Woman with dark hair and black eyeshadow licks man's penis after smoking cigarette

Holding out his thick cock, Lee smirked as Taylor leaned into to lick the underside. Smoke poured from her silky lips, wreathing around his cock like ribbons of lace and twisting up to fill his senses. He always loved the smell of smoked Lust, sweet and aromatic as it was, but it was perhaps the taste of it on his tongue that drove him into a frenzy: sharp, intoxicating, like the taste of wet pussy.

Taylor’s tongue ran along his shaft, her lips brushing up against his head and she moaned with a devious smile, enjoying her corruption like only a natural born slut could. With a fresh drag of the joint she savoured the hit. Setting the smoke free slowly through tightly pursed lips, she inhaled it deeply through her nose without letting so much as a sliver go to waste. Glancing up she giggled at the expression on his face: revelling in her addiction drove him wild and she knew it.

Lee’s new girl was nothing like his ex. He had always known that one wouldn’t last long. His special Lust joints were always going to get his ex hooked, but before that she had been one of those sweet, unsuspecting types who were barely brave enough to cross the road without waiting for the cross sign. Sure, she’d sampled a few joints in her time, but she was never going to be a long-term fuck buddy. Of course, he still visited her every week in her den of sin and smoke; just because he’d sold her, didn’t mean he couldn’t continue to enjoy her.

Taylor though… holy shit. She was a fucking animal. She was one of those girls so shameless in her sluttery her parents could have walked in on as she gagged on his cock and she would have asked if they wanted to watch: a truly proud whore. He had heard of her around town before, but he had never expected she would be as deliciously twisted as this.

As if to prove his point, she took a drag then leaned in to lick all the way from his ass, over his balls and up to the head of his cock, which she sucked just the once almost painfully hard before coming away with a sharp pop. Somehow, though he could not begin to fathom how, she had kept the smoke in her mouth all the way up, and now she giggled, letting it out like pale flames licking at her stunning features. Her slate grey eyes glittered in the depths of her black eye shadow like diamonds tumbling into black holes. Her broad grin was impishly mischievous.

‘Mmmh, you like me teasing you, don’t you, big boy?’ Before he could answer she leaned in again and took both balls into her mouth, massaging them with her tongue and inner cheeks.

‘Fuck yes,’ he grunted, his hand dropping to grip her hair, ‘I didn’t know anybody could make corruption look so hot.’

‘It’s not corruption if you want it, baby. And I want it so fucking bad. Besides, calling it corruption implies I wasn’t a naughty slut before I started sucking on your joints, among other things.’ Her lips closed around his head, only for her to surprise him with a sudden single deepthroat that pitched his eyes back in his skull.

Woman with dark hair and black eyeshadow gives oral sex after smoking cigarette

‘I know you want it bad, bitch. After all, you’re the one who came to me and asked to get one.’

‘Obviously,’ she hissed, blowing a fresh drag up into his face. ‘Once I found out someone was selling joints to make people complete whores, you didn’t really think I was going to pass that up, did you? Plus, you used your ex as an unwilling test subject, fuelled her addiction then sold her to a fucking brothel. You’re almost as cold as me, and I’ve never met anybody who could claim that. Face it, babe, we’re fucking made for each other.’

‘We sure are. Besides, every dealer needs a sexy slut on his arm, right?’

‘Oh, I’m not just your slut, babe. With enough of these I’ll be the hottest bimbo in the fucking country. I sure hope you’re going to be able to satisfy me when that happens.’

‘Bitch, you know full well I’ll fuck you to death if you want.’

She bore her teeth in an evil, lustful grin. ‘Well then, let’s see how well you handle my animal side.’ Taking another drag she took a moment to savour the wave of horniness it sent crashing through her body, before all but inhaling Lee’s throbbing cock, the addictive smoke spilling out around his shaft and twisting up into the air…

Thanks for reading!

So this is a little sequel to a story I released last year just called ‘Smoke’. I really do like this concept and I’d love to see what others can do with the Lust cigarettes premise, but at the same time it isn’t one I think I’ll be using super often since I feel like it doesn’t lend itself to particularly varied angles of approach. That said there’s every chance I might come back to this, so make sure to let me know if you enjoyed it in the comments!

The models in this clip are unfortunately unknown to me and given I found these images rather than sourcing and cutting them from a video myself I’m afraid I cannot offer much in the way of direction as to where to find the whole thing. As I mentioned in my first release of the month, I will still be putting out stories with gifs where I am unable to replace them with images and given this seems to be from an amateur video there are of course no images I can replace it with.

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2 Thoughts on “Smoke: Bad Girl

  1. Smoking – an absolutely foul and disgusting activity. It is never allowed in my presence as my sinuses can’t take the irritation and start to bleed heavily – to the point where I could end up in hospital.
    I think those who consider it a fetish to be mentally deranged!

    1. Honestly, I don’t condone the practice either given how damaging it is. That said, I love the visuals of writhing smoke, and I really liked the premise of the earlier story I based this on and wanted to expand it a little. Each to their own I guess.

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