The Formula: Part IV

Inside of an elevator

As the elevator slid ever upwards, Peter shuffled from foot to foot in an attempt to contain his rage. He ground his teeth noisily and his clenched fists were pressed to his sides, white-knuckled and trembling. On the readout over the door each floor shuffled slowly by, while the hum of the elevator droned on around him.

He huffed intermittently, trying to find some way of expelling his fury. He should have known it would come to something like this. Ever since she had stolen Dean’s throne she had been far too comfortable ruling over the company. He supposed it made sense: the Formula had transformed her into Dean’s ultimate fantasy, and unfortunately for them all that had been a scheming, devious, irresistible force of nature.

As things stood, Peter was the last man standing. The rest of Dean’s inner circle had been transformed into her faithful servants, replaced by her own new range of loyal bulls, and the remainder of the staff had been converted into an army of slutty acolytes devoted completely to her. He had seen the way things were going in that boardroom when she had first taken her place as the new CEO. Heck, he had even voted for it, not that he had had a choice. But since then he had been preparing his exit. If he played his cards right, he could get out of this place before she turned her sights on him and he could escape her influence once and for all.

At least, that’s what he had thought. Unravelling the crumpled note he read it for the thousandth time: If you want to see her again, you know where to find me, Love P x

At that moment, the elevator slowed and the rage he had tried so desperately to contain boiled up. The doors were barely open before he had slipped through the gap and was storming along the corridor.

‘Where is she?’ he roared, ‘Phoenix, you evil bitch! Where is my wife? PHOENIX!

Vaguely he realised the walls of the corridor were lined with towering pictures of Phoenix. It was like walking through a stately manor, illustrations of the lady of the manor adorning the walls. The room itself was a far cry from the sleek, minimalist aesthetic of the floors below, and though the layout of the floor which had once been Dean’s was familiar to him, it looked very different: all rich wood and animal print carpets.

Bursting through the doors at the end of the corridor, he skidded to a halt. A woman was halfway across the room, her hand outstretched. Presumably hearing his ruckus she had been on her way to open the door, though now she too stopped and he watched a sly smirk weave across her lips. Still, it was not the devious expression that took him by surprise, but the nature of her attire.

Woman with black hair wearing see-through lingerie smirks while leaning on office desk

Leaning against her desk, she was dressed in no more than sultry lingerie. Beautiful articles of silk and lace hugged her figure, leaving little to the imagination. Forcing himself not to stare, Peter noticed that her plump nipples were clearly visible through the mesh cups of her bra, and he imagined if she opened her legs the same could be said of her nether regions. She wore an alluring air, had her hair pulled back in a large bun, and her features were delicately made up, most noticeably with a scarlet slash of lipstick. Something about her seemed familiar, though he could not quite place the reason why. He quickly dismissed the sentiment; after all, everyone in the company had all been subjected to Phoenix’s devilish plotting and once transformed they often seemed just a little bit familiar. For all he knew, this woman could very well have been the man sitting next to him in that boardroom. It felt like forever ago.

‘Ah, Mr. Heath, I was told to expect you.’ The woman appeared perfectly comfortable being all but naked in front of him.

His rage filled him again and it was enough to distract his fleeting attraction to the woman. As far as he was concerned, she was just another of Phoenix’s willing pawns, and just like her mistress she could rot in Hell. ‘I bet you were,’ he growled, storming up to her and brandishing the note furiously. ‘Think yourself lucky. This is how I found out she would be seeing me. Where is she?’

‘I’m afraid Phoenix is currently occupied, you will have to wait here until she is available.’

‘Not a chance. She wanted me here, so I’m here. Now you tell me where the fuck she is, do you hear me?’

The woman’s eyes narrowed and she smirked. ‘All I hear is an irritating whine.’

Peter’s teeth clenched so loud they began to creak and he fumed silently as she stared at him. Without a word he stormed past the desk and up to the large double doors which had once opened into Dean’s office. Bursting through them he cried Phoenix’s name. Unfortunately, at that moment she was unable to reply straight away.

Blonde woman's eyes roll while giving deep oral sex to black man

Her back mostly turned he was still able to see enough of what was, as her receptionist had said, ‘occupying’ her. On her knees, she was dwarfed by the colossal black man towering over her. Her head shook slightly as she forced his enormous cock into her mouth, her eyes rolled back in her head. Peter felt a chill run through him as he spotted the bulge in her throat which all but brushed her collarbones, wondering how anybody was able to take it. Her heavy tits were out and she did not immediately pull away. When she did, however she bobbed her head several more times on the man’s cock, savouring her final taste before rising to her feet and turning to Peter.

‘Ah, Peter, please come in.’

Storming forward he was about to begin a fresh tirade but her face set like steel and she snapped her fingers. The black man surged between them, blocking Peter’s path and grabbing the smaller man by the shoulders painfully. Briefly, he struggled, though it quickly became apparent there was nothing he could do to break free. To his disgust he could feel the man’s boner pressing against his back, and his heart sank at the humiliation of being restrained by the naked man.

‘If I were you I would curb your temper,’ she warned, ‘or my pet here will gladly dispose of you for me.’

He glared venom at her. Her chin was slick with saliva and cum, which she wiped away on her forearm before redressing herself in her lingerie and tying up her hair. Slinking over to a low white sofa she sank down onto it and regarded him with devious intent.

Blonde woman in lingerie sits on low white sofa

‘Apologies for the scene when you came in. One of the few downsides to Dean’s fantasy woman was that he craved a woman with practically insatiable needs. My bulls see to them quite nicely, at least. And if you will ignore the warnings, sooner or later you’re bound to come across a compromising scene.’

‘You sick bitch. Who was this one, then?’ he nodded to the black man.

‘Oh, that was Marvin Hammer.’ Peter remembered the young man: scrawny waif of a fellow hired to clean the upper floors. ‘Quite the improvement, wouldn’t you say? He’s my personal security now. I’m still thinking on a new name for him. Any ideas, Mr. Heath?’

‘Cut the crap. You wanted me, I’m here. Now give me back my wife.’ As if to emphasise his point, Peter slung the note across the room to land at her feet. She glanced at it disdainfully, the playful glimmer in her eyes replaced by a calculating cold.

‘But Peter, we have business to discuss.’

‘What do you want?’ he spat.

‘Not much. A promise is all, sealed with a signature. It’s what I have wanted from you for some time now, yet you have been ignoring all of my summons. Poor little Peter, this could all have been avoided if you had just agreed to meet me when I asked. But no, you were too busy playing the part of a rat on a sinking ship. Tell me, Peter, why exactly would you want to leave my company? We have never been more popular and soon I will lead us into a new age of profit and prosperity.’

‘I’m not leaving,’ he insisted.

‘Surely you realise I have eyes everywhere now? Everyone in these walls is loyal to me. You didn’t really think I wouldn’t find out. Honestly I’m offended you did not just come to me and explain. I’m a lenient woman. That’s exactly why I have called you here today. I want to offer you a smooth exit.’

Peter frowned. ‘Excuse me?’

‘You heard me. If you want to leave, you can leave. It’s your decision, Peter. I’ll even give you a favourable recommendation. I need something from you first though.’

‘Which is?’

‘As you are aware, the business we do is a sensitive subject, and we try as best we can to stay under the radar of any nosey parties. As Dean’s right-hand, you know just about everything there is to know about this company, arguably more even than me. As you can imagine, I can’t have that information getting around.’ She nodded to a desk at the side of the room, a sheet of paper and a fountain pen lay out on top. ‘Sign that non-disclosure agreement and everything will work out just fine. Your wife will be returned safe to you, and come the end of the day Peter Heath will no longer be an employee at this company.’

At the mention of his wife he grew briefly angry again, wrestling against the man’s grip for a moment. ‘Why did you have to bring her into this?’

‘Oh I didn’t, Peter, but you left me no choice. I wanted this to be between us, but you insisted on ignoring my requests. I had to capture your attention somehow. Besides, now you’ve got us into this muddle you have the chance to learn from your mistakes. And you have an idea of what might happen if, for example, you failed to uphold your end of the deal.’

Sighing, Peter nodded. Phoenix signalled her guard to release him and he crossed over to the desk. Taking up the pen he swiftly signed before tossing it down and turning to her.

‘There. Signed. Now give me back my wife.’

Phoenix glanced over at her guard and they shared a knowing glance. Returning her stare to Peter she smirked. ‘Three, two, one…’

Peter cursed himself for being stupid enough to trust her, but already his body was shifting, reacting to the Formula lacing the pen he had just thrown down. He shrank rapidly, his average yet distinctly masculine figure rounding and contracting into sublime new curves. Within seconds he could see his hair – previously black and oiled – frame his vision with curtains of silky blonde, sweeping down to brush his delicate shoulders and exposed collarbones. He had seen more than enough men subjected to such a transformation, and it would have been a lie to say he had not imagined how he might have turned out in their shoes, thus if anything he was a little disappointed as the short burst of pleasure which cut across his chest resulted in a pair of small breasts; aware there was no way to stop his transformation part of him had been hoping for more. He felt rather than saw the lines of his facial features reshape themselves, and he watched in abstract fascination the blankets of dark hair vanish from his arms leaving his skin pale and velvet smooth. Meanwhile, as his body changed, his neatly-pressed suit shrank and folded in on itself like a strange origami display, re-stitching itself into a set of thin white underwear. With a sudden burst of height, his dress shoes ascended into heels and the transformation was complete.

Petite blonde woman wearing frilly lingerie stands over low white sofa

Trying to ignore the new femininity to his voice, Peter scowled at Phoenix. ‘You bitch. You heartless, scheming, monstrous fucking bitch.’

Phoenix put on a face of mock surprise. ‘Goodness me, Peter, mind your language.’ The shock twisted into chilling amusement. ‘But then Peter doesn’t really suit you any longer, does it? I think Piper is a far better name for you now.’

‘We had a deal! I signed your fucking paperwork, didn’t I?’

‘Of course we have a deal. But as a businessman I thought you might know to read the small print before you sign anything.’

Paling, Peter glanced over at the paper bearing his signature.

‘That’s not an NDA, is it?’

Phoenix chuckled. ‘Not in the least. It is a formal agreement that you, Mr. Peter James Heath, hereby hand over all your worldly positions including land, assets and wealth to myself, Miss Phoenix Lucy Marie. Said agreement also dictates that you agree to your immediate replacement as present legal head of this company by little old me.’

‘I don’t understand. Why would you do this? I don’t own the company, Dean does.’

‘I think you mean Dean owned the company. You see I did a little digging, and I found that Dean never trusted any of you. Once you all voted me into the position of CEO you triggered a timer that said if ever Dean was to be voted out as CEO the stakes held in the company by his stakeholders would systematically transfer to the next highest staff member over the period of the next few months. His plan was then to blackmail the chosen gentleman into signing over his newfound ownership of the company and reinstate himself at the top of the ladder. All I am doing is making use of his paranoia. As of last week you, Piper, legally owned this entire business without even knowing it. Why did you think I left you alone for so long? Did you think I had just forgotten about you? I was waiting until you were of the most use to me.’

‘Why go to the bother, though?’ he replied, ignoring her new name for him. ‘You ousted Dean with a bat of your eyelashes, why start going legal now?’

‘Because I have already attracted enough attention to this company as it is. The disappearance of Dean, followed by the sudden lifestyle changes of every staff member save yourself have got people talking. You know as well as I we don’t want the authorities snooping where they shouldn’t. At least not yet. I’m not ready for them. I will be, but I have work to do and the longer we remain under the radar, the better.’

Peter frowned. ‘Hang on. How are we even having this conversation? How can I still remember who I am? How am I not the twisted version of myself you want? I’ve seen you transform the entire staff; the bulls remember, but you’re like a drug to them, and the rest are all full of fake memories and lust. They never end up like this.’

Phoenix’s grin spread wider. ‘Well, that’s your own fault. I always planned for this to just be between us, Piper. You signing over your company ownership to me, and transforming you to make sure you couldn’t go around spreading my secrets. But when you ignored my summons I’m afraid I got a little upset. Now it was personal. So I made sure you would be handing over everything to your name to me, and I tweaked the Formula to ensure you would always be able to regret how stupid you were to think you could escape me.’

Peter’s mind was racing. Everything had happened so quickly. He felt as though the floor had been pulled out from beneath his feet and he was in freefall. ‘But… my wife. Where is she?’

‘Ah yes.’ Phoenix nodded to her bull, who leaned over to pull on a cord beside the door. From outside in the corridor beyond they could hair the faint jingle of a bell ringing. A moment or two later, the doors opened and the receptionist he had stormed past stood in the doorway.

All at once the ground rushed up to meet Peter and he was no longer in freefall. He felt as though his very soul had been broken. Looking at the woman it was suddenly clear as crystal why she had been so familiar. ‘Verity,’ he breathed.

‘Actually, it’s Veronica now,’ Phoenix corrected. ‘You have to admit the improvements have been a great success. And trust me, she’s never been happier, have you V?’

Peter’s transformed wife smiled mischievously. ‘That’s right, mistress. God it feels so good not having to spend my life listening to my pathetic husband droning on all day long. I can’t wait to train him up together, mistress.’

‘T-train me up?’

‘Oh yes,’ Phoenix said, ‘you’re our slave now. You may be able to remember who you were, but your body will still respond to every command I give it. You belong to me, and your wife is going to help me turn you into a whimpering, obedient slave for us to use whenever we like. You’re going to be such a good girl for us, Piper. Feeding us chocolate after we just finished fucking on your bed, licking our pussies clean of cum after our bulls pay us a visit, boosting morale in the workplace with a little one-to-one companionship. I’m so looking forward to it, aren’t you?’

Trying to look defiant, Peter drew himself to his full height – which was, he realised, significantly shorter than everyone else in the room. ‘I’ll never submit to you.’

With an icy smirk, Phoenix looked him dead in the eye. ‘Kneel.’

Before he could deny her, his body was already moving. Not of his own volition, he was on his knees. Panicking, he stared at her wide-eyed. ‘What the…?’

‘Crawl to me.’

Then he was crawling. Not just crawling, but moving with a sultry swing to his hips and an alluring pout. He could feel a deep-rooted desire for Phoenix blooming in his core, and the closer he got the more it drove him. Stopping at her feet, he shivered as she stood up to tower over him.

Dominant blonde woman holds petite blonde woman in arms

‘Time to teach you your place,’ Phoenix cooed. Leaning down she unhooked the strap of Peter’s bra and removed it. Then, with a sudden burst of speed she leaned down and scooped him up in her arms like a parent might a small child. Pressed closed to her heaving tits Peter felt vaguely inferior and impossibly small.

Leaning in, Phoenix chuckled softly as he made to pull away. ‘You don’t own your body anymore. I do. Now kiss me.’

Against his will, Peter’s body melted into her arms and he kissed her gently, savouring her taste as he softly caressed her body with slender fingers. The desire for her swelled up once again and his loathing of the woman no longer seemed important. In that moment, he could not have thought of a more perfect place to be than cradled in Phoenix’s arms kissing her perfect lips while his newly slutty wife watched on.

Sinking down onto the sofa, Phoenix broke their kiss and clarity seemed to flood back to Piper. Peter, he mentally screamed, aghast that he had identified as anyone else for even a brief moment. Peter. My name is Peter.

As though reading his mind, Phoenix raised an eyebrow.

‘I can imagine you are more than a little disoriented. This new body, all these new desires, stuck with the mind of the man you were before. Don’t worry, sweetie, you’ll settle into it soon enough. We’ll make sure of it. Now, tell me your name.’

‘Peter,’ he managed, though the word felt foreign on his lips.

Petite blonde woman is slapped by dominant blonde woman

‘I don’t think so,’ Phoenix hissed, a dangerous edge to her voice. ‘You know who you really are, don’t you? I’ve released the woman inside and she’s here to stay. Try again.’

For a second he was silent, then at last he sighed. ‘Piper,’ said Piper. She smiled softly: her name sounded much better than the one she had gone by all her life before now. Of course she would never forget being Peter, but it was clear enough that he was never coming back and she was going to have to get used to her new life.

Piper glanced over at Veronica standing in the doorway. She was running her hands over her body slowly, eyeing Phoenix and her ex-husband hungrily.

Turning back to Phoenix, she was met with one of the woman’s enormous tits pulled free from her lingerie. Before she could respond Phoenix had thrust her chest forward and smothered her with her fleshy breast.

Petite blonde woman is forced to suck the breasts of mistress

Though she was being forced to submit, Piper felt more at ease with each passing second. Obeying Phoenix’s orders and desires felt so right, so perfect. It was like she was made for this. Of course she was made for it, and she knew it, but she had never expected it to feel so hot.

‘You know, I would say I’ve rather improved Dean’s Formula, wouldn’t you? Combining it with our other products has had some rather delicious results. Still, people are the puppets of their fetishes. I think I’ll keep my custom versions to myself and have the original put on the market. Think of it, little girl. All those naughty, hidden fetishes and fantasies coming out into the open. It will be like a work of art.

‘That said, I’ve been thinking. There was one point where Dean was dead wrong. All of you were, in fact. Elixir. You shouldn’t have been trying to compete with it. You egotistical numbskulls wouldn’t know genius if Miss Hyde herself came up and handed you a vial. No, it’s not competition we should be engaging in: its co-operation. With our forces combined, we could build an empire right under the noses of everybody we would be ruling. I think it is high time we reached out to Miss Hyde and spent some time getting to know one another.’

‘Unfortunately you and your moronic colleagues have generated more than a little bad will with the fine woman. As far as she is concerned, this company is still a hive of sleazy old men chasing wealth and lust. I think it is about time we remedy that.’

Pulling away, Phoenix saw the faraway look in Piper’s eyes and the dumb smile on her lips. She chuckled, slowly removing her lingerie as she spoke. ‘Now then, slave, time to make yourself useful. I need to concentrate to figure out how we can assure Miss Hyde of our good intentions.’

Lying back on the sofa, she pulled Piper down with her and tugged her face down between her thighs. The petite blonde began lapping at her sex eagerly, automatically slipping her fingers into Phoenix’s slick opening. Phoenix’s eyelids fluttered briefly and she scooped up a vibrator from beneath the sofa which she pressed to her clit. Wrapping her legs around Piper’s head, she realised that the girl’s agile tongue was far superior to the toy and relaxed back, visions of a slutty empire alongside Miss Hyde dancing through her head…

Petite blonde woman gives oral sex to dominant blonde woman on white sofa

Thanks for reading!

And there it is! The fourth and final instalment of my Formula mini-series and the full introduction of my own creation onto the erotic captions scene. As I mentioned after the first story, there are many different creators who have come up with their own transformation agent from the Pink Pill to Elixir, and I wanted to add my own version into the mix. Of course, given the amount of people who have contributed before me I wanted to try and create something a little different and given that my whole blog is named Fetishes and Fantasies, I thought something that could bring them to life for anyone and everyone would be a perfect fit.

In the spirit of all those other pills and potions, I would love for anyone who wants to to use the Formula in their own stories. Whether that be other long-term creators putting their own spin on it, or if you have never written an erotic story before and want to use the Formula as a starting point for your first piece. To boil down a four-part story to its very essence, the Formula can make almost any fetish or fantasy a reality. The rules to it are fully explained in the first part of the story, but basically it can transform anybody into their own fantasy, whatever that may entail, and if the fantasy includes another person or a group of other people, it can transform them through skin contact as well. It is also capable of unearthing fetishes and fantasies the recipient tried to hide from themselves.

If anybody does use it in their work, please let me know as I would love to read them and see where other people can take my ideas. Also, you can expect me to be using it in stories to come: I already have a few written up, though I will be pushing through my backlog first.

Finally, this story set signals the end of my January break. I will be back to a release every Monday and Thursday moving forward. I am still in a very turbulent time, and if I feel I would benefit from dropping this to one story per week I’ll let you know, but right now I feel capable of maintaining that release schedule. Having said that, I want to build up my backlog of work and this story set took much longer than I had initially envisioned for this idea. As such, this will serve as my longer serial story for the month so I won’t be releasing another long piece at the end of February.

If you’ve read this far (and if you managed to get through all four stories) then thank you and I appreciate your support. I’ll catch you again on Thursday!

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