Brunette woman in latex forces blonde woman in harness to give oral sex while man in collar and cuffs screws blonde woman from behind

‘That’s right, dickhead, fuck her prude ass. No chance she’s ever getting that perfect cock in her pussy again. Oh no, only I get to feel that.’ Terri frowned as the blonde slut between her legs came up for air, ‘No, bitch, I didn’t say you could breathe, get back to work!’ Clutching her by the hair she dragged her back into her pussy, which she lapped at obediently.

Lying back, Terri laughed at the sight of her pathetic slaves. Ethan’s face was blank as he pumped the blonde’s ass full of cock, while the blonde herself – a goody two-shoes teacher’s pet by the name of Heather – was softly moaning as Terri’s pussy smeared over her face. It was so satisfying watching them follow their orders without question, knowing that with one snap of her fingers she could make them humiliate themselves as much as she pleased. She still hadn’t decided what she was going to do with them just yet, though she was debating between two options: keeping them both as loyal slaves, or commanding them to arrive in class the following day stark naked.

‘To think you actually had the nerve to dump me,’ she spat at Ethan, his eyes distant but his muscular body violently active. ‘I’m almost impressed. I always thought you were too dumb to even try. I mean it was dumb, but it took balls, I’ll give you that. I blame myself, of course; I was too relaxed with my pendant. I thought once you had been under my sway for long enough you’d stay that way, like dad is to mum. Turns out you have to be under longer than I thought. Don’t worry, I won’t be making that mistake again.’

The pendant lay on a table to one side where she had placed it after using it on her new slaves. It was a pretty thing – an amber stone on a silver chain – but despite its simplicity it was deceptively powerful. So powerful, in fact, that it was the source of her family’s wild success. Passed down through the women of the family since the time of her great-great- grandmother, the hypnotic qualities it possessed had provided them with wealth, power and handsome husbands (along with an assortment of even more handsome lovers on the side) for generations.

Naturally, once it was passed down to Terri on her eighteenth birthday she had used it to hook up with the most attractive and desirable jock on campus, solidifying her status as the ruling queen of the university’s student body. That had been months ago, and she had ruled with an iron fist, humiliating her enemies and building up a clique of loyal sluts eager to do her bidding. Unfortunately, somewhere amongst it all she had eased off on Ethan’s hypnosis sessions and the power of the pendant had waned. Unlike her father, who was hopelessly devoted to her mother to the point she could have castrated him without complaint, Ethan had not undergone enough sessions for the hypnosis to be permanent and he had slipped through her fingers.

A sudden anger bubbled up in Terri’s chest and she tugged Heather in harder. ‘And to think he dumped me for you! I mean before this I hadn’t even heard of you. And I know everything about everyone! You’re sly, bitch. Working on my guy when my back was turned, persuading him into your arms. Did you seriously think you would get away with it? That I would just let you take him? Oh no, he belongs to me and now you do too. I should thank you both for teaching me a lesson, but I’m afraid I would much rather reward myself for ruining your plans.’

Sighing happily, she wondered out loud what to do. ‘So, enslave or humiliate? Enslave or humiliate? Enslave or humiliate…’ She paused before donning a broad smile, ‘or both. I mean there are two of you, and I have two options how to use you. Come to think of it Ethan, I think I’ve lost interest in you. There are plenty of cocks out there bigger than yours and given how you tried to tarnish my hard-earned reputation I think it only fair I completely destroy yours. I hope you don’t get boners easy, because tomorrow you’re going to march into class bare-ass naked, dickhead.

‘Heather is mine though. You thought you could leave me for her, so now I’ll remove the temptation. To complete your humiliation she will publicly dump you and devote herself to me instead. We are going to make a simply adorable couple. And if there’s anything hot guys like more than one willing slut, it’s two. We’ll make sure to send you clips of us sucking and fucking our way through the city’s men, don’t worry. But before that, I suggest you fuck her harder: I want you to make my girlfriend Heather cum by fucking her ass. I would be so upset if you left her unsatisfied. So upset I might even fit a chastity cage for everyone to see in class tomorrow…’

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