Brunettes humiliate suspended man by pegging and forced foot worship

Kneeling on his own bed, suspended by the ropes expertly tied around the light above his head, manhandled without remorse by the vice grip of the dark-haired woman behind him, Frank finally learned the lesson he should have heeded long ago. Unfortunately for him, the realisation was far too little, far too late.

He whimpered as the woman mercilessly hammered into him. He couldn’t take it anymore – he couldn’t take it at all – yet she continued with no sign of relent.

He immediately regretted making a noise, for the other woman – stretched out on the chest of drawers at the foot of the bed – quickly forced the heel of her foot into his mouth.

The sweaty taste of her heel filled his mouth and his teeth ached as she pressed against them firmly.

They laughed sadistically as Frank spiralled further into despair. Everything had happened so quickly: one moment there had been a knock on his flat door, the next there were two stern-faced women forcing entry and he was tied up in the corner of his own room with his own socks stuffed into his mouth as a gag. He had watched in fear as they set up the suspending ropes, before they had wrestled him up and bound him with shocking strength.

It had not been until they had started to take turns fucking his virgin ass that he realised the depth of his mistake, but his apologies had fallen on deaf ears.

‘I’m sorry,’ he cried around the woman’s foot, his voice muffled to the verge of incoherency, ‘I’ll never do it again. I promise. I never meant to scare her.’

‘You fucking liar,’ chastised the woman fucking him. ‘That poor innocent piece of ass has been telling you to back off for years. Oh yes, she told us everything. All the intimidating encounters in the halls; all the inappropriate text messages; all the nuisance calls with you breathing heavily through the mouthpiece. You’re a fucking stalker! And you’re getting just what you deserve.’

‘I know, I know, I’m sorry,’ he wailed, ‘I’ll never bother her again. Please, let me go, I won’t tell anyone.’

A sly grin spread across the face of the woman feeding him her foot. ‘No, you won’t,’ she cooed, ‘we’re going to make sure of it. Guys like you, you don’t deserve a second chance. You never really learn. Sarah’s been your neighbour for years and not once in that time have you paid any mind to her feelings. You’re revolting: just look at your room. Walls covered in nude pictures with her face taped on top.

‘No, you won’t bother her again. You see, we’re not just some friends of Sarah’s out to teach you your lesson. Actually we belong to what you might call an underground vigilante group: a order of women who make it our business to protect people like Sarah from people like you. Lucky for Sarah, we have contacts in high places, and you would not believe how many women there are out there looking to beat a stalker like you into a humiliated slave. So once we’re done here you’re coming with us to start your new life as a pathetic bitch boy. Trust us, you’re going to have plenty of time to regret the Hell you’ve put poor Sarah through: the mistresses we deal with don’t take kindly to scummy stalkers.’

Within a day, Frank discovered just how unkindly. As it turned out, the interracial female couple he was handed over to had a loathing for men like him that bordered on the homicidal. Unfortunately for him, his life and body was now theirs to ruin and the were very eager indeed to beat him into an obedient slave for their lust…

Black woman and white woman humiliate tied up man by pegging and forced cunnilingus

Thanks for reading!

As I mentioned last week, the stories I am currently putting out are from a period when I was struggling to write for several reasons. I have to admit I am happier with this story and may visit the premise of the underground vigilante femdoms again, however I’m a little frustrated by the quality of the gifs. Still, I think this is a good little piece and I hope you all enjoy it.

Unfortunately I do not know who these models are or what scenes these images are sourced from. Based on the watermark the first gif is from a Kink scene, however I do not intend to scour through all of Kink’s scenes to locate it since, as I have mentioned before, this is just a hobby and unfortunately I haven’t the time to hunt down every original scene. As always though if anybody does know then I will happily add that information here.

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