Two women in fishnet harnesses and collars moan in restraints while dominatrix in latex listens

‘The rules of my little game are quite simple,’ said the woman, circling them in her tall heels like a prowling lioness with a fondness for designer shoes, ‘you cum, you lose. It can’t be any easier than that now can it?’

Ignoring the whimpering of her two captives, she ran her riding crop along their soft skin, chuckling as they flinched. Already they were wild with both fear and arousal, and she could hardly wait to see which of them would break first. Each held in place by the arms of their companion pulled back and handcuffed around their midriff, they rocked back and forth on her naughty machine, the dildos mounted in the seats of the torturous seesaw delving deep into their nubile bodies.

Watching them sob as they were violated lit a small spark of guilt at the back of her mind. Not for them, of course – fuck no, they deserved what they were getting. But she had been trying to be good: absolutely no vengeful forced transformations for six months, that’s what she had told herself. As a witch it was so easy to lash out with a spell that it took the fun out of teaching the bastards of the world the lessons they deserved. After all, once you had seen one drunken wolf-whistler turned into an anal whore, you had seen them all.

She had managed okay for a while. The postman who had delivered her parcel with a tear in the box: she had forced down her irritation. The new cashier at her local supermarket who hadn’t known how to process her loyalty card: she had convinced herself patience was for the best. Even the tattoo artist who had definitely overcharged her: she had resolved the tattoo was better than expected and let it slide.

But these two, oh how they had made her blood boil. Builders. It was always the builders who felt like they had the right to blatantly harass her for her uniqueness. After all, with jet black hair, a host of tattoos and a deeply gothic vibe to her attire, she was hardly one to blend in with the crowd. As such, she invariably attracted the attention of builders when she passed their site of work. Maybe if they had kept their opinions to a quiet mutter, or even a disrespectful comment under their breath she would have ignored them, but instead these two had felt the need to shout down from the top layer of scaffolding that she must not own a mirror.

She had paused for a moment, rolled her eyes as she realised she was about to break her streak, then snapped her fingers. The men had been lifted from their feet before tumbling down to earth, landing in a heap at her feet. She was unsure what they had been more confused about – their sudden, unexpected flight, or the fact that nobody on the building site had noticed their fall. All around them the workers were going about their business as though nothing had happened and it was soon apparent that they could see neither the two men who scrambled to their feet, nor the gothic witch.

Before they’d had the chance to say anything, she was screaming at them. ‘You don’t like how I look, do you? You don’t like how I dress? Well it’s about time somebody taught you that nobody gives two shits what you think! Nobody cares about your fucking opinions! People can look and dress however the fuck they want and they shouldn’t have to put up with your narrow-minded bullshit for being who they are. If you hate it that much, let’s see you fucking look like it!’

Snapping her fingers again, the overweight, poorly-shaven builders were suddenly gone. In their place were two gothic beauties, black fishnet shirts complete with pentagram strapping doing a terrible job of covering their tits, and black lace panties concealing their new pussies with similar success. Tottering on new black heels, they had stared at her in shock, only for her to grab them by their plaited hair and drag them home to really teach them a lesson.

Now they were rocking on her torturous machine she realised how furious she was at them. She had been doing so well. Now because of them she would have to start all over again. Five months of success down the drain thanks to two half-brained morons.

Still… she had missed this. Seeing her victims realise the error of their ways while subjected to some form of sexual or mental torture. Five months was a long time not to have seen the final shred of hope burn away in the eyes of a captive, or hear the unmistakable sobbing huff as one of them realised they were about to cum. A sobbing huff which at that very moment was spilling from the lips of the small brunette.

Sinking down in front of the woman the witch sneered. ‘Do you want to know what happens if you cum first, bitch? You belong to me. If you lose I will make sure you never see any of your friends or family ever again, and you will serve me for the rest of your pitiful existence as my obedient slave. I will subject you to sexual tortures beyond your most horrific nightmares, you mark my words, and just when you are wishing that you had never been born at all I will make things ten times worse.’

She was never quite sure if it was arousal or fear that caused the slim woman to break, but either way she came so hard the entire machine shuddered beneath her. At first moaning, she suddenly began to scream as she realised the terrible future ahead of her. The witch slapped her hard and ordered her to stay silent before stepping back.

With the competition already lost, the other woman came too. Observing them, the witch tutted. If she was honest, she had wanted the one with silver hair to lose. She had been the more brutish of the two builders, but then this outcome did have its benefits: he would be reduced to a nervous wreck for the rest of his life, which was something.

Snapping her fingers, she uncuffed her captives. While the brunette sobbed quietly the silver-haired woman cowered as the witch strode around to face her. ‘Your friend is mine now, and you should think yourself lucky; I am trying to keep a promise to myself otherwise you would not be escaping so easily.’

Another click and the man was back to his ordinary self – fat, grizzled and unclean. His clothes, however, had not changed, and he was naked save for the heels cutting into his feet and the fishnet top digging into his flabby torso. Leaning over his terrified figure, her eyes were angry universes. ‘If I so much as think about you again, I will drag you back here and throw you into the smallest, darkest, coldest cell I can devise, do I make myself clear? Don’t bother trying to save your friend, either. Nobody even remembers he exists now, just you, so unless you want to end up in a padded cell I suggest you keep all this to yourself. Besides, it’s only fair: you two made me break my streak, so your friend is merely compensation. Now get out, before I change my mind.’ When the man did not move, she bellowed with rage. ‘I said, GET OUT!’

Sheet white and shaking uncontrollably, the man scrambled away, the sound of the downstairs door slamming behind him echoing through the house almost before he had left the room. Finally rid of him, the witch turned to her new slave. ‘Right then, let’s get started.’

The surviving builder unsurprisingly chose not to speak a word of his ordeal to anybody, though even if he had done so it would not have made any difference; by the following morning his friend was already unrecognisable from the man he had once been…

Brunette woman in lingerie and collar kneels for dominatrix in lingerie and boots and sucks her fingers

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The models in the final image of this story as far I can find are Dana DeArmond and Jenna Sativa. I can’t make any personal recommendations of their work as I haven’t actually seen any of it, however they are both names I have heard of and as I understand it are respected women in their field. Either way, I would say both models are definitely worth checking out – I certainly will be.

The models in the first image require a little more introduction. As the watermark in that image shows, the image is sourced from a scene produced by Blood Angels. Blood Angels is a website under the Kink Canary umbrella and is dedicated to bondage, fetish and gothic content. They are unrelated to any big porn studios and produce their own content, which you can access by becoming a member. The sheer volume of content they produce is admirable and if you’re into bondage/fetish content they’re definitely worth checking out.

As far as I can tell the dominatrix models in their content have a career in being a dominatrix outside of Blood Angels. I’m not one hundred percent sure, but I think the dominatrix in this particular scene goes by the name Domina Erindera. She has a Twitter and an OnlyFans and is a Spanish dominatrix. As for the submissive models there is even less information available regarding them, only their names in the title of the original video, which is linked below.

Honestly, all the Blood Angels content I’ve seen so far looks really intriguing for those who enjoy BDSM and fetish content, and I hope to showcase their work in the future. At the same time, the nature of their company makes it more difficult to provide information about the models in their scenes, so if I do showcase their work again their may not be many links I can provide.

I would love to hear your thoughts on my work, so please leave me a comment!

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