A Christmas Kidnapping: The Ghost of Cravings Future

Latex heeled foot steps out of a car

Planting one imposing leather heel onto the driveway, Ebony emerged from the car and admired the sprawling mansion before her. Enormous and extravagant, it was fronted by a drive dominated by half a dozen ludicrously expensive supercars. Everything about the building and its surroundings oozed incredible wealth, yet as she took it all in Ebony’s lips were pursed with disappointment.

‘Seen better,’ she muttered to herself, pushing the car door closed.

Striding up the drive she ran her long, manicured fingers over the hood of a bright yellow Ferrari. A small smile plucked at her lips. ‘Making up for something are we, Mr. Kirk?’ She sniggered before scraping her key over the car, leaving a long grey scratch in the paint. ‘Oops, clumsy me.’

Striding over to the huge oak doors fronting the building, Ebony knocked imperiously on the wood.

The Kirks had only moved in a week before, but Ebony’s girls worked fast. If they knew how to do anything it was gossip, and it had taken little effort to ascertain that Mrs. Kirk would make the perfect new addition to their little elite club. As much as she would likely deny it, the woman was the prime example of a trophy wife and as she spent her days in their new mansion, Mr. Kirk was off making corporate deals in some sleek office building.

It was not difficult to see that the man of the Kirk house was also perfect for their needs: rich, impressionable and completely devoted to his wife. Not that it came as any surprise he loved Mrs. Kirk so strongly. After all, she was deeply, stomach-churningly attractive, while he was… not. He knew he was lucky to have her.

As usual, no sooner had her girls located a new initiate than Ebony had taken a little drive over to the Kirk house to bring the woman into their ranks. Naturally, Mrs. Kirk had neither asked to join nor had any knowledge of Ebony’s imminent arrival, but then as the head bitch and founder of their little suburban organisation, Ebony had done this enough times that Mrs. Kirk really didn’t stand a chance.

Hearing the clatter of heeled feet on laminate flooring approach, Ebony donned an amiable smile while simultaneously thrusting her breasts forward and leaning heavily on the doorframe.

If anybody had told her that less than five minutes before she had been moaning into Miley Reeves’ mouth with Cady Morton’s face pressed between her thighs, Ebony would have resolutely denied it. As far as she was concerned, that had been years ago. Unfortunately for the devoutly religious girl Ebony had been only hours before, Mrs. Claus’ final demonstration of lust was the most immersive of all.

While in her first experience with Mr. Wells Ebony had been forced down into her own subconscious, and in her second she had been aware but largely unable to control her body, now she was front of centre of her own experience. Not only was she fully in control of her actions, but her mind was completely twisted into the ruthless, manipulative, bitchy persona she would develop if she chose to remain in the body Mrs. Claus had gifted her. To Ebony, this was her, and she was not at all aware that this world was a vision of what her future could be.

Blonde woman opens door and brunette woman leans on doorframe

The door handle dropped and all at once the door swung open revealing the reserved figure of Mrs. Kirk. She was dressed in what Ebony would have described as conservative attire: reasonably short shorts and a pink sweater zipped low enough to reveal a tempting quantity of cleavage. Her long wavy hair cascaded over her shoulders and her beauty had certainly not been exaggerated; she was stunning, and if anything the gushing gossip Ebony had heard did not do the woman justice.

As Ebony had expected, Mrs. Kirk had clearly been expecting her husband. Her smile faltered as she laid eyes on Ebony, before she paled a shade as she noticed her visitor’s clothing.

Ebony’s nipples were clearly visible through the sheer button-up shirt she wore, and her ass was barely contained by the designer black skirt hugging her curves. The opulent bejewelled necklace hanging around her neck sparked a flicker of jealousy in Mrs. Kirk’s eyes, while the knee-high leather boots sent a flash of intimidation over her face. Trying not to look anywhere she considered compromising, Mrs. Kirk opened her mouth to greet her visitor.

Ebony, however, cut across her before she had the chance.

‘Samara, I take it? Good. Ebony. Yes, I would love to come in: I love meeting new people.’ Pushing past the woman Ebony strode into the lavish hallway.

‘Excuse me,’ Samara replied hesitantly, finding her voice, ‘but I’m afraid I didn’t invite you in.’

Ebony grinned. ‘Obviously. I hope you’re a quick learner, because I play by my own rules babe. You’re just going to have to get used to it.’

An expression of understanding passed over Samara’s face and she smiled. ‘Oh, I understand. You’re a hooker, aren’t you? I’m afraid you have the wrong address, madam, Mister Taylor lives three houses down. Although if I were you I wouldn’t be obliged to spend any time with him at all, no matter how much he paid me. Don’t think I’ve seen a more distasteful man in all my life.’

Ebony smirked. ‘Afraid not, hun. I’m not here for some rich tosser, I’m here for you. Listen, I’ll cut to the chase, shall I?’

Striding forward, Ebony pushed Samara back against the door. Before it had even fully closed Ebony’s lips were crushed against hers and her tongue was exploring the woman’s mouth with almost violent enthusiasm. With one hand tangled in Samara’s hair, the other slid down the woman’s figure and ground up against her pussy through the shorts. Samara’s shock paralysed her for a moment, but when she regained control all she could do was moan with pleasure. At length, Ebony pulled away and wiped her mouth on her forearm.

Samara remained against the door, fearing her trembling legs would not support her. Breathless, her eyes had a faraway look to them.

‘That’s what a real kiss is, babe. And I know for a fact that limp-dick husband of yours has never kissed you half as good.’ She savoured the look on Samara’s face for a few seconds before continuing. ‘So here’s the deal. You’re not the only one around here who knows how to make the best of a marriage. It’s not difficult to figure out you didn’t marry your husband for his looks, and however much you want to deny it you’re just a trophy wife. Lucky for you, I can show you how to be so much more. See I started this little group a while ago and now every trophy wife for miles is one of my girls. I showed them all what their lives could be like, and now I’m here to show you the same.’

Regaining her composure as best she could, Samara shook her head trying to look convincing. ‘I’m afraid you have the wrong woman, miss, I love my husband and I’m not going to –’

‘When was the last time you orgasmed?’ Ebony interjected.

‘Excuse me?’ Samara replied, shocked.

‘You heard me. When was the last time you were fucking your husband and you actually came? I bet I can probably tell you. Your honeymoon, right?’ Samara blushed  and Ebony smiled. ‘Just as I thought. Every time since then has been a façade just to make him feel good about himself. These days the only time you ever orgasm is through your own personal play. You don’t need to deny it, I’ve met more women like you than you’ve had shopping sprees with your husband’s money.’ She pressed herself close to the woman and leaned into her ear. ‘But I can tell you exactly when the next time you orgasm will be. In your bedroom, about twenty minutes from now, with me.’

‘I think you should leave, miss, my husband will –’

The ringing slap echoed through the house and Samara cried out at the sharp pain splitting her cheek. ‘Your husband won’t be back for hours, little girl, and by that time you’re going to be a completely different woman. I didn’t come here to make an offer, I came here to break you in. You think you have a choice in this, but you don’t. I know who you are, Samara, because I was you. Underneath this whiny housewife skin there is a hot-blooded demon desperate to get out. You don’t love your husband, you love his money. But deep down you want so much more. You want power and control, you want a man who can truly satisfy you and a place to belong. I’m going to give you that. Now I suggest you direct me to your bedroom, or I might have to spank you right here until you scream. Do I make myself clear?’

In response Samara nodded meekly before tottering away and up the sweeping staircase. Ebony already knew she had won; as she had spoken there had been a spark in Samara’s eyes, a devilish, lustful glint starving for satisfaction.

Image of bedroom

Arriving in the bedroom Ebony wasted no time. Tangling her hand in Samara’s hair she tugged her in for another kiss before fixing her with a dominant stare. ‘Listen close, babe. I have two rules when I am breaking in new girls. First, you do as you’re told or I’ll spank you so hard you won’t be able to sit down for a week. Second, forget the woman you were. Enjoy your time with me, and let your true self come to the surface. Now, let’s get started.’

Forcing Samara down onto the bed, Ebony worked quickly. In seconds the woman’s sweater was discarded on the floor and the pale purple shirt beneath had also been removed. Her shorts and underwear were also soon on the pile of clothes beside the bed, joined by Ebony’s shirt and skirt.

She could see in Samara’s eyes that she was reeling, and that spark of desire had grown into a flame that flickered with apprehension. Ebony was not about to let the flame blow out and with her new girl naked before her, she surged forward and pressed her further into the bedsheets.

Samara was so lost in Ebony’s kisses that she did not notice the woman straddling her, nor working her hips up her body. Only when Ebony removed one pair of lips and replaced them with those between her thighs did Samara realise what was happening, and a second later her face was buried in Ebony’s pussy.

Naked woman gives oral sex to woman in latex heels and stockings who is sitting on first woman's face

Lost in the moment, Samara began to lick automatically. Her hands snaked up Ebony’s body and grasped her by the hips to pull her down harder. At first the motion of her tongue was slow, hesitant, then after a few moments she began to pick up her pace. Ebony moaned and allowed herself a smile. She had seen this all before: starved of real sexual pleasure for so long, everything about the situation was intoxicating Samara. The smell of Ebony’s sex, the feel of her hot skin, the taste of her body, all combined with the thrill of submission to a dominant force and the sudden surfacing of dormant desires. Samara’s body was a tempest of lust, and with all of her senses bombarded the euphoria acted as a catalyst to the woman she was underneath, dragging the inner slut to the surface.

Rocking her hips, Ebony leaned back to fondle Samara’s nipples. ‘You can feel your true self coming out, can’t you?’ Samara moaned in agreement. ‘Good girl. Now here is what is going to happen after today: me and my girls are going to make you into the bitchy hotwife you were always meant to be. That pathetic husband of yours won’t know what hit him, but unfortunately for him he would do anything for you. Even let you fuck other guys with much bigger dicks than his. You’re going to cuck him until he is nothing more than a snivelling rat to fund your expensive lifestyle. He’s going to go to work knowing that while he is in his office you and the rest of us are getting fucked by some big black bastards. And when he gets home he will have to cook you dinner knowing you already have a stomach full of their cum. Then when it comes time to go to bed, he’s going to sleep on the couch while listening to us fuck each other in the bed he bought. And he won’t even be able to jerk off to our moans because the key to his chastity cage will be hanging around your neck as you scream my name.’

Samara had been moaning throughout Ebony’s speech, but now that she had finished it was as though a dramatic change came over her. As if the inner whore had been contained within only a fragile shell, the old Samara now crumbled away completely. Invigorated with energy she sank her face as deep into Ebony’s pussy as she could and lapped with desperate violence. Her moans were loud and shameless and her body writhed helplessly as she was filled with erotic energy she could not put to use fast enough.

Ebony laughed at Samara’s whimper of torment when she pulled away.

‘I would love for you to carry on, babe, but one good turn deserves another I would say.’

Spinning Samara around, Ebony gripped her thighs with strong hands and swung them open before dropping her own head and eating Samara out.

Blonde woman holds head of brunette woman as she receives oral sex

Ebony’s experienced tongue blazed a trail over Samara’s pussy that sent the amateur into a frenzy of ecstasy. Her innocent mask was now completely gone, and she moaned like a true bitch as Ebony sucked hard on her clit. Ebony weaved her tongue from left to right, darted it up and down, slipped it as deep between Samara’s lips as it would go.

With every passing minute Samara grew more aroused. Her body writhed and twisted as it fought to find a way of using her erotic energy, and she fell into a state of horny mania in which she could barely think, let alone speak.

Her body no longer acted on the whim of her brain. Instead she moved automatically moaning all the while. Rolling her hips she ground her clit against Ebony’s lips, and with a firm grip she tangled her fingers into her lover’s hair to guide Ebony where she wanted her to go, angling her face to maximise the burning perfection tearing through her body.

Blonde woman and brunette woman scissor naked on bed

Ebony had spent long enough breaking in new initiates that she was able to tell instinctively when they were approaching orgasm, often before even they themselves knew. Sensing Samara’s building climax, Ebony pulled away sharply. Before her lover could react, Ebony had swung around and slid her own legs between Samara’s. She moved with such force and agility that as their slick openings struck they both cried out.

Though she had never so much as kissed a woman before Ebony, Samara appeared to know naturally what to do next, and immediately she began to grind her sex roughly against Ebony’s.

Their moans reached a feverish crescendo as they scissored hard, and it was only a minute or two before both women were pushed to breaking point. Their orgasms broke in unison and while they screamed they gripped the bedsheets with white-knuckled ferocity. It was a wonder Mr. Kirk did not hear them in his city office, and had anybody been passing by they would surely have assumed Mrs. Kirk was under attack. Fortunately, there was nobody to hear them and they came down from their high to flop onto the bed, sweaty and satisfied.

When Ebony opened her eyes she frowned: the pale, chandeliered ceiling of the Kirk mansion’s master bedroom was gone. In its place were wooden rafters that rose above her until they were lost in shadow. Now she thought about it, nothing else about her surroundings correlated with the room she had just been in: the scent was that of leather and wood, her laboured breathing echoed against bare walls, and even the surface she lay on was firmer, colder.

Sitting up, she found herself in what was clearly a sex dungeon, all leather restraints and strange wooden structures evidently designed to restrain an individual in one way or another. Reclining on a latex-cushioned bench opposite her was a short, alluring blonde woman and all at once Ebony’s memories flooded back to her.

Blonde woman in latex dress holds up key

‘What the Hell was that?’ Ebony snapped, reeling with confusion.

Mrs. Claus was wearing a simple outfit, though as usual it was highly sexual: a form-fitting black latex dress, and purple stockings complete with a delicate floral design. Uncrossing her legs only to re-cross them in the other direction, she flashed Ebony her bare pussy briefly. She shook her head and tutted. ‘My goodness, Ebony, what would your father say hearing you using language like that. But since you asked, that was your future. Or, it could be. That depends on what you choose.’

Though it confused her deeply, Ebony no longer felt the need to conceal her nakedness. She felt liberated baring her stunning body for all to see, and a not-so-small part of her yearned to strip Mrs. Claus down to match. The old, religious Ebony was still intact, however, and she tried to hold on to the woman she knew she was.

‘I don’t understand. It wasn’t like before. I wasn’t just trapped in my body, I was in control. But I would never do those things, I would never be that person.’

‘But you would, Ebony. You could. Before, with Mr. Wells, with Cady and Miley, those were just your desires. Insights into what your life could have been like if you had this body, if you had lived it differently. But your future still has so much potential. You can be whatever type of woman you want to be, and in the future you just experienced the choices you make lead you to be that woman. You were in control because that is the life you made for yourself.’ Mrs. Claus eyed Ebony with a calculating stare. ‘So, time to make your choice.’

Mrs. Claus held up a small key. ‘This is quite literally the key to your future. No more tricks now, Ebony. From now on, everything is your choice and yours alone. Behind me are two doors. The black door will lead you back home. The red door will lead you into the life you just saw.

‘Both choices have conditions. Whichever choice you make, you will remember everything that has happened tonight. If you choose to go home, you will return to the woman you were before and I will never interfere in your life again. You will never be able to contact me and you will never be able to change your decision.

‘If you choose to accept your new life, you will remain in this body and nobody will have any knowledge of who you were before tonight. You will be married to your cuck husband, and you will have the opportunity to build your group of cheating girls from the beginning. As far as your friends and family are concerned, you will have gone missing over Christmas and they will never see you again. I, however, will see you. I will visit you while my husband sleeps and we can spend as long together as we please. If you’re lucky, I might even introduce you to some of the other women who have made the same choice. You won’t be able to change your decision, but believe me, you won’t want to.’ Tossing the key over to Ebony, she smiled. ‘Make your choice.’

Catching it, Ebony fixed Mrs. Claus with her own keen stare. ‘Before I choose, tell me how many women have chosen to go back to the life they had before?’

Mrs. Claus said nothing. She only smiled, and Ebony needed nothing more to deduce the answer correctly. None, she thought, none of them went back. Well then, I’m going to be the first.

Storming over to the black door Ebony slid the key into the lock. Taking a deep breath she prepared to turn it…

‘Why do you hesitate?’ Mrs. Claus asked. To Ebony’s surprise there was genuine concern in her voice.

Ebony clutched the key with trembling fingers. It would only take a second to turn it and push through into her old life. Yet she could not bring herself to do it.

‘I… I don’t know…’ she breathed.

Mrs. Claus stood up and came around the bench to stand in front of Ebony. With surprising tenderness, she pulled back a stray strand of hair from Ebony’s face. When Ebony looked up there was a loving smile on the woman’s features. ‘Oh, Ebony. I think you do. You know just as well as me. You don’t really want to go back to that life, do you?’

To her own surprise, Ebony shook her head. ‘No.’

‘Listen, sweetie. I know it has been a long night. I know I can be intimidating, and believe me I can and will dominate this sweet ass in your new life for as long as you like. But I don’t do this out of cruelty. The women I pick are special. I wouldn’t waste all of this magic on just anybody. Life has robbed you of the chance to be the woman you truly are deep down, and you deserve the opportunity to choose for yourself who you want to be. It isn’t wrong to want that, Ebony. And if you’re scared of what people will think of you choosing the life I’ve shown you, don’t be. The only people who ever have to know are you and me. You will be happier than you ever thought possible and me,’ she leaned in with a wickedly mischievous grin, ‘I’ll be happy to fuck you whenever you like.’

Stepping aside, Mrs. Claus stroked Ebony’s shoulder. ‘It is your choice, my dear. Make it wisely.’

Taking a deep breath, Ebony pulled the key from the black door and crossed over to the red one. Trying not to overthink it save she lose her nerve, she slid the key into the lock. This time her hands were steady and her grip was strong. She turned to Mrs. Claus who smiled reassuringly.

Turning the lock, Ebony pushed through the door and stepped into a blinding white light…

Naked brunette woman smiles and feels her body on bed

Waking up, Ebony found herself in a lavish bedroom sprawled out on the covers of a large bed wearing only a pair of black stockings. New memories flooded her mind: memories of her pathetic, limp-dick husband, of her upcoming girls’ retreat with Cady and Miley (who were very excited to spend time with the bisexual wife of a millionaire) and…

Her phone buzzed on her bedside table.

Picking it up she swiped it open and read the text: Be there in 5, can’t wait 2 spread that sweet snatch xoxo

She giggled with delight: and memories of Troy. Troy, the hot black hunk she had been fucking for months since she first began to cuck her husband. He was so strong, so sexy, so big. Lying back on the bed, Ebony squealed giddily, anticipating Troy’s arrival. She couldn’t wait to do such naughty things with him, and as she lay there waiting for her lover, Ebony knew that she had never made a better decision in her entire life…

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