Naked brunette woman crawling up flight of stone stairs on leash toward group of naked men

Crawling up to the foot of the stairs, Natasha shivered with anticipation. This was it. The day she had been waiting for. At the top of this staircase stood the door to a future of opulence and kink, all she had to do was make it to the top. Standing between her and her future, however, was the Initiation, and the trial of reaching the top would prove her worthy of being accepted into the ranks of the Order.

She had seen the Initiation before, watched videos of other women who had come before her fulfilling their purpose. Nevertheless, peering up at the men lining either side of the staircase she finally understood what her mentor had told her: your training alone will not allow you to complete the ceremony – it is your will that will bring you success.

With the men towering over her like gods and the crest of the stairs looming high, a mountaintop as she knelt in the foothills, she at last knew what those words meant and why the Order valued a person’s will above all else. Without a strong will, you would break before completing the ceremony. And if you could not complete it, you were not worthy of being a member of the Order.

Urged by the heel of her mentor, she took to the first step and sealed her lips around the waiting cock without hesitation. The man allowed himself a soft groan, but it was a brief sound – they were here for Natasha to prove herself, not for pleasure – and he soon settled into low growls as he smiled down at the young woman latched onto his meat.

Bobbing her head, Natasha was glad of her mentor’s presence. She could feel the stern woman behind her, her keen eyes boring into the back of Natasha’s head, and her familiar presence made it easier for her to remember her training. Natasha had only ever known her by the title all the women of the Order went by to the uninitiated – Mrs. Potter, or just P to those the women were training – and she would only have the privilege of learning and addressing her by her real name after her initiation. In truth, this opportunity to grow closer to her mentor was a key factor driving her dedication to the Order.

The first man came into her mouth, his thick seed coating her inner cheeks and tongue. Swallowing it down, she pulled away and crossed to the man opposite, taking his cock and sucking again.

As she moved, the firm yet reassuring hand of her mentor was on her ass reminding her how much she owed to the woman. Her mentor had been the one to see potential in her even as she worked behind the checkout of a supermarket, had guided her slowly into the process, moulded her like a vase on a potter’s wheel. Her training had been tireless, a genuine devotion to Natasha visible as she taught her the arts of kink and servitude. She had expanded Natasha’s mind, unveiled all the myriad possibilities of what she could do with her basic life, had shown her how to reach a higher plane of experience. And now her journey was almost complete. Once she became a member of the Order she would no longer be the lonely, mundane girl at the checkout. She would live above society, walking among them but never part of their ordinary rituals, while anywhere she went her family would be there to welcome her, to make love to her, and to fill her life with new purpose. Every segment of her life would be elevated – her career, her love life, her living conditions – and one day, perhaps, she would have the opportunity to mentor an initiate of her own.

Moving on to the third man, she heard her mentor enjoying herself behind her. This was Natasha’s initiation, true, but her mentor was still able to get involved and she made sure the men were sucked clean while Natasha slowly ascended the stairs, swallowing their cum one by one.

Not so long ago she would have been aghast at the idea of doing what she was doing, but she had changed a great deal in a short space of time. What was more, she knew each and every man had undergone their own Initiation, lapping at the pussies of women of the Order who lined the stairs where they now stood and encouraged by their own male mentor who had trained them. Every member of the Order was equal, nobody allowed to be held in higher reverence than another, and the Initiation was their demonstration that in order to respect the true privilege of their position they must first understand and accept what it is to be degraded to almost nothing. In this moment, she was their toy. She had no name, no emotions, only a single purpose: to suck.

Naked brunette woman give oral sex to numerous naked men on indoor stone staircase

She was halfway up the staircase now, but her thoughts had distracted her and as the man she was sucking on – a broad, handsome black man – came down her throat her mind was elsewhere. Pulling back, she choked for a second before swallowing.

‘Focus, girl,’ snapped her mentor, pulling back from the man she had been going down on. ‘You have the will to reach the top. Do not let yourself down.’

Reprimanding herself for allowing her mind to wander Natasha caught her breath. Glancing up, she eyed the top step. It and her future were closer than ever; she was not going to lose it now she was so close. Her jaw setting with strong-willed determination she crossed over to the next cock and began to suck…

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So unfortunately I don’t have a longform story for you this month. Quite frankly I just haven’t had the time what with real life and other blog projects taking up every spare minute. Next month I’ll have some themed Christmas content for you, although I don’t think any of those will be massively long either. Then again that could easily change. Come the New Year I’ll have a more in-depth explanation as to what I plan to do about my release schedule going forward including monthly longform stories, so if you are interested in that kind of behind-the-scenes information keep your eye open for that announcement.

As for this piece, the models included are Tina Kay and Monika Wild. As with my release last Thursday, I have not seen either of their work beyond this scene, so I can’t really make recommendations, but you know the drill by now: if you enjoyed this piece and the models in it go and watch their work, because my stories wouldn’t exist without it and the models deserve all the credit.

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