Naked blonde woman wearing cat ears drinks milk from bowl on all fours with man standing behind

‘You know I’d love to say I’m sorry for this, but I’m really not.’ Leaning down he placed one hand on the woman’s plump ass and spread it to admire her holes. Her tight ass winked at him and just beneath her pussy lips parted slightly, just enough to entice him with her glistening folds. Hearing her moan softly he smirked and stood up again. ‘After all, if you had your own I would be behind bars right now. Ironic that it’s you who has their own cage now, isn’t it?’

He admired her lithe body with a cold smirk. As a shrewd businessman, Mr. Blake had always had a ruthless edge, but as the CEO of one of the most profitable companies in the western world that edge had grown into a streak that cut through his person like a knife. You didn’t get ahead in business without a little ruthlessness, and in his line of work he knew it was practically a death sentence to let your guard down when there were hundreds more scheming his demise. For years he had held them at bay, and this particular schemer had met the same fate that awaited any who threatened his position.

She was almost painfully pretty. Her naked figure could have enticed any man in her presence and quite apart from the arousing pheromones  she exuded from every pore, she would have been the most desirable woman in any room purely on account of her natural beauty. Her supple flesh seemed almost to radiate attraction, the way she automatically presented herself in any position deeply erotic. Her features were so soft and delicate that even when twisted in an expression of hopeless defeat as they were now she looked more tempting than the sluttiest prostitute. Her very presence was one of innocence and obedience and if he had not been injected with the serum that cancelled out the effect of her pheromones, Mr. Blake knew he would be utterly unable to resist taking her body as his own. He still would, of course, but that would be on his terms rather than hers.

As she crouched on all fours, one hand cupping the glass bowl from which she obediently lapped up her milk, he circled her with her leash in his hand. She did not look up as he spoke, only moaned on occasion. Every now and then he would tweak the kitty ears she wore, or smirk as he caught a glimpse of the imitation whiskers drawn on her cheeks. She really was the perfect kitten.

‘I have to say I admire you for how close you managed to come. Getting a job at one my subsidiaries under an alias then applying for a transfer to Kitty Co. a few months later. You really were playing the long game. I mean, you were working for the company for almost two years before you even began poking around where you shouldn’t be. All those files we confiscated from your office, I read them. You were days away from completing a case with enough damning evidence it would have bought the entire company crashing down. You waited until you had the complete trust of the company and then used that to accomplish your own ends. Truly admirable work. Honestly, if you had been of a mind to work with us rather than against you would have made a valuable member of the team. Still, I think I like you better this way. So much more… compliant.’

She wiggled her ass in response and he smiled: the kittification program certainly was effective. But then, so was everything Kitty Co. developed without the understanding of the public. As far as the wider world was concerned, Kitty Co. was just the same as any other sex toy purveyor. They were big, sure – the most profitable business of their kind in fact, and widely known for developing new and exciting toys – but at their core they were there to make money by selling toys, role-play attire and fetish gear to enhance the sex lives of their customers.

But behind the scenes, Kitty Co. were far more than the public were led to believe. Most criminal organisations dealt in drugs and weapons, but where was the imagination in that? The real power was controlling the people who controlled the people, and nobody knew how to do that better than Kitty Co. From their very inception that had spent countless millions developing new programs that would create assets far more valuable than anything that had been seen before: irresistible agents of lust. Each program was targeted at creating a different form of agent, which were used by Kitty Co. to expand their influence on a global scale: blackmailing lawmakers with compromising affairs they could not afford to be revealed; paying drug lords and gang bosses with obedient sex slaves; influencing presidents and prime ministers with regular supplies of irresistible women. In a world of silent lust, the suppliers of satisfaction wore the crown, and if there was ever a secret society with the power to control the globe with almost complete anonymity, Mr. Blake was the face of it.

‘You’ve certainly taught us a valuable lesson. And thanks to said confiscated documents you’ve provided us with all the information we need to tighten our security. We know you managed to get a few documents out, but that’s all in hand. To think one woman came so close to bringing down everything we worked so hard to build is both unnerving and, frankly, deeply arousing. The idea that you hate me so completely that you wanted me behind bars for the rest of my life, yet now you have no choice but to serve me… it only makes me want to use you all the more.

‘I wonder, did you ever have any suspicions that we knew? I suppose somebody in your position would always be intensely paranoid, but I wonder if you had become just a little complacent after going undetected for so long. If you did I have no doubt that you bought about your own demise. A little more careful and you could have destroyed hundreds of the wealthiest men on the planet. And now, well look at you. My little kitten. A bit of a fall from grace, wouldn’t you say?’

The kittification program was one of their more recent developments, and one of their most extreme to boot. Subjects were subconsciously programmed to showcase feline tendencies as well as a permanent desire to arouse any male in whose presence they found themselves. A prime example of this included how even as he paced around her she deliberately raised her ass high and angled it such that he could just catch glimpses of her wet pussy. Subjects of the program were entirely dedicated to temptation rather than outright harassment, and unlike some of the sluttier programs, they were not driven to physically seduce the men they met, but rather ensure they were ready for use at any time. Fortunately for them, the high levels of pheromones they were designed to produce rendered any man not otherwise protected from them sex-crazed maniacs that could not resist ruthlessly fucking the kitten before them: perfect for use in blackmailing men of power, or persuading stubborn associates to agree to specific terms or be denied the antidote.

To Mr. Blake’s delight, the program was also capable of leaving the original memories of the subject intact. Most subjects were mentally erased as a basic safety measure, but once he decided to put the woman through the program he had been unable to resist leaving her memories in place: trapped in the body she had been striving to save others from.

Stopping behind her, he frowned. ‘Hmm, something seems missing. You have your nice kitten ears, and your pretty collar.’ He snapped his fingers. ‘I’ve got it; you’re missing your tail. As luck would have it, I just happen to have one with me.’

Though she could not see him, the kitten heard him produce the bushy-tailed butt plug from his pocket. Her face was the picture of shock as he dropped down and eased into her tight ass, and once it was fully inside she moaned seductively. Ignoring it, Mr. Blake came around and crouched in front of her, lifting her chin so that she was looking at him. Gently, he wiped away the droplets of milk on her chin.

‘Now listen to me, little kitten, from now on you’re going to help me however I want you to. You know what the program you went through does, I know you do, so you know that you not only have no choice but to obey me, but that you’re going to enjoy it very much indeed. So later on I am going to fuck you over my desk hard.

‘But you see, right now what I want is to make some new friends. And fortunately for both of us, you can help me make those friends. In a few minutes some very important men are going to walk through those doors, and they are going to try and arrest me in my own home. They’re the men you managed to send a few of your documents to before we stopped you. Lucky for us, none of them will be able to resist your pheromones. So when they get here you are going to be sat in front of the door waiting for them, and they’re going to fall for you the moment they see you.

‘They’re going to fuck you, kitten. They’re going to use you hard and rough for however long it takes for us all to come to an agreeable arrangement where I don’t end up arrested. Whatever they ask of you, you are going to do happily. And once the nasty men have gone I’m going to reward you with a different kind of milk.

‘And what do you know, I think I hear them coming now. I hope you’re ready kitten: this could take a while…’

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