A Christmas Kidnapping: The Ghost of Cravings Past

Christmas village lit up at night with snow falling

Stamping her feet to ward off the cold, Ebony trudged through the snow wearing a scowl that might as well have been frozen in place. She couldn’t stand Christmas. For one thing even with half a dozen layers clutched tightly about her body the biting cold of the winter air still somehow managed to chill her to her bones. But it wasn’t the weather that she hated the most. It was the people.

As far as she was concerned the modern festive period was no more than a showcase of greed, materialism and arrogance. Even as she made her way home through the snowy streets, the town was drowning in it: fairy lights and baubles hanging from every tree, wreaths suspended from the streetlights, signs in every shop window declaring their best prices, and crowds of people jostling around food stalls set up in the town’s many small squares and plazas.

It was like this every year. Simply because they were located in the north and were all but guaranteed a snowy festive period, even before she had been born her town had branded itself as a must-see authentic Christmas Village that was not to be missed. Over the years they had attracted hundreds of vendors who would flood their streets with stands and stalls from November through to the eve of February, and their Christmas Market had grown into a sprawling blot of commercialism that swamped half of the town for most of December.

Though she tried to push aside her infuriation, Ebony was never quite successful. She hated it. All of it. The impatient tourists jostling for position to throw their money at market vendors, shop owners and Christmas shows; the blazing lights tangled around any available surface; the indignantly enormous decorations erected on every street corner; the sickly aroma of a hundred different meats and cheeses and festive foods all combining as people gorged themselves. All of it. At this time of year the people were no more than sinful animals. What was more, tonight was Christmas Eve – making tomorrow the worst day of them all.

She, of course, knew what Christmas was truly about. She had spent enough time in her father’s chapel listening to his sermons alongside the few other devoted believers in their town to know who they should be glorifying at this time of year. The flood of materialism that surrounded them was a test, and it was their duty to resist it. Since she had been young she had followed the rules set out by her father and, more importantly, the Father himself, and she was not about to stop now.

As she marched on, sharp laughter grated on her ears. It was high and girlish, and without even looking Ebony knew whose it was. Glancing across the street her assumptions were confirmed: Miley Reeves and Cady Morton.

The two girls had not noticed Ebony walking opposite them, and she pulled her hood up further to ensure they didn’t. At school neither of the girls had ever given Ebony any trouble – in fact, if anything, they had tried to befriend her on occasion – but she kept away from them nevertheless. Her father had strictly forbade Ebony affiliating herself with the wrong crowd, and as far as Ebony’s family were concerned Miley and Cady were the definition of that term.

Even if they were nice girls, everybody knew they slept around, and there were even whispered rumours that they slept with each other. That was only the start of it, though. Both of the girls were the daughters of wealthy businessmen, whom her mother and father trusted about as far they could have thrown them, and they were always in town spending lavishly on clothes and designer shoes.

It was clear that today was no different. Their arms were laden with shopping bags and they tapped incessantly on their phones as they strutted on their way. Both were wrapped up in fur-trimmed leather coats and despite having visibly fewer layers than Ebony they somehow seemed not to notice the cold. As always, they looked stunningly beautiful.

Without warning a burst of envy blossomed through Ebony’s chest, but she forced it down angrily and it was gone as quickly as it had come. Storming off she veered away from a crowd of tourists further up the street and dipped into a narrow alley to avoid them.

Her head down and lost in her frustration, she did not notice the figure until she almost collided with them. Starting, she stifled a cry and apologised.

‘What are you apologising for, dear?’ The voice was female.

‘I almost walked into you, madam,’ Ebony replied.

‘Oh, I think you have a lot more to apologise for than that.’

Ebony frowned. The woman’s face was obscured in the shadows of a thick red hood. In fact, there was nothing to identify her by at all, for her entire body was wrapped up in a crimson cloak trimmed with white fur. She stood stock still and in the narrow alley she blocked Ebony’s path.

‘I don’t understand.’

‘You wouldn’t. That’s why I’m here to teach you, sweetie. Now be a good girl and don’t scream.’

In a blur of motion, the woman darted forwards. Unfurling her cloak Ebony caught a brief glimpse of exposed breasts and fishnet stockings, then the folds of the cloak were wrapped around her and her world went dark…

Brunette woman in Christmas outfit struggles while tied to pole with black ball gag in mouth

Coming around sharply, Ebony was immediately disoriented. Everything felt wrong. Her head was swimming, her surroundings had changed and her body felt like an ill-fitting suit. Attempting to move she felt unexpected resistance. A few twists of her wrists and she could feel the rope digging into her skin. As far as she could tell, the rope was the only thing restraining her however the knots were tight and expertly tied: there was no hope of releasing them. Glancing around, she could see that she had been bound to a corner of an opulent four poster-bed, the satin sheets inlaid with golden threads. Beyond the rope, she had also been gagged while unconscious and the straps of her ball-gag pressed painfully under her chin and around her head. It made her jaw ache.

Panic rose in her chest, yet for all the fear that coursed through her the confusion of her predicament was more pressing. Not least because she did not feel at all like herself. At first it was the little things that struck her: the slightly higher pitch to her grunts of discomfort, the heady sensation of having grown a few inches, the brush of her wavy hair – ordinarily straight – over her exposed shoulders. Only once she took a moment to look down did she scream around her gag and gradually realise why she felt so strange.

Ebony was no longer herself. That was immediately apparent from the heaving bosom that blocked most of her view of her lower half. Ebony had never been nearly as busty as she now was. In fact, she had often found relief in her flat-chested nature, believing that she would attract less unwanted attention than other, chestier girls.

Looking around frantically for some sort of reflection, she spotted herself in a full-length mirror. She was too shocked even to scream. She looked nothing like herself. Her straight blonde hair had been replaced by wavy auburn locks framing a face that was not hers –made-up heavily with make-up she would never dream of buying – and curling around an expensive-looking pearl necklace that hung around her neck. Her breasts were truly enormous and very heavy on her chest, while her figure was visibly curvy, her full ass and wide hips a far cry from the thin body she had so recently inhabited.

She looked like a whore. What was more, she was dressed like one too. Sleek black stockings were tucked into shiny black heels, and her dress was so short that her thighs were visible practically up to her hips. The dress itself was Christmas-themed: red velvet trimmed with white fur and short in all of the wrong places. It showed too much of her shoulders and legs and it was almost painfully tight, hugging her figure to boast the loathsome curves she now owned. Around her waist was a black belt, and she could feel the lace of the gloves she wore nestling between her fingers. To top everything off, a matching headband was perched on her head.

Breathless with shock, she took in the room in an attempt to distract herself. Everything was decorated with red and gold and in Ebony’s mind was repulsively materialistic. Every element of the room had clearly cost a small fortune, and there was a heavy emphasis on splendour that made her almost sick to her stomach.

Eventually her eyes came to rest on a large wooden throne in the corner, and it was only then that she realised she was not alone.

Blonde woman with big breasts sits on throne wearing only boots and stockings

‘I was wondering how long you’d take to notice,’ said the woman, a small smile playing on her lips. She spoke as though they were old friends, but there was a glint in her eyes that stilled Ebony’s struggles almost instantly.

Ebony didn’t know where to look. The woman’s expression was strangely intimidating and she was unable to hold her gaze for long, but given that she was almost completely naked it was difficult to look anywhere else. Her impressive breasts were framed by her long blonde hair. In an almost respectful manner she held her hands over her crotch and had her legs crossed to conceal her dignity, yet it was clear that she wore no underwear of any sort beneath. The only attire she wore was a set of black fishnet stockings and a pair of shiny heeled boots that rose halfway up her shins. She was subtly made up and exuded an air of power that Ebony would have withered under if she had been able to move.

Was this some sort of nightmare? Perhaps the communion wine had been a little off. Surely she was seeing things. This was not possible.

The woman smiled. ‘Right now you’re thinking you’re imagining things. Things will go a lot more smoothly once you accept you are not, dear.’

Trying to speak Ebony briefly forgot she was gagged. In response, the woman snapped her fingers sharply – revealing far too much of her sex for Ebony’s liking – and suddenly the ball-gag had vanished.

‘You were saying?’

‘Who are you? What do you want from me?’ Ebony tried to feign a fearless tone. It did not work.

‘From you I want nothing at all. It’s what I want for you that you should be asking. But I must apologise. I tend to get a little caught up in the excitement of the night. I often forget to introduce myself. My name is Serena. Serena Claus. You may call me Mrs. Claus.’

‘Look I don’t know who you really are, but if you think I’m going to believe you’re Santa’s wife, I’m afraid I’ll have to disappoint you. Listen, lady, you won’t get away with this. My father will come for me, and he will find me. He won’t rest until – mmfh, fmm, hmmph.’

With a snap of her fingers the ball-gag was back in place and Mrs. Claus rolled her eyes. ‘And back on.’ She waited a moment for Ebony’s muffled complaints to stop. When they didn’t she sighed. ‘Perhaps you need something a little more to hold your attention.’

Brunette woman tied to bed with clamps on nipples and rope between legs

With two snaps, Mrs. Claus definitely caught Ebony’s attention. Without warning the collar of Ebony’s new dress was down and a pair of clamps bit into her swollen nipples. She cried out as the clamps were weighed down with a pair of small but heavy silver bells that tinkled merrily as she squirmed. The second snap produced a thick rope that was tied around her waist before slipping between her legs and pressing up against her tender sex. While the binding itself was not so bad, she screamed as the rope was suddenly tugged up to grind against her clit, digging in painfully. Once the pressure eased she realised the rope rose to the ceiling, looped over a hook in the roof then dropped down to lay over Mrs. Claus’ lap were she could pull it as hard as she pleased at her leisure.

Whimpering briefly, Ebony fell silent and still.

‘There, that’s better. Now, I don’t like repeating myself so I suggest you listen closely. Here is how things are going to go tonight. Right now my husband is out dropping down chimneys and delivering gifts all across the world, and believe me I couldn’t be happier. As you can imagine all that work is pretty fucking tiring, and once he gets back he’ll be off to sleep for another year and his magic will go with him. Me, on the other hand, I’m certainly not able to sleep for eleven months of the year, so I have to entertain myself in that time.

‘Usually that means using a little magic of my own to hop from here to there and find a little action, but tonight is the one day of the year my magic is the strongest and I like to do something a little more exciting with it.

‘I’ve been listening for my next victim and you know what I heard, Ebony? You. All your loathing and disdain for Christmas and celebration and presents, even those perfectly nice girls across the street. I’m surprised you haven’t been nicknamed Ebony-zer. I’m afraid I don’t like that kind of thinking, and I certainly don’t like it from a judgmental little holier-than-thou bitch like you. If I could snap my fingers and teach everyone like you a lesson I happily would, but alas I have to settle for one per year. Still, I like watching you break slowly. It makes the final result that much more satisfying.

‘So here’s the deal. This is your body for the night and I am going to use it to change your life. I know everything about you, Ebony. Every little white lie you’ve ever told, every prayer you’ve ever whispered. And most importantly, all of your deepest desires, even those you couldn’t admit to yourself. Tonight you’re going learn what your life could be like if you acted on those desires instead of hiding them away. At the end of it all I am going to give you the chance to go back to your old life, or embrace your new one.’ Holding her hands up, she placed her thumb and forefinger together. ‘Now, let’s start with a face from your past…’

Sleek modern kitchen

From Ebony’s perspective it was only a blink and suddenly the world was very different. Even without seeing her reflection she knew she was in the same strange body: it still felt ill-fitting, a biting pain remained around her wrists, a dull throbbing persisted in her groin and the weight of her newly proportioned figure was the same as it had been before.

That was where the similarities ended. Glancing down, she found herself dressed even more skimpily than before. Her attire consisted of only a thin white bra top barely able to hide her enormous breasts, pink hot pants with equally poor abilities of concealment, and a pair of pale heels. Huffing furiously at her predicament, she took in her surroundings: a sleek, modern kitchen that was all white marble and stainless steel.

The sudden ring of a phone shattered the silence and drew a cry of surprise from Ebony’s lips. Wheeling around, she spotted the handset in one corner of the room and cautiously approached to pick it up.

The voice on the other end was already familiar. ‘I think you’re going to enjoy this more than you might think,’ Mrs. Claus said, and it was almost as though Ebony could hear her smile. ‘Have you figured it out yet? Do you know who you’re about to meet?’

‘I don’t understand. Please, just let me go, I don’t want anything to do with all this.’

‘Oh but you do, Ebony, deep down. You’ll understand soon enough. You should get ready, he’s coming now.’

Abruptly the line cut off, but no sooner had it done so than a new sound met her ears. Heavy thuds on wooden flooring: footsteps. Her heart in her mouth, Ebony backed slowly towards the patio doors behind in case she had need of quick escape.

A few seconds later a handsome man appeared in the doorway, stunning her.

‘Mr. Wells?’

His smile, just as it always had, stirred an involuntary lust within her. ‘Well, who did you think it was going to be, babe?’

‘B-babe?’ she stuttered. ‘Mr. Wells, where is your wife?’

Now he frowned. ‘Wife? You’re my wife. I would have thought that might have been difficult to forget. And why are you calling me Mr. Wells? You’re not one of my students.’ He paused, his frown shifting into a cunning smirk, ‘Although I’m sure we could arrange a little one-to-one tutoring.’

Ebony’s head was spinning. Everything was so confusing. Surely none of this could be real, could it? But then the ache of her nipples and the pain in her wrists certainly felt real. More vivid than any dream she had ever known, that was for sure.

Still, as confused as she was, she thought she was beginning to piece together what was happening. Mr. Wells had been Ebony’s religious studies in high school, and there had not been a girl in her class who had not crushed on the older man hard. Everything about him was so alluring; his muscular body, his brash masculinity, the bad boy air he seemed to wear like a cologne. Though she would never have admitted it to anybody, even Ebony had harboured feelings for him.

At the time she had forced down the forbidden desires, dashed the intrusive thoughts as best she could, but for her sins she had never fully been able to do so. She had known her lusts for him were sinful, and yet a part of her had not cared. Despite the subject he had taught he had always been open about the fact that he did not subscribe to any religion and somehow that had made him even more attractive, as though he was breaking very important rules. Moreover, the knowledge that he was married had always made the prospect of a forbidden romance all the more thrilling and taboo.

Naturally, nothing had ever come of her desires and after leaving high school she had put them down to teenage fantasies and prayed for forgiveness. But now she was in the body of a true woman, and Mr. Wells knew her as his wife rather than his student. It was just like Mrs. Claus had said – her fantasy was coming alive.

And at that moment, her fantasy was striding around the kitchen counter with an inexorable look in his eye.

Just as she was about to excuse herself, she felt her new body react to him. What felt like a swarm of butterflies swirled around in the pit of her stomach, a tingle shivered over her thighs and there was a sudden wetness in her underwear. Abruptly, she no longer wanted to excuse herself. She wanted him, just as she had as before. Only this time, she could have him.

Taking her in his strong arms he chuckled as she gasped before bowing his head to kiss her passionately. Fireworks erupted in her mouth as she experienced her first romantic kiss, melting into his arms with a soft moan. The strength of his embracing was warm and comforting, lacing their kiss with a sense of taboo in her mind.

This was not like the kisses her parents shared: rare, brief, gentle. This was the kiss of sexually charged lovers who could not bear to break one another’s embrace. Ebony felt more alive than she had ever felt in her life and as they explored one another’s mouths with their tongues sudden, unexpected impulses sprang into her mind.

Ordinarily she would never have even considered engaging in such sinful concepts. But now, in this busty, horny body, her will was not so strong.

Woman wearing pink shorts and white bra gives oral sex on her knees to muscular man

Sinking to her knees she fondled the growing bulge beneath his shorts. Mr. Wells was big. Very big. His boner only continued to swell as she stroked it and she heard him slip off his shirt and toss it aside.

Slowly, tentatively, she hooked her fingers into the waistband of his jeans. Without realising she was holding her breath she slid them cautiously down, bringing his boxers with them. All at once his solid meat bucked free and bobbed before her face, drawing the air from her lungs in a sudden gasp.

This was the moment. Staring at his thick cock with as much reverence as she might an artistic masterpiece, she could feel the two sides of herself at war. Everything about the woman she had been screamed at her to stop, to run away and somehow find a way back to her family and the little chapel in which she could repent of her sins. But that woman was no longer in control, and everything about her new body urged to go deeper, to surrender herself to the pleasure.

After a second or two, Ebony realised she was salivating. What was more she had unconsciously shifted forwards so that the head of Mr. Wells’ dick was brushing her lips. A sudden thought spread a smile across her lips: I’m already going to have to ask for forgiveness, so what is one more sin to add to that pile?

Taking his dick in her hands she locked her lips around it and for the first time in her life tasted cock. It was salty and firm in her mouth, and the more she tasted, the more she wanted. With each passing second she fell deeper into her own lusts, craving his smell and the heat of his skin, the taste of his cock and the rhythm of his moans.

Knowing she was filling him with such forbidden pleasures only made her hornier, and before long she was jerking him with her slender fingers and bobbing her head in time to the motion of her hands. To her delight, the body she now commanded seemed to have plenty of blowjob experience, and she was quick to put it to good use. Her tongue twisted and weaved around his meat, dancing a ballet of pleasure to the melody of their united groans.

With his cock in her mouth, the voice of the old Ebony was stifled. All she could think of was having more of him. Fortunately, her new body had ideas how to do that too…

Woman kneels on bar stool as man thrusts into her from behind

‘Oh God, oh God,’ she panted, ignoring the brief guilt of using that name in such a sinful situation, ‘that’s it, right there. Holy shit, how have I gone all my life without this?’

Mr. Wells grunted as he fucked her from behind. ‘I don’t know what’s gotten into you today babe but I promise this is not your first time. We fuck every night. Or have you forgotten that too?’

‘Shut up,’ she snapped, shocking herself with her own sharpness, ‘just fuck me. I need this so bad. I want you as hard and deep as you can go. Fuck this is in-cred-i-ble.’

Mr. Wells grinned. ‘Well, your wish is my command.’

As he used his strong grip around her fleshy waist to pull himself in harder, Ebony lost the ability to talk. No words could describe how she was feeling and she allowed her lover to use her until she was sure without his firm hold and the support from the bar stool she would have collapsed. With one leg raised she was stretched wide enough that every thrust struck her as deep as he could go, and the repetitive blows against her g-spot threatened to send her tumbling over the edge into delirium.

Glancing down at their discarded clothes, Ebony smiled. Her birthday suit felt so much better than those restrictive garments and for the first time she felt free, liberated, as though an enormous weight she had not known she had been carrying had been lifted from her shoulders.

Breaking into her thoughts, Mr. Wells howled with release as he came. In response, Ebony’s world exploded. At first the sensation of his hot cum spilling into her filled her with unexpected ecstasy, but then her own orgasm was triggered and she thought she might pass out.

Ebony had never orgasmed in her life. To have experienced her first orgasm in her old body would have been one thing, but this body was something entirely different. She was literally made for sex, with an astronomical libido and perfectly slutty body that dialled every sexual sensation up to eleven. As a result, her orgasm felt as though it was tearing her apart, and she could do nothing but scream as wave after wave of euphoria crashed ruthlessly through her system.

When she dropped from the mind-bending high she slumped onto the chair breathless. Part of her knew that her life would never be the same again. The seal of her virginity had been broken in this horny body and she could not take it back.

She had been so overwhelmed by the pleasure of her orgasm that she had not noticed Mr. Wells pull out. When she finally regained her composure, however, she found that not only had he done so, but he had left the room completely. Her calls for him were met with silence.

Blonde woman wearing leather fetish clothing

A sudden snap caused her to spin around.

‘I told you you’d enjoy it,’ Mrs. Claus smirked. She was wearing a leather and fishnet outfit that did as much to conceal her modesty as her previous look.

With Mr. Wells absent, Ebony’s old personality was able to take hold once more and she shook her head to dispel the persistent cravings for his cock. ‘No,’ she said as firmly as she was able, ‘I am not that woman. I know you are trying to break me and it won’t work. I never wanted this.’

‘Oh, Ebony, you always wanted this. These are your desires and yours alone. All I am doing is making your cravings a reality. I know you, Ebony. I know that Mr. Wells was what you craved in the past, but your lusts have changed, haven’t they?’

Ebony shifted uneasily from foot to foot. All at once she realised she was naked and covered her modesty. She did not know what unnerved her more – the satisfied chuckle Mrs. Claus gave her, or the fact that she had not seemed to mind standing naked in front of the woman before now. ‘I don’t know what you mean,’ she said with a notable lack of confidence.

Holding up her fingers, Mrs. Claus fixed her with a mischievous stare. ‘I think you do, sweetie. I know you do. So how about we pay a visit to a craving that is a little more recent, shall we?’

With a grin that sent a shiver down Ebony’s naked spine, Mrs. Claus snapped her fingers…

Thanks for reading!

For Christmas I wanted to do my own take on the classic A Christmas Carol story, and I am very happy with the result. The same as my Halloween mini-series I will be releasing this over multiple days, though there won’t be quite as many parts to this one. This is a three-part story and I will be releasing the following installments tomorrow and the day after. I am excited for you to read them, and I will try to get one or two New Year themed stories ready for you as well. Unfortunately I have had a very busy month and honestly haven’t been able to produce quite as much content as I had initially wanted to, but I am hopeful I can still push those stories out for you.

For anybody who is interested, this whole story came about after I found one of the bondage images online, which I later used during the sequence where Ebony first meets Mrs. Claus. The model is Emily Addison and her work definitely directed the story since I originally planned for this story to be a straight only piece, however Addison almost only does lesbian scenes. I am actually very happy that this turned out to be the case, since I feel the final narrative across the three stories is much more varied and interesting than if all three had been straight stories.

I highly recommend checking out Addison’s work, as well as the work of Aiden Starr. Starr is the model I used to portray Mrs. Claus and she is a tour de force in the adult industry. I don’t even know why I bothered looking for anybody else other than her to portray the character as in my eyes she is a perfect fit.

You can check out Addison’s work on her PornHub page, here: https://www.pornhub.com/pornstar/emily-addison

And Starr’s page can be found here: https://www.pornhub.com/pornstar/aiden-starr

Make sure to come back tomorrow to find out what Ebony’s present cravings hold…

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