The Formula: Part III

Pink toilet stalls in bathroom

Dr. Alex Stoke frowned as he entered the room. He had been expecting the CEO’s office, but instead he found himself in a large toilet. To one side stood a pair of pale pink cubicles, with a sink some distance away and a mirror on the wall beside that. More cubicles lined the wall immediately in front of him and to his left, but even so the room was bizarrely proportioned: there seemed to be far too much space with far too little filling it.

As he entered, he heard a fan whirr into life somewhere above him.

Behind him he heard a lock click into place, and though a spark of fear rose in him, he quickly stifled it. Of course they’ve locked it, he thought, if the CEO is meeting me, they won’t want any random folks walking in. And I’ll bet we’re meeting here to keep it all hush-hush. He knows my track record; most likely he wants me for some sort of top secret project. Even his inner circle probably don’t know about what he’s going to tell me.

Satisfied he had figured out the reason for where he was and why he had been locked in, he sauntered over to mirror and took a moment to admire himself in it.

Years of working with the most cutting edge transformation technology had not been wasted in his hands. A little enhancement here, a little vial of liquid there and though he had recently seen fifty come and go, he had the body of a man half his age. After all, it was easy enough for a single vial or an individual pill to wander astray. His hair was slicked back and his lab coat was perfectly pristine, a fact he was particularly proud of; after all, image was everything when dealing with these people. They did not need to know he never got close enough to a chemical for it to soil his coat, nor that all the dirty work was handled by his underlings. All they needed to know was that his lab produced results and he looked good doing it.

He briefly detected a strange scent on the air, but as he frowned and took a long sniff it appeared to dissipate.

Adjusting his lapel in the mirror he scowled at the thought of his technicians. They were an irritant at the best of times, but today in particular had been worse than usual. That wiry little bastard Kent being summoned by the CEO had rubbed Alex up completely the wrong way. He had thought those in charge of this company had better things to do with their time than waste conversation on a worthless nobody like him.

Wait a minute… His scowl twisted into a smirk as he slotted the pieces together. Of course. He didn’t summon Kent to reward him, he called him up because he wanted a new toy to play with. It makes perfect sense; pick somebody who is easily forgotten and pop them a Pink Pill, maybe a heavy dose of Insatiable. I’m sure by the time I get back to my office I’ll find some papers on my desk saying that Kent has been moved to a different department. And probably a hefty wad of cash too: he knows I’m not stupid. He knows I’ll figure him out. Well, it had better be six digits or I might have to sabotage his next batch of Formula.

Without warning the scientist felt very strange. His skin tingled, his muscles twitched, and as he looked into the mirror he frowned. His eyes must have been playing tricks on him. Why else would it look like his hair was growing longer? Why else would his facial features appear to be shifting? Why else would he seem to be shrinking?

Even as he continued to transform, the scientist’s arrogant egotism assured him this was all just a trick of the light. Then, once it became clear that the transformation was in fact real, his selfish, agile mind still found a solution.

It makes perfect sense, he thought as young breasts bloomed on his chest, this is all to keep up the secrecy. If anybody sees us together they’ll just think I’m a new secretary or something. As soon as we’re finished he’ll change me back straight away.

That was the last thing Dr. Alex Stoke ever thought. Surging through his mind a new personality dragged him down and snuffed him out until the man he had been was gone completely. In his place rose Alicia, the naughty lab technician.

Brunette woman poses in short skirt, pink shirt and tights

Admiring herself in the mirror she giggled. Though she could remember her male form, those memories were fading fast, replaced by a life she had never lived. With the last few fragments of her past still accessible she could see how drastic the transformation had been. The strong, masculine figure he had crafted over the years had shifted into that of a petite, curvaceous woman. She had sleek, dark hair to her shoulders, skin soft as down, along with a beguiling natural beauty that needed no make-up to enhance it. All the same there was a shiny lip-gloss adorning her lips and soft brushes of eyeshadow accentuated her alluring stare. The fine lab coat and the rest of his clothes had changed too, reshaping into a thin pink blouse, a tight black skirt, sumptuous stockings and a pair of dramatic heels. Beneath these she could feel the lace of her underwear shifting over her sensitive privates and she could not help but explore her body.

Overhead the hum of the fan slowed, paused, then started up again with a higher note. Alicia, however, did not so much as notice, for it was at that moment that she slipped her fingers into her pants and an explosion of pleasure ripped through her body. Even with her false memories now fully rooted and the knowledge of her former self extinguished, she was still vaguely aware that this was her first time toying with her body. As such she was initially tentative, however as she brushed her clit she was flooded with pleasure she could not deny.

For a minute or two she stood in front of the mirror, watching her expressions of passion as she teased herself. Her pussy quickly grew wet, sending shivers up her spine. Before long she knew she could not stop with a simple tease: she needed some real attention.

Conscious that she was exposed, Alicia retreated to one of the cubicles and dropped down onto the white seat without thinking to lock the door behind her. Hiking up her skirt she raised her legs and sank two fingers urgently into her shivering slit. Her shuddering moan filled the room and she was fuelled by the pleasure rippling through her. Fingering herself passionately, she did not consider that anybody might hear her. After all, some small part of her could vaguely remember a lock clicking after she had entered: nobody was going to come in.

Without fear of interruption, Alicia allowed herself to moan loud and long. As a result she did not hear the whirr of the fan fall still, or the click of the door unlocking. Nor did she hear the faint sweep of the door opening and the clicking heels of a woman entering the room.

Phoenix made sure not to make too much noise as she entered. After all, this was a test of the airborne Formula strain she had crafted, and there was no telling how long it would take for the doctor’s memories and personality to be fully replaced. By the sound of things he was more than happy with his new body and had already lost himself to the new desires she had programmed into him, but you never could be too careful.

Slipping into the next cubicle along, Phoenix eased up onto the toilet and stilled herself to listen.

Blonde woman in revealing lingerie listens to brunette woman masturbating in toilet stalls

The new woman sounded as though she was thoroughly enjoying exploring herself. Her moans ranged from deep and long to breathy and staccato, while even Phoenix could hear the wet noises of the woman’s fingers delving into her opening.

As far as things went, the substance she had used to transform the doctor was not all that different to what she had used on Kent. Instead of combining it with a bull pill, however, she had made use of the Pink Pill, a dash of X-Change and a few types of Insatiable instead. The dose of her own pheromones had been even stronger in this creation, and the genetic conditioning had been more intense also. When engineered into a gaseous compound it had been a noxious pink, however when administered into a room through vents and air conditioning it dissipated enough that the colour was barely noticeable.

She had to admit, the room they were in could have been a little more convincing. It was, in fact, an old testing lab Dean had used to conduct experiments he had not even wanted his scientists to know about. The room’s ventilation system was suitably cut off from the rest of the building, and as such Phoenix had decided quickly this was where she would test her compound. Still, tossing the doctor into a random laboratory and locking him in would likely not have ended well, and she had needed to ensure there was nothing loose he could use to try and break free as the transformation took place, such as a chair or table for example. A toilet seemed like a sensible room to use, though in hindsight it did not seem to have been necessary: the doctor must have convinced himself into calm as they had not heard a peep out of the room all throughout his change.

With all the airborne Formula safely ventilated from the room, it was all clear for her to break in the first of what would be an army of horny sluts obedient only to Phoenix and her inner circle.

Fortunately, Phoenix had come prepared.

Blonde woman in revealing lingerie pushes open door of toilet stall onto shocked brunette woman while wearing long strap-on

Throwing open the unlocked door, Phoenix smirked at the shock on the woman’s face. Scrambling to cover her decency, the woman who had been the doctor stared at her, her eyes bulging. Her shock amused Phoenix: she liked to make an impact to ensure the first memory of her those below her had was ingrained permanently into their minds. And she was certain the masturbating technician would never forget her: not her alluring lingerie, her powerful legs, her keen glare, but most of all her hefty strap-on which hung between her thighs.

The woman’s eyes darted from it, up to Phoenix’s face and back down to the strap-on again, alternating between confusion and desire as she did so. When she looked at Phoenix she felt a vague familiarity; she had never met the powerful woman, but somehow she still knew her. But when she saw the life-like cock her mind was overtaken by need and hunger, and she salivated at the thought of serving it.

‘What’s this?’ Phoenix barked. ‘What do you think you’re doing in here? What’s your name, you filthy little slut?’

‘A-Alicia,’ she said, unable to tear her eyes from the strap-on, ‘I… I’m sorry, it just felt so good…’

‘You think you’re paid to hide in here and masturbate? You’re a lab technician, not a pornstar. Get out here and let me teach you a lesson.’

Grabbing Alicia by her hair, Phoenix dragged her from the cubicle and dumped her on the floor. When she rose to her knees, Alicia’s face was scant inches from the swaying dildo.

Brunette woman is manhandled by woman wearing strap-on

‘Please, Miss Phoenix,’ she begged, sudden memories of the woman surfacing in her mind, ‘it won’t happen again.’

‘No, it won’t, I’ll make sure of it.’

Alicia looked up at Phoenix hesitantly. ‘What are you going to do?’

‘I’m going to show you what you really are.’ Phoenix glanced up to the corner of the room, where the wall met the ceiling. A black blot was there and she knew Kent was watching the camera feed in her office. She stared into the camera and winked. ‘And I’m going to give you what you have coming to you.’

She could imagine Kent grinning as he watched. He’d been stuck under the insulting condescension of his boss for years, and now their roles were being reversed. Of course, she would have tested the airborne agent on the doctor regardless of Kent’s presence: she had never liked him. But it was good to know that using Alicia for him to watch was only going to enhance his loyalty to her.

As such, she wasted no time in getting to work.

Brunette woman is pressed against walls and teases herself while giving oral sex to woman wearing strap-on

Forcing Alicia up against the wall, Phoenix leaned down and tore open the woman’s shirt. Like a cat mauling a mouse, she ripped it off, following up by wrenching down Alicia’s bra and pulling her skirt even higher. ‘If you want to act like a slut, I’d say you should dress like one. That’s better. Now, I think I deserve an apology for you slacking on my time.’

‘I’m sorry, miss,’ Alicia panted, her eyes fixed on the bobbing dildo. Almost subconsciously, her hand dropped to her pussy and began to toy with it.

Phoenix sneered at her. ‘I think we both know that’s not what I mean.’ Coiling her fingers in Alicia’s hair, she forced the thick dildo between her lips and drove it as deep as it would go. Her eyes watered and her face flushed red, but despite the initial discomfort Alicia could not help herself: she moaned. Fuelled by a slutty soul, she immediately began to buck her head along the length of the toy, gagging and choking on it in her desperation to please her mistress.

Standing over her, Phoenix looked nothing short of divine. Alicia wanted nothing more than to earn her approval.

Before long, Alicia’s chest was dripping with strings of her own saliva, and the dildo was glistening. Her pussy, meanwhile, was slick and quivering. She was so wet, in fact, that she was no longer able to accurately tease her clit, and instead was forced to finger herself as best she was able.

Glancing down, Phoenix smirked. ‘You look like you’re positively desperate for something inside you, pet.’

Nodding, Alicia looked up at her with pleading eyes. In response, Phoenix pulled away and the dildo came free with a wet sucking noise. Swinging the obedient girl around and positioning her on all fours, Phoenix dropped to her knees and lined herself up behind her.

Blonde woman with large breasts has sex with brunette woman from behind with strap-on

Alicia’s cry of delight as Phoenix sank into her eager cunt rang through the entire floor. She shuddered with orgasmic pleasure with each thrust. Her eyes closed, her mouth opened and she panted heavily as she allowed Phoenix to use her.

Phoenix laughed as Alicia submitted to her. She had been created as a result of a powerful transformation agent; she had transformed almost all of Dean’s old advisers; she had tinkered with the Formula on dozens of test subjects; she had even watched Kent transform only hours before. Yet still she marvelled at the fact that only minutes before Alicia had been an arrogant, egotistical man, now reduced to her personal plaything. The power of the Formula and all the products she now had at her disposal was truly incredible, and she realised in that moment that she could not wait to truly rule this company. She would be their queen: no, their goddess.

‘Nobody will dare betray me,’ she exulted, increasing her thrusting pace. ‘You’re all so weak. So stupid. None of you are going to know what hit you. Do you know what is going to happen next week? Me, my bulls and my secretaries are going to be safe and secure in my office and we’re going to be watching you arrive at your labs and desks one by one, just like any other day. Then when you’re all inside, we’re going to lock all the doors and flood every floor with my special gas. You won’t even have time to reach the elevator before you’re all my puppets and once you belong to me we can really kick things up a notch. Imagine what we can do with the Formula, Alicia. We can blackmail governments and royalty, we can rule the criminal classes and have them dance to our twisted tune. We could hold entire countries to ransom if we wanted. And you, my dear, you are the first of thousands who will obey only me.’

The shuddering that rocked Alicia’s body was enough for Phoenix to gather the girl had climaxed, and pulling out she rose to her feet. Phoenix stared down at her for a moment before scooping up her clothes and throwing them at Alicia. The young woman clutched them to her chest and looked up at Phoenix with a mix of adoration and apprehension.

‘I am yours, Mistress,’ she breathed.

Phoenix grinned. ‘Good girl. Now, follow me and I will introduce you to your new boss…’

Blonde woman wearing strap-on stands dominantly over brunette woman holding discarded clothes to her chest.

Thanks for reading!

I have to admit, the more I wrote about Phoenix and the Formula, the more I fell in love with the concept. And even better it gave me an opportunity to use more of Phoenix’s work in my stories. As my frequent readers may already know, I have a fondness for gifs over stills, and initially I wanted to use gifs from this scene for this piece, but when it came down to it I realised the image set was perfect just the way it was, and as a result I only wound up creating just the one gif for the piece.

In my continued effort to credit excellent adult entertainers whose work supports my own, the performer joining Phoenix in this scene is Abella Danger. She is a fantastic creator and if you haven’t heard of her before I highly recommend checking out her work. Her PornHub profile can be found here:

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