Gaypril: Eternal Worship

Models: Dante Colle & Joey Mills

Lucas was somewhere else. That much was obvious: just a second ago he had been in the museum, staring absently at the ruby in its display case while the tour guide chattered excitedly about the myths surrounding the ancient gem. Yet now he was… elsewhere.

Standing over a large suede ottoman, Lucas was surrounded by wafer-thin curtains the colour of desert sand and inlaid with glitter that twinkled in the golden light bathing the space. He was wearing almost nothing; beige briefs hugged his crotch and a modest crown of golden leaves perched on his head, but aside from these he was nude.

‘What the fuck?’

Despite his strange situation Lucas didn’t panic. Or more accurately, he couldn’t panic. Whatever this place was it seemed to stifle all negative emotion and though he wasn’t exactly calm, he was unable to freak out completely. Instead he had the strange feeling that he belonged here – wherever here actually was.

As if on cue the tour guide’s voice came back to him.

Legends of the Soul Eye go back thousands of years. Some say it judges all who look upon it, searching their souls and scouring their dreams. Others say it is a gateway to another plane – a world between worlds where anything is possible and fantasies are made reality. Some stories even tell of an immortal being or a god who lives there. They say the Soul Eye is his window into our world, and he uses it to search for new acolytes whom the gem then transports to his plane. Only those he deems worthy may enter. But the pleasures that await those lucky few are endless.

He had been summoned; it was the only explanation. Of course, that didn’t change the fact it was a crazy explanation, but right now it seemed like there wasn’t a better one. The last thing Lucas remembered from the museum was the Soul Eye flaring with a bright crimson light – a light apparently only he could see, for nobody else had even batted an eyelid as the light filled the room. Deep in his soul he knew he had been chosen and no sooner had the thought occurred to him than the sensation of belonging washed through him again.

The sound of somebody approaching caught Lucas’s attention in time for him to see a figure appear behind the nearest curtain.  

The moment the curtain was drawn aside Lucas knew he was in the presence of a god. Thew newcomer was as handsome as he was hunky, with the kind of body most mortal men can only dream of. A trimmed strap of a beard coated his firm jawline and snaked up into hair worn in a slicked back quiff. His eyes were deep and soulful and endless, though Lucas didn’t get to look into them for long before they were gliding over Lucas’s exposed body as if savouring the sight of him. A broad barrel chest descended into firm abs, and as Lucas’s own eyes descended he realised for the first time that the god was naked, his impressive cock hanging free between thighs like marble pillars. Several tattoos adorned his skin, including a large brushstroke circle over his left pec, while several piercings glinted in his ears.

Lucas was so distracted by the sudden surge of lust he felt towards the god that it took him several seconds to realise he had seen him before.

‘You’re that guy from the club. I was flirting with you all night.’ Despite the confusion filling his head, Lucas’s words came out in a matter-of-fact tone.

The god shook his head. ‘No. I only look like him. My name is Enoch and I chose this form because it lives in your fantasies, but I have the power to shift into any other shape I please. I’m sure you will learn to enjoy my abilities as my lover.’

Lucas blinked, sharp yet erotic surprise washing through him. The suggestion of being intimate with Enoch stirred his arousal from gut-churning to knee-weakening, though he wanted to make sure he’d heard correctly. ‘Your lover? Not your acolyte?’

Enoch smiled. ‘In this place, those are one and the same.’  

By now Lucas’s lust was almost crippling. Unable to trust his knees to keep him upright any longer he sank onto the ottoman, though he couldn’t avert his eyes from the face of the one who had filled him with that lust in the first place. Just the god’s presence was turning him on, an aura of arousal emanating from his handsome figure.

Lucas started to chuckle. ‘This is a dream,’ he said, amazed it had taken him so long to realise. ‘Of course it is. I mean, come on: a magic ruby? A world between worlds? A god with the face of my club crush? It’s so obvious I’m dreaming.’ He paused. ‘Isn’t it?’

An uncertain frown danced over his face as he tried to process the alternative. Lucas had never had a lucid dream before and though he knew there was a first time for everything, he saw no reason why he would start now. As such, the fact that he didn’t wake up when the thought occurred to him was not encouraging.

Smiling knowingly Enoch joined him on the ottoman. Sliding into position behind Lucas he gently removed the mortal’s crown and set it beside them. That same hand then looped around the young man’s shoulders and across his upper chest while the other descended to gently cup Lucas’s hip. Enoch’s smile widened a fraction when the mortal’s hand rose to clasp his wrist.

Easing them both up to their knees Enoch pressed himself closer, his broad chest in contact with Lucas’s back while his lengthy cock rubbed against his ass and thigh.

When he spoke his words were soft and comforting in Lucas’s ear.

‘No, boy, you are not dreaming. I am as real as the desire flooding through you right now. You are one of a lucky few who have ever seen this place. All the legends about the Soul Eye are not separate stories: they are all one. It does judge those who look upon it; it does view your souls and explore your dreams. And when it sees your fantasies so do I. That’s why I summoned you here: deep down you are a creature of sin and pleasure, just as I am.’

As Enoch continued the space where he had entered shimmered. Framed by the gently rippling curtains a bright yellow light grew and spread and flattened until it looked like a large glass pane hovering in the air – albeit one that frayed into faded strands of light at the edges. Once it had taken shape the fuzzy surface cleared and Lucas found himself looking back into the museum. Only this time he was viewing the scene through the Soul Eye. Looking past the tour guide he could see himself standing at the back of the crowd. The gentle murmur of conversation filtered through the window as if heard from underwater.

‘The Soul Eye brings you here, but only you can choose to stay. Right now you are in flux: your body is there, but your mind is here. If you wish to return the mortal world you will continue living your life as before and remember nothing of this place. But if you wish to stay as my lover you will experience erotic hedonism unlike anything you can imagine.’

Enoch leaned in closer, smiling as Lucas’s hand tightened around his wrist. ‘Because that’s who you are, isn’t it? Deep down, just a hedonist craving satisfaction. Strip away the expectations of society and you would gladly indulge your primal urges for eternity. That is what I am offering you, Lucas. Eternity with me and my lovers. Eternity of lust and pleasure and euphoria in a world where anything is possible, in any body you choose. Why would you want to go back?’

For several long moments Lucas said nothing. He simply stared at himself through the Soul Eye, all the fantasies he had ever dreamed up cycling through his head; all the sordid, salacious desires he knew he’d never live out if he rejected Enoch’s offer.

Slowly, silently, a smile took shape.

Without a word, Lucas turned away from the floating window. As he did so he guided Enoch down into a seated position on the corner of the ottoman – legs spread wide and magnificent cock jutting up tall – after which Lucas himself continued to descend until he was on his knees between Enoch’s muscular thighs.

Eager not to waste a second, the handsome young man opened his mouth, lowered his head, and greedily swallowed the god’s impressive length with a gleeful glint in his eyes. Immediately he fell into a sensual rhythm of long, slurping strokes as thrills of arousal rushed through his body.

Above him Enoch groaned. One hand gripped the edge of the ottoman while the other rested gently on Lucas’s shoulder. ‘That’s it, boy, feast on me. Let lust consume you. Oh yes, you’re going to make a very good lover indeed.’

Given that Lucas was busy satisfying his newfound addiction to Enoch’s cock, all while Enoch himself tried to decide which of his new acolyte’s fantasies to fulfil first, neither of them noticed the window start to fade. The image was losing colour, though before it vanished completely a bright red flash filled the view. Once the picture returned the place where Lucas had been standing was empty, though none of the other guests had noticed a thing. Then, dissolving rapidly from the edges, the window was gone.

With the sounds of conversation gone there was now nothing to mask the increasingly sordid slobbering permeating the atmosphere. Enoch’s aura of desire broke over Lucas in waves, seeping into his pores and fuelling his hunger until he was swallowing every inch without so much as a gasp, eternally eager for his god’s perfect body.

And as arousal stretched roots into every corner of his mind, Enoch’s newest amoral acolyte was filled with one all-consuming need: to worship his god…

Thanks for reading!

This gallery has been on my list of potential Gaypril ideas for probably three years now, maybe more. It very nearly made it onto my slate for previous years as well, but I could never quite settle on an idea I liked for it. The lighting and setting always gave me the impression of a king of limbo realm between worlds, but beyond that I just couldn’t figure out how I wanted the story to take shape.

I will admit that even now I still feel like it is missing a little something. I’m not sure whether it’s the characterisation or the plot or something else, though it feels like somewhere along the line it didn’t quite capture the naughty kick I wanted it to.

Having said that, the premise of a realm of eternal erotic worship with a shapeshifting god is stupidly hot to me and I’m nonetheless super happy with this story. Even if I think it could be better, I’m still thrilled I could finally use the gallery and I’m more than happy to let my imagination conjure up ideas of the sordid things Enoch and Lucas get up to together.

Make sure to come back next week for the final story of the month – as far as I’m concerned, it’s the best of the bunch!

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    1. You and me both! I can definitely think of worse places to spend eternity. Thanks for reading and glad you enjoyed it!

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