future stories though, so for those who are into that you can rest assured there is more to come. And when it came to deciding which trans model’s work I was going to showcase, there really was only one option.

The female model in this scene is Natalie Mars, though unfortunately I don’t know who the male model is since the scene is POV and I’ve been unable to find any mention of him anywhere. If anyone does know who he is, please let me know and I’ll add in his details.

That said, I imagine nobody was really paying attention to him given the absolute goddess who is front and centre in all these images. Natalie Mars is, quite frankly, an idol of mine. Anyone who has read my blog for any length of time knows I absolutely adore everything about her, and the more invested in trans content I become the more hungry I am for her content in particular. To be quite honest, I’m not entirely sure what it is about her that gets me so hot under the collar, but I think how I’ve depicted her in this chapter goes some way to describing it. In every appearance she makes she is the epitome of a cock-hungry slut, and where in a previous chapter I mentioned that Riley Reid was sluttiness embodied, Mars is undoubtedly hedonism itself given physical form. I could quite easily write another whole chapter just detailing how much I love her, but I won’t go on any longer since there’s very little use trying to put her allure into words. Just go watch her work. Now. Anywhere you can, for as long as you can. There’s just no reasonable excuse not to.

Also, a quick shout out here to my fellow creator PapaDragon. I’m a real stick in the mud when it comes to continuity and I like to focus on the small details of things – for example, the fact that in the first image of Natalie her nails were originally red because that shot is from a different set to the remainder of the images in this chapter. PapaDragon kindly recoloured them to maintain the continuity, and he’s also the one who produced all the awesome Twitter promo images for me for this series. He’s been designing Twitter promos for my work since April, but these in particular are next level and I’m very thankful for all his help. But you’ll hear more about him in the epilogue, so for now I’ve just link his Twitter and I ask that you go show him your support.

Also, also, fun fact, I actually made up a word for this chapter. When I was writing it I wanted to use the word ‘orgasmia’ since I thought it was already genuinely a word, but it turns out it isn’t – even though ‘anorgasmia’ is. But since it is one of those words that to my mind makes total sense even though it isn’t actually a word in its own right I thought ‘fuck it, I’m leaving it in’. For those who’re interested though, since euphoria is defined as ‘a state of intense happiness and self-confidence’ my official definition of orgasmia is ‘a state of intense orgasmic pleasure and sensation’. Rest assured, my word will be showing up again in both this series and future stories.

Come back on Friday for chapter nine – it’s an absolute fuckfest and perhaps my favourite chapter in the whole series, so you don’t want to miss it!

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