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It had been months since the Great Shift and for the first time since then everything was starting to make sense again. With the New Year upon them, most of society had more or less come to decide to cut their losses. Of course there was still a lot to work out and it was going to take years for things to truly settle down, however with increased understanding of the pattern in which the Shift had worked had come some semblance of order once more.

By now most reports had explained that eighty percent of the Shifted had been moved in a local area, swapping bodies with people in their own town or city. While the remaining twenty percent provided significantly more difficulty in locating given that they could have landed in anybody across the globe, most of the Shifted had managed to find their way back to their loved ones and were celebrating the New Year with the relief of being reunited.

Sarah, however, had chosen a different path. When she had first landed in her new body she had been unable to believe her luck. Snatched from the body of a frumpy middle-aged housewife, she had found herself now inhabiting a lithe young thing as fit as she was attractive. No longer was her body burdened by years of unhealthy eating and a sedentary lifestyle but instead she was the picture of health.

The whole ordeal was like a dream come true. She was a new woman and finally she had been given the clean slate she had longed for for so long. In the years since their children had been born, her and her husband had drifted apart, though that was hardly surprising given the state of their relationship beforehand. Sarah had always been a believer in love and passion, but her husband had never much cared for such trifles. While she had been lost in romantic novels and daydreamed about a full, energetic sex life, he had been sat on the couch shovelling cookies and crisps into his mouth as he flicked through every channel. He was, in all honesty, a detestable spouse and once she switched bodies she realised that she had been secretly hoping for a means of escape for years.

For a few days after she was Shifted, Sarah had felt guilty for not contacting him, nor her children. It would have been easy enough because, as luck would have it, she had only been Shifted over the road. Young Natasha had moved in with her fiancé a few months earlier and they made a wonderful couple: he worked in security, she was a librarian, and they never made any trouble.

James – Natasha’s husband to be – had convinced Sarah she had no need to be guilty. Initially she had planned to briefly make the most of her new body; have her fun before returning to her family. The first night after her Shift she had not told James who she really was and instead they had gone to bed together. Though she knew it was wrong, she couldn’t help herself. After all, there wasn’t going to be any intimacy when she returned to her husband, so why not take this one chance she had?

Woman licks the shaft of man lying back on bed

As far as things went, the night had been far from adventurous, but it had been passionate beyond all measure and she knew she would never forget it. Sarah had felt things her husband had never made her feel and she had orgasmed during sex for the first time in decades.

With the news awash with stories of the Great Shift it had not taken James much to connect the dots. As it turned out, Sarah’s assumption that the young couple had an energetic sex life had been entirely inaccurate, and Natasha had not given him a night like that in some time.

‘Who are you?’ he had asked. ‘I know you’re not Natasha, so just tell me who you are in her body.’

When Sarah had explained, James had barely been able to believe his ears. Sarah, the dumpy, greying, overweight mother-of-four from across the road? How could such a sexual goddess be hidden underneath that exterior? In explaining herself, she had come clean to James about all the desires she had never been able to explore with her husband, and the complete lack of intimacy they now shared. In that one night he had convinced her that perhaps she did not have to go back to the life she knew.

From there, a new life with one another had flourished. The more they spent time beneath the bedsheets, the more Sarah realised what she had been missing out on and the more she wanted to try. She was certain that if her husband had known of the things she was doing now – everything from bondage to roleplay – he would have likely vomited. He certainly would not have tried such things himself.

As the months had passed, it appeared by a stroke of good fortune that the real Natasha had no plans of returning to her fiancé. Whether she had been Shifted across the globe or if, like Sarah, she too had come to appreciate the new body she had landed in they could only guess, but after over half a year she still had not come home to James neither were there any signs of her doing so.

As for Sarah’s husband, she and James had heard tell that he had not fared too well in the wake of the Great Shift. After the new inhabitant of Sarah’s body had left to reunite with their family (and probably sign up to a gym), her husband had fallen victim to a Shift Scammer: somebody claiming to be their lost loved one, only to strip them of all the money held under the original spouse’s name.

As far as Sarah was concerned, it served him right. He had always been a lazy, unimaginative drag on her life, it was about time somebody taught him a lesson he would not soon forget.

Now, with the New Year festivities in full swing outside, Sarah and James were inside enjoying some time together. Fireworks burst in the sky outside and she knew full well that they originated from her old house, set up in the backyard by her husband just as he always did. Yet with James’ dick lolling on her eager, agile tongue, she felt especially naughty as though her husband himself was watching her betray him.

Looking up at James she smiled around his cock and purred excitedly as he traced her face with his finger.

‘Happy New Year, baby,’ she giggled.

‘Happy New Year, sweetie,’ he replied. ‘This will be your first full year as Natasha, princess. You know I think you’re going to enjoy it.’

Taking the base of his shaft in her hand, she circled the head of his cock with her tongue. ‘I know I will. And I know you’re going to enjoy it even more.’ With a devious grin she returned her lips around his meat and bobbed her head to the rhythm of the beautiful fireworks display illuminating their passionate love…

Woman gives oral sex to man as fireworks explode outside window

Thanks for reading!

As soon as I saw the final image used in this piece I knew I had to write a story based on it, and I’m very happy with the result. Admittedly it feels a little weird to me that this is the first story released on my blog focused on the Shift, as I have a few Shift stories in my backlog that have yet to be released. They’ll likely see the light of day over the next few months, so if you like those types of stories keep your eyes peeled.

If you have read my PSA then you already know there will be a little bit of a wait for my next story. If not, then I would appreciate you reading it just so everybody is aware of what is happening over the next month.

I hope everybody has a fantastic New Year and I’ll catch up with you all soon.

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