An In-tent-se Transformation

Busty woman with black hair screwed from behind by bearded hunk in tent

Thrusting hard into the girl’s tight cunt, Brad huffed and growled like an animal. Her magnificent tits bounced on her chest as he pounded her and the expression of grinning delirium on her face as he approached climax told him he was the best fuck she had had in a while. Part of him hoped one of the other festivalgoers would walk past and see them just to see how good he was: maybe he could even get some more pussy out of it.

‘Fuck,’ he gasped. The thought had sent him over the edge and he blasted his load deep inside the festival slut. He hadn’t bothered to learn her name as it really didn’t matter – in a few hours he would be fucking some other bitch anyway. It was an unspoken knowledge that almost all sex at the festival was anonymous and purely for pleasure, so there was little interest in getting to know one another: he had been horny, she had been horny, that was all that mattered.

When they had first met in the crowd and started kissing she had tried to tell him something, but her words had died in her mouth as their lips met and she had been all over him ever since.

Pulling out, he flopped down into the tent and sighed happily. She remained with her back to him for a few seconds, her fingers idly toying with her clit. Eventually she turned to face him.

He was laid back with his eyes closed and his arms behind his head, a proud grin on his face. ‘So, how was that for a –’ Leaping up, his hand flew to his throat, ‘What the fuck? What’s wrong with my voice?’

Looking over at her, he saw for the first time her eyes were wide and she looked as if she were about to either burst into tears or break into a giddy grin. ‘I’m sorry,’ she said, ‘I’m sorry, I tried to tell you when we met, but I was just so horny. I couldn’t resist. I needed you: I needed anyone. I know I should have told you, and I tried, I really did, it just felt so good.’

‘What are you talking about?’ Brad asked in his high voice.

The girl looked down, ashamed. ‘I… I have TG Flu.’

The blood drained from Brad’s face, but he had no time to panic because the Flu was already at work. His dark, curly hair was suddenly tumbling over his face, paling to a light shade of brown, while the muscles he was so proud of looked to be melting, their mass shifting under the skin as they migrated to his chest, ass and legs. His broad shoulders crushed inwards, as did his waist, while his hips bulged out and his skin shed the masculine body hair he had known for so long. Finalising the transformation a fresh set of plump tits erupted from his chest and his naked cock slid back into his body through the quivering pussy that had opened up around it.

Semi-naked brunette exposes bare pussy and breasts in tent

Slumping back breathlessly, Bella suddenly felt hands on her. It was the girl, fussily trying to shove a white vest over her shoulders. ‘God, I’m so sorry,’ she was saying, ‘here, put this on, cover up. I can fix this, there must be a cure, we can –’

‘Why would I want a cure?’ Bella said, waving the girl away with the vest rolled under her tits. ‘This feels fucking amazing. How did you even control yourself enough to try and tell me? I’m so horny I think just looking at a guy would make me squirt.’

All at once the concern melted from the girl’s face and she smiled excitedly. ‘You understand! Finally! I’ve not been able to talk to anybody about how it feels. I’m so horny, all the time. I tried so hard not to let it get the better of me, but I just couldn’t help it. I needed your cock so bad.’

‘Mmmh, cock. Now you’re just making me hornier. I need it too. I say we get out there and find some more, don’t you?’

‘God yes,’ said the girl, scrambling to find her skimpiest outfit. Pausing, she turned to Bella, ‘We’ll use protection this time, right?’

A flare of mischief flashed across Bella’s face. ‘Depends. I say any cock under eight inches we go raw. That’ll teach them for thinking their tiny dicks are good enough for sexy bitches like us.’

Laughing together, the two girls set about making themselves look as irresistible as possible, ready to go on the hunt…

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There are only two questions relevant to this piece.

First: did it completely originate from a terrible pun? Yes.

Second: do I regret the fact it originated from a terrible pun? No.

That is all.

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