Blonde woman gives oral sex man while jerking off two more men

‘Holy shit, dude, I didn’t think she’d be able to open wide enough to take you. She’s such a whore for black dick.’ Tyrone stared at Jamal incredulously before returning his attention to the girl on her knees before them. She was holding his dick in one hand but was too focused on filling her mouth with Jamal’s colossal meat for his liking. ‘Hey, bitch, there’s more than one of us here you know. Don’t go leaving us out.’

Tyrone grunted as she began to jerk him off, her soft fingers caressing the length of his shaft. Sure, he might not have hit the jackpot in the same way Jamal had, but he was still far bigger than most white men ever dreamt of being and he couldn’t wait to hear this little blonde bitch scream when he filled her tight, slutty holes.

Of the three huge black men, only one was not hard, and though he jerked himself off with the girl’s spare hand groping his balls it was primarily out of fear, worried that he would be subjected to a severe beating if he did not play along. Everything had happened in such a blur that he had barely had time to comprehend what was going on, but now Tyler and James seemed to be completely lost to their new personas. Dan alone had retained his sense of self.

As most misguided ideas do, it had started out with pure intentions. In fact, not so long ago the three massive black bulls had been nothing more than scrawny nerds, their days spent studying science degrees and their nights engulfed in online gaming. As would be expected, they had been subjected to more than their fair share of bullying, but having been firm friends since a young age they had learned to support one another through it. The fourth member of their group had been Dan’s stepsister, Claire, who had spent all her time engaging in the same pastimes with them just as she had since they were young.

Unfortunately for the friends, trouble had come in the form of Claire’s classmates. Whereas Dan and his friends had been studying sciences, Claire had elected to study sports and as might be expected she had been thrown in with almost every boisterous jock on campus. She had always been strong-willed, and Dan had learned the hard way it was impossible to make her do something she had decided she didn’t want to do. For a while he had felt comfortable knowing she would be able to look after herself among the waves of testosterone.

Over time, however, she had withdrawn from their friendship group to spend more time with the guys in her class. Eventually she had abandoned them completely.

By chance they had run into her on campus a few days ago and Dan had been horrified at what she had become. Giggling girlishly she had been sandwiched between a handful of her massive classmates, practically rubbing herself against their rippling, muscular bodies and barely tearing her ‘fuck me’ stare away to look at her stepbrother or his friends. She was no more than their mindless slut and Dan had shivered at the thought of what they did to her behind closed doors.

At that point the three friends had decided to take things into their own hands. It had taken them days but eventually, after poring through countless online forums and sorcery websites to test more body switch spells than they cared to count, they had finally hit upon the real deal. Only twenty minutes ago they had felt their insides churn and twist before suddenly finding themselves no longer occupying their own bodies but those of Tyrone, Jamal and Dwayne.

Unfortunately, Dan no longer had to wonder what the men had been doing to his stepsister, since at the moment they had switched bodies she had been on her knees jerking them off. To his horror, Tyler and James had quickly given in to the lusts of their new personalities and were now grunting and groaning as she filled their bodies with orgasmic euphoria.

Dan’s mind was a tempest of confusion. Looking down at his stepsister she looked so innocent to him: her soft hair, her smooth skin, her pretty eyes. Everything save the cock in her mouth and the precum dribbling down her chin was the same as he had always known her; his heart broke seeing her reduced to such mindless debauchery.

And yet her hand on his cock felt better than anything he had ever experienced. The vision of her wet lips stretching wide to take Jamal’s enormous manhood was undeniably arousing. The moans of delight she let out around her hungry slurping sounded more content than he had ever heard her.

Still, he had to put a stop to this. He had come to save his stepsister and that is what he would do. ‘Guys, this isn’t us. You know it isn’t. We came here to save Claire and get her home, not fuck her. You have to stop this.’

For a brief second the two men looked shocked, before they broke out in uproarious laughter. As they wiped away their tears Claire moved from Jamal to Tyrone and engulfed his dick in her hot mouth. His hand descended and he stroked her hair as he continued to guffaw. ‘You fucking moron. You don’t seriously think we’re going to switch back into our original bodies, do you? Look at us. We look like fucking gods! Can’t you feel the power of these bodies?’

‘No I can’t. Guys, we promised ourselves we wouldn’t stay.’

‘Fuck our promises,’ Jamal scoffed. ‘Dan, this is the first blowjob I’ve had in my entire life! Besides, you’ve seen how all the girls chase after these big black bastards: we’ll be getting laid every night.’

‘And it’s not like the new James, Tyler and Dan are going to be able to do anything to stop us. It took us days to find that spell, you think they’re going to figure out where we got it from? They can barely figure out what half of a hundred is.’

Dan stood there, astounded, desperately trying to ignore the pleasure rippling through his groin as his stepsister continued to jerk him off. Before he could say anything, Tyrone wrenched Claire off of his dick. ‘Listen, baby, Dan here is having a tough time getting used to his new body. How about you show him what it’s like to be worshipped?’

‘Okay, Ty-Ty,’ she giggled before turning and practically launching herself at Dan. The intensity of the pleasure as his semi-erect cock vanished into her mouth was nigh incomprehensible. Claire’s tongue swirled and circled expertly, bringing him to full erection within moments. To everybody’s surprise but hers, Dan’s new cock was larger than even Jamal’s, stretching her jaws as wide as they would go and filling the room with wet gagging sounds as she took him deep.

‘You know, Dwayne was always my favourite,’ she cooed, pulling away briefly and pumping his cock with both hands. Behind her, the two other men set about tearing her clothes away. ‘His cock was always so big and juicy and his load tastes so good. I’m so glad you’re in his body, big bro. I was always worried what you would say when you found out I was fucking him and it hurt me seeing you so disappointed when we ran into you the other day. But now you get to see why I love being their slut, just from a different side.’

Feeding on him again, she clutched his bare ass to pull herself further down his colossal shaft. As she did so, Dan began to understand the power his friends were talking about. Ferocious waves of energy rolled through his body, filling every inch of his gargantuan frame and setting his skin tingling. He could feel every muscle fibre, every raised hair. He began to realise how puny his former body had been. Dan had been exhausted from a few flights of stairs, but Dwayne… Dwayne could pick this blonde white bitch up as though she was lighter than a feather and pound her until she split in half without breaking a sweat. He felt as though he could do anything, could have any woman he wanted bow down to worship him, and the most intoxicating thing was he knew what reaction they would have when they pulled down his boxers…

Dan would have never understood that. Dan was weak. Nerdy. Insignificant.

Fortunately, Dwayne was none of those things.

Gripping her by the sides of the head he tugged her further onto his dick. ‘Mmmm, that’s it, bitch, you gag on my fat dick. You want my load in your throat, don’t you? Well fucking take it.’ Sinking his dick so far that the blonde’s throat bulged, Dwayne came harder than Dan had in his entire life, yet he knew he had plenty more to come. As he had commanded, the girl swallowed it all before jumping to her feet and pressing herself naked against his chest.

‘You know, the guys you three replaced had this thing they liked to do to me. Jamal would lie down and I would take him in my pussy; Tyrone would stand over us and let me guzzle down his cum. And Dwayne,’ she smiled mischievously, ‘well, I’m sure you can figure it out.’ The men grinned at one another as she twirled her hair girlishly. ‘So, boys, I’m hungry for some dick. Are you going to give it to me?’

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