A Christmas Kidnapping: The Ghost of Cravings Present

The bedroom Ebony found herself in felt vaguely familiar. Though she could not quite identify why, the whole place was oddly recognisable. She wondered if perhaps it was a set from a movie or television show she had seen, but neither option seemed to pinpoint exactly where she had seen the room before. Regardless, the wooden décor and red bedsheets felt strangely comforting after a night of finding herself in places she did not recognise.

Glancing down, she realised she was wearing a different outfit once more. Even more scantily clad than before, she wore only a lace underwear set which was primarily see-through mesh, a matching lace pinny hemmed with pink silk frills, and a pair of black heels. With a lurch of her stomach, she realised she felt comfortable in it, more comfortable than she had ever felt in any outfit before. It was like she was made for this.

Pushing the thought aside, she told herself that she would not succumb to Mrs. Claus’ games. By now, Ebony had figured out what the woman was trying to do: she wanted to corrupt her. The body she had fashioned for her was horny and insatiable, and she was incapable of maintaining control when sexual urges took hold. What she could do, however, was keep her head. She just needed to maintain a grip on her sense of self and she could escape this torment. After all, Mrs. Claus had said at the end of it all Ebony would have the opportunity to return to her old life: all she had to do was last until then.

Muffled voices drifted into Ebony’s thoughts and pushed them aside. Again, she felt a pang of familiarity. Curiosity taking hold, she left the bedroom and followed them along the hallway and down the stairs.

Coming into their room of origin, Ebony realised suddenly why everything around her was so familiar.

Blonde and brunette women wearing lingerie ice cupcakes with wooden spoons

Miley and Cady did not notice her at first. Instead they chattered girlishly as they intermittently dipped wooden spoons into a bowl of pale pink frosting and used them to ice the small army of cupcakes spread out across the kitchen counter.

Miley was sat on the marble counter wearing similar attire to Ebony, with the addition of lace gloves to match her pinny, sleek stockings and a blue velvet bra in place of Ebony’s black lace one. She swung her legs idly as she took more interest in licking her spoon clean than anything else, her wavy blond hair shining in the light as she did so.

Cady was significantly shorter than her friend, and the height difference was only emphasised by the fact that she had her feet firmly on the ground and was leaning idly on the counter beside Miley. Her outfit was an even closer match to Ebony’s with only a few added frills to differentiate them, and she flicked back her brunette hair to avoid it falling in the frosting on her cupcake.

Ebony’s heart fell. She recognised this place because it was Miley’s house and both girls were forever taking selfies here which they then plastered all over social media. What was more, she now knew what craving Mrs. Claus was exploiting this time, and they were standing right in front of her.

There was no use denying it to herself any longer, especially given that it was clear Mrs. Claus already knew more than Ebony would have ever liked to admit. The truth was that her hatred for Miley and Cady was not born of revulsion of their sinful lives; it was jealousy that she could not join them. Every social media selfie Ebony saw of them filled her with a deep envy, every whispered rumour that they were sleeping together made her furious that they had chosen one another over her. For years now she had stifled her cravings, convinced herself they were nothing more than temptation, but the truth was she longed to spend a night in their arms more than anything else.

Maybe these cravings aren’t such a bad thing, she thought, maybe this is the real me. Gasping at the thought she clapped her hands to her mouth, causing the two girls to spot her in the doorway for the first time.

‘Hey Ebony,’ Cady grinned, ‘we were wondering when you were going to get here.’

‘Sorry we got started without you,’ Miley went on, ‘it’s just this frosting is so good.’ She paused and stared at Ebony with a hunger in her eyes. ‘Don’t worry though; we’ve got more planned today than frosting cupcakes.’  

‘Don’t just stand in the doorway, silly,’ Cady giggled, ‘come and join us already.’

Just as it had with Mr. Wells, her new body reacted to the invitation without Ebony’s approval. Slinking across the room and around the kitchen counter she eyed the two women and their skimpy lingerie. Her sex began to grow wet as she imagined what it might be like to strip them naked.

Internally, Ebony was no longer in control, however to her horror this did not feel the same as it had with Mr. Wells. With him it had been almost as though she was asleep and their passion was some strange dream that she woke up from once it was over. Now, however, she was very much awake and though her body acted for her, she was front and centre of the experience. She could feel the thrill of pleasure as her pussy started to drip, the tingling of her nape as she approached expectantly. This time, she was going to feel everything.

Miley’s hand was soft as she caressed her cheek, and Ebony leaned into the touch with her eyes closed.

‘You’ve never been with a woman before, have you?’ Cady asked.

Ebony shook her head and Miley smiled. ‘Well then, watch and learn.’

Blonde and brunette woman kiss with another brunette woman sat beside them

Indicating for her to sit up on the counter, Miley and Cady leaned into one another and locked lips. Their kisses were slow and sensual, and as they made out their slender fingers worked their way over one another’s body. A soft click signalled that Miley’s bra strap had been realised, while Cady’s breasts were quickly pulled up and out of her bra.

Laying eyes on their soft, plump tits sent a thrill of excitement through Ebony’s body. There was something delightfully naughty about watching them gradually strip as they made out, and beyond Mrs. Claus’ they were the first naked breasts she had witnessed in person. She desperately wanted to dive in and clamp her lips around the firm nipples, but she forced herself to let the two more experienced women guide her.

In an attempt to satiate her growing desires, Ebony’s hand dropped to caress Cady’s vulnerable, exposed ass. The heat of Cady’s skin drew a smile over Ebony’s face, and she squeezed before spanking her gently.

Cady moaned into Miley’s mouth, an act that set all three girls tingling. Before long they were both moaning and when Miley pulled Cady’s panties aside her lace glove came away damp.

Catching Ebony’s eye, Miley grinned. ‘If you’re going to go down on a girl you want her to be wet and sensitive first. Kissing and fondling is a good start, but there are a few other things you can do to get her going.’

Blonde woman sucking brunette woman's breasts with second brunette woman kissing neck of first

To illustrate her point, Miley descended down Cady’s body, kissing her pale skin as she went. Her progress was almost painfully slow, however when she came to Cady’s tits she latched onto one with pursed lips and began to suck hard.

With Cady pressed up against her chest, Ebony felt her moan ripple through her body pleasurably. Like a catalyst, it prompted her to lean down and continue where Miley had left off, kissing Cady’s neck with her soft, full lips. The heat of Cady’s skin blossomed through her lips and across her chest, though Ebony did not let it distract her. Instead she watched Miley go to work.

Cady’s breasts were soon glistening with Miley’s saliva as she sucked and licked with increasing enthusiasm. Whichever tit she was not latched onto was always clutched in a gloved hand, subjected to firm squeezing, gentle nipple rubbing and sudden nipple pinching among other things. Meanwhile, her nimble tongue teased and circled the other nipple, raising it to attention and winding around it like a snake waiting to strike. Miley chuckled as Cady continued to moan and she continued to suck so hard that there was an audible pop when she broke free.

As she worked, Miley slid down her panties and began to tease her swollen clit, while Ebony made sure to keep Cady’s silky hair out of Miley’s path.

With Cady’s eyes closed she did not notice Miley glance up to Ebony and wink. Nor did she spot the blonde raise her hand and position it in front of Cady’s quivering sex. Still, she definitely felt it as two fingers plunged between her pussy lips and she cried out with pleasure as Miley invaded her hole.

Pulling her fingers free she held them up for both girls to see, showcasing the sodden lace. ‘I’d say she’s wet enough for something a little more intense, wouldn’t you Ebony?’

Ebony nodded with a sly grin and moaned as Miley dropped further down Cady’s body.

Blonde woman giving oral sex to brunette woman as second brunette squeezes breasts of first

Removing Cady’s underwear entirely, Miley wasted no time in pressing her face between Cady’s thighs. The resulting groan sparked a deep desire in Ebony and almost unconsciously she leaned forward, pulled Cady’s face to the side and kissed her passionately.

The thrill of the experience felt as though she had received an electric shock of pleasure. Ebony had never kissed anybody on the lips before today. Not even Mr. Wells had wasted any time with such things. Now to be kissing was intense enough, but with a girl she had been secretly crushing on for years: she was dripping wet in a matter of moments.

She felt like a butterfly emerging from her chrysalis and with the seal broken her mind was flooded with new, horny ideas. Unwilling to ignore them, she reached around and scooped up Cady’s breasts in her hands, squeezing and groping her as they made out.

Miley’s sensual attention to Cady’s pussy prompted her to fill Ebony’s mouth with her moans and before long Ebony was unable to resist her throbbing sex. Sliding one hand down she began to tease her clit slowly and the sheer sensitivity of her sex made her gasp with pleasure.

Kissing Cady harder and continuing to grope her plush tits, Ebony felt as though she was drifting down into the depths of bliss and she never wanted to resurface.

After some time Cady began to tremble and her hands dropped to Miley’s head, keeping her pressed between her legs. A few seconds later Ebony felt Cady’s orgasm ripple through her, and they moaned into one another’s mouths throughout her climax.

Once the moment had passed Cady pulled away and lifted Miley to her feet. Both of them stared at Ebony with that same hunger she had noticed earlier and in the blink of an eye they had turned their affections on her.

Blonde woman kissing brunette has second brunette lick icing from her nipples

All at once she was manhandled around until Miley was perched up on the counter behind her, while Cady was pressing her hot body against her from the front. The latter woman quickly began to kiss her neck while Miley set to work in releasing the plump tits of Ebony’s new body.

Already her nipples were stiff and sensitive, however as Miley ran her fingers over Ebony’s breasts she tingled with pleasure and anticipation.

‘You hungry, Cady?’ Miley asked. Cady nodded enthusiastically and Miley chuckled. ‘Well then, it’s good you’ve got a sweet tooth, isn’t it?’ Dipping her fingers into the bowl of frosting she spread it over first one nipple, then the other before gesturing for Cady to get to work.

The heat of Cady’s lips on her nipples immediately drew a gasp from Ebony’s lungs. The eager brunette seemed so experienced in her task and the thought of Cady sucking hard on other girls’ tits – Miley’s perhaps – only strengthened the thrill of desire that tore up Ebony’s back.

As Cady continued Miley pulled Ebony into a passionate kiss and she could feel herself succumbing to the lusts she had always denied. Everything about what she was feeling was so right, so perfectly sinful. A part of her wanted her parents to walk in and see the woman she truly was so she could witness the horror on their faces as they realised she had fallen to the lusts they had taught her to resist for so long.

The more enthralled she became the harder she kissed Miley, tangling her fingers through her lover’s wavy blonde hair.

Cady, however, had one more trick up her sleeve…

Blonde woman kisses neck of brunette woman as second brunette gives oral sex to first

‘Holy shit,’ Ebony cried as Cady’s lips closed over her dripping pussy. She had been so lost in the moment she had not noticed Cady slip down her underwear, and the sudden pleasure that blossomed through her groin took her fully by surprise. Quickly her surprise shifted into euphoria and she was no longer able to formulate any words. Instead she pulled Miley back in again and explored her mouth with her tongue, moaning into Miley’s lips incessantly.

That perfect heat was overwhelming, seeping into every extremity of her body until she was tingling with energy. She rocked her hips gently, rubbing her clit up against Cady’s lips.

Taking herself by surprise, after a few minutes she automatically raised her leg up onto the counter to spread her pussy wider and allow Cady to go down on her even harder. Somehow that single small act opened an enormous fissure in Ebony’s resolve: she was no longer simply experiencing the act, she was actively attempting to enhance it. Up until now she might have been able to convince herself that she had not enjoyed it once the horniness wore off. Even pulling the girls in for kisses could have been passed off as results of her uncontrollable libido.

But if she truly hated this in her heart then she would not have spread herself for Cady. She would not be grinding up against her face. And she certainly would not take hold of Cady’s head and pull her in hard as her orgasm approached.

Yet that is precisely what she was doing.

Strangely, Cady’s masterful licking bought her to climax much more suddenly than Mr. Wells had when he had been pounding her, and Ebony cried out as her system was flooded with orgasmic ecstasy.

Once again, when she came down from her high, her lovers were absent and she was alone once more. Alone, apart from a gentle humming drifting in from the adjacent room. Creeping in, Ebony did not even think to re-dress herself. Instead she passed into the lounge with her breasts out and her pussy on show.

Blonde woman stand with hands on hips wearing purple and white lingerie set

Mrs. Claus was reclined in a plush leather chair, a large wine glass clutched in her hands. The humming came from her fingertip swirling around the rim. Setting it aside as Ebony entered she smiled and rose to her feet. In contrast to her previous attire, she looked as close to normal as Ebony had seen her wearing a translucent lavender underwear set dotted with white and hemmed with white lace.

‘Well, it sounded like you enjoyed that,’ she smirked.

‘A little reserved for you, isn’t it?’ Ebony retorted, indicating the woman’s clothing. Part of her was shocked at her rude comment, but most of her didn’t much care.

‘I am a woman of many tastes.’

‘And here was I thinking you were just a demented bitch.’ The shock was stronger this time, and Ebony fought to regain control of herself.

Mrs. Claus grinned a Cheshire cat grin. ‘You can feel it, can’t you? The new you, the real you rising to the surface. You can’t resist her, Ebony, you know you can’t.’

With a great effort, Ebony forced down her bitchy reply and shook her head as firmly as she could. ‘No. I’m not like the other women you’ve kidnapped. I won’t give in to this. You’ll see.’

She hoped she sounded confident. Because internally she was anything but stable. Even as she denied the woman’s words her mind was swirling with desire: I wish Cady was going down on my pussy again. I wish Miley had her hot lips on mine and her fingers were teasing my nipples. I wish we were all tangled up in bed together with their hands all over my horny, slutty body, mmmmh…

‘I’m not like them,’ she repeated in the hope it would dispel her cravings. It did not.

Mrs. Claus simply smiled. ‘Well, you’ll be able to prove your strength soon enough. One more experience and you’ll have a choice to make, dear. This one is always my favourite. After all, now you know what your life could have been like up to now if you had this body. So this time you’re going to get a taste of your future…’

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