Gaypril: The Book – Magical Meddling

Models: Sebastian Green & Damien Cruz

Staring at the mirror across the bedroom, Maria tried to see past the handsome hunk looking back at her and picture her old body in the reflection instead. But the image wouldn’t come – this body felt better than her old one ever had and the memories of womanhood were seemingly warded off by her masculine form.

As she locked eyes with her reflection one question repeated in her mind: have I gone too far?

It was a question she had been contemplating for weeks now, yet still she hadn’t managed to come up with an answer. After everything she and her boyfriend Leo had done together in the past few months there was no doubt their relationship had changed beyond recognition, and it was hard to know what drove their bond now: love or lust. Whatever the answer, she was the one to blame for what they had become.

Well, her and the book.

She had found it while clearing out the loft when she and Leo first moved in. It was a strange thing – more like a scrapbook than anything else. No two pages were the same, with elegant handwriting and the printed word rubbing shoulders on sheets that varied from ancient yellowed parchment to crisp lined pages, all packed with odd diagrams and symbols.

Even now the book sat open next to her on the bedside table as if admiring what it had transformed her into. But at the same time, like Maria, the book also seemed to be waiting. Because she wasn’t the only one it had transformed.

When he emerged from their ensuite, Leo looked somehow even cuter than he had going in. His eyes were brighter, his smile more dazzling, and his handsome figure seemed a fraction more muscular. Under normal circumstances that might have been strange, but Maria wasn’t surprised – after all, she’d brewed the allure enhancement potion he used during every shower herself. By now he’d worked through almost the entire bottle and was asking for more, though in truth Maria wasn’t sure it was even possible for her boyfriend to get any cuter.

Flashing her a stunning smile, Leo joined her on the bed. A heartbeat later he had his arms around Maria’s neck and had pulled her in for a sensual kiss.

‘I’ve missed these lips,’ Leo breathed when he pulled away.

Eyes closed as she savoured the warmth of Leo’s body against hers, Maria chuckled. ‘You’ve only been in there for twenty minutes. You even made sure I kissed you goodbye before you went in.’

Though too close to see his expression, Maria could hear the smile in Leo’s voice. ‘And I spent every second imagining being back in your arms.’ With that he pulled Maria in once more and kissed her even more passionately, his hands on her jaw as he sent sparks of desire dancing over her tongue.

When she’d found the book, it hadn’t taken Maria long to figure out it was full of spells, charms and magic of all kinds, including a slew of different potion recipes. And no sooner had the realisation hit her than her mind had started whirring with ideas. Of course, she didn’t believe in magic – but if magic didn’t exist, then what harm could there be in trying out one little spell?

But in the end that single spell had been all it took to twist their relationship in ways she had never anticipated.

Though she had no idea why, one spell in particular had caught her attention. Despite being unable to read the Latin inscription she felt inexplicably drawn to the words, as if they had been written especially for her, and before she knew what was happening she was reciting them out loud.

At the time, nothing had happened. Undeniably a little disappointed, she had closed the book with a scowl and continued clearing out the loft.

It was only when she and Leo were making love that night that Maria realised the spell hadn’t just worked, but had given her a power beyond her wildest dreams.

Leo was fucking her slow and deep when the thought popped involuntarily into her head: I wish he was bigger. She knew it was just a fantasy born of erotic detachment – she had never had an issue with Leo’s size and he always filled her with the kind of euphoric orgasmia none of her exes ever had. But when you’re riding the highs of hot, steamy sex, rational thought is hard to come by, while ‘what if’ fantasies are an endless deluge.

Only this time, no sooner had the thought occurred to her than she felt Leo’s cock engorge inside her, stretching her soaking wet pussy wider and delving so deep her back arched high as she immediately orgasmed from a mixture of surprise and ecstasy.

Leo, meanwhile, hadn’t noticed a thing. Completely oblivious to the sudden growth of his cock, he was about to pull out when another delirious thought had sprang into Maria’s mind: don’t stop.

So he didn’t. Driven by an abrupt an unexpected passion, Leo had wrapped her up in his arms and continued pounding her with renewed energy until the slap of their colliding thighs was bouncing off the walls. By the time he had finished with her Maria was a drooling braindead mess. Unable to form a coherent sentence, the last thing she remembered before exhaustion overwhelmed her was Leo leaning in to kiss her forehead just as he always did after sex.

If it weren’t for the fact that Leo’s dick was still twice its original size when she woke up the following morning, Maria might have believed it was all just a dream. Instead she was faced with a startling truth: the spell had worked. Thanks to the book she could now bring her fantasies to life.

Unsurprisingly, their relationship quickly took a turn for the depraved after that.

‘You okay, babe?’ Leo’s voice pulled Maria from her thoughts. ‘You seem a bit distracted.’

Maria waved the concern away. ‘It’s nothing. I’m just a little tense, that’s all.’

Pressing himself closer, Leo’s handsome face donned an impish smile. ‘In that case, maybe I should help you relax a little bit. What kind of bottom would I be if I didn’t show my top the affection he deserves when he’s feeling down? Besides,’ he added, a devious glint flashing in his eyes, ‘I’m hungry.’

Maria shuddered as Leo slid slowly down her chest, kissing each centimetre of tanned skin as he descended. Soon enough he reached her groin, slipping down to kiss her balls before salaciously running his tongue along the underside of her shaft. For a second Maria thought he was going to tease her by suckling only on the head of her cock. Instead he did the exact opposite, practically inhaling her meat and immediately falling into a ravenous rhythm while looking up at her with big, innocently immoral eyes.

Maria groaned as Leo worshipped her cock. Leaning back on her knuckles, she presented her crotch for him to feast on while her moans frothed on her lips. Her eyelids fluttered and her chest heaved, the white-hot rush of masculine pleasure tensing her muscles and setting her body trembling.

Beneath her, Leo was clearly in heaven. His oral assault was both self-indulgent yet surgically precise. While clearly driven by a slutty hunger for Maria’s throbbing manhood, even in a state of needy arousal he managed to drive her to the brink of orgasm with effortless ease. With every stroke he circled his tongue in just the right way, tightened his lips with just enough pressure, held her balls deep in his throat for just the right duration that anyone would have thought he could read her mind.

Then again, in a way, that’s exactly what he was doing.

Despite now having the ability to rewrite reality at her fingertips, Maria hadn’t made any major changes at first. In fact, aside from accidentally enlarging his cock, she only exerted her magical influence on Leo mentally in an effort to enhance their sex life – little things like planting her own desires in his subconscious, tying his stamina to her own moans, and gifting him with a few new turn-ons he hadn’t even considered exploring before. Within a week Leo was playing her body like a prodigy and every night was spent locked in a sordid cycle: guided by an ingrained understanding of her most sordid wants he could easily reduce her to a groaning wreck; those moans then increased his stamina, allowing him to fuck her for longer than he ever had before, thereby fuelling more stamina-boosting gasps; and all the while his newfound urges to spank and rim and slap her satisfied those taboo lusts Maria had always been too nervous to share with him before.

Still, cautious not to let the power go to her head, after a particularly intense night of passion she had realised that even though Leo was unaware of the changes she was making that didn’t mean she couldn’t use them to bring his fantasies to life too.

When she asked him if there was anything he’d always wanted to try in bed, Maria couldn’t deny she was surprised by the answer.

‘Well… there is one thing,’ he’d admitted, blushing as he looked down at his wringing hands. ‘See I… I’ve always wanted to try pegging. I just didn’t think you’d be into it. Plus even though I want it, it still makes me nervous. I mean, what if I don’t like it as much as I think I will? What if it’s not as hot as I wish it was?’

With just a smile and a thought, Maria had made Leo’s dreams a reality. All at once she was kneeling on the bed with a hefty strap-on hugging her crotch and a mischievous glimmer in her eyes. Her magic washed away his nerves like the tide swamping sandcastles, all while her own arousal was undeniably piqued at the thought of fulfilling her boyfriend’s most secret desire.

Leo spent the rest of the night riding her dildo with every ounce of energy he had, along with a little more Maria granted him whenever he looked ready to collapse with orgasmia. Thanks to the sensual encouragement weaving through his mind, he was delighted to find that he loved being fucked by Maria even more than he loved fucking her. What was more, Maria was similarly enamoured by the reversed roles: she had never imagined pounding Leo’s ass could be so hot, yet by the time they finally crumpled into a sweaty, horny heap, both were hopelessly addicted to their new dynamic.

Looking down at him now, Maria could hardly even remember what it was like being the receiver anymore. Ever since that night he hadn’t fucked her once. But she didn’t miss it. Especially not when the ecstasy of fucking Leo’s tight little ass was so much more tempting.

As if triggered by the thought, Maria suddenly found herself moving on autopilot. Without thinking she seized Leo’s hair and yanked him off her cock; he came away grinning, her precum decorating his lips and chin.

A heartbeat later she had spun him around and forced him facedown into the bedsheets. His plump, hairless ass lay exposed before her: an irresistible temptation.

Burying her face between his cheeks Maria ate Leo’s ass as hungrily as a starving man presented with a fresh banquet. Her agile tongue probed his tight hole, parting the muscles of his ring and plunging deep to open him up for what came next. With her hands clamped on his cheeks so hard her fingers trembled she kept him firmly in place and refused to let him get away. Not that Leo wanted to escape, of course, but that didn’t stop him writhing frantically as Maria’s tongue sank ever deeper, and without her pinning him down he would undoubtedly have been incapable of staying still for her to gorge on.

Leo’s delirious moans were muffled by the sheets – just as they had been on the night of Maria’s transformation.

He had been pinned facedown beneath her at the time, his limbs held out spread-eagled by bed restraints. It was difficult to say which one of them was hornier, for despite Leo’s breathless ecstasy Maria was flying high on the hit of power she always felt when fucking his ass.

Then, out of nowhere, a single intrusive thought changed their world: what if I was a guy?

As usual, reality had bent to answer the question. Only this time Maria was the one affected.

An orgasmic howl tore up from the depths of her soul as the book’s magic rewrote every fibre of her being. Though the transformation was instantaneous Maria felt each detail as if it was stretched out over hours. She felt her tits shrink into tough pecs while firm abs surfaced across her abdomen; she felt muscles bulge and writhe and grow beneath her skin, building up her average frame into that of an alpha male adonis; she felt her hair retract into a slick quiff shaved close to the scalp at the sides, her soft features fill out into ruggedly robust lines, her throat swell with a much more prominent voicebox that dropped her moans by at least an octave.

But most of all she felt the formation of her thick, throbbing cock. Fusing to her crotch the strap-on shifted from silicone and leather to flesh and blood, the harness vanishing as the pair of faux balls at the dildo’s base swelled into the real things. The hot, tight embrace of Leo’s ass around her shaft sent orgasmic masculine sensation searing through Maria’s groin, taking her breath away.

Even Leo seemed to have sensed the transformation. Despite being smothered by the pillows in his face, his erotic screams filled the room as the shift from dildo to cock took place in the span of a single thrust: when she pulled out Maria was pegging him, but when she drove back in she was fucking him with a cock of her very own.

Stunned and horny, Maria had done the only thing she could think to do – take out her masculine lust on her mewling, moaning boyfriend. And given that he was firmly bound in place there was no way to escape once she began pounding his brains out.

From that night on, Maria had shamelessly moulded Leo into her perfect bottom bitch. This time though the changes were all physical – a bubble butt, a petite yet muscular figure, full soft lips perfect for sucking cock every night, not to mention an ass that always felt just as tight as their first time. And of course, the allure enhancing shower lotion had consistently made him cuter by the day.

For the past few months he had been her canvas. But now he was her masterpiece.

Naturally, the book’s effects had left them both unable to hold down a job – it was difficult to muster the energy to leave for work when the alternative consisted of endless days of sexy, steamy, shameless depravity. But with plenty of money spells at her disposal Maria had seen to it that neither of them would ever have to work again – and that wasn’t even counting the hefty earnings they made from streaming their fuckfests several nights per week. They had even been offered porn deals from a whole slew of studios right up to the likes of Limitless, though the deviant duo had turned them down, preferring to keep their passion to themselves instead.

Still, that same nagging question continued to fester at the back of Maria’s mind: have I gone too far?

Whenever she considered the question it seemed to splinter into a thousand more. Had the power gone to her head? If Leo knew what she had really done, what would he think? Was the man she called her boyfriend even the same Leo she fell in love with anymore? Or had she twisted him up beyond recognition?

Leo’s moans parted the curtain of questions hanging over Maria’s mind, drawing her slowly back to reality. But it was his voice that made her jerk back with surprise.

‘I love you, rosebud.’

Rosebud. Leo’s pet name for her. Maria hadn’t heard it since the morning he left for work on the day she found the book – she’d worried her magical meddling had wiped that part of Leo away for good.

But no. He was still in there. Her Leo. And in those four words she realised that she had been asking the wrong question. It wasn’t a case of whether their new bond was founded in love or lust; in reality, it was built on both. Because even though Leo might not have been consciously aware of the dramatic transformation both they and their relationship had undergone, deep down they were still the same two hopeless romantics they always had been.

Leo turned to peer back at her, frowning as he noted the shocked expression on Maria’s face. ‘Did I say something wrong, baby?’

Meeting his gaze, Maria shook her head. ‘No. Actually, I’ve just realised how much I needed to hear that. Now, I think its time I showed you how much I love you too.’

Rising up from her stomach, Maria shifted into position overshadowing Leo’s prone figure. Supported on her fists and with her knees nestled inside his, she pressed the head of her cock against his freshly-rimmed ass and savoured his shudder of anticipation. Leo eased up so he was resting on his forearms, his head half-turned so he could see Maria in his peripheral vision while his eyelids fluttered as he waited for the inevitable. Then, pausing only long enough to kiss Leo’s brow, Maria fed her shaft slowly into her bottom’s waiting hole.

Once inside, Maria wasn’t Maria anymore. Instead it was Marius who started thrusting into Leo’s ass, his strokes slow and deep and sensual. Leo’s lips parted in a long, low gasp and together they allowed lust to fill them up completely.

After several minutes of making love to his perfect boyfriend, Marius flicked up his head. In doing so he was just in time to see the book’s pages quietly flicking aside before the cover closed for what must have been the first time in months. Then, having worked all the magic it could on the achillean couple it simply faded away, intent on finding new unsuspecting subjects to corrupt while leaving Marius and Leo to the endless pleasures of their sordid relationship…

Thanks for reading!

So this is one of those stories that evolved a hell of a lot from the initial concept to the final product you just read. And honestly I couldn’t be happier with the result.

The original idea was inspired by a completely different gallery – albeit one that still included Damien Cruz. However, I wasn’t completely happy with the images in that gallery as they didn’t blend with the idea in my head as much as I would have liked. As a result I went searching for other galleries that still included Cruz (as I was set on having him play Leo’s character) and settled on this one which offered more creative options for me.

After changing the galleries, the idea itself changed too. Initially I intended to write Leo’s character as being very nervous and unable to go on nights out, while Maria as his protective girlfriend would have taken some TG drug to become a guy and pose as his hench friend so they could go out together. By the time they got back home, however, she would have started craving Leo sexually and eventually she would have ended up making him her sub. I even started writing things that way too, but it just felt a bit clunky and I realised I needed to rethink it.

For those who regularly read the comments on my stories, you’ll know that before Christmas I lamented that there are some concepts I planned to be ongoing serialised stories but that I rarely get the chance to add to. The Book is just one of those, and when I was considering how to rework this story I realised that the Book itself would be a perfect catalyst for the plot. It felt really good revisiting the idea, and I loved following the journey of their gradual corruption through Maria’s internal conflict. Having Leo be unaware of the changes to their lives presented an interesting dynamic and as soon as I started writing this version I knew I’d hit on a great storyline.

I personally love this one. Not only because it allowed me to revisit the Book (and subtly tie it into the same universe as the Lake Fantasy/Fantasy Resort/Club Fantasy stories with a reference I hope wasn’t too obscure), but also because it is one of those stories that was really rewarding to work on. As a writer, sometimes you instinctively know an idea isn’t working even if you can’t pin down exactly why, and in those cases it is important to follow those instincts. This story reminded me of that fact, and when I look back on the evolution of this one I’m very proud of how things came together to form the final piece.

So there you go: a change of gallery, a change of idea, and a concept retooled into the Book universe – et voila! One naughty, steamy piece which I think ranks amongst my best gay content.

That’s all I have to say about this one, though just a reminder that this marks the end of Gaypril 2024 and from next week we’ll be back to my normal content. And boy are you in for some fun ones over the next couple of months – while I am undeniably biased, I think there are some truly awesome pieces coming up and I cannot wait for you to read them!

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