Driving Hoes For Christmas

Illuminated TAXI sign on top of cab

Dropping heavily into the leather seat, Maria shivered as she slammed the door. Heavy flakes swirled angrily against the glass, the howl of the wind furious like a beast denied their prey. So grateful of the respite from the foul weather she entirely forgot she was not alone in the car.

‘Cold one tonight,’ said the cabbie, startling her.

‘Oh, yes, it is. Sorry, I was in my own little world there. Hargrove Street please. The Bellows Hotel.’

‘Right you are,’ he nodded, putting the cab in gear and pulling out into the dense traffic.

As the city’s lights slid by, muted through the frantic snow, Maria watched the countless figures rushing along the streets outside. Some strode imperiously along, sure-footed as mountain goats on the icy paths with collars pulled up and hats pulled down. Others were more cautious, picking their way between snowbanks and frozen puddles with their hands tucked beneath their arms. Once, while the cab idled at a crossroads, she saw a man dressed as Santa Clause trying desperately to hail one for himself, but the snow had bedraggled his beard and rendered his costume limp and filthy and he looked terribly like an unfortunate homeless man, thus the cabs simply sailed by until he at last gave up and trudged off shaking his head.

Maria often wondered what it might be like to live someone else’s life, but never more so than at Christmas. Seeing all the people of the city hurrying about every year, so eager to make their festive season special they would brave the freezing weather just to find the right wrapping paper, she had never managed to prevent her mind drifting into daydreams of living in their shoes and experiencing all the things she’d never have.

Isolated in the bubble of the cab, she found herself wondering who else the driver had chauffeured tonight. The seat was warm and there was a faint aroma of perfume – something expensive and chic. Perhaps a young woman heading out on a date. Or a lady of the night summoned by a high-paying client.

The sordid thought rose a flush in her cheeks, but she did not push the fictional woman from her mind. Instead she allowed her imagination to embellish the picture: in her mind’s eye the woman wore a classy suit, ready to roleplay as the colleague of her businessman client. Beneath, however, there was skimpy lace lingerie holding more depraved treats for him to unwrap…

Despite her swelling arousal she must have looked forlorn, for the cabbie tore her from her daydream with a concerned tone. ‘You alright there, madam? I reckon my old dad’s more cheerful than you, and he’s been six feet under nigh on twenty years.’

Maria gave a little tinkling laugh. ‘Sorry. I guess I drifted off again. I’m forever daydreaming, you know – I really ought to try and focus a little more.’

The cabbie shook his head. ‘Nah, nothing wrong with a wee daydream. Keeps the mind sharp, that’s what I think. Besides, daydreams are a damn site more inviting than this miserable old city if you ask me – I mean just look at this weather! A nightmare to drive in, I can tell you.’

Maria had to admit he was right. The city always had a white Christmas, though it was a far cry from the magical, enchanting images on the cards and wrapping paper. With the snow came the wind and the thick, freezing fog; she certainly didn’t envy the cabbie the task of trying to make his way through it all day in and day out. ‘I suppose you’re right,’ she nodded.

‘So what takes you up to The Bellows? You got an office party or something?’

Maria scoffed. ‘Or something. One of the girls from my office got married this morning. The reception is at The Bellows.’

‘Ah, I see. You close?’

Another scoff, more derisive this time. ‘Close isn’t the word I’d use exactly. To be quite honest I don’t think I’d have garnered an invite at all if she hadn’t handed them out to the whole office. Still, it’s a night out. Better than staying at home.’

‘Well this colleague of yours sounds a little dim if you ask me. If you don’t mind my saying, madam, a fine woman like you seems like you’d be the life and soul of the party. There again, maybe that’s why she wasn’t interested in inviting you personally – bet she’s worried you’ll steal her thunder as it were.’

Maria blushed, turning away to hide her burning cheeks. ‘Thank you, but I’m afraid not. I wish I could say otherwise, but I can’t remember the last time I actually went to a party, let alone had anyone pay attention to me being there.’

Sensing her embarrassment he promptly changed the subject. ‘So is your feller meeting you at the hotel?’

This time she wasn’t quick enough to conceal her bright flush. ‘Oh, no, I’m not married.’

Maria saw the cabbie’s bulging eyes reflected in the rear-view mirror. ‘No, you’re pulling my leg, surely. Handsome lady like you must have all the men snapping at your heels.’

‘That’s very nice of you to say so, but I guess I’ll have to disappoint you again,’ Maria said, wishing she had a broadsheet newspaper to hide behind.

The cabbie shook his head incredulously. ‘You ask me, men in this town have forgot what beauty is. These days it’s all about surgery and fads – one day they like their girls thin as a ruler, next they want them with curves on their curves. They ain’t got no sense of real attraction.’

Peering at his passenger in the mirror, the cabbie allowed himself a satisfied smile: she’s going to be the best one all year. And that’s saying something.

This year’s streak was certainly one of his best. Only that night he had sent a bubbly young bimbo off into one of the city’s most exclusive Christmas raves to hunt down some festive fun, her plastic curves and dazzling smile worlds away from the morose, dejected middle-aged gentleman she had been upon taking to his cab. Sometimes the cabbie wondered if that was how it all worked: if the cab reached into distant universes and dragged back the version of his passenger who lived in a kinder reality. Still, the ins and outs were none of his concern – he was paid to transport his passengers where they were supposed to go, a task which he was exceptionally good at, even if he did say so himself.

He’d long since learned not to question the directions that popped up on his screen. Even now, the destination marker was crowned by a little label reading F&F’s Lounge and Bar, and though he had turned away from The Bellows and into the city’s upper-class district several streets back fortunately the foul weather kept his passenger oblivious to what was to come.

Blimey, she must be a real special piece of work; I can’t remember the last time I took anyone to F&F’s. With any luck I’ll get a bonus for delivering someone the chief’s interested in.

He had been cabbing long enough to know the parties at F&F’s were somewhat more intense than most people realised. Not that he was surprised – the F&F brand were the financiers of his own employment, so it was little stretch for him to imagine their festive events were as unique as the small pack of cabs they owned. Still, it was exceptionally rare the cab ever deemed a passenger worthy of gracing their parties, least of all their Christmas gala, which was arguably the most exclusive event this side of the Atlantic: Jesus Christ himself would have struggled to acquire an invite.

Well then, better not disappoint the chief. Should probably get started.

Flashing Maria a charming smile, the cabbie gave a little chuckle. ‘So then, what do you want for Christmas?’

‘I’m sorry?’ Maria had once again slipped into her daydream: the woman was just slipping free of her suit, her client already naked on the bed and visibly excited by her presence.

‘Oh, it’s just something I like to ask my passengers. Always find it interesting to know what they’re wishing for.’

What I’m wishing for isn’t something anyone can provide, Maria thought. She shrugged. What the Hell, it’s not like I’ll ever see this guy again after tonight.

‘Honestly? A fresh start. I want to start over and make something much more of myself. All my life I’ve been in this place – never even left the country. Everything just seemed too important at the time: school, college, university, then getting a job, and a house, and forging a proper career. And here I am, spending Christmas in a poky little apartment, working a dull job and dragging myself along to the milestones of people I don’t even really like just to try and break the monotony of it all. I don’t want to be young again – at least I don’t think I do. Youth is just a crucible of poor decisions. I just wish I could have done more. I wish I could wake up on Christmas morning and be happy with my life. I don’t even really care what it is making me happy – I could be a damn hooker for all I care. I just want to be able to look at other people and not find myself wishing I could switch places with them just to find some meaning in my life.’ She paused. As much as it felt good to say it out loud, telling him made her feel vaguely pathetic and she was slightly shocked she had even chosen to say anything in the first place. Grimacing awkwardly, she caught his eye in the mirror. ‘Sorry, I don’t really know why I told you that.’

The cabbie gave her a knowing wink. ‘I’ve got an honest face, love.’

Well, it was half true. While he certainly had a naturally trustworthy aura, the cab itself did most of the work. There was something about the atmosphere – something woven into the upholstery, reflected in the tinted windows – that put people at ease enough to convey their deepest wants and wishes. It seemed to him that it was impossible to tell a lie in his cab. His job was simply to draw out those desires.

And once they were confessed, the rest was out of his hands. Poetically then, it was his hands that began to change first. Glancing down, the cabbie smiled as little threads of ink snaked over his flesh forming into impressive tattoos. At the same time his gnarled digits were fleshing out, becoming long and powerful.

His smile broadened as the tingling sensation began working up his arms and through his torso. ‘Well, I guess it’s my lucky day.’

In the back seat, Maria was also undergoing some changes. At first she imagined the tingle in her fingers to be the heat of the cab finally thawing out the cold; when she looked, however, she found otherwise. Glossy red polish had glazed her nails, while the abundant cuts and marks earned from years of filing paperwork at her desk had already faded.

Before she could react the tingles had wound up her arms and blossomed over her chest; no sooner had they broken over her bosom than her alarm evaporated, usurped by searing pleasure.

‘Oh god,’ she gasped as her sagging breasts were revived. Like flowers unfurling their petals to the sun, the volume they had lost to age was returned such that soon her chest felt tight and her erect nipples grazed erotically against her bra.

In the reflection, she noticed the cabbie’s eyes shift from dull brown to piercing blue, but then her own transformation was hot at her collar, surging up to perfect her.

As the cabbie had suspected, Maria had once been a stunning woman, her good looks spoiled by age and life such that her former beauty was now stretched threadbare over her features, and as he had hoped the cab did not waste such natural loveliness, opting rather to revive it. At the same time, she did not shed the years as so many of his passengers did. Instead she took on the ageless visage of a truly sensual woman – the kind of woman in whose eyes flashed both the mischief of youth and the wisdom of maturity, and whose elegant figure was coveted by any man who laid eyes on her, even those horny young jocks who preferred dumb, slutty blondes many years her junior. Her exact age was impossible to guess – perhaps thirty, perhaps fifty, perhaps younger or older than either estimate – yet the ambiguity only made her all the more alluring.

The cabbie had seen countless customers fall prey to the cab’s effects and in that time he had learned the vehicle had an impish will. Sometimes it would take things slowly, transforming each limb at painstaking length as the passenger watched in bewilderment; other times the shift was so swift and dramatic the subject barely noticed, slipping into their new reality as they would into an old coat; yet other times the cab wielded a vengeful power, allowing the more displeasing passengers to panic and wail in terror before transforming them into some vapid bimbo incapable of forming a full sentence without a ditzy giggle as punishment for their transgressions.

For Maria, however, he sensed the cab had no desire to make her suffer. It overwhelmed her mind quickly, and even as her body continued to reshape he could see in her eyes she had been snuffed out. With her hands caressing her shifting body she fixed him with a devious expression.

‘Find us somewhere private, driver,’ she said, eyes flashing.

‘Of course, ma’am,’ he said in a voice entirely more proper than his former brusqueness. ‘Definitely my luck day,’ he added under his breath.

The cabbie had spent decades ferrying passengers around the city, both in this cab and less unique ones, thus he knew the secluded spots of the city better than a pair of illicit lovers. In minutes they were passing beneath the lights of a multistorey car park, sweeping by endless empty bays as he took them to the upper level. Tucked away in one of the city’s many unknown backstreets, even at Christmas it was abandoned for very few people even knew it existed at all.

In his many years of service he had often wondered what it might be like to undergo the same transformation as his passengers. Equally he considered himself deeply privileged to be one of the few men and women who bore witness to said transformations without succumbing to the truth of their new reality; indeed, once they stepped from his cab to go about their new lives, only he would ever remember who they were before while the rest of reality adapted to accommodate them. He liked to think of it as the cab’s gift to him.

Tonight, it appeared his dedication to the role was at last being rewarded. As the lights of the building slid over the cab, cut through by patches of darkness, they illuminated a slightly different man each time: deep furrows faded from his weathered brow; a short, trimmed beard and moustache rose over his jaws; his stooped figure tightened into broad shoulders and a barrel chest.

By the time they came out onto the upper level both driver and passenger were complete. ‘Somewhere private, ma’am,’ he said.

The woman smiled as she unbuttoned the top button of her shirt suggestively. The aches and stiffness born of stuffing her aging body into an office cubicle every day had melted away and she felt more vivacious than she had in years. But the memories of that weary life were melting too – soon they would be gone entirely.

‘Join me. I feel the need to indulge in a more intimate ride.’

Her sultry tones unlocked a door in his mind, through which came tumbling a lifetime of new memories. So that’s what it feels like, he thought as they overlaid his own. No longer a cabbie, he was chauffeur to Marina, the most coveted socialite in the city, heir to a vast fortune through which she funded an enviable lifestyle as lavish as it was lascivious. He could recall a life as a doorman, in which role she had approached him to offer the position as her personal driver and security – a position which he later discovered came with the benefit of serving her in more sordid ways.

Unlike his paramour, however, his old memories persisted beneath the new. As such, when he stepped from the cab, he was pleasantly surprised to find it was no longer a cab at all.

Focused on his own transformation he hadn’t felt the cab shift around them, yet now he found himself stood beside a long, sleek estate car – black, with tinted windows and an aura of ostentatious wealth.

Stroking the roof, he smiled. ‘I guess we both deserved our reward, old friend.’

The upper level was dark, the lights switched off under the assumption nobody would bother braving the elements when there were empty bays below: nobody would disturb them here.

Sinking into the back seat, he knew better than to keep Marina waiting. His trousers were already around his knees once he dropped down beside her and her agile fingers were quick to make the most of his vulnerability; in seconds his thick cock was laid over her palm, swelling rapidly in anticipation.

‘You know, every other man in the city would kill for your job,’ she purred, her tight grasp stroking him hard. Her drab office clothes had been replaced by far more flattering attire during her transformation. Now her cleavage was framed in a bright pink shirt and her long legs accentuated by shimmering tights.

He grinned, aroused by how quickly Maria had taken on her new personality. ‘And every other horny heiress would stab you in the back to get their hands on a driver willing to satisfy them the way I can.’ Ordinarily he would never have challenged such an authoritative woman, but his new memories assured him Marina loved the lustful sparring of words as much as she did physical pleasures.

‘If you’re so confident in your skills, let’s see who breaks first.’ With that, Marina dived down and swallowed his throbbing cock all the way to the base.

Blonde woman in stockings and purple shirt gives oral sex to suited man in back seat of car

A gruff groan tore from his throat as her hot lips sealed around his shaft. Like forks of lightning, blistering bolts of ecstasy flared through his groin, expanding into his thighs and chest until it felt as if she had doused his crotch in petrol and tossed a match onto his lap. His dick bucked hard but Marina maintained her vice-like grip – she had plenty of experience keeping her driver in check.

If there was one thing that stood out in the driver’s new memories, it was just how devilishly naughty Marina was. A trait she demonstrated almost immediately. With enough enthusiasm to put an entire sorority of horny sluts to shame she coiled her tongue about his shaft and began to run it along the sensitive flesh like a lustful serpent, filling the cab with wet slobbering noises in the process.

As she gorged herself, he struggled desperately to process the pleasure roaring through his system. Every stroke of her tongue and brush of her lips pumped in more until his temples were throbbing and his mouth lolled open even as his breath remained snagged in his throat.

For all that he had experienced her talent countless times in memory, the driver remained conscious this was his first time inhabiting his new body and it was going to take him a while to get used to Marina’s insatiable appetites.

Concerned he might tear apart at the seams if he didn’t find a way to release some of his orgasmic energy, he turned his attention to her sumptuous figure. His hand quickly found her ass, first squeezing the plump cheeks through her skirt before tugging it up and groping her harder. His knuckles trembled white as her flesh bulged between his digits. Then, as if the feel of her ass – at once foreign and familiar – unlocked more memories, a cunning smile twisted his lips: if it’s a challenge you want, I know how to even the odds.

The driver’s hand came down hard and sharp. The crack rang through cab like the chime of a sordid bell, harmonising with Marina’s sensual moan. The vibration of her hot maw as she moaned sent ripples of ecstasy through his cock, but he beat them away and planted another stinging blow on her rump.

With each consecutive strike he branded angry red prints on her ass, occasionally slipping a finger beneath the lace of her panties to probe her vulnerable hole. To his delight her moans became increasingly desperate and her devotion to the blowjob waned as he intensified her arousal. Waiting patiently until he sensed her resolve reach breaking point, he took the opportunity to ease his fingertip into the tight hole and was rewarded by the heiress abandoning his cock with an abrupt pop.

The driver chuckled. ‘You forget, ma’am, I know you better than anyone.’ As he spoke, he drove her onto her back, slipping off her panties and grinding his fingers over her swollen clit. ‘I know how naughty you really are. You’re as horny as the slutty brats on the university cheer squad, only you have even fewer morals. I bet you worked your way through half the men in the city before you got to me, just so you could have your holes filled.’

‘If I’m such an easy lay, how do you know I’m not going to simply drop you for someone else who takes my fancy?’ Marina tried to look commanding as he discarded his trousers and underwear but he could see the frantic longing in her eyes; with his cock bobbing so close to her sex she was unable to conceal her desperation to have him inside.

‘You make it sound like you haven’t already. You and I both know you do more than just socialise at those high-brow parties I take you to. Yet even when I pick you up stinking of sex and lube, I know you’ll never give me up because I’m a better fuck than any of your other lovers; if I wasn’t you’d have fired me by now. When you can have any man you want and you still spend most of your nights fucking your driver, that’s when you know you’ve found your perfect man.’

Then, quite literally driving his point home, he took her by the hips and plunged into her glistening pussy in one swift, unexpected motion.

Blonde woman in stockings and purple shirt and man in suit make love on back seat of car

The scorching heat of Marina’s insides were something the driver knew he would never get used to; the intensity of her sex was as extreme now as every new memory he had received in his transformation. And, just as it always did, the embrace of her velvety lips immediately unleashed the animal within him.

Marina’s gasps came in time to his powerful thrusts, knocked from her lungs by his remorseless rhythm. This time it was her turn to worry that she had been set alight, for erotic ecstasy rapidly blossomed over her groin, swirling up through her midriff and engulfing her breasts to swell her nipples into rigid studs. Crushed against the inside of her bra, they proved too sensitive for her to cope with, forcing her to tug them free save they drive her insane.

That proved to be a fatal mistake.

Drawn by an erotic magnetism, her driver’s hands quickly closed over her bosom to grope and fondle her fleshy tits with violent enthusiasm. While he continued to rearrange her insides with every brutal thrust his hot fingers explored every inch of her trembling figure.

Most of the time Marina was quick to criticise his technique, knowing her sultry challenges would surely intensify their passion. Tonight, however, she could not find the words. Compared to the skills she was used to from her driver, he lacked finesse, working her body roughly and without much thought for the finer details he usually excelled in: if she hadn’t known any better, she’d have thought it was his first time again.

Regardless, what he lacked in precision he amply compensated for in barbarity. His devastating blows shook her whole body while his roving hands were merciless, eventually finding their way around her neck, which he used to drag himself in even harder; he was using her as crudely as if she was some cheap hooker. Her eyes rolled as she was reminded why she had been drawn to him in the first place: he was a loose cannon – as capable of fucking her with mindless brutality as he was of making sensual love to her long into the night. It had been some time since he opted for the former, and she realised now how much she had missed his inner savagery.

‘Don’t stop,’ she whimpered, one hand clawing at his suit to prevent him pulling away.

Above her, he grinned. He knew he was being tactless – the memories of Marina’s subtler weaknesses were bright in his mind – but he didn’t care. Tonight he had no interest in teasing her thighs with a wayward finger or setting her writhing in her seat with little nibbles to her earlobe. She was his reward for years of service, and he wanted to ensure neither of them ever forgot this night.

Empowered by the tireless stamina of his new body, the driver poured everything into an even more ruthless pace. Her mouth open in a silent scream, Marina’s head lolled back as bliss overwhelmed her.

Blonde woman in purple shirt and black stockings makes love to suited chauffeur in back seat of car

Neither lover was entirely sure how long they spent tangled up together, only that the culmination of their passion was a bone-shattering climax that overwhelmed them in unison. Muscles bunched, tendons solidified into trembling rods and they clung to one another so hard they left long nail marks down the others back, riding the orgasmic wave together before crashing down the other side and collapsing in a breathless heap.

They lay in contented silence, the only sound save their heavy breathing the howling wind outside.

At length, the boom of nearby fireworks and the accompanying dull flash of exploding reds and green through the flurrying snow dispelled their post-sex haze. Slipping back into his suit, Marina’s lover gestured to her crumpled clothes. ‘Something tells me they’re not going to be very flattering anymore. Not for a visit to F&F’s, anyway.’

She wore a proud grin as she leaned over the shopping bags stowed in the footwell – the same spot he recalled Maria setting down her briefcase. That feels like a lifetime ago, he thought. Then again, I suppose it kind of is.

‘Fortunately I plan ahead,’ Marina said. She produced a black satin skirt and a golden sequined halterneck top that glittered under the cabin light. ‘I think these should suffice. Now are you going to hold me up all night, or can we get going?’

The driver grinned as she cast him a wink. Moments later they were sliding through the festive traffic again, Marina donning her outfit in the back as the world went by in a blur of snow and twinkling lights.

Even if the driver hadn’t spent several decades plying his trade on the city’s streets, F&F’s Lounge and Bar was difficult to miss. The light of the bright neon sign arched over the entrance cut through the snow like a keen pink razor, while the throb of the music was audible from several streets away. Pulling up before the broad awning shielding the entrance from the worst of the weather, the driver hopped out to assist his passenger from her seat.

They shared a charged look rather than a passionate kiss – it wouldn’t do for a woman of her status to be caught fraternising with her chauffeur – before Marina sauntered away, adding a little extra sway to her step for his benefit.

She was greeted at the doors by a beautiful woman in a crimson dress who embraced her like an old friend. To his surprise, once Marina had disappeared into the building the woman strode over to him, a mischievous twinkle in her eye.

The driver had never met her, yet he knew her immediately. Nodding his head respectfully he tried not to stare. ‘Evening, chief. An honour to finally make your acquaintance.’

The woman smiled – a beautiful, dangerous thing, like a grinning panther. ‘Please, call me Morgana. I think you’ve earned that much. What’s it been, twenty years since you first joined my team?’

‘Twenty-two, ma’am,’ he corrected. ‘I was one of the first five drivers you took on. Every day since has been a pleasure.’

‘And now the pleasure is yours.’ Morgana regarded him with unfathomable eyes and he felt as though she knew the deepest recesses of his soul. She nodded in the direction of the doors. ‘She’s an impressive final passenger. More than most men could ever dream of.’

‘She certainly is. But you’re the one to thank for that. I’m just the cabbie.’ He glanced at his transformed figure. ‘Well, chauffeur now I guess.’

‘Oh I think you’re a bit more to her than just a chauffeur.’ Morgana nodded to his suit, all wrinkled and fluffy from the time it had spent stuffed under the seat.

‘Well, we have a little fun I suppose.’

‘Then what are you waiting for? Are you going to join her or what?’

The driver was taken aback. Me? In F&F’s? ‘But… that’s just for the VIPs. Nobody gets in there; nobody like me anyhow. Besides, who knows what gossip will start if she gets off with me at a party like this?’

Morgana chuckled softly. ‘My friend, in case you had forgotten, this is my party, and you’ve been a loyal employee for over two decades; nobody is more deserving of an invite than you in my eyes. As for your concerns over tarnishing her reputation, well…’ She placed a hand on his shoulder, sending a tingle through his body. ‘Just trust me when I say nobody will pay you any mind now. You could fuck on the city hall steps and nobody would care. Call it my reward for your faithful service. And it’s not as if she’ll be able to resist such a handsome man, now is it?’

Glancing down, the driver found his suit crisp as if it had just been pressed. ‘I… this…’ He paused, knowing only two words could come close to conveying his gratitude. ‘Thank you.’

Morgana nodded her head in the same respectful manner with which he had greeted her. ‘My pleasure.’ A snap of her fingers summoned a handsome valet to her side; the driver couldn’t quite decide if he had been nearby all along or had materialised from the swirling snow. ‘Carlos, would you be so kind as to look after this fine gentleman’s car? Be careful with it, it’s one of a kind,’ she added, giving the driver a sly wink.

‘Of course, ma’am. At once, ma’am.’

Before the cabbie could react, the vehicle he had spent so many years driving had vanished into the snow and he was left on the curb beside Morgana.

‘So then, chief, are you going to join your lady?’

Taking a step, the driver froze. He turned to face the radiant woman. ‘I don’t mean to overstep my mark ma’am, but I just have to ask – why? I don’t want to know how – I don’t think I’d understand even if you told me. But all those years you’ve had me making people into something new, drawing out their desires and letting the cab twist them into something sordid. Why did you have me do it? What was it all for?’

Morgana smiled and the driver didn’t think he’d ever seen anyone one more beautiful. ‘Why, for the thrill of it, of course. What else is there?’

The driver mirrored her smile. ‘Nothing,’ he replied, ‘nothing at all.’ Planting a kiss on her cheek, he strode into the building without a look back.

Part club, part hotel, F&F’s Lounge and Bar was a far less respectable establishment than the name suggested. Making his way by darkened rooms echoing with passionate cries and huge halls packed with crowds that danced and fucked to the pounding music, the driver picked his way through corridors swarming with lusty-eyed revellers, many of whom had more flesh on show than clothing covering it up.

Still, it did not take him long to locate the heiress, somehow drawn to her presence like a tracking bloodhound. He found her in a dimly lit room where the music was reduced to a throb in the walls and the furniture was decorated with bodies in various states of disrobement. Marina was accompanied by a tall man in a checked shirt whose hands were around her exposed breasts. The man’s fingers played over her nipples as he squeezed the supple flesh of her bosom.

The driver thought she seemed a few years younger than she had looked speared on the end of his cock earlier that night, though he wasn’t quite sure if it was the low light or if perhaps the cab had enhanced her a little further on their journey here. Then again, he supposed it entirely possible the building itself had shaved off the years – regardless, though he’d imagined it impossible, she looked even more beautiful than before.

‘You don’t waste any time getting started, do you?’

Distracted from her companion, Marina first gawked then grinned at the sight of her driver. ‘Ah, lover, I’m glad you’re here. We were just about to take things somewhere a little more private. I hear the upper floors of this place are aimed at a more… exhibitionist crowd. Would you care to join us?’

The driver returned her grin. ‘Whatever the lady wants…’

Blonde woman in gold sequin top has breasts groped by man in checked shirt in club

Thanks for reading!

I love this piece. That really is the simplest way I can say it. There are those pieces I’m unhappy with but release because I know someone will probably like them, then there are those pieces – like this one – which could be universally disliked by everyone who reads them and I wouldn’t much care because they’re so special to me.

One of the reasons I am so attached to it, is that it reminded me how magical the writing process can be. It started out as a simple idea of a transformation in a car when the gallery popped up in my Christmas searches, and the title being a play on Driving Home For Christmas just seemed so perfect. However, before I began writing, I then remembered a story of Evie Hyde’s called ‘Taking A Ride’. The premise of said story focuses on a very unique cab in her Role With It universe, and when I reread it I knew I wanted to pay homage to that piece if I could.

In my version though, I wanted to round out the characters a little more, and once I started writing I realised it was going to be significantly longer than I initially planned. And that’s one of the things I adore about the writing process: when you hit on a good story, you don’t write it, it writes itself. The words for this piece flowed out of my fingers so well that I barely changed a single line when I edited it, which is exceptionally rare for me given how much of a prose perfectionist I am.

The chance of inserting this into my wider universe of stories was just the cherry atop the cake as it were. As many of my readers probably know, I love leaving references and links to different pieces in my stories, implying many of my pieces occur in the same universe. Not only does it open doors to mix different stories and characters together, but I just find it to be a fun additional layer of depth to the worlds I create. So, if you’ve read other works of mine, yes, Morgana is exactly who you think she is.

The models in this scene are Lynna Nilsson and Luke Hotrod. Nilsson is a Swedish model with plenty of hot scenes to her name, while Hotrod is also an accomplished porn model who has some similarly impressive work in his portfolio. Neither model is particularly well known to me, but I can certainly recommend you check them out if you enjoyed this piece.

Finally, now I’ve finished gushing over the piece, it’s Christmas Eve! I hope everyone is having a safe Christmas and gets a little respite from this turbulent year. Right now I honestly don’t know if my Christmas Day story will be ready in time as it is currently unfinished. I certainly hope I get the time to finish it, but if not it will be out as soon as I can post it.

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2 Thoughts on “Driving Hoes For Christmas

  1. Thank you for this Christmas gift, may you have a wonderful day and get everything you want no matter how wicked!

    1. I assure you it is my pleasure, glad you enjoyed it. I wish you a very slutty Christmas and I’m sending you naughty wishes for the year to cum!

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