Blonde woman lies back on leather sofa with breasts exposed and exhales smoke while holding cigarette

‘I fucking hate you, you know,’ she said, leaning back and exhaling a plume of smoke as the man lapped at her pussy. Her thighs tingled as he sucked on her clit and she rolled her chest a little, her nipples hard and sensitive. ‘You made me into this horny bitch, you sleazy bastard.’ As much as she hated him, she could not deny the skill with which he ate her out, nor could she ignore the intense horniness that overwhelmed her with each drag from her cigarette. Slipping it between her lips she pulled on it long and hard, letting it saturate her with erotic lust before puffing it out to add to the haze in the room.

The man pulled away, his chin slick with her juices, and grinned. ‘Fuck off. You know as well as I do you’re loving every minute of this.’

‘I don’t have much of a choice, do I? Not since you got me hooked on this shit.’

The guy shrugged. ‘There is that, I suppose. But hey, if you want to quit, I’ll be there for you every step of the way.’ His grin disappeared into her groin again as in response she curled her fingers through his hair and pushed him back down.

Clutching her cigarette delicately between manicured fingers she moaned as he flicked the folds of her pussy and pressed his broad, heavy tongue against the nub of her clit. Her sex grew wetter and she dragged on the cigarette to fill her body with desire. Her fishnet gloves sent tingles up and down her arms as a result of how sexy they made her feel, while her crotchless lace body stocking – pulled down to free her plump tits – made her shiver with arousal.

She hadn’t been lying: she really did hate him. The issue was that no emotion was able to override her deep-rooted horniness any longer. Sure, before all this she had had her fantasies, but now she was a veritable nymphomaniac, and it was all his fault. But his tongue was too good on her clit, his fingers were too hot on her body, and his dick, when she came to take it, would be too intense in her holes for her to deny him anything he wanted from her.

Her friends had warned her about him when they had first got together: Lee the junkie, Lee the alcoholic, Lee the cheater. But then she had always been too trusting, and love was a more dangerous drug than anything you could buy in a back alley. She had convinced herself he wasn’t as bad as everybody said, and in fairness she knew he hadn’t cheated on her while they were together, though that was primarily due to the fact they had barely been together long enough.

The night he had offered her a cigarette she had been hesitant but not horrified: it was hardly her first joint. Little had she known he had laced it with a tiny dose of Lust, which had taken hold almost immediately: they had fucked like animals all night long and the next day she had barely been able to remember anything of the night before.

She was soon itching for another joint. Then another. And another. Within days she had been hooked on Lust, just as he had hoped for.

It had not taken much time for the long term side effects of Lust to kick in: her breasts had engorged, her holes had tightened, her libido had soared through the roof, and sex had become a physical need rather than a mere want.

Even Lee had been unable to meet her needs. But then he had not got her hooked with the intention of keeping her for himself. She had later found out the whole scheme had been planned from the beginning; one of Lee’s friends ran an underground brothel, to whom Lee had handed her over in exchange for a cut of the profit made from her customers and free access to her whenever he desired. She had not resisted, partly because she knew she was not likely to get more sex anywhere else, and partly because she was aware that the brothel owner was well-endowed after a threesome they had had and she desperately wanted more of him.

Of course, they weren’t together anymore, but Lee continued to visit her several times per week and was always happy to see she was provided with enough Lust joints to satisfy her needs. By now she was a chain-smoker, the only time she was not sucking on a joint being when she was asleep or sucking on something even more intoxicating. Her room was perpetually hazy with her addiction and she no longer mixed the drug with anything else, instead rolling joints of pure Lust. The results were dramatic, with her libido now practically insatiable and her body slowly yet surely taking on the appearance of a true bimbo. Fortunately, she was one of the most popular girls in the brothel and she had plenty of customers to keep her satisfied.

She moaned as he slipped a finger into her tight ass and pushed it deep, her own juices providing ample lubrication. Pulling away again he licked his lips clean and laughed at her expression of unrestrained arousal.

‘See,’ he said, ‘you love being a fucking whore. Try and tell me you had better sex before I gave you that joint and actually mean it.’

Leaning forward she curled her arm around his neck and came within an inch or two of head-butting him. Her eyes were ablaze and her lip curled with loathing. ‘I don’t have to tell you anything. Now are you going to fuck me, or are you going to stand there boasting all day? I’ve got customers who will actually pay for this cunt, so if you’re not going to fucking use me then piss off back to the hole you crawled out of.’

He grinned like a Cheshire Cat. ‘I love that you’re such a foulmouth now. First time we fucked you barely breathed a single curse, now listen to you.’ Rising up he spread her leather-booted legs wider and placed the head of his cock against her slick pussy. Pushing firmly he entered her, sheathing himself inside as she let out a shuddering moan. ‘Listen to you. Such a whore. Face it, babe, we’re just a pair of sick, depraved fuckers.’

Staring daggers of loathing at him she tensed as her body all but shook with drug-enhanced euphoria. There was nothing in life that could ever make her feel better than a dick in her holes and a man to use her. She was drowning in the bliss of it.

As it often did, the memory of the woman she had been faded away and all that mattered was the sex. She wondered if perhaps one day she would forget who she had been completely, but either way it didn’t much matter: that woman was gone for good.

‘Oh, I don’t fucking care,’ she spat as he began to thrust, ‘just fuck me and fill me, dickhead. And throw me around a bit, too: I cum harder when I’m used rough…’

Blonde woman smoking cigarette has sex with man on leather sofa while wearing leather boots

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Not much to say today, only that working on Lake Fantasy has made me appreciate how beneficial high quality images can be to a story. I know I mentioned this in my One Man comments, but I think moving forward I will certainly try to work with higher quality images – particularly when it comes to gifs, as most images I use come from professional scene shoots anyway, so they’re rarely low quality. I still have a lot of stories in my backlog that may have lower quality images and I do still plan to release, but when writing new stories the quality of the supporting images will surely come into the equation more than they have before.

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    1. My pleasure, glad you enjoyed it. It’s a concept I certainly enjoy and I like the idea of Lust being addictive in its own right rather than the transformation being the addictive part – I think it allows for playing with the characters a little more. A character who loathes their own transformation but also cannot resist it is something I haven’t often seen explored and I really wanted to give that a go. Lust is certainly a premise I would like to revisit – whether I actually will is another matter entirely haha.

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