Tattooed woman with purple hair gives blowjob in pastel decorated bedroom

It’s not like Mitch had been looking for a faerie. Sure, he had heard the legends surrounding his poky little town – legends of how the first settlers had lured in the faeries of the forests and bound them in mortal form – but he had never really believed them. Nobody even knew why the settlers had trapped the faeries in mortal bodies. Some thought it was to steal their magic, others had said it was to prove their dominance over the fae, and others still thought it was simply a cruel trick.

But that was centuries ago, hundreds of years for an old wives’ tale to become a sequence of legends on which the town had based all its tourist attractions and was, by now, the only reason it was a noteworthy place at all.

Yet despite his lack of belief, here he was with an honest to God faerie gorging herself hungrily on his cock. They were laid out in what had once been the spare room of his house, now transformed into a cutesy den of pastel pinks and flowery garlands as though her very presence required it. She was mesmerising, her bright purple hair framing her beautiful features each time she looked up to blow a bubble of cum. She had been going down on him for almost an hour and Mitch was not sure which he was more surprised at: her unyielding enthusiasm or his own stamina.

Something about her presence ensured he never grew tired and always had a fresh load of cum to feed her. The magic she exuded flowed through his body and he felt stronger than he had ever known before.

He’d been working on the engine of his car with the garage door open when he had spotted her, crouched amongst the bushes. Though she appeared to have been hiding, he still wasn’t quite sure if she had intended for him to spot her: after all pastel pink is a poor colour to use as camouflage in green undergrowth. Approaching her he had first thought her to be a kid playing a prank in a costume and had been about to reprimand her.

Then she had risen to her feet, mesmerising him. Her stunning wings – now folded down her back as she bobbed her head – had shimmered in the sunlight and one glance of her lithe, curving figure had assured him she was anything but a mischievous child. Ushering her inside, he had intended to call the police, maybe an ambulance – anyone to try and help him understand the strange woman.

Before he could take up the phone, however, she had sank to her knees in front of him. She had stared up at him like he was a god. ‘I am yours,’ she had said, ‘I will serve you, master. Please, let me serve you.’

Mitch had been speechless, but she had continued in his silence. ‘I will show you what I can do for you.’

It was then that she had scampered up to the spare room, somehow knowing where to go without being told. Chasing after her he had watched the spare room transform before his eyes, twisting into bedchambers perfectly suited to her. Content with her work she had immediately dragged him onto the bed to demonstrate her oral skills.

Pulling away now, she allowed his cum to dribble down her chin. He knew he should stop her, go and call somebody as he had intended, but she was simply irresistible. Her presence was so sweet, so calming. And her blowjobs were… indescribable.

Though he had said nothing, she could see the confusion in his eyes and she spoke in her innocent voice. ‘When man first came to this valley we faeries had been here for many years. We had never met man before, and they bought new things to us. We are born of the forest, so when we saw them make love we did not understand. For one of my ancestors the temptation was too great and she used her magic to become a mortal woman so she could feel this sex they spoke of. The pleasure was unlike anything any faerie had ever known, and over the years she persuaded more daughters of the forest to give up their immortal lives for the chance to experience mortal passion. The elders branded her an evil creature.

‘Eventually the elders moved my ancestors deeper into the forest where man could not follow and forbade them from ever making contact. We faded into myth with your people, and you faded into the superstitions of ours. But the elders are ancient now and do not leave their dens, and I had to know what they refused to let us experience. Please, master, if I vow to serve you will you show me the pleasures of your mortal flesh?’

Mitch knew what he should have done. He should have turned her over to some authority who could help her, return her to her people perhaps. But what he should have done, and what he actually did were two very different things. After all, the faerie wasn’t the only one who could give in to temptation…

Tattooed woman with purple hair receives anal sex in pastel decorated bedroom

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    1. Exactly. I write a lot about transformation through trickery or coercion, or as revenge in one form or another, so writing nice, sensual pieces is always a nice change of pace and really fulfilling.

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