Black-haired woman in harness, Santa hat and thigh high socks drools and twerks

‘Dude, are you okay?’ By now Kyle was seriously worried. It was as though his friend was no longer in there. Benji seemed to have vanished completely, and in his place was somebody Kyle no longer knew.

In his new feminine form, Benji’s tongue lolled from his mouth and his eyes rolled back as he dribbled a string of saliva onto the fur rug. For a moment his eyes were distant, as though he was daydreaming about something, and as he seemed to lick the air Kyle had an unnerving feeling he knew what it was. Snapping back to reality, Benji looked up at him before licking his lips, giggling girlishly and twerking his scantily-clad figure giddily.

‘Of course, I’m alright, silly,’ he said, his female voice high and somehow seductive, ‘why wouldn’t I be?’

‘You’re not acting like yourself. You’ve got to snap out of this. Listen this was just a joke, but I think it would be a good idea for you to change back now.’

Benji sulked but did not object. ‘If you say so,’ he pouted, slumping down and crossing his legs as Kyle rummaged through the handbag beside them.

This was not how Kyle had planned the day would go. After all, they had both been on board with the idea. Kyle’s parents had never cared much for Christmas and far preferred jetting off to sunnier climes for a few weeks to trudging through snow and attending family reunions. As such, for most of the Christmas period Kyle and his sister had the house to themselves. In truth, he had always enjoyed the freedom of it, and this weekend had been particularly exciting given that his sister and her friends were away at a seasonal spa weekend, leaving Kyle with free reign.

Benji had been quick to accept Kyle’s invitation to spend the weekend at his. The plan had been to just relax, order pizza, play video games and go out on the town, however as they had been discussing it all they had decided it would be a good laugh to take the opportunity to give X-Change a try. The gender-swapping pills had been all over the news recently as a highly controversial new drug, but for all their controversy it was not difficult to get hold of a pack online. When Benji had arrived earlier that morning, Kyle had presented the pack and they had flipped a coin on who would take one.

Benji’s transformation had been rapid and shocking. Of course they had both heard the stories of what X-Change could do, but seeing his best friend replaced by a petite, cute brunette with a stunning body had taken Kyle a while to adjust to.

To avoid anyone else finding out about their little experiment, they had elected to stay in for the day. Benji had raided Kyle’s sister’s room for some more suitable clothes and to don some make-up. When he had emerged Kyle had been unable to deny Benji’s new body was very attractive.

As the day had progressed, however, his friend had seemed to change. The first thing Kyle had noticed had been the girlish giggling Benji no longer seemed to be able to control, and on more than one occasion Kyle had caught him stroking his new curves with a sensual smile. Benji had gradually grown less and less interested in the video games they were playing, and instead had chattered excitedly about all the nice clothes he had found in Kyle’s sister’s room. The latter half of the day had been taken up by the new woman trying on almost everything in his sister’s wardrobe, matching bags to outfits and testing all variety of different make-ups.

Kyle had quickly grown bored of the charade, assuming it was just Benji getting a bit too enthusiastic about his new body, and had sat sulking for the last few hours downstairs. That was until Benji had strutted downstairs in nothing but strappy lingerie, thigh-high socks and a Santa hat. There had been a naughty glint in his eyes, and at that moment Kyle had known something was seriously wrong.

For a few dreadful moments Kyle could not find the pack of pills and he panicked that he had somehow misplaced them. Mercifully he soon laid his hands on them. Benji had kept them nearby all day in case he decided he wanted to change back.

Opening the box, Kyle emptied the contents onto the floor – and his blood ran cold. The pack came with two sets of pills; one to stimulate the first change, and the other to reverse it. To his horror, only the transformation pills fell from the box. Shaking it vigorously nothing else came out and panic began to set in.

More unnerving still, Benji broke out into a fit of hysterical laughter.

‘Benji, where are the reversal pills?’ Kyle fought to remain calm.

‘Silly Kyle, I flushed them down the toilet hours ago.’

‘You did what?’ Kyle cried. ‘Benji, are you fucking insane?’

Scrambling for the box, Kyle read the back and with every word his heart sunk further into despair:

The X-Change Slut Pill is the newest addition to our innovative roleplay line. Has your sex life run dry? Have you been craving something new and invigorating? That’s where we come in. Our roleplay line can make your wildest dreams a reality. Quite frankly, the Slut Pill does what it says on the tin. The longer the user is transformed, the more their mind is twisted by new desires. Before long they’ll be a perfect sex-crazed slut sure to spice up any time in the bedroom.

How could Kyle have been so stupid? All he had done was buy the first product he had seen on the website assuming it to be the thing everyone was talking about. The news hadn’t said anything about roleplay-lines or mental changes. If he had just taken the time to look at what he had been buying none of this would have ever happened. Now his carelessness could cost him his best friend. Surely there must be a way to remedy this?

WARNING: Unlike our basic X-Change line, roleplay pills are not designed for long-term use. The longer the user remains transformed, the more deep-rooted their mental alterations become. Do not exceed twelve hours of transformation, or changes become permanent. Always keep reversal pills in a safe place and do not lose them.

Kyle felt as though he had fallen into a nightmare. Glancing at his watch his heart-skipped a beat as he realised Benji was approaching his twelve hour limit. There had to be something they could do. A number for emergency deliveries, perhaps? Or maybe giving him the second transformation pill would do something? After all, it was designed to switch the user’s sex, right?

Looking up, Kyle searched for pills he had abandoned, only to find Benji smiling at him mischievously. Beside him, the packet of pills lay empty, the second pill removed.

Surging forward, he knocked Kyle onto his back and suddenly he was straddling him. He giggled again, though this time there was a cold edge to it.

‘Benji, listen, we have to –’

‘No, we don’t. I don’t want to go back to being silly, lame Benji. I’m Bibi now. I like being a naughty little slut and I can’t wait for a nice big cock as my Christmas present. The only thing is I’m so lonely. I need a nice slutty bestie to be naughty with.’ Frozen in horror, Kyle could only watch as Bibi held up the remaining transformation pill and giggled with delight. With astonishing speed she tipped his head back and dropped the pill into his mouth before clamping her hand over his lips and pinching his nose shut.

Forced to swallow, Kyle felt a tingling sensation begin to spread through his body. As his body began to change, Bibi laughed aloud and clapped giddily. ‘Merry Christmas, Kylie,’ she grinned…

Thanks for reading!

I hope you enjoyed my first Christmas story. I’m sure pretty much everybody reading this will be aware of the X-Change concept as it is has been used by many creators across the internet for some time now. Given that it is such a core part of the transformation caption community I wanted to put in my contribution, but I also wanted to try and put a spin on the idea. Personally I really like the idea of the roleplay line of pills and I hope to their potential in the future, as well as using regular the X-Change dynamic as well.

I would love to hear your thoughts on my work, so please leave me a comment!

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