Gaypril: Wrong Place, Wrong Time

Busty black trans woman in fishnets groped by naked white man

‘I… I’m sorry, I don’t know why I’m doing this. I shouldn’t, I really shouldn’t. I’m sorry.’ Already the man’s stammered apologies were becoming less sincere, and if the force with which he tore open the chest of Angel’s fishnet attire was anything to go by, he had no interest in stopping.

She wanted to tell him to run, to escape while he still had the chance. Unfortunately for him, she wanted the rigid cock grazing over her plump ass even more. ‘Mmmh, don’t apologise, stud. Do what feels right. Oh, fuck.’ She gasped as her took her breasts in a powerful grip. ‘That’s it, grope my fat tits. You want them, don’t you baby?’

‘God yes, I want them so bad. What’s in this oil? It smells so fucking good.’

‘You want more, baby?’ She took his orgasmic grunt as affirmation and promptly doused her tits in a fresh helping of the fragrant oil. Immediately he was smearing it over her body, his hands and arms soon shiny as a result. That’s right, you just breathe it in. Cover yourself in it, that’s what master wants.

‘But… this is wrong. I… I have a girlfriend. We’re engaged.’ His groping hands faltered then, and for one gut-wrenching moment Angel thought he was going to release her. ‘I only came here for my friend’s bachelor party. We thought it was just a strip club, we didn’t realise it was like this…’

His hands fell to her waist and she felt him take a half-step back. She was losing him: she could not afford to let that happen.

Lifting his hands back to her tits she pressed them firmly against her glistening bosom before reaching back to pulls his hips against hers. With a sultry moan she ground her ass against his throbbing cock and began running her hands over his toned figure, kissing his neck with loud, sensual groans.

‘Oh baby, don’t think, just let it happen. Why should your friend have all the fun? I bet he’s in another room right now having the night of his life.’ Though not as intense as yours is going to be, she thought. ‘He’ll have a horny bitch like me all shiny with oil riding his cock soon; in fact he probably has already.’ She took the opportunity to squirt more over her body so that it began to dribble down her thighs, surreptitiously smearing it over his flanks with her roving hands. Then again, her oil isn’t quite as potent. She turned to him, pressing her gleaming chest against his. ‘Besides, I won’t tell that girl of yours if you won’t.’

Angel smirked. She could see his will to resist crumbling and already the anticipation of his hot load swirling in her naughty ass was driving her to distraction. She had to have him. She didn’t care what their passion would do to him: nothing mattered more to her than her own pleasure, not even the life of this admittedly innocent young man. In truth she would have preferred someone else, someone who deserved the twisted fate she was soon to impart upon him – a swindling banker, perhaps, or a degrading company boss whose absence would make the lives of his subordinates that much brighter. But once the lust was upon her, nothing could prevent Angel from claiming her prize – not even herself – and this poor hunk had simply been in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Ah well. He’ll come to love it eventually. It just might take a while.

Her client huffed uncomfortably as if he were asleep and trying to dispel a bad dream. ‘But… but… I don’t understand… I’ve never been attracted to trans women before…’

Angel cast him a wicked grin. ‘Then let me show you what you’ve been missing.’

Busty black trans woman in fishnets gives oral sex to naked white man

Tossing him into the studded leather seat, she crawled up with her ass lifted high, giggling as his eyes lingered on her plump cheeks. After years servicing the needs of hundreds of clients, the resignation in his eyes was plain to her; he was hers even if he did not realise it yet.

Good. Then that means I can really enjoy this.

The orgasmic pleasure of having her tight ass fucked edged out sucking cock in Angel’s opinion, but only just. The thrill of having a throbbing, juicy meat blocking her throat was one she still had not managed to come to terms with after all these years, and she knew she never would. Neither will he, she thought as she slowly engulfed his shaft in her hot lips. Soon he’ll be desperate for this; starving for cock like me.

Though while she may not have been able to put her pleasure into words, her client certainly attempted as much for his own once she went down on him.

‘Oh my fucking god,’ he gasped, back arching and eyes rolling as her tongue swirled around his shaft, ‘you’re fucking amazing. It’s like – oh yes, right there, ugh, fffuck… right there…’ It was a poor attempt, and soon his words devolved into incomprehensible babbling as she sucked and slurped and slobbered with increasing ardour.

Angel had to force herself to stay focused. With any other client she would have willingly lost herself to the lust roaring through her system. The salty scent of his sweat combined with the fragrant oil was driving her wild and his hot, throbbing cock was practically all she could focus on, yet she knew she could not afford to be distracted. If her client was not satisfactory, master would punish her failure: a whole month locked in a cage in his office, denied the cock she could barely survive without. Angel shuddered; she had experienced that punishment once before and it had driven her to the edge of her sanity. She had no intention of returning to master’s cage again.

Pulling back sharply, she grinned at her client’s whimper of denial. He lay breathless before her, his cock twitching wildly as his head lolled against the black leather cushion. He couldn’t be more vulnerable if he tried.

Seizing her opportunity, Angel snatched up the bottle of oil, unscrewed the cap and poured the contents over her client’s helpless figure. He groaned as the warm liquid spilled down his chest, coursing along the lines of his toned abs. Then her hands were upon him, smearing the oil everywhere as though she were giving him some kind of erotic massage: along his arms, down his legs, around his hips, over his cock. She even rubbed it between his ass cheeks, slipping a small dollop into his hole which drew a strangled gasp from his lips.

Angel stepped back and admired him with a triumphant expression. Perfect. That’s enough oil to change him five times over – he won’t know what hit him when…

Busty black trans woman in fishnets receives anal sex from muscly white man

The remainder of Angel’s thought process was shattered as something equally unexpected hit her. Her client yanked her off her feet, slamming her into the seat with a primal growl. His arousal elevated to a fever pitch by the potent oil, all rational thought had evaporated as he acted purely on lustful instinct.

‘Oh yes,’ Angel gasped. Smothered in so much oil he glided into her with ease, her client’s cock was suddenly filling her insides. Stretching her tight hole wide he filled her with that perfect, indescribable pleasure she craved above all else. It was more than an addiction by now, it was a necessity, a physical need as essential as air or sustenance.

As the scorching heat swelled through her, her hips aching from the rhythmic blows to her prostate, a slutty groan bubbled from Angel’s lips. As much a slave to her lust as her client, she allowed herself to drown in the bliss of it all.

Her entire body pulsed with orgasmic energy, like lightning in her veins, and as she lifted one stockinged leg high the part of her which had wanted to warn the man to escape now joined in as she begged him for more. ‘Yes, that’s it, fuck me: fuck me hard. Pound my naughty hole. Oh fuck, you’re so big, baby – use that hot cock to ruin my slutty ass. Yes, yes, use me, please, I need it… I need it so bad…’

Angel could still remember the night she had been in his position. The way her lover had gasped and screamed, begging with every breath to be used like some filthy sex doll. At the time she had never imagined she would ever be so desperate for pleasure that she would offer herself up so completely as her lover had done that night. In all the time since that night she had often found herself resenting what master had done to her, what he had corrupted her into.

Now was not one of those times. With her client’s cock buried in her ass, her slender fingers feverishly jerking the remnants of her own manhood, and her sinful body smothered in so much stimulating oil it felt as though her skin was on fire, she could think of nothing she wanted more than the bliss of submission. She was master’s seductress, and she intended to thank him for the new life he had gifted her just as soon as she had finished corrupting her new sister.

And, based on his increasingly shallow puffs, Angel knew she would not have long to wait.

Busty black trans woman in fishnet attire receives cumshot over breasts

Sure enough, her lover promptly let out a primal howl as his orgasm broke, and all at once he flooded her ass with his perfect seed. Tensing all over he gripped her meaty thigh with white-knuckled ferocity while his hips bucked violently, keen to unload every last drop into her hungry hole. Even as Angel’s own cries rang through the room and a little spurt of cum escaped her shrunken manhood, her focus remained on milking her client, and with the practiced expertise of a true sissy hooker she squeezed and clenched her anal muscles to draw out as much of his cumshot as possible – the final cumshot he would ever have.

Nevertheless, even once he slid free and rose up, orgasmic aftershocks continued to twitch his cock, firing residual strings over Angel’s sumptuous figure. Thrusting out her chest she rubbed the pearly dollops into her aching tits, her eyes closed as she savoured the sticky heat swirling inside her.

Glancing down, she found the man clutching his cock, a deviant grin on his face. ‘You up for round two?’ he growled.

Angel wondered if he could still remember his fiancée, or the bachelor party he had arrived with; she only recalled snippets of her former life herself, and given how little oil it had taken to create her she would not have been surprised if the overdose she had exposed him to had scorched away all his memories already.

‘Always,’ she purred, ‘but not with you, I’m afraid. I’d make the most of that cock now if I were you.’

‘What? Why?’

‘Because it’s the last time you’ll ever use it. From now on your only purpose is to serve.’

As if on cue, the man’s dick shrivelled in his grasp, regressing into a flaccid nub barely the length of his thumb. Her client gave a horrified shriek, but Angel only laughed, jerking her own little cock and groping her tits as he suddenly staggered back. A moment later he crumpled to the floor. Pleasure was roaring through his veins, she knew, just as it had through hers years before – a pleasure so powerful it was nothing short of agonising, like the peak of orgasm intensified hundredfold and drawn out over what felt like an eternity.

Angel still didn’t know what was in the special oil. It might have been magic, or sordid chemicals, or advanced nanites of some kind; master never said, and she knew better than to question him. All she knew was that whenever master wanted a new girl, he would give one of his playthings a bottle of his special oil, different from the type they normally used, and order her to work her magic on one of the patrons.

Tonight it had been Angel’s turn. Master needed a replacement for Chastity, whom he had sold to a wealthy businessman the previous night, and now he would have one. As she watched, the oil seeped down into her client’s pores, already working to transform him into an insatiable sissy hooker just like her. His chest was already beginning to swell while his hair was growing into bleach blonde locks.

Angel shuddered with delight. Master is going to be so pleased with me. I can’t wait for my reward. Maybe he’ll even find me a permanent daddy to serve for this.

‘I’m sorry,’ she moaned as the man’s ass ballooned, his figure taking on sultry hourglass curves, ‘I didn’t mean to do this to you. I was going for someone else – one of the bulls at the bar. You just got in the way before I could reach him and I couldn’t help myself. I had to have you. For what it’s worth, you’ll thank me for this. Just wait until you’re riding cock every night – it’s so fucking hot, baby. You’re going to love being my sister, I promise. And if not… well, master has all sorts of ways to punish disobedient girls…’

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The models in this scene are Natassia Dreams and Kaleb Stryker. For both of these models I will be linking to two places you can find them on the internet. The above links are to their PornHub pages, while I am also linking Dreams’ XHamster page and Stryker’s profile, the reason being that while their PornHub profiles aren’t particularly comprehensive I think there is enough content to include them, but the latter two links definitely offer much more of their content for you to enjoy.

Dreams is one of my favourite trans models and it is frankly criminal that I haven’t showcased her work here before. She does a lot of topping in her scenes, so if you’re into hot, busty trans women who are happy to take charge, she is definitely someone you’ll want to check out. Honestly I had several different galleries of hers I was trying to pick from when writing this, and there are many more, so I’m sure she’ll show up on my blog again.

Stryker, meanwhile, is a model whose work I have also enjoyed often enough to be able to personally recommend. I don’t follow gay models as avidly as I do trans and cis female models, however whenever I see Stryker in a scene I am always impressed and I imagine anyone else into gay content will similarly enjoy his work.

I would love to hear your thoughts on my work, so please leave me a comment!

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