The Formula: Part II

Blonde in glasses and low-buttoned shirts sits in large red chair with legs crossed

Stepping into the office, Kent was shocked to see the woman lounging in the large red chair. She was astoundingly beautiful and with her in front of him it was like he could not look at anything else. Her thick black glasses only seemed to enhance how attractive she was, and she eyed with him with a stare that was bright with intelligence. Though she was dressed in a professional manner, there were notes of her attire that were subtly arousing: the shortness of her skirt, for example, or the glimpse of her bra that was visible due to her low-buttoned shirt.

Though she smiled at him warmly, Kent could not help feeling uneasy.

‘Good afternoon,’ she beamed. ‘Kent, I assume?’

‘Yes madam. Kent Baxter. I’m here to meet the CEO, but he doesn’t seem to be here. I can come back later if this is a bad time?’

The woman laughed. Just like everything else about her, it was a mesmerising sound. ‘Not at all. It might be news to you, but Dean is pursuing a new career. I have succeeded him. Basically, Kent, I’m your new boss.’

So the rumours were true! Even for a company as shrouded in secrecy as theirs, the inner workings of the company were deeply mysterious to the office workers and scientists who did most of the work. Still, word got around, and for the past several weeks the sudden absence of their boss and the just as sudden appearance of this unknown woman had filled the company with buzz that he had been replaced. And now he was actually stood in front of the woman everybody was talking about.

He just wasn’t sure why.

‘So you requested me?’

‘I certainly did.’

‘Beg my pardon for asking, but why? I’m just a lab technician. We never get called to the upper offices, especially not this one. Have I done something wrong?’

‘Of course not,’ she replied earnestly. ‘No Kent, I asked you here to help me with something. You see I want to shake this company up a bit. I want to motivate my workers, put a booster on morale, earn a little bit of loyalty. To be honest, Kent, there are plenty of people working in this company who need teaching a lesson. But among the slackers and the entitled shareholders there are people like you. The ones who care about what they do, who work hard even when they never get the recognition for it. How many times have you solved a problem only for the scientists above you to take the credit?’

Shuffling awkwardly from foot to foot Kent rubbed his hands together nervously, as though one of his superiors were about to burst in. Still, he did not want to lie to her. ‘A few,’ he admitted.

‘More than a few, I bet. And tell me, how jealous did they look when they found out I had summoned you, not them?’

Kent allowed himself a smile, which she returned reassuringly. ‘Very. I thought my boss was going to burst an artery.’

They laughed together for a moment before she rose from her chair suddenly. ‘See what I mean? He thinks he is entitled to more than you even when he does so much less. It’s the people like you I want to reward, Kent, and that is why I bought you here. You’re going to help me test something new I’ve come up with, and if it works you’re going to feel like a whole new man.’

Part of him felt as though he should deny her. The edge to her voice was a little unnerving and he always put so much forethought and consideration into everything. But there was something else in him that told him to throw caution to the wind and do whatever she said. The latter part was the one that won out and he nodded with a smile. ‘Okay, what is it you would like me to do?’

Grinning she gestured to a small office cubicle which had been set up to the left of the room. He had been so absorbed by her beauty he had not noticed anything else in the office, and he looked at it for the first time. It looked no different to any other cubicle he had seen in the company’s offices, complete with everything the average worker might need from PC to paperclips.

‘Now then Kent, be a good boy for me and log on to the computer.’

Without thinking how strange it was for her to call him a ‘good boy’, Kent obliged. Dropping into the swivel chair he tapped in his details and a few seconds later the computer opened onto his account. Behind him, Phoenix grinned like a Cheshire Cat and when he turned to her for further instructions there was a crazed look in her eye.

The intensity of her expression momentarily sobered Kent from the strange entrancement he was in. ‘Uh, miss, are you okay?’

Seemingly ignoring his words she was watching him intently. ‘Any second now, come on, kick in. Please work, come on, I know you can work.’

Just as he was about to ask her what she was talking about his head was suddenly fuzzy. His thoughts seemed blurry and indistinct and all he could do was stare in adoration at the stunning woman standing over him. He did not know why, but she was clapping her hands in delight and saying things he could vaguely hear but could not distinguish. His entire mind was filled with thoughts of her, and while his brain was overwhelmed with devotion, his body began to change.

In terms of masculine attraction, Kent had never had any. He was wiry, slight and nothing if not average in every respect. He was the type of person who was invariably lost in a crowd, with barely a distinguishing feature to identify him by. With his body overwhelmed, that all changed very quickly.

His body was expanding. Growing taller and fuller, it looked as though muscles were being forced into a body too small to contain them. In seconds he had grown well over a foot and his scrawny frame was suddenly rippling with muscles fit to burst from his skin. His mop of brown hair retreated into his scalp, leaving it shiny and bald, before seeming to spread out over the rest of his body; arms, legs, chest, all were soon covered in dark hair which had not been there before. Prominent veins slipped up to the surface of his skin, enhancing his musculature. His paper-thin jawline filled out until it was strikingly robust, complete with a fine layer of designer stubble across his chin. The pale complexion he had always known flushed with passionate heat and his shallow features deepened, hardened. With his increased physical size his clothes struggled to keep him contained, however his trousers were about to face the most difficult growth. Kent’s tiny penis swelled to enormous size, pressing up tight against the material and showing itself as an enormous bulge down his inside leg.

Once the transformation was over, he was sprawled breathless in the chair. Standing over him Phoenix was giddy with excitement.

‘It worked! It worked! Get up.’

Kent did so, though his face was full of confusion. He felt strange. The man he had been before the change was still there, but it felt like something strong and strange was lurking just beneath the surface of his mind. When she had commanded him that thing had risen and enveloped him, moving him to her will, before retreating once the task was complete.

‘I don’t understand,’ he mumbled, ‘what did you do?’

‘I repurposed you for my needs. You see I’ve been tinkering with the Formula a little, adding things here, removing things there. Thanks to Dean I have so, so many fantasies it wouldn’t have been practical for me to just take a sip of the Formula and use somebody to embody them. So I created a strain combined with a Slut Industries bull pill, a few of my natural pheromones and some genetic conditioning components, then engineered it to work through skin contact rather than ingestion. I’d say it worked very well indeed.’

‘But why?’ Strangely, nothing about the situation felt alarming to him. Instead he was simply confused.

‘Because now I can reward my best workers and create an interior hierarchy loyal solely to me at the same time. For example, you are going to be my chief scientist. You will be running the lab and have a whole team of workers ready to follow your orders to the letter. And you, in turn, will be following my orders. Not because you want to – though you will want to – but because you won’t have another choice. You might still remember the man you were, but from now on you belong to me. And trust me, you’re going to love it.’

‘And what if I say no?’

Phoenix chuckled softly, a note of satisfaction in her tone. ‘You can’t. Watch. Ring your girlfriend and break up with her.’

The lurking presence rose up once more and he took out his phone to dial his girlfriend’s number. When she answered he quickly told her that they were breaking up before hanging up on her. Putting away his phone, the presence fell away again and he was reeling.

‘How could you make me do that?’

‘Don’t worry. I’ll have my people pick her up and dose her full of slut serum or Insatiable. She’ll be your slutty plaything by the end of the night. But right now, I’ll show the reward for loyalty. Tell me, what do you want to do to me?’

‘Use you like a fucking fuck doll.’ It was true. He was desperate to play with her body and even the portion of his old self did not feel the need to deny it.

‘Then do it.’

Blonde woman in glasses bends over for bald man to expose her holes and grope her ass

Pouncing on her eagerly, Kent wrenched up her skirt and grinned as her tiny lace panties were revealed. Moaning softly, she tugged them aside to allow him access to her holes and the moan grew to a groaning giggle as he gripped her ass cheeks hard and pulled them aside, spreading her holes in the process.

Her bright pink pussy was visibly wet, thin streaks of fluid already leaking down her legs as he used his raw strength to manhandle her. The sight of her sex sent him into overdrive and he growled like an animal; her skin was so smooth, so hot, her smell so irresistibly intoxicating. He wanted her forever.

Yet there was a more powerful need at work. A desire so deeply rooted into his psyche that removing it would have left almost nothing behind. He didn’t just want her, he wanted to serve her. To please and satisfy, to obey the orders she gave him. And right now he was following orders. She had told him to use her, and so he was. In doing so he was satisfying the most intense craving he had ever known and even if he had downed an entire bottle of Formula himself, nothing would have changed because as a result of Phoenix’s tinkering his highest fantasy was to devote himself to servitude of her.

Falling to his knees he plunged his face into her pussy and ate her out with violent desire. His thick, strong tongue delved between her lips and drew a symphony of moans from her other lips which drove him wild. The more he heard and sensed her pleasure, the more he wanted to give her more. She tasted more perfect than any meal he had ever had, and he was as hungry for her as a starving man for a banquet.

Blonde woman in glasses makes faces of pleasure as bald man enters her from behind

Once he had finished eating her out, their passion passed by in a blur. Groping and kissing one another, their clothes were quickly dishevelled and hanging from their perfect bodies. His tie was pulled loose by her searching fingers and she ripped his shirt half-open so as to rake her nails over his muscular chest. His belt was also soon loose and his fly undone.

Meanwhile her outfit was in a mess. Her skirt was rolled up around her waist, her heavy breasts hung from her open shirt and her underwear was torn in several places.

Bent over the edge of the cubicle, Phoenix could hear him moving behind her. They traded filthy words and she shivered at the strong hand he gripped her shoulder with. She loved being at his mercy, her holes available for him to use however he pleased. Sometimes she wished Dean had not fantasised about such an insatiable whore for his mistress, but then if he hadn’t this wouldn’t feel so good. And besides, it was not like Kent was really in control: he was obeying her, not the other way around.

Her thoughts were shattered once he pushed inside her and she swore giddily as his perfect, enormous cock filled her tight cunt. Stretching her almost to her limits, he completed her. Uncaring of the fact that there were another half a dozen offices on the floor to hear them, she allowed her moans to rise to cries of passion.

Of course, it didn’t matter that people could hear them: everybody on the floor was already obsessed with her having spent weeks surrounded by her pheromones. Yet the idea of even those addicted to her presence listening in on her and Kent fucking like animals drove her mad with lust.

At first he moved slowly, using his grip on her shoulder and waist to pull her onto his throbbing cock. The slow motions were intense, but they both knew they wanted more. She wanted to be used, and he wanted to use her. Unwilling to disappoint her, he did so.

Blonde woman in glasses rolls her eyes as bald man uses her for rough sex

Tearing off his shirt, he groped her tits with enough strength that they popped free of her bra and bounced heavily on her chest to the rhythm of their fucking. Fuelled by his lust for her, he pulled her closer to his body. In the process, his twitching dick plunged even further into her soaking pussy and all at once her eyes rolled back in her skull.

Her mouth hinged open and closed uselessly, and just as he had hoped for she tumbled into mindlessness, no more than a fuck doll for him to use. Holding her firmly in his arms he wasted no time in pounding her as hard as he was physically able. Her expression was vacant, her body unresponsive as he slammed into her. The force of his thrusts sent ripples through her thighs, bounced her tits on her chest, forced little snatches of breath from her lungs.

All around them the little cubicle trembled from their movement. The PC monitor vibrated across the desk and the pencil pot eventually migrated to the edge before falling and scattering across the floor.

Beneath her breath Phoenix was muttering filthy things. What she had not told Kent about her plans was that this was one other reason she wanted to create obedient bulls: she wanted a host of lovers to play with. Dean’s fantasy of an insatiable whore meant that she constantly craved passionate, mind-bending sex, and no ordinary man could hope to satisfy her. Now, however, she was able to create as many suitable lovers as she required, and she was going to get plenty of use from them.

‘Fuck me senseless,’ she breathed, and Kent upped his game once more.

Blonde woman in glasses lets bald man use her for rough sex on office desk

It had been over two hours since Kent arrived in her office, and if Phoenix had been able to have her way she would not have left him for another two. Unfortunately, she had work to attend to, and she knew it could not last forever.

Still, Kent truly was an incredible lover and it took her some time to surface from the mindless haze his perfect cock had put her in. When she did so she found herself spread out on the cubicle desk with one leg raised on the low wall. He was hammering her ruthlessly, burying his cock into her sopping wet cunt over and over again, and thanks to her special strain of the Formula, she knew he had enough stamina to last days without rest. His cum streaked down both their legs, while there were stains from when she had repeatedly squirted lining the interior of the cubicle walls.

At that moment they climaxed together. She had lost count of how many times they had done so since they began, but each time was more intense than the last. When they came down from their high she sighed; she did not want to have to leave him, but she had no choice.

‘That’s enough for today,’ she said.

Stepping back, Kent stood with cock twitching and chest heaving.

‘I wish I could stay babe, but I’m afraid I have work to see to.’

‘Couldn’t you get one of your lackeys to do it? I was kind of hoping we could go and pay my girlfriend a visit before she becomes a horny slut.’

Smiling at the idea, Phoenix shook her head. Strutting over to her desk she rooted around in the drawers. ‘Mmmh, that sounds like fun. Which reminds me.’ Snatching up the phone from her desk she dialled a number. ‘Yes, it’s me,’ she said when a woman picked up, ‘you have the greenlight on Kent’s girlfriend. I expect it done within the hour.’

Blonde woman kneels on office desk in revealing lingerie

Returning to the drawers she pulled out a new lingerie set and began to slip into it. ‘You remember how I said I wanted to shake things up around here? Well building up a loyal hierarchy is just one part of the plan. What am I going to do with all the lazy staff who are always slacking? All the insolent men in positions of power in this company who are soon to be replaced by men like you? Even just the average office workers or lab technicians who haven’t got that special something to make them stand out?’

‘Fire them?’ he shrugged. He was rubbing his cock as she donned the lingerie.

‘Oh, Kent, you’re not thinking big enough. People like you deserve a reward. People like them don’t. So here’s my plan. Next Monday I will give everybody in the company a day off, all except those men like you; the ones I want as my new inner circle. When they get to their offices and labs I’ll have had their workstations bathed in my special Formula variant and by the end of the day all of them will be loyal to me. The day after, me, you and the rest of them will all be safe in here with every security camera in the building playing on a nice big plasma screen. And once everyone gets to work, we’re going to give them a special present. That’s what I’m going to test right now. And I thought it only fair that the first one to get their comeuppance was your boss. Soon, he’s going to be the one serving you.

‘Tell you what, how about you stay here and watch the test?’ Tapping several keys on her laptop, the plasma screen on the wall beside them showed a camera feed of what seemed to be a set of toilet cubicles.

Turning to him she pulled the bust of her lingerie up and at that moment, Kent came once again. Smiling seductively, Phoenix crawled onto her desk and looked up at him. ‘Mmmh, but let me clean you up before I go…’

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I hope you’re enjoying Phoenix’s gradual takeover of the company. For those of you who didn’t know, the model I am using in these stories is the inimitable Phoenix Marie. She is a tour de force in the adult entertainment industry and exudes power and sex appeal in equal measure, at least in my eyes. I always love writing a piece I know will use Phoenix’s work to support it, and I’m sure she will make many more appearances as I continue to write. If you are like me and simply can’t get enough of her you can find her PornHub profile here: Also, as always, I have linked all the media used in this story below, including a portion of the full scene I found on xcafe.

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